Wednesday, February 26, 2020

The Company Men: Corruption at the FBI


The FBI is receiving a lot of heat these days for failing to follow the rules.  Their FISA Court fiasco is beyond comprehension until you learn that this was a systematic failure of the leadership of the organization that the American Citizenry held as the icon of law enforcement.  If all else fails, you can count on the FBI....or so you thought.

Matt L'Hommedieu went to the FBI Office in Portland, Oregon.  He was armed with a mountain of evidence of government corruption that includes murder, the covering up of a murder, the framing of him by the arresting officer Rick Torres of Clark County Sheriff's Office and other Clark County Officials, i.e., Judge Daniel Stahnke, Judge Derek Vanderwood, Judge Darlin Zimmerman, and the contract Public Defenders.  

The Clark County Superior Court Judges, Stahnke and Vanderwood are orchestrating a money laundering scheme they started years ago with their former partner, Dennis Lane, most recently garnering a public/private partnership which works with two non-profit corporations that are going to receive $66 million.   These partners are attorneys and also have a corporation called BLEMS, LLC in the state of Washington as their money-laundering vehicle.  

When L'Hommedieu walked into the FBI Office he had his computer with all the evidence he needed to prove the crimes.  He waited in the lobby of the FBI office for over 1/2 hour while the agents most likely received their marching orders from Director Christopher Wray.  The FBI agents were Joe and Chris.  They never gave last names nor gave a business card.  

L'Hommedieu had his iPhone and was going to record the conversation, but when the FBI agents came to interview him, they told him to take his cellular phone and computer and put it in his vehicle.  The computer and iPhone had the evidence that L'Hommedieu was going to give the FBI.  

The FBI agents stated that their 302's would keep an accurate record and that there was no need for L'Hommedieu to record the conversation, even though he desired to do so.  L'Hommedieu expressed his concern, as FBI agents have doctored and changed 302's before, and L'Hommedieu brought up the Michael Flynn case regarding the agents doctoring the 302's in that case.   

J. Edgar Hoover would be proud of these company men.   

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