Thursday, July 22, 2021

The Bush Stain on America is a Hundred Years Old - That's Enough!

Remember as a kid when you were doing something brave, like jumping off of a rock into the water, and to show your bravery, you'd scream Geronimoooooo?  Or was that just us kids that grew up on the Rez? 

This is an older story with some new tread about Geronimo.   

The Geronimo rumor first came to wide public attention in 1986. At the time, Ned Anderson, then chair of the San Carlos Apache Tribe in Arizona, was campaigning to have Geronimo’s remains moved from Fort Sill — where he died a prisoner of war in 1909 — to Apache land in Arizona. Anderson received an anonymous letter from someone who claimed to be a member of Skull and Bones, alleging that the society had Geronimo’s skull. The writer included a photograph of a skull in a display case and a copy of what is apparently a centennial history of Skull and Bones, written by the literary critic F. O. Matthiessen ’23, a Skull and Bones member. In Matthiessen’s account, which quotes a Skull and Bones log book from 1919, the skull had been unearthed by six Bonesmen — identified by their Bones nicknames, including “Hellbender,” who apparently was Haffner. Matthiessen mentions the real names of three of the robbers, all of whom were at Fort Sill in early 1918: Ellery James ’17, Henry Neil Mallon ’17, and Prescott Bush ’17, the father and grandfather of the U.S. presidents. 

“My assumption is that they did dig up somebody at Fort Sill. It could have been an Indian, but it probably wasn’t Geronimo.” 

Anderson arranged a meeting with Bones alumni Jonathan Bush ’53, a son of Prescott Bush; and Endicott Peabody Davison ’45, a son of Trubee Davison. At the meeting, Anderson has told several journalists, the Bones representatives produced a display case like the one in the photo. But they told Anderson that the skull inside it was that of a ten-year-old boy. They offered the skull to Anderson, but he declined, as he believed it was not the same one in the photo.

This is where the story takes a bit of a twist.  After I sent a letter to each member of the 116th Congress on January 17, 2020 stating that the CIA sent their wet-worker, Rick Torres to murder me, I got a response from one single person from Congress, and that was from the office of Deb Haaland.  I didn't talk to Deb, but one of her staff, who dropped me like a hot rock, because I had to be crazy with what I was reporting to him. i.e., that my dad was involved with the DB Cooper hijacking and he shot JFK.

Growing up on the Yakama Reservation in Glenwood, I had a fond connection to Deb, due to the fact that she was the only one that had the stones to at least have her staff meet with me out of 535 members of Congress.  All the others...YBTJ.

Fast forward a year and a half and a lot more terse letters to Senators, Representatives from Congress, the POTUS, and all the Alphabet Agencies, and I'd had my fill with Congress.  I don't know what set me off that day, I surmise it was an article about the Bush clan, probably a good one, but It triggered my PTSD, and I had to let out some demons, so I wrote a letter to Deb Haaland, the now head of the Department of the Interior.  I assume she's the only good one in the bunch, out of the Biden Administration.  

Of course, I pointed out the fact that Jonathan Bush brought the skull of a 10-year-old kid instead of Geronimo's skull to the meeting with Ned Andersen.  I think I'd also pointed out that there was a lawsuit against Skull and Bones, the first of its kind, i.e., someone actually sued the secret society.  But before they got to discovery, it appears that Ned Andersen dropped the lawsuit against Skull and Bones and made an arrangement to meet with Bush.  Does that meet the smell test?  The lawsuit is dropped, then you have a meeting where GW brings the skull to the meeting?

In my tirade to Deb Haaland, I was certain to point out the fact that Bush brought the skull of a 10-year-old boy and that was the end of it, period!  Not a single question was asked about the skull of a 10-year-old boy.  Not WTF?  Where did you get that?  Who is it?  How did he die?  Where did he die?  Who'd you report this too, i.e., the FBI?  And the long line of questions that would flow from there. 

I wasn't going to give this up without a fight, so I combed through the law that GW Bush passed in 1990, that was touted as a savior to the Indians called the NAGPRA, or Native American Graves Protection Act.  This Act, signed by GW, was an appeasement to the Indians for what his dad, Prescott Bush had done years earlier.  And, I am sure there was some pompous ceremony that accompanied this great accomplishment and appeasement of the Indians.  

So, as I am reading through the act, it has come good things in there, like taking an inventory at the museums within certain timeframes, reporting requirements, getting the bones back to the rightful tribes, etc.  There were also fines if things weren't done right, and even jail time, which I thought was good.  I guess grave robbing is still a crime...somewhere in America.  And now, it even included Native Americans.  Such progress since the Civil Rights Movement!  (I hope you are getting this double entendre).

As I am reading through the good portions of NAGPRA, I'm ready to lock the Bush family up...all of them.  Then, I see the hole in my plan...the fucker, GWB left a hole so big in the Act that you could drive a truck through.  This was just like the Monsanto Protection Act all over again (legislation that protects Monsanto, to the exclusion of all others).  NAGPRA only held government entities that were getting profit from robbing the gravest of Native Americans accountable for the Act, and let the fuckers at Skull and Bones off the hook because they weren't robbing graves for a profit, they were doing it to steal someones soul.  

They might as well have called it the Skull and Bones Protection Act, as the fuckers still have the skull of Geronimo in their lair.  So, I asked Deb Haaland to get Congress to change the legislation to include the fuckers at Skull and Bones.  And, I'll give her credit, she jumped on it, and there was an article in the newspaper about a week later. 

Unfortunately, it looks like the attorneys got a hold of it and left the same loophole in the Act, letting the fuckers at Skull and Bones off the hook, yet again!  We are infested with these Operation Paperclip secret society pukes.  They are everywhere, like cockroaches, and I'm sure most of them work in the legal rooms of Congress making our laws.  

Anyway, at least we tried.  But, the Bush family is still alive...until the Taliban finds out they orchestrated 9.11.    


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