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GET OUT OF JAIL FREE CARD: pass this on to any defendant





There is a thing called Brady evidence, or Brady material.  This is exculpatory information or evidence;  evidence that is favorable to a defendant.   It stems from the case of Brady v. Maryland (1963) when the Supreme Court held that the withholding of impeachment evidence or material violates a defendant's due process rights under the US Constitution to withhold this material or evidence.

If you've followed this blog, this is your GET OUT OF JAIL FREE ticket.  Why?  Simply put, the Clark County Prosecuting Attorney, Tony Golik, is covering up the murder of a 17-year-old kid, Jason Wilkinson.  Not only that, but the Federal Bureau of Investigation is backing their play!  They are not only covering up the murder of a child, but they are also covering up the attempts to murder John Garrett Smith by officials within the State of Washington, i.e., the prison guard that tried to murder Garrett by shutting a steel hydraulic door on his head as he passed through the steel doors in jail.  

Garrett was framed for attempted murder by Vancouver Police Officer, Sandra Aldridge and other Clark County Officials that are running a RICO organization that crosses the nation.  It consists of murder, attempted murder, extortion, racketeering, and sex trafficking, just to mention a few of the crimes they are committing.  And these officials are Sheriff Atkins of Clark County, Sheriff Brown of Skamania County, the Clark and Skamania County Prosecutors, Golik and Kick, and the judges in the county, to include Stahnke, Gonzales, Lewis, Collier, Krog, Baker, Evans (Cowlitz County), Reynier, and Zimmerman.  This isn't an exclusive list, the other judges most likely are in on the graft and corruption.

Rick Torres was their blunt instrument, or wet-worker, killing anyone that needed killing.  Sandra Aldridge is also an executioner.  Many of the other officer shootings look like the officers having hunting permits to track people down and kill them. 

For instance, when Torres murdered Jason in 2005, they ran the license plate on the van.  Keep in mind, this is mother's day, 2005.  These people like to send messages to anyone that defies them, or bucks their system, so mother's day for this "execution" was meant to send a message to the Wilkinson family for some reason.  After they ran the license plate of the parked vehicle, they found out it was stolen.  What are the odds of, Officer Key just happening across a stolen vehicle and running the plate because this minivan just looked suspicious parked on the road?   There was no explanation as to why Officer Key had probable cause to run the license plate.  Irrespective of these small details, it is the big ones that matter, this was an "execution" as ruled by Judge Benjamin Settle of the Federal Court in the Western District of Washington.  

Tony Golik is aware that Torres is a murderer, yet he failed to disclose this to anyone that Torres arrested, or anyone that Torres was on the call with.  This is your GET OUT OF JAIL FREE card.  The only thing one needs to do is call Golik to the stand, or list him as a witness for your defense. 

Golik wrote the Clark County Brady Protocol, and all one has to do to defend themselves is to go down the Brady Protocol and ask Golik if he is following his own protocol, which he is not.  Of course, the judge in your case will bitch and moan about you calling the prosecutor because he is supposedly unimpeachable, however, Golik is the "expert" in Clark County on the Brady protocol, he wrote it.  Therefore, you have a right to call him about the protocol, and whether Clark County, Vancouver PD and Clark County Sheriff's Office are following the protocol.  They are not!  

For instance, after Torres "executed" Jason Wilkinson, he was allowed to quit the VPD.  He was subsequently sued by the Wilkinson family, lost, then the crooked judges at the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals overturned the ruling finding Torres at fault due to their opinion that Torres had qualified immunity.  This belies the fact that, if you have followed this blog and listened to the interview of Anthony Davis, two civilian eyewitnesses watched Rick Torres murder a 17-year-old kid...AND CLARK COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE COVERED IT UP.

I've reviewed the internal affairs investigation and written an expert witness report and submitted it to the courts in my divorce case and in the recall petition against Skamania County Officials: in re: Krog,  I've alleged that these county officials are running the RICO organization, and the entire system is corrupt, including the judges.  The judge that dismissed the recall petition, Judge Evans is just as dirty as the rest of them and is assisting them with covering up the murder of Jason Wilkinson, the frame-up of John Garrett Smith, his attempted murder, and their attempts to murder me on numerous shut up any witness that has any dirt on them.  

So, all one needs to do in order to GET OUT OF JAIL FREE in either Clark or Skamania County is to call these judges, the sheriff's, and the prosecutors to the stand and ask them about the Brady Protocol, and link it to the systemwide corruption that they are perpetrating.   If you run into any trouble, put Rick Torres on the witness list, and read the expert witness report that I wrote to him line-by-line and ask if he has anything to say about it.  They cannot withstand this pressure because every official in Clark County knows about it, including the Risk Manager in Clark County, Jim Hansen.

These officials are also working directly with The Columbian Newspaper in order to assist them in covering up these murders and propagandize their cases.  One would think that a story this big would be in the newspaper, however, I've contacted them on many occasions asking for them to publicize this, and they won't respond to my emails, nor will they even respond to my requests to buy a full-page ad in their newspaper to let the public know that this corruption is going on in Clark County....and across the nation.


The FBI is fully aware of this case, as I have been in constant contact with Christopher Wray at the FBI, Bill Barr at the DOJ (now Merrick Garland), both President Trump and Biden, VP Harris, and every member of the 116th Congress.  I sent all 535 members of the 116th Congress a one-page letter asking for them to pass legislation to keep guns out of the hands of dirty cops like Torres.  When I flew out to DC in February of 2015, I also asked to meet with DNI Maguire, a former SEAL, like I was.  Instead of meeting me, he quit as the Director of National Intelligence.  He obviously knew they sent Rick Torres to "execute" me.  He's a wet-worker for the CIA, or Clowns in America.  Don't take my word for it, call him to the stand...yes, list the former DNI as a witness in your case.   Ask him why he quit, then ask him if he ever received a call from me regarding this issue (he has).  I even sent him a packet of information on it, along with the leaders of Congress, Pelosi, McConnell, and the members of the House and Senate Intel and Judiciary panels.  Not a single Congressman or Senator would meet with me!  So, they are all witnesses.

In response to my visit, it appears that they had Representative Hank Johnson write up a bill about a week after I sent the original letter on January 17, 2020, to cover the issue that I raised.  However, it went to committee and died immediately, but at least the 116th Congress could say they tried to address it with the legislation Johnson put forth, but it was "the other side" that was opposed to it.  This is all BS, of course, and every member of the 116th Congress is witness to this corruption.....all the way to the top of the FBI.  Ask them why they don't ask Wray about this during the hearings where he is questioned?  

If our FBI is corrupt, and they are not going to police dirty cops, then who is?   Nobody.  And as we've seen the FBI is corrupt and they will do anything they want, including getting a fake warrant based on lies.  So Chris Wary should be on your witness list also, and ask him what Brady's evidence/material is, and why he is knowingly covering up or not investigating the murder of Jason Wilkinson, the attempts to murder Garrett Smith, and me.  Not to mention he got framed by the Clark County Officials for attempted murder and is serving 12 years in prison, and they stole his company worth $150 million.  

Garrett was framed when they took a cellphone voicemail where his wife stated on the call, "you're going to kill me", and he supposedly said, "I know".  That was the lynchpin to convict him of attempted murder.  However, the voicemail was spliced 17 times, and the cellphone was logged into evidence 38 minutes prior to the "crime" where he woke up to his wife beating the hell out of him.  He was calling his cell phone from the house phone, and even the phone records show that his cell phone called him back WHILE IN THE CUSTODY OF THE VPD, and logged into evidence.  

When Garrett attempted to represent himself at the trial, he was given a CD with all the evidence the State amassed against him.  However, he was denied the use of a computer to see what the State had on him.  He had to hire back the original attorney that was working against him to frame him.   They were successful and he's serving a 12-year sentence.

Christopher Wray knows all of this, and he's the "top cop" in America.  So call him to the stand as a witness and have him testify under oath as to what corruption he's assisting with covering up.  The election fraud is square 1.  He knows about it.  And while you have him on the stand, ask him about his membership in Skull and Bones, and the oath they take.  I hear that they actually get sodomized and have oral sex with their senior Bonesman, and that is how they are kept silent, as it is videotaped, and the video of it is used to blackmail them into doing the bidding for the Cabal.  One would think that is a National Security issue, but that is a question for him. 


I went through a similar scenario when Clark and Skamania County Officials attempted to frame me for the murder of my neighbor, Rick Pauly.  He supposedly committed suicide by shooting himself in the head with a .45 caliber pistol 250 feet from my bedroom window at 5 a.m. on July 9th.  

They were going to frame me, eventually for his murder.  At the time, my brother was working at the mortuary where his body was "processed" and they were going to use his familial DNA to connect me to the murder, and eventually charge me with it.  I recognized what was happening, as this is how they framed Steven Avery, by using a DNA sample they got, and the LE officer that took the extra sample of his DNA without proper authorization, i.e., the warrant did not state they could take extra samples.  Supposedly, the officer threw the extra samples away but instead used it to place his DNA on the hood latch on the vehicle that the victim was supposedly transported in, and the illegally garnered DNA sample was used to convict him of the murder of Teresa Halbach.   

They've gone to the well too many times on this, and the crime scene of Steven Avery's murder of Teresa is an exact replica of the supposed murder scene of the children of Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell.  Of course, the bodies were burned, but the dead body was in the right location.  These are what you can refer to as proximity crimes.  That was what they were attempting to do to me, as I was within 250 feet of a dead body, and they were going to make the argument that I went nuts and murdered my neighbor.  Of course, the media would be right there backing them up, convicting me in the press just like they have Lori and Chad.   

If you haven't figured it out yet, sex trafficking is one of the most lucrative crimes in the world.  The trafficked victim keeps paying off every day until they are used up, or murdered.  Unlike a brick of cocaine, where it is only sold once and used once, these victims payout for years.  And we know, via the groundbreaking reporting of Gary Webb's Dark Alliance series, the CIA was in control of the crack cocaine epidemic that plagued the inner cities in the 80s and 90s.  They even made movies about it, basically admitting how all the local dealers were all part of a larger network that was completely run and controlled by the CIA.  They are the mob...they own the mob and have since the HTLINGUAL program was started when Howard Hughes was doing the "mail-runs" with TWA.  The mail was intercepted and the CIA knew each player in the mob and completely controlled them.  It wasn't until the meeting in upstate New York, where a state trooper came across a bunch of Caddilac's parked at home in upstate NY, that the FBI started looking into the mob.  Their efforts to combat the mob were all an act on the part of the FBI.  There was not a serious investigation done into them, it was all controlled by Hoover....and they named the FBI Headquarters after him as a trophy displaying their outright corruption.

It doesn't take much critical thinking to discern that Lori Vallow was trafficked by this Cabal.  They are running the sex trafficking ring all across the nation.  I spoke to one victim that was trafficked by this Cabal from Colorado to Washington State.  She was flown there in a small aircraft.

When she got to the compound, there were 40 other girls at the compound that were being raped by their captors, in this instance, she told me they were oriental.  She also said there was a CIA presence at the compound.  When one of the girls failed to capitulate to their demands, she was murdered by them.  

They marched the 39 (or so) other girls through the woods and they came across the non-compliant girl (all of the girls were between the ages of 10-14), and she was strung up between two trees and she had her stomach sliced open and her intestines hanging out, and she was left there to die.  

This girl's murder was a lesson to the other girls as to what would happen to them if they were non-compliant or if they ever spoke about this to anyone.  Of course, they were warned that someone would always be watching them, i.e., the CIA...or FBI, through their unauthorized surveillance programs afforded them through Section 702, or FISA that they are granted the privilege by our beloved Congress. 

This person also told me that she was later captured by a CIA Agent, was held captive, raped, and tortured until she escaped, fled to another country and changed her name.  

Ironically, my wife had almost the exact same story.  She said that her ex-husband was abusive, played Russian Roulette with her all the time, would beat her and use her for sex, even making porn films with her.  She finally escaped his clutches when she left while he was at work, got a restraining order against him, and almost immediately hooked up with me.  However, what I did not recognize, this is pattern behavior, and she was let loose, and I became the target, and she was my "honey-pot", doing the bidding for the CIA, i.e., keeping tabs on me because of the danger I posed to the federal government due to my family's connections with the CIA.  We got married when she got pregnant and we had two children in the 14 years we were together.  When I wanted to get a divorce, she worked with Rick Torres, the CIA wet-worker to attempt to murder me.  

When she had our first child, she developed severe PTSD, and would have psychomotor seizures, which means she would have periods of time where her eyes would be open, but she was non-responsive, or catatonic like a zomby.

She later told me that when she smelled the blood from having her water break, it reminded her of a time when her husband tied her up to a post at a barn at his parents home on the Lewis River in Washington State, and brought in a calf and gutted it out in front of her and let it bleed out.  After years of investigating this, it's obvious that it was not a calf that was gutted out in front of her, it was another girl that she was trafficked with to either the same compound as the other person I spoke with, or a similar compound.  This is patten behavior for these traffickers, and this is how they systematically control these women.  And they know they are constantly under surveillance by the Cabal. 

After putting all these pieces together, I recognize that my wife was doing porn when we got married.  She was going to get "modeling pictures" taken regularly, however, I never saw any of the photos, and she accredited that to her not wanting her in any magazines that her father could get a hold of.  However, like the other lies, there was a bit of truth in all of this, she was getting pictures taken, and video, and it was porn, which was being shipped all over the world in different countries, or to her former captors.

This eventually led to my daughters being taken to hotel rooms in Portland while I was working a 24-hour shift at the fire department.  It is obvious to me now that my daughters have been caught up in this same system and they are being used up by this same Cabal....and I've written this in much greater detail in court documents in the divorce case and to Christopher Wray and other government officials. 

When I went to Clark County and called 911 to report this, they sent five officers to my location to murder me.  One of the officers was on the phone with Tony Golik, the Clark County Prosecutor, while he was responding to the call.  I am quite sure, due to the way I was treated when the officer surrounded me and started screaming at me when I was telling them that their buddy and former employee, Rick Torres, was trafficking my daughters.

I recognized that they were setting up to murder me, as I was waiting in the parking lot of a gas station and I could see two of the officers that were holding back and not coming to my location.  They were waiting for all five of the officers that were responding to descend on me at one time so they could start shooting with as much confusion as possible.  However, I walked out in the middle of the street and started waving my arms to flag them down so all the cars parked at the light could see me, and be witness to this murder that was going to go down.

After being detained and searched, they eventually let me go after reading me my rights to remain silent.  When they asked if I had anything to say, I kept speaking and asked for a pen and paper to write down what had just happened, but they would not allow me to do that.  They also seized my cell phone and would not let me record their verbal onslaught of me.

The point, these officers will do anything to cover up the fact that they are running a sex trafficking ring.  That includes murder or framing someone.   

The case against Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell is a carbon copy of what they were trying to do to me.  I had a dead body within 250 feet of my home, and when I recognized what they were doing, I knew that I had to get out of Washington State.  In response, they moved my estranged wife that I'd been going through a divorce with for 8 years, to Idaho.  It just so happens that the route I would take out of Washington was Interstate 84, right by the place she was moved to by this Cabal.  Obviously, they were going to murder my family, then dig up the bones of my neighbor and nail me for the "proximity" crime.  They have become experts at this ruse, and the case against Lori and Chad is the exact same playbook.

It's obvious to me that at one point, Lori was a very attractive woman.  She'd been through four different relationships, had children, and was mentally strung out.  Why?  Because she is a carbon copy of my wife, and the other trafficking victim that I spoke to.  Who do you tell that you were being trafficked by the CIA?

They used her husband, similar to what my wife's ex-husband did, and tortured the hell out of her, held her captive, and used her as a sex toy, playing with her emotions the entire time.  I cannot tell you how much abuse I was subjected to by my wife.  When I was told by a psychologist to go get a book about narcissistic abuse, it was the exact same thing my wife had subjected me to for years, using fear, obligation, and guilt to control me.  When I'd had enough, and she knew I was leaving, they implemented their plan to murder me, and they would have financially benefitted to the tune of about $2.5-3 million.  It is a business decision for them.

This is almost exactly what they did to Lori Vallow.   They murdered her husband, who was working for them to keep an eye on her, while getting the sexual gratification he desired from it.  What he didn't see coming was the fact this is a business and they were going to murder him for financial gain and to ensure that dead men tell no tales.  He was their useful idiot.  

They already knew that Lori was in touch with Chad Daybell, so they murdered his wife, buried her, and then exhumed the body and did another autopsy on her and charged Chad with murder.  

They already had control of Lori's brother because he was an ex-convict, and he was most likely the one that was driving the bus and steering Lori around.  And another amazing coincidence, he ends up dead.  How convenient for the prosecutors and the CIA.  Again, dead men tell no tales.  Now, the only thing Chad Daybell is left with is to point the figure at the dead guy.  And, since he's already been convicted in the media, his goose is cooked.

Rest assured, Lori told someone about what happened, and Chad knows this too.  That is specifically why the fled to Hawaii, they were running for their lives!  And you don't take a baby with you into battle, and she left her children with Cox, who was working for the corrupt CIA and crooked FBI.

And like my case, the attorney representing them, along with the judge is in on the scam.  The attorney for Chad is actually making sure that the prosecutors cross their T's and dot their I's.  

Meanwhile, the cause of Chad Daybell's wife hasn't been released.  I guess they'll figure that out later.  Surely, she wasn't tested for shellfish toxin!  Nor for any exposure to a direct energy weapon that could cause a heart attack.  

And as for the shellfish toxin, you can research that on your own, but suffice to say, Dudley Sim was murdered in this fashion, and I surmise that my Uncle Frank was murdered the same way.  But, again, you'd have to ask Christopher Wray about this on the stand.  I'm sure he's pulled out all the stops to investigate their deaths!  Not to mention the location of the parachute from the DB Cooper hijacking.  Isn't it ironic that Earl Cossey was murdered recently?  He was the one that supposedly packed and supplied the DB Cooper parachute.  Oh, and to end the suspense, Howard Hunt was DB Cooper, and it was a ruse orchestrate to make billions after Nixon signed the Executive Memo to put sky marshals on planes September 11, 1970 in response to the Dawson Field hijackings, Pan Am Flight 93 included.  Najeeb Halaby profited handsomely from it, but had to sacrifice his daughter to mary King Hussein of Jordan for it.  But that's a question for the CIA director. 

You'll notice that the attorney representing Chad had a recent DUI.  That is not a coincidence, either.  There's more to it than just a DUI.  They have everything on him, and he is nothing but a puppet.

Another tell-tale sign Lori is being manipulated is due to the fact his attorney hasn't asked for any funds to have an independent psychological evaluation done on her by an outside physician.  They want to control every piece of evidence that goes into the record so this frame-up doesn't fall apart.

This is exactly what my court-appointed attorney did to me.  Instead of representing my best interests and asking for an independent evaluation, he just asked the judge to make sure and provide him with a list of medications they were going to jam down my throat.  That is the same thing that Lori's attorney asked if he was going to do something about it. 

In order to complete this ruse, they obviously had to murder the children, as they knew that Lori had already spilled her guts to someone, so she had to be taken out.  And like in my situation, I couldn't represent myself, because I was crazy to think that a dirty cop was out to murder me...among many other of my beliefs, including religious beliefs.  However, you are deemed crazy if your religious beliefs are not "mainstream".

For instance, I believe that the hierarchy of the Mormon and Catholic Church worship satan!  I believe that there are millions of Catholics and Mormons that are wonderful people, and they are being duped by their leadership, who is taking advantage of them.  I've witnessed both the Mormon Church and the Catholic Church hiding their leaders because they have been caught molesting children.  These rapists are not held to account.  And the Catholic Church is treated completely differently than the Boy Scouts of America, as each church is its own entity, while the scouts are treated as a nationwide organization.  The only way that can happen is if the people in our legal system make it that way, and six out of the nine justices were raised Catholic. 

The media has been completely controlled for generations and tightened up through Operation Mockingbird, so any press that is put out is controlled and vetted by the CIA.  Again, don't ask me, ask the director of the CIA.

And while you are at it, call Judge Sullivan to the stand.  He oversaw the case against Michael Flynn.  When I sent an email to him that I would testify about the corruption within the state and federal judicial on behalf of Michael Flynn, the DOJ dropped the charges against him two days later.  I sent in information that was very damaging to our country regarding a case that Judge Sullivan had ruled on earlier regarding the supposed USS Cole bomber, al-Nashiri, that had been tortured to death by the CIA. 

Judge Sullivan ordered the CIA to preserve the records regarding the CIA "torture report" (for lack of a better term) but kept them under seal.  In that report, it cites two deaths while people were in the custody of the CIA, but makes no mention of the fact that al-Nashiri was tortured to death, then miraculously revived after being waterboarded.  He has brain damage and the mental capacity of a young teen, yet the DOJ is still prosecuting him.  This has ramifications regarding double jeopardy, to start with, and the more obvious question is if he has the mental capacity of a teen, is he able to understand the charges against him.  Moreover, is he even a threat to the US any longer, given his diminished capacity.

After the case was dismissed, we all witnessed the fiasco that transpired after that.  Judge Sullivan ended up appointing another judge to write an Amicus brief, then he hired his own attorney to represent him on the appeal.  This begs the question, are all the records within the attorney's office that represented Judge Sullivan open to the Freedom of Information Act?  Additionally, why didn't he disclose any of this in his subsequent rulings, and why wouldn't he get back to me when I called him to submit an Amicus brief on behalf of General Flynn?  Neither the DOJ nor Sidney Powell would respond to my request to file an Amicus brief, and when I submitted a request to do that, it was ignored by Judge Sullivan.  Why?  Again, a question that he only has the answer to, and if you are wrongfully be charged by the Federal Government for a crime, you can see that you have an abundance of witnesses that need to testify to make sure these crooked fuckers aren't framing you.  

And once you do that, perhaps you can reach the merits of their claim.  But surely, we all want an even playing field when we step into the courtroom.

And when you subpoena all these witnesses, ask these fuckers why they are allowing my daughters to be trafficked by this Cabal, please.   

Lori Vallow Daybell's son Ryan summed this up perfectly.  He said that none of this makes any sense.  And, just like the DB Cooper case, when none of it makes any sense, when the media is involved and being steered and is creating the narrative, it all makes perfect sense; the CIA is running the show.  

Funny, I met G. Gordon Liddy in Glenwood, Washington when I was a kid.  He told me he was an astronaut.  I guess it's better than being a plumber!  Looks like the CIA needs to call the plumber and fix this leak!  

And that story about Dan Crenshaw's dad being in the oil business......well, you'll have to ask him about that when you get him on the stand.  Pretty cool that a kid that traveled all across South America when he was growing up lands at Harvard.  What are the odds?  



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