Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Letter to CIA and FBI Inspector General regarding CIA Complicity in JFK Assassination

August 26, 2019

TO: CIA IG Sharpley and FBI IG Horowitz

FROM:  Matt L’Hommedieu

RE:  Dandol Dianzi cable linking the CIA and WH to the JFK Assassination

Enclosed you will find a cable that was classified secret until 1998. 

November 20th, 1963 Dandol Dianzi called the Cuban Embassy to warn them of something “of great importance to the nation”.  This was obviously orchestrated by the former Chief of Station, E. Howard Hunt.  The call was intercepted by the wire-taps Hunt set up in order to monitor the Cuban Embassy while he was the COS in Montevideo from 1956-1960.  Hunt wrote about this in his book, Undercover; Memoirs of an American Secret Agent.

You will be able to identify the deception of the CIA by their classifying the cable [SECRET] and the CIA's attempt to scrub Hunt's entire personnel record of any association he had with Montevideo, Uruguay.  His personnel station assignment during his tenure as Montevideo COS is [REDACTED].  This is confirmation that the CIA intended to completely disassociate Hunt from Montevideo, hoping the passage of time and the inundation of millions of pages of declassified documents of the JFK assassination over the years would bury the Dianzi cable and Hunt's association with Montevideo and Dandol Dianzi.   

Obviously Hunt got in touch with Dianzi knowing that the phone call would be intercepted by the CIA and then routed to the WH per protocol.  None of this was disclosed to the FBI and Dianzi is not mentioned in the Warren Commission Report or any subsequent investigations into JFK's assassination.   

Also, neither Melvin Winters nor Nita Winters are mentioned in the W.C. Report, nor is there anything about Lyndon Johnson giving two Belgian made guns to the Winters two days before the assassination (see daily diary of LBJ, November 20th1963).  There is no report from the FBI as to what two Belgian made guns were handed over to the Winters two days prior to the murder.  Were they Belgian FAL sniper rifles?   They may have been; however, the gun exchange is part of the ruse that Hunt (the ultimate propagandist and false-flag bearer) set up.  No self-respecting sniper would allow anyone to touch his weapon two days before the biggest operation of their life.   The assassination plot is really that simple!  

On his death bed, Howard Hunt describes who was involved in the assassination and admits to his involvement.  He names  Frank Sturgis, David Morales, David Phillips, Cord Meyer, William Harvey, Antonio Veciana, a French Gunman on the Grassy Knoll, and LBJ.  And my last name is L’Hommedieu….at least I may be in a better position than poor Ray Crump; his only crime was being black.  The CIA along with Cord Meyer set him up for the murder of Cords wife, Mary Meyer.

If you need more information about this cable or want to know who the French Gunman on the Grassy Knoll is, let me know.  

Oh, and please don’t try and kill me again.  It is getting a little old.  You almost got me!  Are you going to arrest Rick Torres for attempting to murder me by running me off of a cliff? 

Note:  the FBI has my entire “report” or complaint against Rick Torres attempting to murder me.  He is former Clark County Sheriff’s Sergeant.  He was witnessed by two people murdering Jason Wilkinson May 8, 2005.  Rick Torres is a killer with a badge (See Wilkinson v. Torres (2010)).  One of the eyewitnesses was threatened by the investigators (who were Torres co-workers) and the other eyewitness has never been interviewed.  The tell tale signs that the JFK murder, the DB Cooper HJ, and the Torres murder of Wilkinson all have a unifying theme, the investigations were inaccurate and incomplete.    

As for the DB Cooper case, (which I used as propaganda in order to draw attention to my plight of being ran off of a cliff by you folks) this is yet another conspiracy the the CIA and FBI have been covering up for the last 5 decades.

November 24, 1971, DB Cooper hijacked Flight 305. That same day, 3 hours prior to the HJ, Najeeb Halaby, former director of the FAA was meeting with President Nixon. At the same time, G. Gordon Liddy was meeting with AG John Mitchell.  Obviously, this was to discuss their steps after the HJ.  Of note, the FAA lost track of Flight 305 ten miles north of the Columbia River and 30 miles south of the Columbia River.  How did the Portland Air Traffic Control Towers lose flight 305 as it passed over the Portland International Airport and crossed the Columbia River.  This is the obvious jump spot that myself, Congressman Hurd and Crenshaw would have chosen as a jump spot!

Najeeb Halaby was also the lead proponent of the Boeing 2707 Supersonic Jet.  The physical evidence (tie left in the airplane) shows that the tie Howard Hunt was wearing when he hijacked flight 305 had a very rare type of titanium on it, consisting of nearly pure titanium with no alloys. This is the type used in the SSJ program, which was started by Halaby as the FAA director.  Shortly after the assassination of JFK, LBJ approved $1 Billion dollars through  executive order 11149 for the SSJ project that was surely doomed to fail.  They already attempted to build a military version in the 50s and it failed miserably.  This was another Gravina Island Bridge, only it was an executive order and a little more expensive, $7.7 Billion in today's dollars.   

Halaby, 3 months after the HJ, formed his own business to upgrade airport security after Nixon’s anti-hijacking bill was passed over a year earlier on SEPTEMBER 11, 1970.  The profit was not the $200,000 from the HJ.  The main profiteers were engineering firm Bechtel, the Rockefeller foundation, and Halaby.  They assisted internationally with the airport upgrades and policies to mesh with the new legislation passed in the September 11, 1970 anti-hijacking bill.  

You can identify Howard Hunt as DB Cooper by testing the 8 cigarettes that he smoked while on the plane…but, of course, like many anomalies in the HJ, the cigarette butts have disappeared in order to conceal the CIA and FBI involvement and keep Hunt's identity a secret.  The FBI, the world’s leading investigatory agency lost the most critical piece of physical evidence in an unsolved HJ.  Do you really believe that?  Where is the black box from the plane?   It’s gone along with the 8 cigarette butts.   Another tell-tale sign this was a ruse is the closing of the DB Cooper case July 12, 2016.  The FBI closed the case because they knew they were ramping up their cold case task force in order to solve decades old cases using DNA from third party vendors such as Ancestry.com and 23 and me, AncestryDNA, Family Tree DNA and other private web sites.  The FBI started this task for in the latter part of 2018.  They knowingly closed the DB Cooper case in anticipation of this program coming online.  Of course, you already have the legal and ethical opinions from your attorney's about the ethics and efficacy of getting the familial DNA to prosecute these cold cases.  Obviously, there are 4th Amendment issues with this program, however it is so new that there has been no challenges to the cases as of yet.  It is abhorrent that the FBI and local LE agencies are mining these private DNA sites for familial data.  Isn't their data out of reach from the Government under the 4th Amendment.  Yet, the FBI presses on, unhindered

The Cooper HJ was a planned military type operation and Hunt jumped into the Columbia River.  After he landed, he left $5800 on the banks of the Columbia River which was eventually found in 1980.  This is what myself, Congressman Hurd, and Crenshaw would have done (another false-flag).  Obviously after the jump, Hunt (using an alias) got on an airplane and went to Long Beach, CA where he was neighbors with Don Nixon.  That was a 30-minute drive from the “Western Whitehouse” in San Clemente, CA where Nixon flew after his meeting with Halaby November 24, 1971.  

On December 6, 1971, two weeks after the HJ, Gordon Liddy, (Hunt's right hand man in planning the "dirty tricks") of the Nixon cabinet was moved to the CREEP and given a pay raise. The “Plumbers” were involved in a lot more than fixing leaks.  In order to hide their involvement and any links tying all of this together, July 12, 1973, just prior to the Rockefeller Commission hearings on the CIA's “dirty tricks” and the Church Commission hearings on MKULTRA, the National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis, MO was burned down. This destroyed the military records of Hunt and his co-conspirators.   The records were mostly Army records during Hunts years in the Army (Army records from 1915 through 1960 were destroyed).  It also targeted the military records of Halaby.  It isn’t a coincidence that the fire involved Air Force records up to the letter “H” (Halaby’s included). 

Also, of note, Dudley Swim, who met with Nixon October 5, 1971 was murdered (had a heart attack) on January 31, 1972.  The following day, February 1, 1972,  Swim was supposed to meet with Jon Huntsman and exchange $100,000 in cash.  He was most likely murdered using the CIA’s shellfish toxin gun.  After he was murdered his body was cremated (very rare for the early ‘70s).  He was eventually interred in 1977 in a cemetery in Twin Falls, ID.  There is no death certificate in Twin Falls, nor an autopsy report.  An exhumation and inspection of the chemicals in his ashes may signify that he has shellfish toxin in his ashes, provided they have not been switched out.    

Also of note, on October 8, 1971 (a month and a half prior to the HJ), AG John Mitchell was in Gearhart, Oregon, a town of 1400 people to give a speech to the Oregon State Bar. As congressman Hurd and Crenshaw can attest to, this is the normal MO of sending an ADVON to recon the proposed operation.  Gearhart, Oregon is approximately 30 miles down-river from where the $5800 from the HJ was found in 1980. 

The underlying theme in all of these investigations, JFK, DB Cooper, and Rick Torres murdering Jason Wilkinson is the incomplete and shoddy investigation that took place.  Many of you are attorneys.  Read the Wilkinson v. Torres case.  Combine that with your own knowledge and determine if this was a murder.   I know that Congressman Crenshaw and Hurd will find Torres own account of the murder is just not plausible.

These investigations are woefully incomplete and leave more questions than answers.  In over 50 years, there hasn't been a single mention of LBJ exchanging guns with someone 2 day before JFK was murdered.  Dandol Dianzi is not mentioned a single time ANYWHERE ON THE INTERNET OR PRINT.  Nobody questioned what Najeeb Halaby and G. Gordon Liddy were doing at the Whitehouse the day of the hijacking.  And nobody interviewed two eyewitnesses to Torres murdering Wilkinson.  How can this be?  The first thing anyone would have done is ask, why didn't Nixon call Najeeb Halaby back after he found out about the hijacking 3 hours later?  After all, he would be a great sounding board as to how to move forward.  Instead, Halaby assisted this operation by making the plane disappear as it crossed the Columbia River.  

If you are interested in learning who the “French Sniper on the Grassy Knoll” is, give me a buzz.  I do ask that you get back to me.  I think the assassination of President Kennedy by the CIA is “of great importance to the nation”.  

I look forward to your reply.


Matt L’Hommedieu 
2121 Loop Rd
Stevenson, Wa. 98648

Of course, former Navy SEAL…. like everyone else these days, and former Air Force PJ.  

PS:  Next time you try and kill me please don’t send a fucking Marine like Rick Torres again.  Send someone like either Congressman Crenshaw or Hurd…if you want it done right.  At least if you are going to kill me make it an honorable death, not one at the hands of a Marine flunky like Rick Torres. 

PPS:  I am not suicidal!  And if I die in a car accident please check the occupants of the other vehicle for mouth guards and motorcycle helmets.  I think the shellfish toxin and succyncholine are played out...and are traceable.   Also, please, please, don't tell Bill or Hillary!

Enclosure:  Dandol Dianzi cable.  

The CIA is the most existential threat to American Democracy and diplomacy.  If I were running for President, at least that is the platform I would run on!  Please, someone expose this corruption!

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