Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Dumb Fuck Duda, Seattle FBI SAIC

July 6, 2021



Dumb fuck Duda,


I am once again writing you, trying to persuade you to DO YOUR JOB.  As you know, the whole premise behind the Ted Bundy serial killer story is total bullshit.  But you know that already, don’t you?


Like any good investigation, we start with the last known quantity.  That being, the actions of Project QAnon.  As we both know, that was nothing more than a psyop to control the masses.  When I was following it, you know that I recognized the pattern behavior portrayed by these psychopaths through your continued monitoring of my EC.    


When I did my infamous countdown regarding the lawsuit against Bill Gates, one of your cohorts fucked the pooch and made an error, texting me in the middle of a text message that I was having with my mother.  The text was “I’ll p lol q.”  With the sign off of “201 BN.”   And, as you must know by now, when I read the text, I got the vision that this was a mistake, and that you satan worshiping POS’s were mocking God, with your laughing at praying mantra.  Mocking God, that’s pretty funny to you people, right?  


You’ll obviously recognize the mistake I made placing it at Fairchild vs. McChord AFB.  And as you know, Blue Huber is leading the point on the operation out of McChord instead of Fairchild (I misspoke).  I guess my affinity for Fairchild and the location in the Neo-Nazi area in Idaho made me assume that was where it was, but I made the mistake of associating one base for another.  


What you’ll also recognize is the fact that while going through this QAnon operation, I truly believed that there was someone on the “other side” helping me out and at the end of this morass, there was light at the end of the tunnel and this whole operation was going to be exposed.  


This was the same carrot-and-stick routine you fuckers used with Ted Bundy, making him think that he was on the precipice of the biggest event in world history and that he was going to expose the cohorts that orchestrated the ruse that eventually led to his death.  Great job, BTW, he was totally bought in to the ruse, just as I was, thinking that Project QAnon was going to lead to the exposure of your satanic cult.  However, just like Bundy, I was misplaced and misled by thinking of the good in humanity.  There is no good with you satan worshiping pieces of shit.  Obviously, you will be paying for your crimes once you attempt to reach “the other side”, if not sooner.  Trust me, it will be one hell of a ride…and you won’t enjoy it.  Ted was led down the same path you fuckers tried to lead me down, and his faith in the fuckers at CIA eventually led to his "execution".  


As you know, none of his convictions would stand in a court of law, particularly in todays society.  The first judge was in on his conviction, and like many people, Ted was naïve enough to put faith in the system thinking that the first judge that convicted him of attacking the first gal,  beating her up with a crowbar would lead to his exoneration.  However, the judge was completely controlled, as you know, and convicted him based on the false evidence and faulty testimony of the gal that could not identify him as his attacker.  I think we can all agree that this is reasonable doubt, particularly since this was controlled entirely by the CIA, and they used a body-double in order to frame him for the crime.  


Then when he escaped the first time from the jail in Colorado, he went and hid in a cabin to meet his handler, who encouraged him to “continue the mission”.  He followed his orders and was recaptured, only to have the discipline to lose the weight he need to in order to escape a second time through the hole in the ceiling.  He had vision, a goal, and discipline.   His handler helped him escape the second time, and helped him get across the country, first to Michigan, and then to Florida.  


It’s a shame that so many women had to die in order to cover up this ruse, but I guess that is why you fuckers have spent so much time and money trying to silence and kill me, right?  We all know where this leads, and you secret society fucks are doing all you can in order to quell this from reaching the surface.  A lot of lives and the reputation of a lot of wealthy people are at stake, right?  Does the Rockefeller Foundation ring a bell?  How about the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation?  Isn’t it ironic that I sent the lawsuit that I’d crafted to the Dallas cold case unit on “tax-day”, April 15, 2021, and they ended up filing for a divorce just a couple of weeks later?  Is that just a coincidence, or have you looked into that?  It is your jurisdiction, right, dumb fuck?  


The murder that Ted got charged with is so full of holes, you could drive a truck through the case.  Obviously, we don’t use bite-mark evidence today, and this has been proved to be junk-science, right?  You fuckers using your “expert witnesses” is getting old.  As if you fuckers have any credibility left.  


It’s funny how you fuckers mix a bit of truth amongst your mountain of lies to convict someone.  The docudrama made by Berlinger was quite funny.  The pattern behavior with you fuckers is getting too patterned.  You’ve gone to the well too many times.  Berlinger, as you know, is nothing more than a shill for you fuckers to weave a story into something that is believable.  Not only did he make the docudrama, he also made the move about Ted.  What else did Berlinger make?  Paradise Lost, right?  What a cluster-fuck that was.  I guess having the expert witness come to testify about satanic panic was a little too close to the fire for you satan worshiping pedophiles.  It’s almost as if the kids were tortured by the snapping turtles, after they were raped, and then bled for adrenochrome, and the “expert witness” truthfully testified that this was a satanic ritual abuse killing.  He was obviously right, but you satan worshiping pedophiles didn’t want this to get out, as it was too close to the truth, right?  I digress.


As we know, Ted wouldn’t be convicted today due to the bite-mark evidence you fuckers hoaked up during his trial with your "expert witness", and his conviction would be overturned based on this fake evidence.  Obviously, you will point to all the other murders, which were orchestrated at the behest of Nelson Rockefeller, right?  You know that he’s a satan worshiping serial killer that does not play by ANY rules.  Life to him is just a game, and the bigger the con he can pull, the more bragging rights he has in your little secret society parties, right?  


How did Ted transfer law schools so easily?  Did someone put the word in for him?  I bet that if you looked into it, this was orchestrated by the Clowns in America, with the help of their buddy Nelson, who was in charge of cleaning up the CIA’s records during the Rockefeller Commission.  Isn’t that why they burned down the military records center in St. Louis?  


What about Dudley Swim?  Have you exhumed his ashes to determine if he was killed with shellfish toxin?  Wasn’t the guy that was supposed to meet him, Jon Huntsman, living in Salt Lake City where Bundy was pulled over, and eventually framed for beating up that gal?  Perhaps, like the Watergate burglaries, Ted was carrying around a crowbar, gloves and a ski-mask while he was breaking into places owned by Jon Huntsman.  Have you looked into that?  It sure looks like Ted had tools that were used for burglaries, like Watergate, only the amateur version.  Did you ever think that maybe he was an alternate plan for Howard Hunt’s novel in case something went wrong with Hunt’s plan A.  


You are obviously aware that he spent exactly 33 months in jail for the Watergate fiasco.  Is that just a coincidence, or does that have some satanic Freemason meaning behind it?   You’re also aware that Rockefeller was trying to pin the whole “Bay of Pigs” thing on Nixon, right?  Isn’t that why Halaby and Hunt set up Nixon for the fall for the DB Cooper hijacking, to entrap him and pin the whole JFK assassination on him.  


Obviously, Hunt was too wise to be caught up in this and he recognized the double-cross in the first instance, and put Bundy in place to leave himself an out.  Hunt, being placed in the Nixon administration upon retiring from CIA was Rockefeller's idea, right?  Nixon needed a plumber, and Hunt was waiting in the wings, and Rockefeller was there to cover his tracks by framing both Hunt and Bundy, but Hunt was too smart for that.  Am I reading this right?   


The psychological profiles done on Ted were almost as bad as the one they did on me.  Your set-ups are a fucking joke.  Just take the case of Lori and Chad Daybell for instance.  This is again, pattern behavior for you fuckers.  You get the psychologist in there to make up their story, while at the same time, the attorney doesn’t even ask for a second opinion, but is really interested in the meds that the person is getting and wants to see the medical records, as if that is going to do any good.  This is a joke, right? And the joke is on people like me, Bundy, and the Daybells, not to mention John Garrett Smith.  That’s also in Washington, have you looked into his case?   As you know they had the cellphone logged into evidence 38 minutes prior to the crime he supposedly committed and the recording they garnered off of it was spliced 17 times.  What was the outcome of your investigation into this corruption?  His business worth $150 million was stolen from him.  You looked into it, right?  Who spliced the tape together?


The second psychological report done on Ted was a ruse perpetrated by his appellate attorneys under the guise that he was going to get another trial, but it did nothing more than bury him in a deeper hole than he was already in.   Then, it’s quite obvious that his CIA handler gave him the bad news right before his death, and that he’d better go along with the serial killer admission, or his newborn child would suffer the same fate of the women that Rockefeller and Governor Dan Evans perpetrated on the women in Seattle that they murdered and framed Ted for.  

Doesn’t the profile of Ted reveal that he was somewhat insecure around women, and that is why he targeted a gal that already had a kid.  She’d be more needy than one of the gals that he supposedly murdered.  And the gals that he supposedly murdered were more to the liking of Rockefeller and Evans, i.e., successful and on the rise, while at the same time being nice looking, right? 


Or have you totally disregarded the idea that the real “serial killer” could be a psychopath billionaire that doesn’t play by any rules at all, and uses his position to pick up girls, similar to how Bill Clinton did when he was governor of Arkansas.  And like Clinton, he raped them and then murdered them.  Oh, and speaking of Clinton rape and murder, you might want to check out the satanic ritualistic killing of Dail Dinwiddie while you're at it.  They killed her as a ritualistic killing.  

Nelson would do this in order to have control over people like Governor Evans, and many others.  This is complete control and this is how he did it, not only with Governor Evans, but also Bill Clinton.  And they collectively left nothing but dead bodies in their wake.  Has any profiler within the FBI ever come up with a profile of a billionaire satan worshiper, such as the one above?  


Anyway, Dumb Fuck Duda, let me know if I can be of any further assistance to you in solving the crimes in your jurisdiction.  





P.S. Dumb Fuck Duda, I see that you were PROMOTED (see my article on dirty cops getting promoted from February 2020) out of the Seattle Field Office as the SAIC right after the election and moved to DC.  Congratulations, you must be good at keeping secrets...or, like described above, they have something on you and you won't let the cat out of the bag. 

Why won't your boss answer my FOIA requests?  What are you fuckers hiding?  

When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth. 

Weird they were spinning the yarn that a bunch of Spec Ops guys (200) were killed clearing out the DUMBS while saving children that were being trafficked.  Why would they do that, Dumb-Fuck-Duda?  Why would they do that on Twitter?  

Is it all part of the psyop being run by Blue Huber?  What's his relationship to John Huber?  

What about Scott Gottlieb, what's his relationship to the psychopath Sidney Gottlieb?  Seems like a family affair, and you can trust "family", right Dumb-Fuck-Duda?  Now, you're family, right?  

Where are my MKULTRA Files, Dumb-Fuck-Duda?  






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