Monday, September 27, 2021

Letter to Pelosi, McConnel, Schumer,

September 24, 2021



Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell, and Chuck Schumer


I previously sent you letters and evidence regarding former Sergeant Rick Torres (and his team’s) attempts to murder me.  My letter to all the members of the 116th Congress last year on January 17, 2020 was to fire a shot across your bow to bring up the fact that he and others attempted to murder me.  Nobody in Congress would meet with me when I flew to DC February 4th-15th, and we all know why.


I’ve laid out what has transpired on my website, along with some of the letters that I’ve sent to you and other government officials.  


I’ve also signed releases with Senator Murray and Representative Herrera-Beutler to investigate this and I haven’t heard a word from either of them.  There is a self-addressed stamped envelope for you to enclose the results of the investigation to the detainees in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.  They are on trial for their lives, and I’d ask that you send them the information so they can properly defend themselves against the false charges against them by our government.


The recent indictment of Michael Sussman is nothing more than a continuation of this ruse.  Isn’t it about time that you stop this QAnon charade?  There is no possible way that he can be convicted of the crimes he is alleged to have committed, as our entire FBI and DOJ is corrupt.  As I am sure you know, I’ve previously sent emails to Sean Berkowitz while he was representing defendants in the Varsity Blues case and our government has no shot at a conviction in the Sussman case.  You’ll notice the emails I sent Mr. Berkowitz May 11th, 2020, resulted in a plea deal of Mr. Giannuli and Mrs. Loughlin.  I doubt any of the information I gave him was presented to them or Defendants in the Varsity Blues case.  


This tells me that Mr. Sussman knows about what transpired during the Flynn and Varsity Blues cases, and he purposefully hired Mr. Berkowitz to represent him as a roadblock to prevent from being prosecuted (or this is a continuation of the QAnon ruse).  Remarkably, none of the information that I have presented to Judge Sullivan or Judge Gorton has been reported in the MSM, so I can only assume that Mr. Sussman knows about the emails, letters, and Amicus brief that I sent to Judge Sullivan in the Michael Flynn case and information sent to Judge Gorton in the Varsity Blues case.  


The emails and my website are exculpatory evidence in the case against the detainees at GITMO, so it is incumbent upon you to share the information from your Congressional investigation into the attempts to murder me with the detainees.  Congratulations, you are all witnesses in the GITMO trials!  I surmise there has been no Congressional investigation into the attempts by our government to murder me, so I’m sure the detainees will want to know why…I do.


It couldn’t be more obvious that you folks were running a racket and trying to frame me for the murder of my neighbor, Rick Pauly, on July 8th, 2020, just months after I went to DC.  This does not even include the attempt on my life on April 19, 2020 when I was surrounded by at least five officers when I went to Clark County to report the trafficking of my wife and daughters.  As I have reported in detail in emails and letters, one of the officers was phoned by Prosecutor Tony Golik while responding to my 911 call.  The only conclusion I can reach, given what transpired that day, was that he was acting at your direction and directing the responding officers to murder me that day.  After all, why would the Clark County Prosecuting Attorney be on the phone with officers responding to a 911 call when I was reporting Rick Torres trafficking my wife and daughters? 


Since every keystroke, phone call, text, internet search, and transaction I do is monitored, I surmise that you folks have a record of the 911 phone call I made that day, and the phone call that Tony Golik made that day to the responding officer, since this has to do with “National Security”.  I’m quite sure the detainees at GITMO would want a copy of the phone calls also.  I’d ask that you forward the recording of the 911 call and Tony Golik’s call to the responding officer to the detainees for their defense.  Also, provide a copy to me under the FOIA, i.e., treat this as a FOIA request and waive any fees and expedite the request.  


It’s quite clear that you all have conspired to murder me and conspired to murder my neighbor, Rick Pauly, in the attempt to frame me for his murder using my brother’s DNA, as he was working at the funeral home that Mr. Pauly’s body was processed, so this information will be important for the detainees also.  It will be odd watching all 535 of the members of the 116th Congress testify at their trial; it will be quite a site to see.  Didn’t Hank Johnson propose gun legislation, the Gun Violence Prevention and Community Safety Act on January 30th ,2020, right after I sent the letters to Congress in January 2020?  That seems like an attempt to CYA by Congress.  Perhaps you can all plead the 5th right now and release the detainees.  


As for my wife and children, this has gone on long enough, don’t you think?  They are the victims of this sex-trafficking ring that you have been running for years/decades now, and it’s about time this ends.  It’s been at least seven years now that my wife and children have been trafficked.  God knows how long it’s been going on, but my wife was trafficked by this same Cabal around 1980, so it’s been generations now.   


I’d ask that you get the naked photos of my wife off of my former divorce attorney, Mike Roe’s cellphone, as evidence of the sex-trafficking that you’ve required my wife and children to participate in.  I am sure that your investigation, if you’ve conducted one, will reveal that he moved his law office into the same building as the Vancouver FBI Office so they could share information and conspire to murder and then attempt to frame me.  The address if 400 Mill Plain Blvd., Vancouver, Wa.   


Additionally, I surmise that James Comey, John Brennan, and James Clapper have the Executive Action Memorandum to murder me from President Obama (and Biden), so I’d ask that you provide a copy of that to the detainees at GITMO.  It was issued after I sent an email to the FBI on May 28th, 2015 regarding the DB Cooper hijacking.  I’ve also asked for a copy of it, but have not received it through the FOIA requests that I’ve filed.  I’m sure they have it locked away in a safe somewhere as their insurance policy, so subpoena it if you have to.


It could not be clearer that you all have made a deal with the devil, Bill Gates, and he is now running point on the Covid-19 biological weapons system that has been released.  Blackmail is s dirty business, and it looks like you’ve pushed all your chips in the middle hoping that he’s going to be your savior.  You definitely need one at this point.  Emily Inslee appears to be the connection point between the government and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  She’s a program manager for the Foundation.  


It’s become quite evident to me that you folks, along with Bill Gates and his cronies, have censored all of my communications to the outside world.  This has been going on for years now and has gotten progressively worse.  I surmise that Jeff Bezos is running point on the media operation to censor me via his connection with the AP through the Washington Post, as I was interviewed shortly after I was run off of the cliff in Skamania County on June 4, 2015.   While in the ICU, I was interviewed by the press and brought up the DB Cooper hijacking and I haven’t been able to get anything into the press since that date, regardless of what I try.  If you haven’t looked into that, please do so, as this is important for the detainees and the American citizens to know how oppressive the censorship has gotten during your watch, and under your direction.  


James Klansnic’s work with Richard Dittenberger on the flight management system on the Boeing 757 and 767. This program was rolled into the DARPA project in the mid 80’s and it appears this eventually became the UAV drone program.  If I am wrong about this information, please let me know so that I can correct this on, as I don’t want to be putting out any misinformation, i.e., that our government was behind the 9.11 attacks.  If it is not wrong, I’d ask that you reopen the 9.11 Congressional investigation and get to the bottom of it. 


As you know, the cigarette butts that were “destroyed” after the DB Cooper hijacking would confirm/verify who DB Cooper was.  I surmise that these cigarette butts were not destroyed, rather, they are somewhere in safekeeping as a kill switch for someone involved.  I’d ask that you provide the whereabouts of those cigarette butts, as this would identify whether DB Cooper was E. Howard Hunt or James Klansnic.  


You also might want to have Chris Wray look into the real estate purchase of my dad right after the hijacking along with the purchase of a new automobile.  I think you will find that he spent quite a bit of money right after the hijacking.  And, of course, the FBI said they would look into the DB Cooper case if they got more information, so this is additional information that I’ve provided to them, along with the fact that as kids, we played with the parachute (using it as a sort of trampoline)  while we were in grade school in Glenwood, Washington until one of the kids broke his arm after getting thrown off of it.  They might even be able to find the flights of G. Gordon Liddy to Portland, Oregon.  I met him when I was a kid in Glenwood…he told me he was an astronaut.  I guess that’s better than being a plumber, right?


It’s odd that I’ve been providing this information in a public forum and none of you have questioned Chris Wray about any of this during the recent hearings where he has testified.  It’s almost as if you folks are purposefully avoiding this, which the detainees at GITMO might construe as your guilt by association regarding the Dawson Field hijackings and the DB Cooper hijacking, as these are the same type of thing that the detainees are accused of orchestrating.  


If I were them, I’d argue that this is pattern behavior by our government and it’s been conducted to further restrain the rights of the American citizenry, first by requiring ID and being searched with a metal detector wand; then after the 9.11 hijackings, citizens were required to essentially strip down before traveling and present ID while going through a scanner or being strip-searched.  Now, it appears that you folks are going to require us to have a vaccine passport.  This is a progressive degradation of rights of the American citizenry, and we are all being conditioned/indoctrinated to capitulate to these restrictions by the federal government at each instance due to an “emergency situation” that has been planned and orchestrated by the Central Intelligence Agency.  


I’ve enclosed a copy of this letter with a self-addressed stamped envelope so that you can put any additional material from the Congressional investigation into the attempts by Torres and company to murder me (and any other pertinent information) and forward it to the detainees at GITMO.  Given the fact that every attorney that has represented me has been working for the federal government and working with this Cabal to murder or frame me, I surmise that the attorneys working for the detainees are in on the plot to frame them, like they did in my case.  So, please forward this letter and any information you have from your investigation to them in the self-addressed stamped envelope.


I’ve sent an email to the Capitol Police Department in Washington D.C. requesting an investigation into the attempts by the 116th Congress to murder and frame me, along with your collective conspiracy to murder my neighbor, Rick Pauly, on July 8th, 2020 in the hopes of pinning his murder on me.  Since members of the 117thCongress have oversight of the Capitol Police in D.C., I’d ask that you voluntarily have the oversight committees (and any member of the 117th Congress) recuse themselves of any oversight into this investigation by the Capitol Police in DC since there is a conflict of interest and this is not only a conflict of interest, it constitutes the “appearance of impropriety”.


Additionally, as you all know, my latest article on (and additional information on the blog) spells out the assassination of JFK and those involved, i.e., LBJ, E. Howard Hunt, David Phillips, David Morales, Frank Sturgis, Antonio Veciana, Cord Meyer, William Harvey, and the French Gunman on the Grassy Knoll, Dave L’Hommedieu (born as Charley Brown).  


As I am quite sure your investigation will reveal, Charlie Brown is a code name under the CIA, along with the YOGIBEAR Project, and DB Cooper, all comic book characters.  You might want to look under the MKULTRA Project files, but I surmise these have all been destroyed, a ’la “The Shredder”, Gina Haspel’s shredding of the torture files.       


I’d also ask you provide me a copy of whatever you send the detainees and response to my FOIA request in the enclosed SASE.  



Matt L’Hommedieu


Cc:       Senate Intelligence Committee (Senators John Cornyn, Jack Reed, Roy Blunt, Charles Schumer, & Mitch McConnell), President Joe Biden, Office of Military Commissions (Colonel Matthew McCall, judge) US Department of Justice (AG Merrick Garland & SC John Durham), House Committee on Appropriations, Subcommittee on Legislative Branch (Tim Ryan & Jamie Herrera Beutler), Senate Committee on Appropriations, Subcommittee on Legislative Branch (Mike Braun), Committee on House Administration (Zoe Lofgren & Rodney Davis), Senate Committee on Rules and Administration (Amy Klobuchar), Senator Cruz, Representative Dan Crenshaw, Representative  Mike Cloud, Jeff Bezos, and The Supreme Court of the United States  


P.S.  Again, if I have gotten any information about what I have reported wrong, either in my letters, emails, or on, please let me know immediately so that I can correct it.  


I hope that it’s clear that I am sending this to all the entities and people above, to include Jeff Bezos and the US Supreme Court in order to ensure that all of you are witnesses at the trial at GITMO against the people accused of plotting terrorist attacks against the United States.  The real terrorists are you people, the black robed witches, and the Central Intelligence Agency.  


Since you’ve all attempted to inject this hybrid style of prosecution against the detainees, abrogating any Constitutional rights they may have been afforded under the US Constitution under the guise of a “Military Tribunal”, while at the same time using the US Department of Justice and lawyers throughout the United States that are in on this ruse, it stands to reason that all of you are witnesses in this morass.  


I recently read a statement in one of the suits regarding the USS Cole bomber, Al Nashiri, where someone stated that he was one of the dumbest terrorists they’ve ever encountered.  From what I’ve been told, he developed brain damage while undergoing EIT’s and has the mentality of a teen.  If that is the case, why is he still being prosecuted?  Did he die during EIT?  If so, what impact does that have on the Double Jeopardy Clause?  Aren’t these all factual issues?  


I sent this information to Judge Sullivan and the US Attorneys in the Michael Flynn case.  While I cannot ensure the accuracy of this information, (only the courts and government have this information) what I do know is that Judge Sullivan hired an attorney and appointed former Judge Gleeson as Amicus in the case against Flynn and the DOJ dropped the case two days after I sent this information to Judge Sullivan.


If I were a detainee in GITMO on trial for my life, I’d make the argument that this entire charade was run by the CIA.  I’d point to the fact that they offered my biological father, William Hearn, Sr. a $2 billion bribe to keep the information about my step-dad’s involvement in the assassination of JFK and the DB Cooper hijacking a secret.  When my father would not sell out and accept the bribe, they had him murdered on April 8, 2014. 


Then, I would argue that the CIA killed Tim Holden, my former Commanding Officer at SEAL Team One three weeks after Michael Flynn was “fired” by Obama.  I’d also argue that he wasn’t fired, he was forced out due to the fact they killed my father (April 8, 2014), Tim Holden (August 28th, 2014), and then planned to murder me and Flynn wasn’t going to go along with it.  Of course, I can point to instances where there is a plethora of circumstantial evidence that point to this fact.  Sidney Powell would be a great source of information for all of this, as I have been in constant contact with her regarding this issue and have provided her a lot of information.   


As far as the CIA’s involvement in all of this, do you think it’s just a coincidence that the CIA had their hooks into King Hussein of Jordan when they set him up with the Jewish actress, Susan Cabot and they had a child together?  Do you think it’s just a coincidence that King Hussein eventually married the daughter of Najeeb Halaby, one of the planners of the DB Cooper hijacking?  Do you think it’s just a coincidence that he sold 25 Boeing jets to Jordan shortly after the DB Cooper hijackings? 


Perhaps you should look into whether the CIA was training terrorists in Jordan right before the Dawson Field hijackings, along with looking into whether the death of the Egyptian President, Gamal Nasser, was murdered by Ashraf Marwan right after the Dawson Field hijackings.  After all, wasn’t he a joint spy for the Mossad and CIA?


Perhaps you all thought that I would just sit back and let you traffic my daughters.  You chose this fight, not me.  This is the hill I am prepared to die on, are you?  


P.P.S.  What are you going to do about Operation QAnon being run out of the Joint Base, Lewis-McChord, 201st Expeditionary Military Intelligence Battalion by Blue Huber?  It seems disingenuous that the House has passed a bill labeling “Anons” as terrorists and Wray the Gay pointing these extremists out as being a threat to national security, while at the same time they were being indoctrinated by this program.  


Perhaps all of you should disclose this to the general public to let them know what you are doing. 

Friday, September 10, 2021

The 9.11 Hijackings: How'd They Do It?


            There’s always a cover story!  The CIA runs these operations like they are written in a novel by Tom Clancy.  The logical starting point in any novel is at the end.  The operational plan is put in place with the ultimate goal of identifying the targeted result, then fill in the particulars as needed to make the mystery more alluring to the reader, then put a trail of bread crumbs back to the perpetrator, while the real plot is never revealed…until the end.  At the end of the book, you are amazed as to what the real outcome is.


            The 9.11 hijacking is no different.  You have your “good guys” chasing the “bad guys” and the bad guys are obviously middle east terrorists, and the good guys are the United States Government.  And these bad guys went to flight training school and learned how to fly a plane…but not land them.  Or at least that’s the "official" story.  And it’s backed up by evidence, i.e., the computer flight simulators used by the hijackers, flying planes into the World Trade Center.  And this version of the story is backed up by the flight instructor. 


            What if the flight instructor lied?  What if these “pilots” were in training, and just didn’t get to the most difficult portion of their training yet and hadn’t learned how to land the plane…yet.  And after the hijacking, the flight instructor was actually an inside man and just made up the story that they weren’t interested in landing the plane.  Would that change your perspective?  


            I haven’t read the official version of the 9.11 report, nor do I really care to, as it was put out by the Federal Government.  However, if you’ve followed my blog, you will discern that the “Funny Papers” as I call them, i.e., the Warren Commission Report, leaves out some pretty damning evidence in the assassination of JFK. 


            For instance, there is no mention of Dandol Dianzi in the WC Report.  Dianzi called the Cuban Embassy in Montevideo, Uruguay two days prior to the assassination of JFK with something "of great importance to the nation."  Dianzi was an Argentinian and last time I checked, that was a rally point for the Nazis after WW II.  The CIA went out and investigated Dianzi, and that was pretty much the end of it, other than the cable being routed to the South American CIA sites and the White House. 


            Furthermore, E. Howard Hunt was the Chief of Station in Montevideo, and when the CIA released their “Family Jewels” Howard Hunt’s assignment as Chief of Station in Montevideo is [REDACTED].  While COS, Hunt set up wiretaps of all the foreign embassies in Montevideo, including the Cuban Embassy which Dianzi called two days before JFK was assassinated.  And while Hunt was COS, he had Argentinians working for him at his house and also assisting him as the "Ambassador" to Uruguay.  This was his NOC, or non-operational cover. 


            Another glaring omission in the Funny Papers; that same day, LBJ took two Belgian-made guns to Johnson City, Texas, and gave them to Melvin and Nita Winters.  Amazingly, there is no mention of the exchange of these guns nor Melvin and Nita Winters in the WC Report, and this is the second in command to be King...ahem, I mean president.  One would think that after a murder, Hoover's FBI would ask themselves, "who stands to benefit from this?"  1) Jackie or 2) LBJ...but there's no mention of the Belgian-made guns he gave the Winters two days prior to the assassination in the WC Funny Papers.  Odd, right? 


            From an operational standpoint, a clandestine operator ALWAYS leaves an out; it's called a kill switch.  That is his insurance policy.  If the entire plot to assassinate JFK was going to be left at the feet of the architect of JFK’s assassination (E. Howard Hunt), then he would surely leave a kill switch in place.  And he did just that by calling Dianzi after he knew that LBJ handed over the Belgian-made guns to the Winters.  The backup to that plan was calling Dianzi knowing the call would be intercepted and the cable was routed to the CIA Stations in South America AND The White House.  This is based on the ideology that one is none, and two is one.  He had both backups.  Hunt had his insurance policy in place and carried out the mission with his co-conspirators, David Phillips, David Morales, Antonio Veciana, Frank Sturgis, Cord Meyer, William Harvey, and “The French Gunman on the Grassy Knoll”.   The “French Gunman on the Grassy Knoll”, Dave L’Hommedieu.  


            And, if you’ve been following my blog, you will also discern that Dave L’Hommedieu drove the get-away car after the DB Cooper hijacking, and those that were involved were President Nixon, Ed Nixon, Attorney General John Mitchell, G. Gordon Liddy, E. Howard Hunt, Najeeb Halaby, and a Boeing engineer, James Klansnic.  He was the guy that engineered the hydraulic system on the Boeing 727 that allowed the aft stairwell to open so "DB Cooper" could jump out in the middle of the winter night with $200,000, and disappeared into the annals of history.  


            I’ve been working with a researcher and I’ll call him “Nick”…because that’s his name.  He’s one of the most diligent researchers that I’ve ever come across and he believes that DB Cooper was Klansnic, but I believe it was Hunt (the DB Cooper sketch was "updated" by the FBI after the Watergate breaking).  We’ve bet a beer on it, and it’s literally a toss-up as to who Cooper was, but it was either Hunt or Klansnic.  The missing cigarette butts would have solved this mystery but the FBI destroyed them in order to cover up the inside job.  


            You can see how these bread crumbs are aligning.  The connection between the JFK assassination, the DB Cooper hijacking (Hunt planned them both), but how does this connect to 9.11?  James Klansnic!


            Now, since I didn’t read the 9.11 report, I am going to take a shot in the dark and guess that James Klansnic’s name is not mentioned in the 9.11 report.  I also would venture to guess that Richard Ditttenberger’s name is nowhere in the 9.11 report either.


            What were Klansnic and Dittenberger working on prior to the 9.11 hijackings?  It just so happens they were working on interchangeable computers that were part of the flight management system that were interchangeable between the Boeing 757 and 767, starting at least as early as 08/01/1981 (Boeing 757/767 Commonality Design Philosophy,” SAE Technical Paper 810845, 1981.  ISSN: 0148-7191).  


            Almost immediately after the DB Cooper hijacking, (March 1972), Najeeb Halaby quit as the President and CEO of Pan Am Airlines.  After he quit, he brokered the sale of 25 Boeing jets to King Hussein of Jordan (who his daughter eventually married in 1978) and then went on to sell airline equipment and policy upgrades to airports around the world so that they could continue to fly into the United States.  


            Also, of note, in July of 1971, just prior to the DB Cooper hijacking there were some airports around the US that had this equipment installed and the government was doing trial runs on this equipment.    




             The government already had the policy in place and purchased metal detectors (patented 2 years earlier in Australia), they just needed the catalyst to spark the fire and inserted the False Flag operation called NORJAK, aka the DB Cooper hijacking, to implement these upgrades in all the airports in the United States, to include ID verification. 


            Fast-forward 30 years, and immediately after the 9.11.01 hijackings, a guy by the name of Steve Kirsch started working with Richard Dittenberger (Klansnic's engineer partner on the flight management system on the 757/767) to install a “safe switch” on airlines in case of a hijacking.  If a plane was/is hijacked, the pilot hits a switch and the aircraft is overtaken from ground control and flown like unmanned aerial drones are flown today.   


            One doesn’t have to have too much of an imagination to figure out that the computer systems on the Boeing 767 American Airlines Flight 11, the Boeing 767 United Airlines Flight 176, the Boeing 757 American Airlines Flight 77, and the Boeing 757 United Airlines Flight 93 were all the type of aircraft that Klansnic and Dittenberger were working on in 1981 in order to be able to switch out the flight management system computers (20 years earlier).


            One also has to wonder if there is a coincidence that on 9.11.1970, Richard Nixon signed the executive memorandum to put sky marshals on commercial aircraft in response to the Dawson Field hijackings, Pan Am Flight 93 included.  

            The ending of this "Tom Clancy" novel will not be for everyone.  But, at least I either have a great imagination or...perhaps it's true.  

            So, no - the 9.11 hijackers weren't a bunch of guys that lived in a mud-hut in Pakistan or Yemen that learned how to fly a Cessna; they were people in suits in an air traffic control tower.   

            At least, this is the argument that I'd make if I were on trial for my life at GITMO. 

            Perhaps the planes were in FSD, or Full Self Driving @elonmusk 's Tesla cars.  As an aside, Elon bought property 1.8 miles from my house and put his boring machines there.  I'm a little paranoid that there's a boring machine with a bomb placed under my house. 

Happy 9.11 - Jesus's true birthday!

God Bless

Let's turn the planners of the 9.11 hijacking, all those involved (including those that covered it up), and their families, over to the Taliban as a prisoner exchange for the American hostages in Afghanistan. I'm quite sure the Taliban can mete out the appropriate justice.  Perhaps that would buy some peace. 


It's been 20 years and the Defendants haven't gone to trial yet and our US Justice system has been compromised, including the DOJ, FBI, CIA, and all the other Alphabet Agencies.   

Imagine being a US Congressman, Senator, President, Vice President, or former President and still selling the "official" story to the American families that have lost loved ones that are victims of this most horrendous betrayal by our own government. 

These people are truly evil!  



Friday, September 3, 2021

Upcoming Terrorist Attacks and Project Bluebeam

September 2, 2021



President Trump &

Congressman Crenshaw


During the recent interview with Maria Bartiromo you made the following statement: 



But he’s not running government anyway, they have a Cabal that runs government, a group of people. 



Who’s running it?



I don’t wanna say right now, but they use their prosecutors to get people. 


From an intelligence analyst perspective, I concur with what you stated.  While you know all of what I am writing, I am reciting this for the record.


On or about April 19, 2020, four months after I sent letters to the people in the 116th Congress and others; the January 17, 2020 letter to all members of Congress, the January 18th letter to Bill Barr, the January 21st letter to McConnell & Pelosi, and the January 31st letter to DNI Maguire (see Attachments 1-4), I was advised by a White Salmon police officer and Klickitat County Sheriff’s Deputy to report the trafficking of my daughters in Clark County.  This is the jurisdiction where Rick Torres, the CIA wet-worker, lives.  He and a portion of the Cabal which you speak of are in Clark County.


When I dialed 911 to report the trafficking of my daughters, the 911 operator immediately hung up on me and called Clark County Prosecuting Attorney Tony Golik to inform him of what was transpiring.  He immediately contacted one of the responding officers and gave them orders.  Due to what transpired when the five (or more) officers arrived, I can only surmise he gave the order to execute me.  (I won’t get into detail about what happened on scene that day, as you should have this information as I have fully documented every detail of it through emails, letters, court filings, and reports to LE agencies, including the FBI).  Put plainly, they set up an ambush to murder me.


This was two months after I flew out to Washington DC to attempt to meet with members of Congress, Director Wray, DNI Maguire, and Bill Barr without success.  


Subsequently, my neighbor was murdered on July 8th, 2020 in an attempt to frame me using my brother's DNA.  Again, spelled out in detail in reports.  It was deemed a “suicide” by Skamania County Sheriff’s Office, with the eventual goal of murdering my wife and children who were moved to Kimberly, Idaho, where I would be passing through when I moved out of Washington State.  All that was left to spring this trap and complete the frame-up, was me to pass by Kimberly, Idaho on my way out of town.  Instead, I flew down to Austin, Texas versus driving down with my belongings and vehicles.  This prevented the execution of my wife and daughters and subsequent frame-up for the murder of my neighbor and family, thankfully.


As you stated in the interview, there is a Cabal that is running this government, and they have been, much more likely than not, long before my dad shot JFK on November 22, 1963.


This Cabal planned and carried out the execution of my neighbor, Rick Pauly.  This is conspiracy to commit murder.  It’s next to impossible to believe that you two did not know about this, given what has transpired since I sent the email to the FBI on May 28th, 2015 regarding the DB Cooper hijacking.  


Additionally, the actions that transpired once I got to Texas also lead me to believe that you two were in on the plot to either murder or terrorize me.    


At the end of November, my wife filed an Order to Show Cause as to why I should not be jailed for failing to pay child support.  I was attempting to re-open the record in the divorce case in order to prove that she was working with Rick Torres to murder me.  This information was left out of the divorce trial, as my attorney was working for the Cabal, i.e., you.      

The OTSC hearing was scheduled for December 11th, 2020.   It is much more likely than not that this was an attempt to gain physical custody via a Warrant in order to murder me by having me arrested and put on a transport to Washington State.  I was served an OTSC at the end of November.


In response, I sent an email to Tony Golik on December 3rd, 2020.  This email was designed to flesh out the facts, i.e., get a response to my request for the Epstein blackmail tapes.  I have been seeking via FOIA request the reported 1200-1400 hours of tapes that have wealthy and powerful individuals on those tapes since the day Epstein was murdered.  The first response I got was that the matter was under investigation and the information could not be released, and the most recent response I got on July 16, 2021 to request No. 1445387-001 was that there were no responsive records to my expanded request for documents.  There is little doubt that this letter was not based in fact AT ALL, as my expanded request asked for all documents within the offices of the POTUS (yours included), the DOJ, and the FBI.


The expanded request states:


PS.  I would also like any documents with the name L’Hommedieu on it for the same period of time from the FBI and DOJ.  And, if you can’t figure out what period of time that is, start from my date of birth, xx/xx/xxxx.


Previously, I made the same request to the DNI and the CIA.


It’s impossible to believe that there are no records with my name on it within these agencies since I have been accused of attempting to blow up an attorney’s office, threatening a judge, threatening a police officer, and calling and sending letters to the POTUS starting in July of 2016.  Not to mention, I have been contacted by the US Secret Service twice, the first time, two agents stopped by my home in 2016, and I recently got a call from SS Agent Riddick.


At approximately noon, c.s.t., on December 3, 2020, I sent an email to the prosecutor in my case.  After my December 3rd email to Prosecutor Tony Golik, Sidney Powell, and DOJ Attorneys requesting the Epstein tapes, the headlines in the MSM started reporting that Bill Gates was seeking an additional $35 billion due to “Climate Change”.  Prior to this, via headlines and articles in the MSM, Gates was touting how good the vaccines were and that everything will be back to normal in about five months.  As you know, I am the virus, and the vaccine is the cure, i.e., I would be eliminated somehow, either extrajudicial execution, or via arrest.  As stated, the plan was to arrest me and put me on a transport to Washington State and have me murdered on the way.  The email I sent to Golik was a confirm/verify reconnaissance email and it worked as intended, as I got a reaction to the email, i.e., Gates asking for another $35 billion due to "climate change".


A court hearing was set up for December 11th, 2020.  The day prior, it was announced via the MSM that the FDA approved the EUA of the “vaccine”, sending a signal to the Cabal that I was to be eliminated (the cure to the virus was approved the following day).


That same day, the water district employee came to my house at approximately 1700 hrs.  Previous to this, he was coming to my home each day at approximately 0900.  This was the first time since I’d been at my home that he came in the afternoon and it coincided with the date of the approval of the vaccine.  Obviously, this was an attempt to blow up the high pressure jet-fuel gas line that is about 100 feet from my house, hence, thwarting the need for the hearing.


I fled my home immediately after seeing the water district employee and went to stay with my friend that night.


During the hearing the following day via Zoom, since my wife was asking to have me put in jail, I referenced the State of Washington found me incapable of representing myself due to being "paranoid and delusional" for thinking that Sergeant Torres was out to kill me and cited the fact that I’d told Judge Evans that I was Jesus Christ.  As you can see from the letter I sent Pelosi, I referenced that my name L'Hommedieu means The Man God and that I was messing with Prosecutor Golik due to them orchestrating the ginned up mental health evaluation.  I also pointed out that I had a fiduciary assisting me with my finances (based on the ginned up mental eval), and that I could not represent myself in a court of law in Washington State in a criminal matter where I was facing prison time, so how could I represent myself in a civil matter where I was facing jail time?  So,  I requested that Judge Evans appoint an attorney to represent me. 

Moreover, I asked Judge Evans to have the attorney review my entire case and the financial corruption that had previously taken place since the beginning of the case in 2014.   As expected, Judge Evans denied my request for a complete audit and review of my case, as there had been an enormous amount of fraud that had taken place in my divorce case.  And, as you know, I sent emails to you folks that I was not suicidal to prevent from being “Epsteined”. 


The hearing was conducted later in December and my wife dropped the request to have me jailed, as I had capitulated to the fraudulent court order and paid the requisite spousal support.  The ONLY reason I did not pay the spousal support was to reopen the record.  But each time I tried to reopen the record, no matter the argument, Judge Evans rejected my motions to reopen the record due to substantive, rather than factual reasons.  I've been completely barred from bring up the fact that this Cabal has been trying to murder me.  I guess that my wife and Sergeant Torres (and others) attempting to murder me wasn't a good enough reason for Judge Evans to reopen the record.    


Prior to the hearing in December, I sent numerous emails to Judge Evans and the assigned attorney, Lawrence Merrifield, stating that the psychological evaluation that opined that I was not able to represent myself in court was fraudulent.  However, he cited the opinion of Dr. Rice verbatim during the court hearing and requested that I not be sanctioned due to the report.  I was sanctioned anyway.   


My statements to the court were truthful, as I was mentally exhausted and in fear for my life at the time. However, the opinion of Dr. Rice was still based on fraud.  She never mentioned the Wilkinson v. Torres case and that Rick Torres "executed" Jason Wilkinson in 2005 and was subsequently hired by the CCSO in 2013.  She found that I was crazy to think that Torres would murder someone and he was a dirty cop.  


This leads me to believe that , it is more likely than not that your trip to The Alamo was a Hail Mary to attempt to frame me for the assassination of the POTUS in order to boost support ala, Reagan.  I would be deemed a Russian asset, along with my father, and the entire plot would have been traced back to Lee Harvey Oswald’s trip to Russia, and this was a multi-generation plot to overthrow the United States of America.  Nice try!


This plan was thwarted when I went and sat under the camera at the local card room for 24 plus hours in order to ensure that I could not be at two places at once.  Of course, there was still the issue of my neighbor’s murder, which would have been piled on top of the assassination.  The “script” had already been written.      




The backup plan in place was an age-old plan based on Project Bluebeam.  


While I am not sure what the code-name for the current operations are called, the chart below depicts two separate Operations under Project Bluebeam; Operation Chaos and Operation Midnight Conceal (a name I made up).  Operation Chaos is obviously the overt disinformation campaign designed to get the entire American population to keep their focus on everything on the left side of Operation Bluebeam while obscuring anything that has to do with the right side of the column, or the Jeffrey Epstein tapes, the assassination of JFK, the 9.11 hijackings, DB Cooper hijacking, and the Watergate break-in, which you know was planned and orchestrated by Hunt to avoid having the JFK Assassination pinned on him.  


Here is a break-down of “Project Bluebeam”, or the plan to keeping the Epstein tapes (and other "dirty-tricks") hidden:


While this is a crude chain of command chart and operational plan, it depicts the attempts by the Office of the POTUS to cover up the evidence that is in the right-hand column.  The names of the heads of each plan on the left side can be inserted, but you can get a clear idea of the operational plan called Operation Chaos.  It is much more likely than not that Operation Chaos is being run out of the Central Intelligence Agency using servers six miles from Bill Gates's home, while it is more likely than not that Operation Midnight Chaos is being run out of the Department of Justice.  Or, perhaps it was on the server in Tennessee that was blown up.  


Note: I have sent many letters to the DOJ and FBI providing them evidence of the segments under Operation Midnight Conceal (other than 911).  I could also put the operational plan to assassinate/frame me under Operation Midnight Conceal, but it is all part of the JFK Assassination and the DB Cooper hijacking.  


You already know the players in these ops, i.e., the JFK assassination; LBJ, David Phillips, David Morales, Antonio Veciana, Cord Meyer, Frank Sturgis, William Harvey, and Dave L’Hommedieu.  And the DB Cooper hijacking was Nixon, Ed Nixon, AG John Mitchell, Najeeb Halaby, James Klansnic, and Dave L’Hommedieu.  Of course, there were many other players, but these are the folks responsible for planning and carrying out “The Big Event; JFK’s assassination” and “NORJAK; The DB Cooper hijacking”.    


There will be many more chaotic disruptions and the chart on the left side will continue to be expanded as a diversion to take the publics attention off of the column on the right, as that would expose the government corruption. 

It's been two years and a month, and not a single name from the Epstein tapes has been released, and now, the FBI and DOJ have no responsive records to my FOIA request for the tapes or the names on the tapes.  This is a juxtaposed position, given that your administration is supposedly combating child sex trafficking, and not a single person on those tapes has been exposed nor punished.  I thought that you re-implemented the death penalty to discourage people from killing people.  Wouldn't exposing and punishing these elites to the maximum extent of the law be a deterrent to stop child sex trafficking?  Yet, it appears that these people are being protected rather than exposed and made an example of.  





            Perhaps the most important portion of Operation Chaos is Operation QAnon.  This is a genius plan that has a few different components to it, i.e., recon by fire, a communication plan between the Cabal, and a psychological operation perpetrated by the US Military on US Citizens.  


            The psychological operation portion of Operation QAnon is the most abhorrent violation of civil rights of the American citizenry in the history of America.  Operation Mockingbird pales in comparison to Operation QAnon.  The Church Committee found that it was inappropriate for the CIA to use the media to provide disinformation to sway public opinion, and it should be shut down.  


            Instead of shutting down Mockingbird, the CIA injected it with steroids and started using data to psychologically manipulate the citizens of the United States through the collection of profiles garnered through illegal surveillance programs like Prism, Hammer, Scorecard, etc.

        The ramifications of this are articulated in the House Bill that was passed listing members of the QAnon movement as terrorists and a threat to “national security”.   If the US Government is using data and computer technology to psychologically manipulate people in order to radicalize them, we no longer have a free society.  In Prisoner of War training, they call this indoctrination.



           The QAnon operation used a tactic called reconnaissance by fire in order to flesh out the kill switch of Jeffrey Epstein.  That kill switch is the back-up tapes he had of the wealthy and powerful individuals raping children on the 1200-1400 hours of tapes he amassed over the two decades he was extorting and blackmailing these individuals.  


            While I haven’t read The Art of the Deal, I surmise somewhere in the book, it lays out the proper way to go about making a deal, and that is dealing directly with a decision-maker.  And as we’ve seen throughout the past few decades, the CIA has perfected this through their absolute control of our judiciary.  Hughes Toolco, which became the Howard Hughes Medical Foundation is also a perfect example, along with Facebook.  Both Howard Hughes and Mark Zuckerberg were isolated and became one entity that could be dealt with, to the exclusion of all others.  Having to deal with one entity is much easier than dealing with partners, and the courts granting exclusive control of Facebook to Mark Zuckerberg, to the exclusion of the Winklevoss twins is the model, along with Howard Hughes.  It is much more likely than not that Hughes Toolco (and HHMF), and Facebook are byproducts of the CIA.  Since you (Trump) are being blackmailed via the Epstein tapes, one would think that you would want to deal exclusively with one person versus two or more.  


            On April 15, 2021, I sent the lawsuit that I crafted against Bill Gates to the Dallas PD Cold Case Unit.  I’d previously crafted the lawsuit and after doing a reconnaissance on Twitter with Bill Gates, posting my theories about his family’s control of the sex-trafficking industry, along with outlining my gene theory, I was able to discern that this was a very hot topic.  Regardless of the accuracy of what I was tweeting directly to Bill Gates, it surely got his attention. 

      As you most likely know, I put out a countdown on Twitter that I was going to file the lawsuit, and the QAnon community on Twitter erupted.  


            The "Anons" that were in the know were putting out messages that Donald Trump was part of the Scottish Freemason society, and there were good Freemasons.  Additionally, the messages between these “Anons” were stating that they could hear me breathing and they knew where my family was at all times.  This was verification that I am under surveillance and everything that I type into my computer is monitored.  I’d already learned that I was under surveillance via aircraft while in Stevenson over the previous six years, so this was no surprise to me.  I was just hoping that there was actually one good guy in the federal government that was my ally.  It is much more likely than not that I do not have an ally that is going to step in and help.  Hence, the production of this Intelligence Assessment.  

            Less than three weeks after sending the April 15, 2021 email to the Dallas PD CCU, Melinda Gates filed for divorce.  I would assume you have a copy of the email (crafted lawsuit) that I sent the Dallas PD.  Again, this was a recon by fire email to discern if I got a reaction, and I did.


            You are aware that I believe that it is much more likely than not Bill Gates bought the Epstein blackmail tapes just prior to forming “The Giving Pledge.”  Additionally, there is the NY Times article outlining his relationship with Epstein, and there is a photo of him with Epstein that coincides with this timeframe.  This would be the confirm/verify photo that he was using to blackmail people into giving them all of his wealth, including you, DJT.  


            I’ve spelled out numerous times on Twitter and Gab my theory on this, i.e., that you raped Katie Johnson in 1993, and Epstein was blackmailing you.  Given the reports by Ivanka Trump and E. Jean Carroll that you raped them, there is a history of pattern behavior that you have a sexual deviancy.  Couple this with the fact that you have been associated with Stormy Daniels, Karen McDougal, Hugh Heffner, and Jeffrey Epstein, I've drawn the conclusion that it is much more likely than not that this is the case.  Couple this with the fact that 26 other women associated with the Miss America Pageant came forward and mentioned that you were sexually inappropriate with them, this bolsters this analysis.  In addition, the statements you made regarding grabbing women by the pussy also depict someone that has no regard for societal norms and lacks a moral compass.  I would assume an FBI profiler would reach the same conclusion.


            Additionally, given the satanic undertones of this Cabal, I believe it is more likely than not that some, if not most of the accusations in the Steele dossier are true regarding your time in Russia with prostitutes.  


            The closer a lie is to the truth, the more believable it is.  


            An example of this is in the case where Clark County Officials were attempting to frame me for the murder-for-hire plot.  In December of 2016, while incarcerated in the Clark County Jail, I was approached by an inmate named Alred.  Over the week I was in jail with him, he talked incessantly about Judge Zimmerman and how he was a pedophile and that he was caught in a compromising situation in a hotel room with two underage girls and one of them overdosed.  In order to clean this up, Judge Zimmerman had to call in some local gang members to assist him.

          Later, my court-appointed attorney attempted to garner my trust and told me that while Judge Zimmerman was odd, he had a great legal mind and implored me to keep Judge Zimmerman on as the judge in my case.  In order to attempt to garner my trust, my attorney told me that he was with another attorney out on the town and a lady mentioned that she went on a date with a judge and that he was extremely odd.  They both got a laugh out of it and surmised that it was Judge Zimmerman.  He also told me that Zimmerman had gone through 4 divorces.  He then asked me to think about keeping him on as a judge in my case and to think about it over the Christmas Holiday.


            I knew that I wasn’t going to keep him on, and was going to file an affidavit of recusal.  After Christmas, I sent an email to my attorney letting him know that while he believes that Zimmerman is odd, the people on the “inside” (incarcerated) believe he is a pedophile, and that I wanted to have him recused based on his previous prejudicial actions and statements.  I also wanted the second-hand hearsay evidence from Alred that Zimmerman was a pedophile included in the motion to have him recused.


            The attorney appointed by Zimmerman withdrew immediately and filed a motion to have Judge Zimmerman recused without my knowledge, and without the information about him being a pedophile.  My goal was to wrap Zimmerman up and have him be a witness in my case.  However, since the Cabal has total control of the system, I was successfully framed for the fake DV Harassment and Commercial Fishing Without a License charge.  I pled guilty and tried to collaterally attack the charges by attempting to get information proving my innocence through the divorce proceedings.  This never came to fruition due to the corrupt Cabal, which you spoke of in the Bartiromo interview.   I was affectively framed by my own attorneys each step of the way, and I could not represent myself, as they needed to maintain every bit of information that went into the record in order to secure the frame-up.


            The point being, given the history of the now-discredited Judge Zimmerman, the closer a lie is to the truth, the more believable it is.  If I were to state that Judge Zimmerman is a pedophile and relay the story in front of a jury, they would deem me insane.  However, projection is a tool that you narcissistic satan worshipers use quite effectively.  And you are laughing at the American citizens to their faces because it's true and nobody believes it.  This is used as a sort of initiation into the Cabal, and other examples are the nominations of Judge Clarence Thomas and Judge Kavanaugh.  They both did exactly what they were accused of, but the control this Cabal has over the MSM and the years of indoctrination of the American citizenry has worked well.  In essence, our entire judiciary is corrupted in this same manner.  

            As an example, another piece of information that I used to assess the corruption within the judiciary, DOJ, and FBI was the recording on my Facebook messenger.  I was told that Al Nashiri was tortured to the point where he had brain damage and the mentality of a teen. 


            Regardless of whether this information is true or not, I used it to expose this corruption and sent it to Judge Sullivan on May 5, 2020, and fired a shot across the bow of Judge Sullivan, the DOJ, Sidney Powell, and the FBI. Two days later, the DOJ dropped the charges against Michael Flynn.  You are both well aware of what a fiasco that turned out to be, with Judge Sullivan appointing an Amicus, John Gleeson, to write a brief.  And Sullivan hired an attorney to represent him during Flynn's appeal! 


            Once again, the court system, along with Sidney Powell and attorneys for the DOJ successfully kept me from entering statements and this information into the record.  Furthermore, as I stated in my previous letter to you folks, the three-letter agencies under the control of the Office of the POTUS successfully kept all of this information out of the MSM.  Not only that, Dan (along with Pelosi and McConnell), you were successfully keeping the information that I sent all 535 members of the 116th Congress out of the MSM.  It is much more likely than not that your meeting with DJT at a rally (I believe in Ga.), you were given instructions on how to manage (suppress) this information and how to deal with me.


            After the Flynn case was dismissed, I sent the same letter I sent to Judge Sullivan to Judge Gorton, the US Attorneys, and to the attorneys of Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannuli.  They reached a plea deal in a week and a half. This verified that I was getting a response to the letters that I’d sent to Judge Sullivan (not that I needed further verification).


            I repeated this same process in the case against Austin Steinbart and got nearly identical results.  For instance, he was not charged with a crime, yet he was imprisoned for violating the conditions of his release.  


            I think that it is more likely than not that Steinbart came across incriminating evidence of sex-trafficking while he was working for an intelligence contractor, and he attempted to use the QAnon movement to expose this illegally garnered information, making the story up about the Quantum computer and time travel.  He would have faced espionage charges had he truly revealed the way he went about getting the information like Snowden and Assange.  

            The FBI quickly plugged the Steinbart leak, sent spies into his camp, and got him put in jail.  This is a repeated pattern of behavior, i.e., gain custody of an individual in order to stamp out the information, or execute the individual once the leak is fixed by the “plumber”.  The FBI acted as the plumber in this case.  

            Steinbart wasn't charged but was being held for violating his conditions of release, so at 0400 one morning I sent a letter to the DOJ Attorney in his case regarding the violation of his Sixth Amendment rights and said that I would testify on his behalf and use the example of the CIA trafficking my wife and daughters to bolster his defense, as he was claiming the CIA is running a sex-trafficking ring, along with running drugs.  They issued an indictment that day, 7 months after his original arrest.  


            When I flew out to Arizona to go to his arraignment, there were eight US Marshals that were in the room to ensure that I could not talk to the prosecutor or relay information to the judge.  When I went to the desk of the prosecutor to ask him if he'd received my emails, I was immediately cut off by one of the Marshals and ordered to go sit down.    This was obviously done to intimidate and terrorize me.


            After the arraignment, I was brought into the fold of the undercover agents that were put in the Steinbart camp and I stayed with them at the apartment in Arizona for a short period of time.  Their stories did not add up, and there was more confusion than clarity, so I was able to discern that it was much more likely than not that Steinbart’s camp had been infiltrated by either the CIA or FBI.  


            When I was told by one of the group members that they were getting funding from an outside source, and that essentially God was providing them the funding, I knew that it was time to get out.  They encouraged me to start making videos on my own, telling my experiences and my dad being the shooter of JFK and driving the get-away car after the DB Cooper hijacking, but everything seemed too odd.  In addition, thousands of dollars of equipment started showing up to the apartment to set up the Steinbart media campaign and studio, which is now essentially defunct.  


            Alternatively, Steinbart could have been set up as a trap from the very beginning, as I hadn’t found information about him until six months after he was arrested without being charged.  Regardless, the confirm/verify portion of my analysis was completed when I sent information to the US Attorney in his case at about 0400 letting them know they were violating his Sixth Amendment Rights by holding him without a charge.

             I believe it is much more likely than not that the folks in Arizona that were supposedly helping Steinbart were members of either the FBI or CIA.  That is why I believe that Steinbart was arrested and charged, over this being an inside operation to entrap me.  




            After I sent Judge Sullivan the May 5, 2020 letter, Barack Obama put out a statement on Skullduggery which they did an article on.  This was referenced in a Q post on May 9th, 2020, four days after I sent the letter to Judge Sullivan.


            The first portion of the statement/article, Obama states that “the Rule of Law is at risk” in the wake of what he called an unprecedented move by the Justice Department to drop charges against former White House national security adviser Michael Flynn.


            Obama states:


            And that’s why this election that’s coming up on every level is so important.  Because of what we’re – what we’re going to be battling is not just a particular individual or a political party.  But what we’re fighting against is these long-term trends in which being selfish, being tribal, being divided and seeing others as an enemy that that has become a stronger impulse in American life.  And by the way, you know we’re seeing that internationally as well.  And it’s part of the reason why the response to this global crisis has been so anemic and spotty.  And it would have been bad even with the best of governments.  It has been an absolute chaotic disaster when that mindset of, what’s in it for me and to heck with everybody else – when that mindset is operationalized in our government.  So that’s why I, by the way I’m going to be spending as much time as necessary and campaigning as hard as I can for Joe Biden.  We all know Joe.


           The article and statement:

             Obama starts his statement by stating "a particular individual".  He does not state President Trump, who he is supposedly battling.  So, one could insert me in as that "particular individual" since I am attempting to expose the plot to assassination JFK, the DB Cooper hijacking, and the Executive Action Order Obama signed to murder me.  It is much more likely than not that this particular individual is me.

            I've stated all along that there are warring factions within this satanic worshiping Cabal.  I believe that Howard Hunt calls one of the factions the Eastern Aristocracy, while I am not sure what the other one would be called, but it's clear that there are at least two entities at war within these secret societies.  Obama's reference to "being tribal, being divided and seeing others as the enemy was a plea for all sides to work together to keep this information from being exposed.  

            He follows this up with the statement that even with the best of governments it would have been tough, but Trump's response has been an absolute chaotic disaster due to the tribalism.  

            This bolsters the statement of WWG1WGA.  In essence, when this Cabal is exposed, there will be no safe hiding space for them on the planet due to the fact that this Cabal harms and traffics children.  MY CHILDREN!

            In the next paragraph of the article there is the disjointed insertion of “an absolute chaotic disaster” regarding the response to the “virus”. 


            Again, as I stated, I am the virus and I need to be wiped out in order for this Cabal to maintain their grip on things they are seeing “internationally”.  


            From the way that Obama is speaking, he is choosing his words very carefully and purposefully.   It is clear there are two warring factions within government (at least) and they are not at war with each other (at this point) and they are attempting to wipe me out in order to keep this information from being exposed.


            This statement, stating “the Rule of Law is at risk” is exactly that, and my May 5th letter struck the intended target.  Judge Sullivan ruled on the Al Nashiri case in 2017, issuing a Minute Order, and John Durham was the investigator that investigated the deaths of detainees under the CIA’s control in the early 2000s, however, there is no mention of the CIA torturing Al Nashiri to death (or to the point where he has brain damage).  


            This legal catch-22 left Judge Sullivan scrambling.  He had no idea what to do with it so immediately lawyered up and handed the ball to John Gleeson, i.e., the Amicus he appointed to the case. 


            Regardless of whether the audio that spells out the condition of Al Nashiri is true or not, i.e., his brain damage, this is additional evidence in his case.  I purposefully put both substantive and factual matters in the lap of Judge Sullivan in order to make him rule on at least one of the issues.  Instead of ruling on one of the issues, he punted and lawyered up and handed the ball off, while at the same time, keeping this information out of the record in the Al Nashiri case.  Not to mention, out of the record in the case that is being tried right now of the purported planners of the 9.11 hijacking. 

            John Durham and Judge Sullivan are now witnesses in the cases against Al Nashiri and KSM,  Not to mention, how do we authenticate if what is stated in the audio is true?  And how did Judge Sullivan and the DOJ get it?  This would place me on the witness stand.  This was something that had to be avoided at all costs because “the Rule of Law is at risk”.


            There can be no clearer circumstantial evidence than this that links President Obama to the QAnon Operation, and that it was being used as a tool to communicate between the Cabal and the MSM.  The “coded” recording by Obama is exactly that.  Not only does the disjointed article spell it out, the rule of law being at risk, it connects the “virus” (me) and the May 5, 2020 letter as being the raison d’etre.


            This is confirmed due to this being posted on the Q posts on May 9th, 2020.  The Q post is coded in red and says “Listen carefully.” Q. 


            A post on May 12th, three days later states, “Cue all the Lawfare hacks working on their briefs as we speak.”  I surmise that this was a message to the Cabal that I was searching on how to submit an Amicus Brief in the Flynn case as the message was being put out on the Q post.   


            At the same time, Judge Baker issued a ruling/order in my divorce case, and I was essentially collaterally attacked/diverted on a different front, which caused me to change direction in the middle of the battle, as I had to quell an uprising on a different front, i.e., the divorce.  


            Recognizing this, I took my soldiers and moved to an entirely different front, and filed a Recall Petition against all the Skamania County Officials, and incorporated the letters I’d sent to Judge Sullivan and Judge Gorton as evidence of the systemwide fraud/corruption that had been transpiring in both State and Federal courts.  My goal was to intertwine the two, and this was a successful tactic, and proved, beyond a reasonable doubt that this Cabal was working together to save themselves.


            It is much more likely than not that Operation QAnon was a communication tool for the Cabal and MSM and a playbook for upcoming events.   




            The first QAnon post was on October 28, 2017.  As stated, this was a multipurpose operation attempting to 1) find Epstein’s kill switch.  2) communicate amongst the Cabal. 3) A psychological operation to indoctrinate and control the general populous.  


            In order to flesh out Epstein, the first Q drop was put on 4Chan, part of the “dark internet”.  One would surmise that Epstein was aware of 4Chan and used it as a communication tool, or someone that he knows was using it.  It is more likely than not that a hop was used to alert Epstein.  A hop is someone that is at least two or three places removed from Epstein, and would not alert him directly of what was transpiring and that he was the target of the operation.


            The first two Q drops were so earth-shattering it would have put Epstein in a position where he had no choice but to attempt to cover his tracks due to his connection with the Clintons and sex trafficking.  Everything posted during the first couple of weeks was factual, for the most part, except for the arrests and indictments.  Epstein would have been able to verify what was stated in the posts, and due to his history with the intelligence community, he would have recognized that this was authentic AND PLAUSIBLE.  


            Epstein Island was mentioned the first time on November 11th, 2017, two weeks after the first Q drop.  In response, Epstein took action to cover his tracks and started burying tunnels underneath his temple on Epstein Island (Little St. James Island).


            This was recon by fire (to get Epstein to move), and to find the funding source that Epstein was using and start to narrow the search for his money and sources.  The Q drops had the intended effect, getting Epstein in motion.


            The Mueller investigation was started in May of 2017, and it is more likely than not that the entire Mueller investigation was designed to find the Epstein kill switch.  In addition, it was a disinformation campaign regarding Trump-Russia collusion or essentially a diversion to hide the true motive of the Mueller "witch hunt".  This is bolstered by the comments made by Obama years later when he stated essentially that all of these secret society factions need to work together to combat the exposure of their crimes. 

             Note: James Comey put a tweet out about an interview done with Bob Mueller after the investigation was closed.  He did not talk about the Mueller investigation and kept referring to locations.  The way he was speaking, I got the impression that each location was either a person or faction, rather than a geographical location.  In addition, he was speaking in the same way Obama was when he put out his May 9th, recording, in very careful language and chosen words.  I deemed that this was not an interview, rather another coded message for the Cabal.  


            As stated, most, or some of the information about Trump in the Steele dossier is more likely than not true.  You satan worshipers like put it in the face of the public and then spin up the MSM to create their narrative.  This is a philosophy called the Hegelian dialectic coupled with plausible deniability, a tool that the MSM has conditioned the American citizenry to accept.  In plain terms, if you don’t see it, you can’t prove it, therefore, the facts are what is reported in the MSM. 


            Over the course of the two-year Mueller investigation, they combed over every document that Epstein ever touched and every person that Epstein ever came into contact with in order to narrow down where the kill switch was, and it was found prior to closing the Mueller investigation.  It is not a coincidence that the day of the report is April 18, 2019.  Eighteen being three sixes, 666.  


            Isaac Kappy was murdered on May 13, 2019, less than a month later.  It is impossible to think, given the information that he was putting out about sex trafficking and satan worshiping in Hollywood, that he was not being monitored by the FBI.  He did not know that all the top officials within the federal government are in on the sex trafficking.  He believed that the justice system was functioning and that the information he was putting out would eventually get to the right place and he would be protected by Law Enforcement.  However, given the fact that the Epstein blackmail tapes have not been released, to this date, it is much more likely than not he was murdered by the Cabal in order to silence him.


            On January 4, 2021, Lin Wood Tweeted about the Lizard Squad files or the blackmail files of rape and murder.  His Tweet states "This blackmail scheme is conducted by members of 10 of the world's most well-known & "elite" intelligence agencies.  One of those groups was hacked by a group known as the Lizard Squad.  The blackmail files of rape & murder were obtained by this group & a copy was provided to Isaac Kappy"

             This was another recon by fire.  Previous that year, Lin Wood met with DJT and this was the last remaining loose end to ensure that there couldn’t be a release of the Epstein tapes.  If the passcode was used, it would be easy for the CIA, along with the 10 other intelligence agencies that Wood just alerted via his Tweet to track this down to find out who accessed the server where the blackmail tapes were.  As noted in Obama's statement, he talks about this being international, so the person using the password Lynn put out on Twitter to access the files would be immediately tracked down and eliminated.  It is much more likely than not that this is what happened, and it is more likely than not that the person/people that accessed the files were killed.  


            This recon by fire portion of Operation QAnon was wrapped up.  It is much more likely than not that the person was located by December 8, 2020, as that was the last date Q posted.  The person was put under surveillance, monitored, and all loose ends were tied up.  By the time Lin Wood posted the “key”, and the person accessed the files, this was the confirm/verify that they needed to insure that the blackmail tapes were completely confined and Bill Gates had the only copy, which he received around 2009, just prior to forming "The Giving Pledge".




            The Q drops are segmented by color code.  I surmise that each color code is for a specific team that is tasked with either researching or putting out information.  And once the information was researched by the Anons, it was posted online for everyone to see.  So, not only were there people inside of the operation looking for threads, there were American citizens that were volunteering their time to the project.  


            When one of the volunteer Anons found a nugget, they were rewarded by Q for doing such a good job and were recognized on the platform, i.e., given their “reward” for the day in order to keep them bound to the QAnon Operation.  These were the “useful idiots” that were preyed upon in order to radicalize for events such as the January 6th, 2021 storming of the Capitol building.  


            As I was working on the lawsuit with Bill Gates and doing a countdown on Twitter (again, I knew each keystroke I put in the computer is being monitored), I was texting my mother and in the middle of the text came the following:


“I’ll p lol q”.  This was followed by “201BN”. I'll p equates to I'll pray, LOL, and signed off by "q", the leader of the operation. The "201 BN" signifies the 201st Expeditionary Military Intelligence Brigade out of the Joint Base Lewis-McChord AFB run by Blue Huber.  While I cannot find if there is a relationship between Blue Huber and John Huber, the person that was tasked with doing a report on everything Trump-Russia, I surmise that there is some sort of familial relationship between the two.  Trump referred to John Huber as the “Garbage Disposal” for everything Trump-Russia.  In other words, John Huber was the clean-up crew in order to insure that there were no loose ends that could come back and bight the administration in the ass via the pesky FOIA requests.  Regardless, it is much more likely than not that Operation QAnon is run out of the 201st Battalion by Blue Huber and I'll "p" LOL "q" is Huber's mocking of God due to the fact he is a satan worshiper.  


            When reading through the Q drops, you can discern that this is a veritable instruction manual with assignments to each team on what is transpiring and what tasks each team is supposed to perform.  


            The red coded Q drops appear to be an EAM (emergency alert message) meant for the masses.  However, the other color-coded drops are designated for each team.  There are also codes in the pictures, which I surmise coincide with a manual that has been distributed or can be decoded using a camera on a smartphone.  While I was dealing with Austin Steinbart and his crew, they mentioned that messages could be hidden in plain sight directly on photos, however, I was unable to decode what a person named Michael Kordorouy (sp) was attempting to relay to me on Twitter.  I surmise that they were attempting to get me to download a message on my phone by following his directions in order to place compromising material on my phone or computer.  I believe my phone had already been hacked and all comms were being captured.   

            All one needs to do with the Q drops is to reverse the entire situation and replace white hats with black hats and it’s easy to figure out what is transpiring.  The entire plan is put in print in plain sight, often in the form of a question, on the Q posts and each color-coded team is given an assignment.  It's antithetical to believe that someone would lay out an entire plan or operation on the internet and expose EXACTLY what they are doing.  You'd have to be a fool to believe this.  Just like you would have to be a fool to believe that Clarence Thomas and Brett Kavanaugh did what they were accused of.   However, this is what Operation QAnon did, and it was often in the form of a Q, or question, i.e., if these bad guys were going to steal an election, how would they do it?  Then, they laid out the plan as to how they were doing it....IN REAL TIME and gave each team and the MSM the orders to carry it out.  It's brilliant.    

              This is where the Hegelian dialectic and plausible deniability comes into play.  After all, why would someone place their entire plan directly on the internet as to what is transpiring?  When you look at the Q drops, almost everything that was put in them happened.  And anyone that was associated with Q was/is a “conspiracy theorist”.  This was bolstered by members of Congress when they passed a bill denouncing Q, and essentially labeled anyone associated with it as a terrorist.  And, of course, this mantra has been plastered all over the Operation Mockingbird press.

            When the program was shut down, most of the information purveyors that I was following, and were following me, immediately were purged off of Twitter.  My Twitter followers went from 323 down to 117 almost overnight.  I was eventually part of the purge and kicked off Twitter without reason "officially".  However, it was to keep the information that I was putting out from reaching the masses.  In order to confirm/verify this was happening, I would be able to absolutely identify this as a verifiable fact if I were able to garner the identity of the 200 plus users that were purged off of Twitter.  However, their identity was more likely than not on the server that was blown up in Tennessee.  


            I surmise that the entire MSM portion of the operation is run out of the Associated Press building in NYC.  I thought read somewhere that the company that owns the Washington Post is in the same building as the Associated Press, or someone associated with Bezos, which would make sense due to the fact that the AP censors every bit of information that goes to print and The Post is usually the first to print articles.

            I have not watched the documentary by HBO; Q Into the Storm, however, they haven't contacted me.  And it appears that Bill Gates is trying to "Block out the Sun", (or is it SON?) of the person that would expose ALL of this government corruption, i.e, JFK's assassination, the DB Cooper hijacking, sex-trafficking, etc.  I surmise that the entire docudrama is nothing more than propaganda and used for diversionary purposes and to label Q Anon supporters as "conspiracy theorists" in front of the general population.  Again, this is the Hegelian dialectic at play, as the researchers are instead, painted as violent extremists.  This is bolstered by the US Congress and Christopher Wray, the FBI Director, painting anyone that follows Q as a lunatic.  




            The psychological operation perpetrated on the American citizens through the Q drops is evident.  The irony, as stated above, is that much of the information regarding the Q drops is real.  There is some disinformation, which is by design, but in large part, the evidence of sex trafficking and the cover-ups by the FBI, DOJ, Judiciary, and other Alphabet Agencies is obvious.  


            The followers of Q have been waiting for the big reveal, which is not going to come.  DJT planned the rally on January 6, 2021, in order to entrap the most fervent Q followers.  Many of these folks have now been neutered by being charged by the FBI for the insurrection.  It appears that the people that were arrested were the most fervent radicalized "Patriots" that followed Q and truly want to save America.  This was part of the psychological operation that was perpetrated on these people that were reeled into this Operation that were rewarded along the way via recognition by "Q", the person they have kept "praying" for all this time, "LOL."  


            The questioning of Christopher Wray recently by Congress was nothing more than a show designed to place more fear in the Anon’s.  This was designed to create confusion and as a threat to anyone following Q as to what is coming for them.

            Your use of the Hegelian dialectic and taking advantage of people's faith is abhorrent, and exactly what a satan worshiper would do, i.e., using government funds to run a psyop on the American citizenry.  It is much more likely than not that this is what has transpired with Operation QAnon.  




            Now, the QAnon operation has moved into a separate phase.  There are purveyors of information and recipients of information.  These purveyors of information are designed to separate the masses and provide both information and disinformation.  For instance, some programs delve into the anti-vax and anti-mask folks, while others delve into things such as Critical Race Theory and the rounding up of pedophiles and taking them to GITMO.


            If I were to hazard to guess, the people being round-up and taken to GITMO as we speak are dissidents that have figured out that this entire operation is nothing more than a ruse designed to implement the New World Order and they are employees that found out that Operation QAnon was as described above and they needed to be silenced.  


            The people with large groups of followers on Twitter, Gab, and second-tier social media accounts are part of the operation and are designed to keep the masses riled up, and take the focus off of everything associated with the criminal activity of the government.  


            One segment that is a third-tier portion of Project Bluebeam is the DUMBS, or Deep Underground Military Bases.  This is a cover story to explain away why there are many explosions going off all around the world causing earthquakes.  Almost all of these explosions are taking place at a depth of 10km.  The cover story of “mag-lev” trains connecting all these DUMBS are put out relentlessly by these second and third-tier purveyors. 


            In addition, they are also putting out the story that there are aliens in these DUMBS that have been working with the elites, so I surmise that there is actually a team putting together this portion of the operation using actors and make-up artists.  After all, the more ludicrous the story, the more confusion that is created.  


            The scariest portion of Operation Bluebeam that is going on is the explosions that are taking place at 10km along the fault lines all across the globe.  This is being done so that the tectonic plates can shift, and cause volcanoes to erupt.  The Purveyors of this evidence are essentially briefing those in the know as to what progress is being made with Project Bluebeam. And to think that they are using TBMs to drill down to a level at 10km all around the globe and setting off explosions in order to disrupt and shift the earth's crust, as depicted in the Bible is insane, but it appears that is what is happening.  Thanks for the TBM's Elon!  




            One of the purveyors of information is Monkey Werx.  These purveyors of information are getting easier to spot, as they only put out information and they don’t receive information from outside sources.  Nobody knows who Monkey Werx is (by name) nor does he have a way to contact him.  This is not to suggest that he is completely in on the project,  he may be just part of a cog in the wheel.  He's been given the assignment to track military and contract commercial air flights flying people in from South American countries and now Afghanistan, and he is doing a good job putting out information.  I'm sure he believes he is doing it for good, however, it is basically in a "sit-rep" type of briefing that you would regularly give in an intelligence-gathering operation.  He puts out briefings three times a week in order to brief the masses as to what is transpiring as far as flights into GITMO and flights coming into CONUS.  


            The flights into CONUS are via contract air, and many of them are going directly to military bases.  This appears yo be in preparation for the upcoming suicide bombings by the radicalized people that are being flown into America via South American countries and Afghanistan.  The hasty withdrawal from Afghanistan causes me to believe that this was a planned event designed to cause more confusion right before the terrorist attacks take place on 9.11.


            The Ft. Hood shooter, Nidal Hasan (a Muslim), was just given a platform to congratulate the Taliban for their successful Jihad against America.  Katherine Herridge did a segment on the 9.11 bombings and how the FBI destroyed evidence, and at the end of the segment, she gave him the platform to congratulate the Taliban, while denouncing the letter she was sent by his attorney and stating that she didn’t want to give him a platform.  This is a juxtaposed position, so it is much more likely than not that this was a signal given to the terrorists that it is time to ramp up the terrorist attacks inside of CONUS.


            Additionally, we have imported the most experienced war fighters on the planet into America just in time for 9.11.  It appears that there are hundreds of thousands of seasoned war fighters, coupled with people that are being flown in from South America.  It is more likely than not that the people being flown into the US are trained by the CIA in bases inside their home countries run by the CIA, or they are veterans of the war on drugs, i.e., members of MS-13.


            Once 9.11 – 2.0 takes place, people will be clamoring for a change in leadership, and more confusion about Kamala not being a nationalized citizen, and Pelosi being the next-up will create additional mass confusion, so everyone will be clamoring for a return of DJT to save us all.


            While this is transpiring, the US will be invaded, essentially by UN Troops.  Lockdowns will be put in place, and vaccine passports will be implemented, as the US will have much bigger fish to fry than the “stupid vaccines”.  


            Meanwhile, dissidents, such as myself, will be rounded up and taken to concentration camps, i.e., the FEMA Camps to be “reeducated”, or ones such as myself will be deemed to be radicalized, and taken to GITMO and executed.


            The writing is already on the wall, as the MSM has already relabeled “inmate” and they are now going to be called “residents”.


            You people are truly sick!


        As you, DJT, stated in your interview, there is a Cabal that is running our government and Joe Biden is not.  Unfortunately, knowingly allowing the government to be turned over completely to this Cabal is treason. 

        Not only did you allow this to happen, but you also aided and abetted.  As Obama stated in the May 9th, 2020 Skullduggery statement and article, you were either working actively to suppress information with him, or willfully allowed this to happen and carried out the QAnon Operation as outlined above.

        Someone conspired to murder my neighbor, Rick Pauly, on July 8th, 2020.  Given the letters below, I can only surmise that this was a coordinated attack by the Cabal which you spoke of in the Bartiromo interview, and more likely than not, you and Dan Crenshaw (along with all the other members of Congress).  

        The punishment for treason is death.  You've made it clear what the choices are when you reinstated the death penalty.  Since I sent the January 17th, 2020 letter to all 535 members of Congress, are they all guilty of treason?

            If I have made any misstatements herein, please contact me right away.  I have sent the link to your attorney representing you in the class action legal suit against Twitter and to Dan Crenshaw's congressional email.  I've also Tweeted him the link and attempted to engage him on Twitter with no response. 

            If you need any clarification on anything written herein, please contact me at your earliest convenience.  


Matt L'Hommedieu

US Congressional candidate, Texas 2nd Congressional District, running against Dan Crenshaw.

As you can see, I am against Government corruption, for disbanding the CIA and abolishing the FBI in its current form, against sex trafficking, and dirty murdering cops.  I'd ask for your endorsement.   




January 17, 2020

Representative Crenshaw,


May 8, 2005 Vancouver Police Officer Rick Torres executed 17-year old Jason Wilkinson.  He was allowed to resign from VPD January 1, 2006. 


In 2008, Torres was sued by the family of Jason Wilkinson.  January 23, 2009, Judge Benjamin Settle, of the Federal District Court in Washington opined:


Taking the facts in the light most favorable to the plaintiffs, there is no question that Torres acted with the unconstitutional purpose to harm, terrorize and in fact, kill Wilkinson.  After Key walked to the front of the minivan and the minivan began to back away from the telephone pole, Key and Torres looked at each other, seemingly acknowledged each other; then Torres walked to the passenger side of the minivan and effectively executed Wilkinson by shooting him eleven times at close range.  Torres shot Wilkinson when the minivan was traveling at a slow speed in the exact opposite direction from where Key stood.  Even after Wilkinson dropped his hands from the steering wheel and slumped in the driver’s seat mortally wounded, Torres continued to fire into Wilkinson as the minivan coasted in reverse.  Wilkinson v. Torres (2009)


Amazingly, Rick Torres was hired by the Clark County Sheriff’s Office in Washington State in 2013.  He was promoted to Sergeant a year after his hiring.


Is there anything we can do to prevent this from happening again, and prevent Rick Torres from owning a gun?  He resigned when I brought this case forward.    


I would like to meet with you and discuss a proposed CITIZEN PROTECTION ACT, a registry that automatically identifies an officer that has been involved with a shooting, such as the one described above.

I will be coming to Washington February 4-15 to ask for your support.  




Matt L’Hommedieu



US Air Force ParaRescueman

US Forest Service Smokejumper

Captain/Paramedic Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue 


PS.  If you want to know how Torres retained his badge and gun, contact Wray and Haspel. 


January 18, 2020



Attorney General William Barr

CIA Director Haspel

FBI Director Wray


August 11, 2020 I sent in a public records request for the video evidence of the Epstein hanging.   You have now destroyed that evidence, which I was requesting for my upcoming hearing.  


My first request is a FOIA request for all Executive Action or any orders to murder me or eliminate me, or whatever verbiage you use.  


I’ve asked for the evidence in the Dandol Dianzi memo, and I have not gotten an answer from the CIA or FBI, nor have I received any response about any of the information I have requested via FOIA request to prove my innocence.  All of you hold the key to that!


As it stands, right now, there is absolutely no way for me to complete the terms of my probation in the crime that you folks framed me for.  That topic is for another day. 


I will give you an example.  When I was in counseling, the counselor brought in a shill doctor, which was controlled by you folks to witness me saying that I capitulate, I abused my wife, etc. etc.   Instead, your agent, Mike, heard me say I was in counseling because I was framed….and have evidence to prove it.  In response, my counselor pulls me aside and tells me that I need to capitulate or I will never complete the terms of my probation.  For the next 3 years, I have to stay 1000 feet away from a protected person, and if I violate that, or am accused of violating that, I will go to prison for the remainder of my sentence, or more.  


Here is the message from my counselor.


Hi Matt,


Sorry for the delay, yes I would like to talk with your mental health provider.  How often do you see him?  I’m not sure what to think about the documents that you sent yet I am concerned about blame!   One of the program rules is to stop blaming the victim.


Even if it is true what your ex has done, the program rule is no victim blaming. So our mission, if you should choose to accept it is:  stop all forms of victim blaming!  We must stop.  I’m trying to be extra extra clear; Even if it is true what your ex has done, the program rule is no victim blaming.


Andrew Lindsell, MA, LMHC, SUDP, CADC II.


Here is my response:




My dad killed JFK.  The CIA sent an assassin Rick Torres to murder me.  And I have to accept the fact that I need domestic violence counseling.  Forgive me if I am a little traumatized right now.  I am doing the best I can.


After my dad killed JFK, Howard Hunt killed 22 people in order to cover it up.  Nobody has died in this fiasco…not even me. Yet.  That’s where my confusion comes from.


Please help me understand.





As you can see, I am getting nowhere with my counselor.  So, I filed a FOIA request to get the information I need, making the connections.  And I await in this Serbonian Bog with no end in sight and the impossibility of extraction.


So, I am frustrated, AG Barr, that you immediately destroyed the evidence I asked for the day after Eptstein suicided himself.  I was going to show, via video evidence, that the CIA assassinates people, that the Island and the Zorro ranch are actually black sites, and Epstein was recruited by CIA early on (another FOIA requests I am still awaiting). 


Now, you have destroyed evidence that is crucial to linking this corruption together. Now, I will only have the evidence in cases such as:


John Garrett Smith

Jason Wilkinson 

Teresa Halbach (Steven Avery case)

Ronnie Clark  

Sandra Aldridge executing an African American man in GA


I am sure there are many more out there.


These all link directly back to CIA Strategic Activities Division, don’t they? 


Please provide me any information surrounding the topic discussed above.  If I can’t get that information to prove my innocence, I will never be able to complete the terms of my probation and will not be able to get my record expunged.  


I’d hate to have to file a motion for a new trial at this point, as I have finished nearly all the terms of my probation, except the counseling and remaining 1000 feet away from a protected person (one who was in on the frame-up of me).  It all seems pretty petty and ridiculous, but I guess my defense will still be…..the Federal Government is trying to kill me…..because my dad shot JFK….the Federal Government wants my genes…..because I am Jesus Christ.   


Now, if you would just let me get out of this mess, it would be a lot better for all of us.  Then, maybe I could see my daughters. 


Oh, and please send me the results of my gene testing after I joined the VA’s MVP program.  I’d like to see how I faired against the others.  It would be cool if my genes were worth a lot of money. 


I don’t think it was Million Veteran Program, I really think the true meaning was….in actuality, the Most Valuable Person.  

And nobody has killed me yet.  So, I either must be the MVP, or crazy.   Someone has to be.  And somebody had to shoot JFK.


It might have been the French Gunman on the Grassy Knoll.  Glad me and my dad were adopted.  His birth certificate says Charlie Brown. 


Thanks in advance


Matt L’Hommedieu


January 21, 2020



Speaker Pelosi,


I know you are very busy.  This may be important, I am not sure.  My dad shot JFK, and the CIA has been hunting me for the past 5 years.  I sent the enclosed letter to every member of the Congress and Senate. 


Could please ask AG Barr, Director Wray, and Haspel if they could sit down and meet?  I am headed to DC soon and would like to meet with your constituents to pass the “Citizen Protection Act (from Government)”. LOL.  I hope enjoyed the sarcasmJ.   


The CIA has attempted to assassinate me on at least three different occasions.  When they could not murder me, they attempted to frame me for a murder for hire plot to throw me in a mental institution for 17 years.  

The Prosecuting Attorney in Clark County, Washington would be a great source of information for you.  I’ve been messing with him a bit because they made me go through a mental evaluation….and I failed, of course.  The State did the evaluation.  Hopefully you’ll enjoy my sarcasm during this morass.  My last name is L’Hommedieu, so I am throwing the Jesus angle at him to keep him on his toes.  Might as well use every tool you haveJ


Please ask AG Barr and his folks not to slaughter me on my way to DC.


Thank you for your attention. 


Matt L’Hommedieu


I hope to be in DC early February.  Who knows, I may be able to watch the impeachment.  


Cc: Senator McConnel

Cc: Director Wray

Cc: Director Haspel

Cc: AG Barr


Obviously, I have much more information to share with you.  Oh, and can I get a copy of the Executive Action Memorandum to eliminate me?  I’ve never seen one.  Please treat this as a FOIA request.  Or is that TS-SCI? 


2121 Loop Rd.

Stevenson, WA 98648


January 31, 2020


Admiral Maguire,


I sent the letters enclosed previously to the named individuals. 


It is my goal to get the Executive Action Memorandum to assassinate me rescinded.  I’ve asked the DOJ, FBI and CIA to provide me documents under the FOIA.  I will be coming to Washington DC prior to the State of the Union address on the 4th.  


I respectfully request that the information requested be compiled in one place, which falls within the ambit of your “jurisdiction”.  The requests are simple.


·      Provide my entire intelligence community file

·      Provide all surveillance conducted on myself and my father, Dave L’Hommedieu from November 22, 1963 forward

·      Provide my FBI file depicting my threat assessment

·      Provide the name of the individual that tortured my wife

·      Provide the name of the person that authorized said torture


I am hopeful that we can meet when I come to DC from the 4th through the 15th.


I swore an oath in 1988.  “I will never leave a fallen comrade to fall into the hands of the enemy.”  Are you letting me fall into the arms of the enemy?


I’ll leave you with what Dr. Kevin Walters told me.  He is a former Team 1 guy.  He said the only thing that will help me heal from my injuries, both mental and physical is through the grace of God.  I believe that.  He told me that I need faith, hope, peace and love.  That is what I am striving for!


Hopefully we can meet.  If not, please let me know where I can pick up the aforementioned items in my FOIA request.


Warmest Regards


Matt L’Hommedieu



PS.  You can view some of the information I gathered on the CIA agent that was sent to assassinate me on


May 5, 2020




Judge Sullivan,


I first off want to say what a piece of shit you are.  You are, of course working directly for the CIA.  Stop it, you feckless cant.  Secondly please enter this as evidence in the Michael Flynn case.  In fact, the CIA set this whole case up, including his first defense counsel and appointed you as the judge in the case so they could maintain control of it.


While I don’t know if General Flynn is aware, surely his firing by President Obama was due to what I was doing.   In fact, this was going to blow up the whole Obama administration.


As you are aware, Obama’s buddy Preet Bharara was laundering money through the USO Fund.  When I happened upon this money laundering scheme in August of 2014, General Flynn was fired.  After his firing, the Obama administration issued an Executive Action memorandum to assassinate me.  I am quite sure that General Flynn would have opposed President Obama assassinating an American Citizen in order to hide a money laundering scheme being run by officials in the Federal Government.  


I have asked President Trump, along with the form DNI Maguire, the former IG of the CIA, CIA Director Haspel, FBI Director Wray, and AG Barr to provide me with a copy of the EA memorandum to assassinate me.   None of them will provide me a copy of the EA memorandum, nor will they even respond to my urgent emergency request for this document and other documents that would prove that this in fact happened.


Perhaps you could use your judicial powers and issue a subpoena and make them respond in full to the FOIA requests I filed and put them in General Flynn’s file so that he can properly defend himself.  A fucking second grader could defend himself against this corrupt government if they were given all the information.  However, you, along with the Fat Tub of Shit Bill Barr, Wray the Worm and Haspel the Hun are preventing General Flynn from getting the evidence he needs to exonerate himself.  In essence, General Flynn needs you to DO YOUR JOB.  


Also, please let General Flynn know that the CIA is running both a drug and sex trafficking ring across the nation.   I will testify at his trial or in his sentencing hearing about this sex trafficking ring and the corruption at the highest levels of the intelligence community and the Department of Justice.  In fact, immediately after Jeffrey Epstein killed himself, I filed a FOIA request asking for the video tapes of the MCC.  When the Fat Tub of Shit found out I filed the FOIA request, he destroyed the evidence.  That’s obstruction of justice, right?   


I will also testify as to how the CIA controls the entire court system and how this is transpiring not only at a state level, but at the federal level.   In fact, the federal judges often let these rogue CIA agents who murder people and sexually traffic women completely off the hook.  The Rick Torres case and Michael Sunseri case are perfect examples.  After these guys murder someone or traffic women, they are protected by the federal courts and the law enforcement agencies across the nation.  I have information on other CIA operatives that operate as executioners.  Let me know what evidence you need.   


Also, you might want to let General Flynn know that he has never actually, with full scienter entered a plea deal.  He had no idea his own attorney he originally hired was working with the CIA.  Therefore, the plea deal he entered is actually moot, right?  


Doesn’t that allow him to file a compulsory counterclaim under FRCP 13?   Since the same cast of characters would be involved, wouldn’t it preserve judicial resources to call all these fuckers to the stand and make them testify against General Flynn?  I’d love to testify against these fuckers at General Flynn’s trial.   


Also, I let President Trump know that someone placed TSSCI information on my computer.  The information that was put on my computer was about the abuse and torture program run in Guantanamo.  In fact, the information sheds light on the deaths in the camp along with the permanent medical condition of one of the detainees to the point where he developed brain damage.   He’s 50 and has the capacity of an 11 year old.  That’s pretty bad, right?  Is that why General Flynn got fired?   Did he know about this and protest against it?   


Anyway, I hope this information can help General Flynn.  I took an oath to never leave a fallen brother behind.  General Flynn does not deserve what has transpired under this crooked government.  


Let me know how I can help General Flynn.


To the Clerk of the Court, please enter this into the record in the Michael Flynn case. 



Matt L’Hommedieu

Former Navy SEAL

US Air Force PJ


Captain/Paramedic TVFR


August 25, 2021


TO: Donald J. Trump


RE: A letter to cease and desist; case 1:21-cv-2241-XXXX




            Your recent lawsuit filed against TWITTER, INC. and JACK DORSEY is disenfranchising the entire class.  You must immediately dismiss your claim against TWITTER, INC. and JACK DORSEY in order to give the individuals and entities with legitimate claims against TWITTER, INC. and JACK DORSEY a chance of filing a legitimate claim in a court of law.  Your lawsuit is frivolous and without merit.  If you do not withdraw the lawsuit within two weeks, I will be forced to request joinder with TWITTER, INC., and JACK DORSEY, which I will then ask the court to sanction you under FRCP 11 and will petition the Court to file a counterclaim against you and the Class Members.  




            There is the age-old maxim: “He who seeks equity must do equity”, and “he who comes into equity must come with clean hands”.  You are coming before court with unclean hands.


            Since you are seeking equitable relief as a remedy for the cure in this matter, a defense to your claim is that you are seeking to receive equitable relief in a claim which you are not entitled to based on fraud, deceit, unconscionability or bad faith related to the subject matter of your claim.


            You are seeking equitable relief and you are withholding vital information from the Class Members, misleading and disenfranchising every member of the Class that has a legitimate claim.  Had you not misled the Class, they surely would not have signed on to this venture that is doomed from the outset.


            The relief you are seeking under No. 113 states, “Defendants are vulnerable to and react to coercive pressure from the federal government to regulate specific speech.”  Moreover, No. 116, “Defendants’ censoring the Plaintiff’s Twitter account, as well as those accounts of Putative Class Members, violates the First Amendment to the United States Constitution because it eliminates the Plaintiff’s and Class Member’s participation in public forum and the right to communicate to others their content and point of view.”


            Ironically, that is what you have been doing to me for the four years you were President!  Had you disclosed this to the Class, they surely would not have signed up for this doomed venture of yours.





            As every American knows, you were the leader of all of the Alphabet Agencies, i.e., the CIA, FBI, DOJ, NSA, Office of the DNI, etc., from 2016-2020.  While President, you did exactly what you are claiming TWITTER, INC. and JACK DORSEY are doing.  


            No. 69, it states, “Allegations that Twitter is allowing for the exploitation of children on its platform continue to mount.  Twitter has been cited for knowingly violating several obscenity and sex trafficking laws.  Twitter is not only promoting child exploitation in the United States, but it is allegedly doing so globally.”


            I’ve sent you numerous letters, cc’d to the DNI, DOJ, FBI, CIA, the 116th Congress, informing all of you that my children are being trafficked by officials in Clark County, Washington.  Amazingly, there has not been a single investigation launched into this while you were President.  Moreover, I have not been interviewed by a single law enforcement agency or a person in position of authority.  When I went to report this to the FBI in December of 2019, I was not allowed to bring them any evidence and was told to leave my laptop and iphone in my vehicle and I could not record the reporting of these atrocious acts.


            My daughters are being trafficked with your explicit knowledge, and this has been okay with you and the Alphabet Agencies under your command.  In plain English, you have enabled, assisted, and covered up officials in Clark County, Washington trafficking my daughters.  While at the same time, you are working with your Alphabet Agencies, MSM, and social media to keep this from getting out.  Yet, you allege Twitter is doing the same thing to you.  Amazing!   A court of law is not going to grant you equitable relief based on your unclean hands.   Had the Class Members known this they would not have signed up with you.


            In addition to trafficking my children, you assisted these same social media platforms to censor me.  After I sent the FBI the email on May 28, 2015, letting them know about the DB Cooper case, Obama signed the Executive Action Order to have me executed.  Less than a week later, June 4, 2015, Clark County Sheriff’s Sergeant Rick Torres (or an agent working for Obama) ran me off of a cliff. 


            I was in the ICU when henchmen from your Alphabet Agencies sent someone from the MSM to do an interview with me in order to get the story out of the news cycle as quickly as possible.  I was interviewed while in the ICU while drugged up on morphine.  This was purposefully timed in order to make me look like a lunatic while I was heavily medicated.  After I got out of the hospital, I contacted these same MSM news outlets and tried to get out what really transpired and none of them wanted to talk with me.  I was effectively “shadow banned” and could not get the fact that the government was attempting to murder me out to the general populous.    


            Is it not news that President Obama and his administration tried to execute an American citizen on US soil?  Is it not news that the DB Cooper hijacking was an inside job, and that my dad drove the get-away car after the hijacking?   You probably didn’t tell the Class Members that the DB Cooper hijacking was orchestrated and conducted by E. Howard Hunt, President Nixon, Ed Nixon, Najeeb Halaby, G. Gordon Liddy, John Mitchell, and James Klansnic (and the flight crew of NW Orient Flight 305), did you?  


            You probably didn’t tell the Class Members of my dad’s entire association with the CIA either, did you?  You should probably do that…on the record.  


            The latest attempt on my life (other than when you tried to have my house blown up here in Texas) was on April 19th, 2020 when I was surrounded by the psychopaths from the Clark County Sheriff’s Office when I called 911 to report that Rick Torres was trafficking my wife and daughters.  You know about this, yet you’ve worked with your Alphabet Agencies, the MSM, the AP, and the very social media companies you are suing to abrogate my freedom of speech under the First Amendment.   This is ludicrous!  The US Government (including you from 2016-2020) has been doing this to me since 2015 and it continues to this day!  You fuckers have tried to murder me and you don’t want any reporting on it, yet you want your voice restored by Twitter in a court of law. 


            I’ve tried to get my plight in front of the media for the past seven years any way possible.  For instance, I sent a letter to Judge Sullivan on May 5, 2020 in the Michael Flynn case.  My letter referenced the fact that the CIA tortured Al Nashiri to death (the USS Cole bomber).  Your DOJ, i.e., Bill Barr, dropped the charges against Mike Flynn two days later and this didn’t even make the news.  Al Nashiri has the brain capacity of a teen due to the brain damage from being tortured to death, yet he’s still facing the death penalty at a military tribunal.  I petitioned the DOJ Attorneys, Sidney Powell, and even called Judge Sullivan’s office to request to file an Amicus on Flynn’s appeal but never received a response from anyone.  


            We saw what a fiasco Flynn’s appeal turned out to be.  Judge Sullivan even had to hire an attorney to represent him in the appeal due to the letter I sent.  In a Minute Order he signed on January 19, 2017, he wanted the SSCI torture report preserved and sealed.  However, Durham’s investigation in the mid 2000’s didn’t reveal that Al Nashiri had been tortured to death and had brain damage.  Why?


            To add insult to injury the letter and Amicus Curiae brief I sent in was never recorded by the Clerk of the Court and wasn’t mentioned in the Flynn appeal at all.  I even sent in the audio evidence to them.  This was kept from the appellate court and the media.  It will be interesting to see what comes of this in discovery when Dorsey asks for it.      


            Mike Flynn is the same guy that you issued the pardon for, in case you don’t recall.  This is the same Mike Flynn that wasn’t gonna sit back and watch Obama execute my former Commanding Officer at SEAL Team One, Tim Holden.  Tim was executed August 28, 2014, three weeks after Flynn was “fired”.  Oh, right, that was a “bike accident” that killed him.  Just like Kyle, Littlefield, Doherty, Woods, Marihugh, Lewis, Reynolds, Kennedy, not to mention Extortion 17 were all “accidents” or the result of “acts of war”.    


            Mike Flynn already knew they’d executed my biological father six months prior, April 8, 2014.  I guess my dad shouldn’t have told me that he was offered a $2 billion bribe to keep my step-dad’s association with the CIA a secret, right? 


            Yet, none of this is news?  I’ve been “shadow banned”, however, on a much larger scale than you and by you!  I have a veritable electronic fence built around me by your Alphabet Agencies and these NGO’s and social media companies.


            You, along with your alphabet agencies have the identity of one of the hijackers in the DB Cooper hijacking (and have had it all along) but when I tried to reveal this, Obama tried to have me murdered; and this isn’t front page news on the Washington Post!  Can you explain that?  Why didn’t you guys answer my FOIA request for a copy of the Executive Action Order to execute me?  I’ve never seen one before and I’d like to see one.  Hell, I’d like to frame it and put it on my wall.  I surmise Comey, Brennan, and Clapper have a copy, right?  Do you have a copy?


            Furthermore, had you told your Class Members that the QAnon Op was a disinformation campaign that you were running out of the 201st Military Intel BN with Blue Huber, I think they would have been able to discern that you are completely full of shit and Operation Warp Speed was nothing more than part of this psyop being run on the American citizens, who you are feigning to protect in this frivolous and fraudulent lawsuit.  But you have millions, if not hundreds of millions of people sitting back and “trusting the plan.”  At the same time, you work with these entities to implement a stranglehold on each American citizen using the playbook you’ve used against me for the past seven years.  All this in order to implement communism, while people sit back and “trust the plan”.  This is Operation Trust from 1921-1926 all over again.  


            As an aside, is Blue Huber any relation to John Huber, the “garbage disposal” (your words, not mine) you used to bury anything related to Trump/Russia collusion?  


            I’m really starting to think that the entire Mueller investigation was an operation to find Epstein’s kill switch.  You know, the 1200-1400 hours of blackmail tapes that he had of wealthy individuals raping underage kids; two of which were of you raping Katie Johnson.  


            You should probably tell the Class Members that Bill Gates bought the original blackmail tapes from Epstein back in 2010 when he formed The Giving Pledge; and he’s been blackmailing you fuckers ever since.  Won’t Barr be an excellent witness for that?  Remember the December 3rd, 2020 email I sent asking for them in my criminal case?  Barr resigned three days later.  Then, when I sent you a message protesting his resignation, he recanted, only to re-announce and exit right before Christmas.  They’ll both be great witnesses for our side.  


            You can’t possibly be legitimately pressing this claim.  It’s nothing but a charade.  You’d never open yourself up to discovery.  You have too many credibility problems, i.e., Katie Johnson, E. Jean Carroll, Ivanka, Stormy, McDougal, and 26 other females that call you a perv.  You know this will never see the light of day.  


            Moreover, you did the same exact thing you’re accusing Twitter of doing when you were banning people from your Twitter account that offered a dissenting opinion or criticized you.  In Knight First Amendment Inst. at Columbia Univ. (formerly King’s College) v. Trump, you are taking the exact opposite position you are arguing against Twitter and Dorsey in this lawsuit.  This is the epitome of unclean hands.  Either you didn’t tell your attorney any of this, or they are purposefully withholding this information from the Class Members, TWITTER, INC, and JACK DORSEY.  That’s either negligence or fraud on your part or the part of your attorney.  





            You are aware that Obama issued an Executive Action Order to have me executed because of my dad’s involvement in the CIA.  As retribution for trying to expose this, these psychopaths, i.e., Rick Torres and company have been trafficking my daughters.  I’ve been doing everything humanly possible to bring this to light, but I have been “shadow banned” and the MSM has been forbade by you and these Alphabet Agencies from putting anything in print regarding my plight.    You, along with this Cabal (a conglomeration of the Alphabet Agencies, Washington State Government Officials, and private NGO’s) have been using the Associated Press and these same social media companies to shadow ban me, silencing my First Amendment Rights.  At the same time, you have been working with these NGO’s to keep me under surveillance in violation of my 4th Amendment Rights.  


            As you well know, if ANY of the “January Sixers” knew ANY of this information, they would immediately call you, Michael Flynn, Sidney Powell, Bill Barr, Gina Haspel, Chris Wray, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, James Comey, John Brennan, James Clapper, and many others to the stand to testify.  But you surely haven’t used your platforms to get this information to any of the people that have supported you all these years and are facing jail time because of supporting you.  


            The lawsuit you filed against TWITTER, INC. and JACK DORSEY is disingenuous and frivolous, at best.  It appears to be fraudulent based on the fact that you’ve used the same tactics against me during your entire Presidency.  


            Had the Class Members known this, surely, they wouldn’t have signed on with you to press this frivolous/fraudulent claim.  Had you been forthright and upfront, they would have been able to discern your true motivation here, to keep protecting this Cabal and the Alphabet Agencies that you’ve been working to protect throughout your Presidency.  


            You aren’t using this lawsuit to abrogate Section 230, you are using it to solidify it!    


            Therefore, if you do not cease and desist by withdrawing your lawsuit in two weeks, I will be forced to join TWITTER, INC. and JACK DORSEY and expose the corruption you have been perpetrating on the American citizens over the past four plus years.  If I have to do that, as stated, I will be seeking FRCP 11 Sanctions against you and your attorneys.  


            Additionally, I will be filing a counterclaim under CR 13(a) seeking damages for your actions with these Alphabet Agencies and NGO’s.  And, as you know, as recently as February 2021, you (or one of your agents working for this Cabal) broke into my home and breached the sheetrock above my garage to retrieve an electronic device that I assume was used to illegally monitor me in violation of my Fourth Amendment.  Let me know if you would like pictures of the breached sheetrock as evidence of your continued illegal activity. 


            If there is a lawsuit to be filed against TWITTER, INC and JACK DORSEY, it should be filed by people that have legitimate claims.  You are a fraud, and this is nothing but a show.  And you sat back and watched my daughters be trafficked by this Cabal the entire time.


            Maybe I’ll run for POTUS, and if elected, I’ll use your own executive order to take your wealth and then hang you…after a trial on the merits, of course.  But in order to do this, I’d need social media, but as stated, you and your henchmen had me banned.


            You might want to let the other Plaintiff’s know what they will find in regard to discovery when they ask for all my Tweets.  I’m sure they will have a change of heart.   Unless, of course, the other Plaintiffs are strawmen (shills).  I assume they are, as you couldn’t risk having a wild-card in your deck.  And that is how we know the entirety of this lawsuit is nothing but a fraud designed to solidify Section 230.    


I look forward to you withdrawing your lawsuit in order to give potential litigants with true claims a chance to sue Twitter and Dorsey.



Matt L’Hommedieu 

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