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Guillermo Raya Leon: A License to Kill

The Death of Detective Jeremy Brown

The tragic loss of the life of Clark County Sheriff's Detective Jeremy Brown is not lost on me as I write this.  My sympathy and prayers, as with the other untimely deaths that surround this saga, are with the family of Detective Brown and others that have lost love ones.  

Unfortunately, addressing the cold hard truth of this matter is ugly, and it starts with the corruption within the Clark County Prosecutor's Office, held by Tony Golik.  There is no doubt that Tony Golik is one of the most corrupt prosecutors in the nation. .  

My fear is that Guillermo O. Raya has been marked for death.  There is no way out of this for him, and he is going to be "executed" prior to ever stepping foot into the courtroom.  This is commonplace for the corrupt Law Enforcement Officers in Clark County.  

To address the eventual "execution" of Raya, I have to take a step back to Mother's Day, 2005 when Vancouver Police Officer, Rick Torres "executed" Jason Wilkinson.  These are not my words, they are the words of Federal District Court Judge Benjamin Settle, who held that Rick Torres, while on duty at the Vancouver Police Department effectively "executed" Jason Wilkinson, a 17-year-old kid.  

I've researched the case into the execution and found that there are more questions than answers, but as you can discern from this blog, I conducted an interview of the eye-witness (recorded and enclosed) in 2019 regarding the execution of Jason Wilkinson.  I also did an expert witness report regarding the shooting and forwarded it to Tony Golik, Sheriff Chuck Atkins, and Rick Torres (and many other public officials in Washington State, the FBI, and the US Department of Justice, and members of the 116th US Congress).  None of them have contacted me back regarding my expert witness report and my proposition that legislation be passed to keep guns out of the hands of dirty cops like Torres who work as "executioners" on the side.  Additionally, I sent an email with my Expert Opinion enclosed to the Clark County and Skamania County Sheriffs, Prosecutor Golik, and Rick Torres informing Torres that I would give him $50,000 to write a rebuttal to the Expert Opinion that I have on this blog.  Torres has not taken me up on this offer and none of the government officials have taken me up on this offer either. 

Like the death of Jason Wilkinson, you will notice a recurring theme here; people running from law enforcement and getting executed.  This happened not only with Jason Wilkinson, it happened more recently Kevin Peterson Jr.  Detective Brown was one of the officers that was involved with the death of Kevin Peterson Jr.  Preliminary reports are that there were 34 rounds fired at Peterson.  To my knowledge, there hasn't been an official report released regarding his death, but there are reports that he was shot in the back while attempting to flee, much like Jason Wilkinson was attempting to do when he was shot 11 times from approximately 8 feet away by then Vancouver Police Officer Rick Torres.  

The genesis of the investigation into the shooting of Wilkinson in 2005 is silent on the issue as to why Officer Key had probable cause to run the plate of the vehicle that Wilkinson was occupying.  My investigation also revealed that the entire investigation into the shooting was nothing more than a charade, and the Clark County Sheriff's Office intimidated one of the eyewitnesses to the shooting, which is a felony, and they failed to interview another eyewitness to the shooting.  Instead, Detective O'Dell of CCSO and Detective Hemstock of the Vancouver Police Department stopped by the eyewitnesses house and "terrorized" him (his words, not mine) on a nearly daily basis in order to get him to change his story.  

They also informed the eyewitness that he needed to get an attorney to come down to the station and set the record straight after he had told them what he witnessed the day of the shooting.  Additionally, Torres made numerous calls immediately after the shooting, and none of those witnesses that he called were interviewed.  In plain terms, the entire investigation into the shooting of Jason Wilkinson was a cover-up by the Clark County Sheriff's Office.  

Torres quit the Vancouver Police Department in January of 2006 and was subsequently sued by the Wilkinson Family for executing Jason.  Judge Settle ruled that Torres effectively executed Jason Wilkinson during a summary judgment hearing.  Summary Judgment is a hearing by the judge that takes into consideration the facts entered into the record, and all reasonable facts are decided in the non-moving party's favor, in this case, the Wilkinson Family.   Then Wilkinson Family had an eyewitness come forward and testified Rick Torres murdered Jason Wilkinson.  This is not in dispute!  Torres, through his attorneys, did not challenge this fact, and Judge Settle, rightfully so, agreed with the Wilkinson's attorney that he had executed Jason Wilkinson.  However, the case did not end there and Torres appealed to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.  They held that Torres had qualified immunity, and the theory of recovery for the Wilkinson Family was not valid under the law.  However, this did not change the underlying facts of the case that Torres was witnessed by a civilian murdering Jason Wilkinson.

With this on his record, Clark County Sheriff's Office hired him in 2013.  Torres did not disclose the case, nor did he disclose the affidavit of the eyewitness that "set the record straight" in 2008 when he filed it in support of the Wilkinson Family when they sued Torres in 2008.  (Note: in the report of Eric O'Dell, he says he attempted to contact the eyewitness numerous times to come down and "set the record straight).

Compounding this gaff, the Clark County Prosecuting Attorneys that try cases that Torres was involved with, are required under their own protocol, the legal rules, and a case called Brady v. Maryland, to turn over all "exculpatory" evidence to a defendant .  Exculpatory evidence is evidence favorable to a defendant.  For the years that Torres worked for Clark County Sheriff's Office, the prosecutors office failed to disclose this fact to every defendant that was either arrested by Torres, or where he was involved, i.e., a witness to the case.  In essence, the prosecutors office knew that Torres was a dirty cop, and they covered this up for years, until I brought this forward in November of 2015 to my attorney.  

Not only is the Prosecuting Attorney covering up cases where this Brady evidence should have been disclosed to defendants Torres was involved with arresting or testifying against, he is also covering up the fact that Torres murdered Jason Wilkinson and the Clark County Sheriff's Office covered it up.

And like Guillermo Raya, there is a pattern here of people running for their lives from the law enforcement officers in Clark County and the City of Vancouver.  Why?

My experience with the Clark County Sheriff's Office is not dissimilar to that of Jason Wilkinson, Kevin Peterson, and now Guillermo Ray.  In 2015, I was falsely arrested by Torres.  He was working with my wife to frame me for an assault, with the eventual goal of murdering me and having it look like a suicide in order to profit from it ($2.5-3 million).  I was arrested on February 11, 2015 for domestic violence, and I immediately knew that Torres was a dirty cop.  I had been sharing with him information that I suspected that my children were being molested by their uncle and grandfather.  As a law enforcement officer, Torres is required to report this as he is a "mandatory reporter" of suspected child abuse in the State of Washington, and so are the other officers that responded that day, Deputy Brian Wade, and Deputy Kevin Schmidt.  However, my reporting of this suspected child abuse is not in any of their police reports.  Why?  

Years later, in April of 2020, I learned that the law enforcement officers,  judges, and prosecutors in Clark County (and SW Washington) are using their Domestic Violence Prosecution Centers to essentially separate children from their fathers under the guise of domestic violence, and they then target these children for sexual trafficking.  My wife and children have been trafficked by this Cabal since this charade started, back in 2014 (or perhaps much sooner).  

Once they get the mother to lie, i.e., accuse the father of domestic violence so that they can get sole custody of the children, the wife is then beholden to her story that the husband is an abuser, and she will do anything to keep from going to jail and prevent her from losing custody of her children.  My wife lied about me abusing our children and she was essentially caught by the Judge in 2012.  However, after my wife ended up sleeping with my divorce attorney, Mike Roe, the tables turned and the government officials sided with my wife at every turn.  

On June 4, 2015, (three months after I was falsely arrested) I was run off of a cliff while riding my motorcycle on a Forest Service Road in Skamania County and nearly lost my life.  

During my recovery, my divorce attorney, Mike Roe, and my defense attorney, David McDonald, both worked with Tony Golik and this Cabal to set me up to be murdered.  

On July 12, 2016, a year after their first attempt to murder me, they attempted to set me up again to be murdered in an ambush.  When I didn't show up to the location, they sent Skamania County Sheriff, Dave Brown, to execute me in the middle to latter part of July of 2016.  He was responding to a call to my house and came around the corner of my garage drawing his weapon ready to shoot me.  Fortunately, unlike the other people mentioned in this article, I was unarmed, stripped down to my shorts and was lying face down, prone, facing him as he was drawing his weapon.  He would have had to shoot me in the face and then threw down a throw-down weapon and make up a bullshit story that I was a threat to him.  Fortunately, he didn't kill me that day.

My defense attorney, David McDonald was slow walking my case and did not bring forward the Wilkinson v. Torres case that I presented to him in November of 2015.  All he had to do was ask the judge to take judicial notice of the case and ask for a dismissal in the misdemeanor case, where I was facing a maximum of 30 days in jail.  However, he kept the case under wraps, giving them months to attempt to murder me.

In July of 2016, I decided to fire David McDonald and go pro se (represent myself) for the charges that Tony Golik and his prosecutors levied against me.  I was willing to roll the dice and read the Wilkinson v. Torres case to the jury and let them know that not only was Torres a murderer, my wife was also a multi-decade opiate user.   

I sent Torres a LinkedIn message asking him about the Wilkinson v. Torres case in July of 2016 in preparation for the trial, a sort of poke in the eye.  At the time, I had bigger fish to fry, as I thought the federal government was out to murder me because of my past history with the special operations community and knowledge of classified information.  I had no idea that they would send an idiot like Torres to murder me.  I misjudged and it was Torres that was after me the whole time...while trafficking my wife and daughters. 

Torres submitted his resignation from CCSO on August 4, 2016, the following day, the Clark County Prosecutor handling my case submitted a motion to extend the trial (on August 5, 2016) due to my wife being on a "preplanned vacation" and she was unable to testify at the trial scheduled for August 10th and 11th.  

I also brought in the Wilkinson v. Torres case and attempted to read it into the record or have Judge Zimmerman read it into the record at the August 8th pretrial hearing, however, he would not allow it.  Instead, he ordered a psychological exam of me due to the fact that I believed that Torres was attempting to murder me, and that I believed that I was a Navy SEAL (this came out in a subsequent hearing when I was asking his reasoning for ordering the psych eval).  Later, they brought my wife in to testify at one of the hearings that I was never a Navy SEAL.  At the pretrial hearing after Judge Zimmerman allowed David McDonald to withdraw from the case, he appointed my mortal enemy, a lawyer that was business and law partners with a guy that sued me for over 10 years named Jeffrey Barrar.

When I refused to capitulate to the mental health exam, Judge Zimmerman threw me in jail and they attempted to use a jailhouse snitch, Francisco Ortiz (client of Barrar's), to say I was recruiting him to blow up Barrar's law office.  

I had to capitulate to the exam or remain in jail, so I did.  By this time, Judge Zimmerman appointed John Terry (Barrar's former employee), who was working with the Cabal to attempt to frame me.  The only way that I was able to avert from being framed was to communicate him through email to keep a permanent record.  I also sent most of the emails I sent Terry to the prosecutor in the case, as I knew that they were working together to frame me.  I have another article on this blog that outlines how corrupt John Terry is, and how he attempted to work against the interests of a client of his.  

The Washington State psychologist, Patricia Rice, found that I could understand the charges against me, but I could not represent myself because I was paranoid and delusional.  Absent from her evaluation of me is any mention of the Wilkinson v. Torres case.  Ironically, when she showed up to the jail to conduct my evaluation, she introduced herself as Dr. Rice from Western States Hospital while wearing the name-tag "GRIBBLE".  

A year later, I eventually pled guilty to harassment and commercial fishing without a license due to the fact that the entire machinery in Clark County was working against me, and I would be let go with time served and a guilty plea, along with 5 years of probation or I was facing 17 years in the Washington State mental institution.  I knew these people would do ANYTHING to avoid going to trial, and the attorneys that I hired would never interview my wife, nor would they interview Torres.  I figured that I'd plead guilty and eventually get all the evidence I needed and bring it forward in the divorce trial, but I was ordered to get an attorney.  The attorney that I hired was Tessa Cohen and her firm, in the middle of the litigation merged with Landerholm Law.  What I didn't realize was that her law partner sat on the Clark County Planning Commission Board with Rick Torres and he was passing Torres all the information from my divorce, and my attorney kept all information regarding Torres out of the divorce record also.  

These people control the entire corrupt racket and are running a RICO organization in SW Washington.  I filed a recall petition against most of the judges, and government officials in Skamania County, and it was a eventually dismissed by Judge Evans of Cowlitz County.  He said, effectively, that I didn't fill out the paperwork right.   He is a corrupt judge, just like the Clark County and Skamania County Judges.  

If you have been following the Clark County saga regarding the shooting of Kevin Peterson, you know that Judge Zimmerman has been discredited, and he no longer is on the bench as a judge and can no longer hear any criminal cases in Clark County.  

There is the possibility that the recording of Judge Zimmerman regarding the Kevin Peterson was a ruse.  Judge Zimmerman knows that everything is picked up by the recorder.  I even submitted emails to him about the background recording of John Terry working agains the interests of his own client.  Zimmerman knows about the recording, and how they are easily picked up, so it is more than likely the whole recording of him making the statements on while being recorded was due to the fact that his son was involved in the shooting of Kevin Peterson.  In fact, I have sent this information to the attorney of Kevin Peterson's father letting him know that I would testify in the case about the corruption in Clark County, but have not heard back from him.

In Summary

People are running from the crooked cops in Clark County. Why?  There must be a reason.  It is ironic that in the articles posted about Guillermo Raya, they state that he was paranoid that he was being followed and chased by law enforcement.  

What if Darvin Zimmerman made the speech on the record because his son was being investigated for the homicide of Kevin Peterson and he essentially made the "speech" to exonerate his son and his involvement of the "execution" of Kevin Peterson?  

What if someone (perhaps a Law Enforcement snitch) told Mr. Raya that there was a cop that was sent to murder him, and that cop was going to be at a certain location at a certain time?  What if that Law Enforcement Officer, Detective Brown was working to expose the corruption in Clark County, or he was going to turn "states witness" and cop to a plea that Kevin Peterson was executed?  

If I were Guillermo Raya, I would surely make the argument that it was self-defense.  That is precisely why he has very little chance of surviving this manhunt and he is marked for death.  After all, Tony Golik will be a witness in his case...based on all that is written herein.   

Matt L'Hommedieu,  Sunday July 25th, at 16:04 p.m.

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