Monday, April 1, 2019


Listen to Anthony Davis describe what he saw May 8, 2005 when he saw Vancouver Police Officer  Rick Torres murdered Jason Wilkinson.

This interview was conducted on March 30, 2019.  In Detective O'Dell's report in the internal affairs investigation into the murder of Jason Wilkinson by VPD Officer Rick Torres, he writes at lengths his attempts to re-interview Anthony Davis.  However, his documented attempts at interviewing Davis are nothing more than a ruse designed to cover-up for a fellow police officer, Rick Torres.

Torres pumped 11 rounds into a 17 year old kid, Jason Wilkinson after a low speed chase through the City of Vancouver and into Clark County Sheriff's Office jurisdiction.

O'Dell feigns his attempts at a re-interview, however, Anthony Davis sets the record straight for O'Dell.

Detective O'Dell has an internal affairs complaint filed against him for covering up the murder.  However, he has not and will not be investigated for covering this up by his own agency.  He gets off Scot Free.

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