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February 5, 2020

Director Wray,

Today I watched your testimony in front of the House Judiciary Committee.  As a citizen I am gravely concerned about your ability to lead the FBI.  

Recently, I sent a letter to a fellow SEAL, DNI Maguire.  In the letter, I asked him for the following under the Freedom of Information Act:

·     Provide my entire intelligence community file
·     Provide all surveillance conducted on myself and my father, Dave L’Hommedieu from November 22, 1963 forward
·     Provide my FBI file depicting my threat assessment
·     Provide the name of the individual that tortured my wife
·     Provide the name of the person that authorized said torture

I won’t go into my case in detail, but suffice it to say I was framed for a crime I did not commit. The crime was a misdemeanor.

After 18 months, and 3 attempts on my life by the arresting officer in my case, I attempted to go pro se and represent myself at trial.  The judge in my case ordered me to undergo a psychological evaluation when I attempted to go pro se.  The result of that psychological evaluation conducted by the State of Washington was that I was paranoid and delusion because of my beliefs.  

The State (Judge) ordered a psychological evaluation based on my belief that the officer that arrested me was attempting to murder me, that I believed that I was a Navy SEAL, and my belief that my dad shot JFK.

The State found that I was competent enough to understand the charges against me, but I was not competent enough to represent myself, in spite of the fact that I successfully argued a CR 13(e)After-Arising counterclaim argument all the way to the Supreme Court in Washington and prevailed on the case against a mountain of attorneys (see Lane v. Skamania County and Lawrence L’Hommedieu).

My belief that the arresting officer, Rick Torres is an assassin for the Central Intelligence Agency is based (in part) on the following ruling from Judge Benjamin Settle’s 2009 opinion in the case of Wilkinson v. Torres:

there is no question that (VPD Officer) Torres acted with the unconstitutional purpose to harm, terrorize and in fact, kill Wilkinson.  After (VPD Officer) Key walked to the front of the minivan and the minivan began to back away from the telephone pole, Key and Torres looked at each other, seemingly acknowledged each other; then Torres walked to the passenger side of the minivan and effectively executed Wilkinson by shooting him eleven times at close range.

May 8, 2005, Vancouver Police Officer Rick Torres pumped 11 rounds into 17-year old Jason Wilkinson from approximately 8 feet away, “executing” him.

My belief that I was a Navy SEAL is based in fact and is represented on my DD 214.  The order assigning me my NEC code of both a 5326-SEAL, and 8492-Hospital Corpsman SEAL, was signed by Admiral William McCraven.  

Lastly, my belief that my dad shot JFK is based on my own personal knowledge.  I have asked both you and the CIA to provide the documents I need in order to be able to represent myself in a court of law in Washington State in order to overturn these false charges against me.  

I am looking for all surveillance documents, such as the photo enclosed, which I believe the CIA has in its’ possession along with all the surveillance conducted on my father an me. 

As you can see from the photos, it was taken in Canada in 1979 and passed to him through a hawala type network, a black powder club called the Steens Mountain Men.  It was a signal from a friendly operative that was warning my dad that he was under surveillance by the CIA.  

As it stands now, I am unable to make this argument in a court of law due to my beliefs and the fact that the State deems me too mentally ill to represent myself…and I have no attorney, he quit.  I am in a Constitutional conundrum where I have no attorney to represent me...and I can’t represent myself based on my beliefs.

I need your immediate response in order to get these wrongful charges filed against me dismissed, as I am violation of the terms of my probation due to the fact that my counselor will not allow me to “graduate” from the domestic violence classes the State has required me to attend.  He will not allow me to “graduate” until I capitulate and admit that I am a batterer.  I am not a batterer, I was framed for a crime I did not commit by an officer that was attempting to murder me.  In plain English, I have to capitulate, or face 6 years of incarceration for a crime that I was framed for.   


Many of the Representatives asked you about the background checks the FBI does when someone attempts to obtain a weapon.  In 2009, Judge Settle issued his opinion regarding Rick Torres “executing” Jason Wilkinson.  

In 2013, he was hired by the Clark County Sheriff’s Office.  How does that happen?  As part of yet another FOIA request, I ask you to provide any documentation regarding Rick Torres purchasing a weapon after May 8, 2005.  You obviously see where this is going, as I have already submitted multiple FOIA requests to the DOJ and the CIA.  All have gone unanswered.  This is not “Freedom” of information, it is NO information. Obviously, the FOIA needs to be overhauled, as agencies such as the one you lead obfuscate and delay in attempts to frustrate all but the most diligent people that are willing to sue your agency to get the information. 

The latest example was my request to get all the video tapes from the Metropolitan Correctional Facility in NY from the day Jeffrey Epstein entered the facility.  I asked for the tapes the day Epstein died.  Instead of responding to my FOIA in a timely manner, someone obviously deleted the tapes.  That someone is that fat tub of shit, Attorney General William Barr…who refuses to testify in front of the Judiciary Committee. Please add those tapes to the FOIA list.  And if they are gone, get your agency to recreate them.  I would ask you AGAINto expedite my FOIA requests that you have not responded to in a timely manner, as I need this information to represent myself in court in Washington State.

It is quite obvious to me as a citizen that you are utterly incapable of leading the FBI.  The representatives asked you specific questions, and yet again, you have deferred to the Horowitz Report each and every time.  They have asked you to answer truthfully under oath and you continue to hide behind the Horowitz report.   

I will also note that during your questioning, when you were asked if anyone asked you to conduct an investigation, your eyes darted down and to the left.  This is a “tell” interrogators such as yourself use look for to discern if someone is being truthful.  Like my belief that AG Barr is a liar, this is indicia that you are also a liar.  

That is precisely why I asked you to support a bill when I wrote to you earlier.  Call it the Roger Clemens Act, that prosecutes officials such as yourself that lie under oath.  If you were in a court of law being asked if you obstructed justice and perjured yourself in offering testimony to Congress today, you would be found guilty by a jury of your peers.  It’s pathetic that Roger Clemens was prosecuted TWICE for lying about steroids, yet you obstruct justice and fail to testify truthfully.  

DNI Clapper testified that the National Intelligence Agencies were not “wittingly” collecting data on American Citizens.  Director Helms testified that the CIA never used the infamous poisonous dart gun and didn’t even have a range to test it, yet CIA knew it had a max effective range of 328 feet and what it did to both dogs and humans.  Allen Dulles said that the CIA wasn’t able to conduct human experimentation, yet they were drugging people unwittingly in bars around the US and conducting experiments on prisoners in Angola prison, just to mention a few.  Aren’t these issues much more important than Roger Clemens lying about taking steroids? They are to me as a citizen!

I ask that you compile the results of my FOIA requests and enter them into the record in today’s judiciary hearing, as I don’t believe for a second that you are being truthful.  Yet, you will go on to re-enter the private sector and be an analyst at CNN or partner at a big law firm… or write a book.  Good for you, sir!  

It’s ironic that AG Barr, on the 22ndof January stated he couldn’t figure out why the citizenry doesn’t respect the Law Enforcement Agencies any longer.    

Perhaps it’s because, as President Trump said, he could shoot someone in the middle of times square and get away with it.  While he might not be able to, it’s clear that Vancouver Police Officer Rick Torres can:

Torres walked to the passenger side of the minivan and effectively executed Wilkinson by shooting him eleven times at close range.


I sent you the letter I sent to all 535 members of Congress in order to attempt to save my life and the life of my family.  I have been waiving a flag for 5 years in order to get you people to stop attempting to murder me…or framing me for crimes I did not commit.  If it wasn’t for some astute friends of mine, I would be in a mental institution right now for 17 years (the judge said that on tape). That was YOUR plan (collectively the CIA, DOJ, and FBI).

Or, perhaps this is just some big misunderstanding on my part and I am mentally ill, like the State of Washington says I am.  In that case, I am willing to be evaluated by all your buddies from Harvard to determine if I am in fact sane enough to understand the charges against me and if I am sane enough to represent myself. 

Of course, my opening argument in a new trial will be to read the Wilkinson v. Torres decision to the jury.  I attempted to read it into the record or get it read into the record when I attempted to go pro se in my case August 8, 2016.  Instead, I was ordered to undergo a psychological evaluation and the judge has repeatedly ignored my requests (while represented by an attorney) to take Judicial Notice of the case.

 My offer to be evaluated by the folks at Harvard stands! Oh, wait, I can’t make that offer because I don’t have an attorney.  Perhaps you can testify at the new trial.  I’ll issue you a subpoena if I can represent myself.  Along with the other 535 witnesses, and AG Barr.

BTW, did you ever investigate Preet Bharara for murdering my former Commanding Officer at SEAL Team One, Tim Holden?  I really think Justice Scalia reached out to him in order to expose the money laundering scheme that Preet was doing with Steven Cohen of SAC Capital with the USO Fund. They are laundering money through the island of Anguilla.  Isn’t that why SAC Anguilla was left off of the indictment of Cohen when Preet charged him?

Hopefully that doesn’t skew the folks at Harvard into thinking my beliefs are insane.  If you could provide them with the results of your investigation before they do the eval, that would be great.  Did I tell you I see things?   LOL.  I think the CIA calls it remote viewing or something to that effect.  Ask Haspel about it.   

Please forward the results of my FOIA request to Senator Patty Murray, Congresswoman Jamie Herrera Beutlter, Congressman Will Hurd, and Congressman Crenshaw.


Matt L’Hommedieu

House Judiciary Committee 
Senate Intelligence Committee
CIA Director Haspel
AG Barr
DNI Maguire

PS.  It’s really odd to me that two former SEALs won’t get back to me.  I’ve written both Congressman Crenshaw and DNI Maguire about this issue.  I haven’t heard from either of them.  I guess professional courtesy has gone out the window these days.  

I flew out here from Washington State to discuss this matter with you folks and haven’t heard back.  I am here willing to meet with you.  Apparently, my State Representative, Jamie Herrera Beutler, won’t be able to meet with me for 3 weeks regarding this issue.  But I am willing to meet with you folks since she doesn’t have the time.  I guess she has more pressing issues than to get to the bottom of who shot JFK, who DB Cooper was, who burned down the St. Louis National Personnel Records Center in 1973, who killed Dudley Swim, who killed my Uncle Frank Besser and why dad made the “Bigfoot” film with Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin…to mention a few of the “dirty tricks”  (did you find shellfish toxin in Dudley Swim’s ashes or in my Uncle Frank’s body, Chris?).  Or is that something that you don’t need to look at because it is such a low priority, as you stated today in your testimony?  

I’ll leave you with one last thought.  When the “Doctor” showed up to do my psyche eval, she introduced herself as Dr. Rice and was wearing a name-tag that said Gribble on it.  Through Public records request I found she in fact had a name-tag issued under Patricia Rice.  Talk about a mind fuck!

She looks like a witch! Kind of reminds me of Gina Haspel.

Maybe it was her in disguise.  LOL.  

Isn’t the Prosecuting Attorney supposed to disclose exculpatory evidence under Brady v. Maryland(1963)?  Asking for a friend.   Again, is there any way to get this entered into the record for todays hearing?  

What would you folks do if your wife was tied up to a post, had an animal gutted out in front of her to bleed out, and had blood smeared all over her?  What lengths would you go to in order to rectify that?  You’ve found out how far I will go….I AM RIGHT HERE! 

DNI Maguire, I can’t find the words to express how I feel about you.  You should be ashamed of yourself!  

And…Epstein didn’t kill himself!  A garrote with ½” or bigger rope was used to kill him.  That’s why the medics put a c-collar on him…to hide the evidence. #inside-job

Ask me how I know!

As an aside, G. Gordon Liddy told me he was an astronaut.  He’s such a kidder!

Maybe the folks at Harvard could look at something that is eerily similar.  G. Gordon Liddy, E. Howard Hunt, L. Matt L’Hommedieu.  Maybe they’ll see a pattern.  It might have something to do with the way we were raised.  Just a hunch.  Or Haspel can reach back into the classified MK Ultra files.  She knows the pattern! 

Also, under FOIA, provide me with any information regarding a program that I was involved in that involved psychological research, starting from my birth date.  And my results from the MVP program.  Please provide copies of the results of the FOIA requests to Senator Murray, and Representatives Herrera Beutler, Crenshaw and Hurd.   

President Trump is the ultimate propagandist and indoctrinator.  He uses labels like they do in POW training for people.  I’ll take a page out of his book and assign a moniker to you folks; like Fat Tub of Shit Barr, Wormy Wray, Haspel the hun, and Maguire the malcontent (it’s better than feckless cunt Maguire, which was my first choice). GFY.  See


January 17, 2020 letter to all 535 US Representatives
January 21, 2020 letter to Senator McConnel and Speaker Pelosi.

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