Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Vancouver Public Defender John Terry Fixing Case Against Own Client

Past Behavior is Best Predictor of Future Behavior

The conversation below takes place in Judge Darvin Zimmerman's courtroom in Clark County, Washington. John Terry attempted to frame Matt L'Hommedieu for a murder-for-hire plot with his former employer, Jeffrey Barrar.

Fortunately, today we have google and yelp to review people and their businesses. For an attorney, their reputation is their stock-in-trade. The conversation below depicts the outward behavior of attorneys operating with impunity.  

Case Fixing 101:  Sidebar Scamming

9:53:37 AM
JT: How was your honeymoon?
KC: (mumbles response)
JT: I have a potential (inaudible) phone call (inaudible). Are you up for it?
KC: (inaudible)
JT: (inaudible) just call this girl in Oregon and ask her if (inaudible)
JT:  (inaudible) she had a baby (inaudible) and two years later she said it was his kid. She got a paternity test.  My guy didn’t take the paternity test, my advise and several criminal attorneys’ advise.  (Inaudible) ordered by the prosecutor. The age of consent is 18 in Oregon. Anyways, we just want his mom to have visits.  
JT: You call up and ask if mom can have visits. She says no, ok. If she says yes, good.
KC: Why me?
JT: I can’t do it, I represent the dad. I’ll tell you a little bit more. Grandma, (pause) got a DNA swab (Terry laughs). We’re gonna test it, like secretly. If it’s his kid, he’s just gonna own up to it. If it’s not his kid, nobody (inaudible) test exists.
KC: Yeah, I mean I’ll, I’ll do it for free.
JT:  No, I’m gonna pay you some (inaudible). I’m gonna pay you for a half hour at least.
KC: (Inaudible) I mean, that’s the least I could do for you…
JT: Just say “I represent Grandma…(inaudible)
KC: Give me the names and the numbers and I’ll (inaudible)

**JT (John Terry)
  KC (Krisztian Carrasco)
Note: Jeffrey Barrar pictured in center of screen

The partially captured audio is indicative of how Clark County attorneys fix the cases...even against their own clients. This is what they did to former Navy SEAL, Matt L'Hommedieu.

John Terry was assigned to represent Matt L'Hommedieu by Judge Darvin Zimmerman. They worked collectively to frame him for a murder for hire plot.

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