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The BLACKLIST: Bill Gates

Bill Gates: A Case for Blackmail

Bill Gates


In order to segment my book, Q-Sent Me, and break it down into a more reader-friendly tool, I’m going to break down segments of my book into shorter versions focused on the behavior of individuals.  The first one is Bill Gates.


If you’ve followed my blog, you know that I sent a letter to every member of the 116th US Congress to fire a shot across the bow of our Senators and Congressmen and Congresswomen regarding Rick Torres murdering Jason Wilkinson.  You can go back and read my expert witness report that I did after I reviewed the Internal Affairs Investigation documents that I received via a public records request.  Keep in mind, I still haven’t received files that I asked for years ago, i.e., the videotaped interview of Torres and the videotapes that were shot on scene the day after Torres murdered Wilkinson where the eyewitness, Anthony Davis, was present and showed the investigators where he was in relation to the shooting (less than 10 yards away).  The investigators, O’Dell and Hemstock threatened Davis so that he wouldn’t return to testify as to what he saw that day because they knew it would implicate Rick Torres in the murder of Jason Wilkinson, and they had to keep anything Davis said out of the official record, to the best of their ability.


The crux of my one-page letter to every member of the 116th Congress was to alert them to the fact that America has a serious problem with the Law Enforcement community, but an even bigger problem is the control our intelligence agencies have over our entire judiciary in both state and federal court.  As President Trump stated years ago, he could shoot someone in the middle of Manhattan and get away with murder.  While this may not be entirely accurate, a police officer can execute someone on Mother’s Day, May 8, 2005 and get away with murder.


As I stated, when I flew out to DC on or about February 4th through the 15th of 2020, the only person that would meet with me was a person from Deb Haaland’s staff.  I disclosed what is in this blog in detail with a member of her staff, pointing to the fact that my dad was involved in the assassination of JFK.  I am the type of guy that looks for cause-and-effect results, and as you now know, a little over a year after I met with Representative Haaland’s staff, she became the Secretary of the Department of the Interior.


In order to make sure that I was hovering over the target, and that Secretary Haaland was paying attention to me, I fired another shot across the bow of the Secretary and pointed to the fact that Geronimo’s skull had been stolen by the patriarch of the Bush family, Prescott Bush.  I sent an email (through the web portal) to Secretary Haaland, pointing out what a joke the legislation that George Bush passed in the wake of the revelation that his father, Prescott stole Geronimo’s skull.  When one of the Bush brothers showed up to a meeting where the Apache Indians were suing the Yale secret society of Skull and Bones, the Bush brother showed up with the skull of a 10-year-old boy, and the Apache Indian’s dropped the case.  I will take the liberty of assuming that someone got paid and the case was dropped.  


In response to the revelation that Prescott Bush got away with stealing Geronimo’s skull, George H.W. Bush passed the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act, which specified how the Native Americans were going to get the bones of their ancestors repatriated, and it allotted for penalties for organizations that didn’t comply with the act, to include penalties.  Of course, the Act was passed with great fanfare and publicity with Native American’s present to relish the day it was passed, giving the Native American communities comfort that their ancestors could now enjoy a proper burial and be sent to the spirit world of their ancestor’s religious beliefs.  This “great triumph” for the Native American’s was nothing but a shill disguised under the cloak legislation. 


While the Act directed how museums and places that profited from treading on the bones of Native American’s were to proceed in identifying and returning the bones of Native American’s to the rightful tribe, it specifically excluded organizations such as Skull and Bones that robbed Geronimo’s grave for a keepsake in their sordid satanic worshiping rituals.  In essence, GHW wrote legislation specifically exempting his organization from doing what the Act was specifically designed to do, return the bones and artifacts for a proper burial. 


In response, i.e., the cause-and-effect I was looking for, an article was sent out from Secretary Haaland’s office regarding the NAGRPA.  I knew that I had Deb Haaland’s attention.  


Within a couple of weeks of me submitting my email to Secretary Haaland, the DOI posted this article.




In addition, a couple of months later:




I’ve also sent emails to the people involved, but haven’t heard back from them, as I wanted to help assist them in writing their legislation, but in reality, I have bigger fish to fry…so to speak.  And that fish is Bill Gates, among many others.  So, let’s start with Herr Gates.


As you may or may not know, his father, William Henry Gates, Sr. was good buddies with Governor Dan Evans of Washington State, the ’68 Vice Presidential running mate of Nelson Rockefeller for the president of the United States.  The FBI and investigating agencies have done a yeoman’s job of picking up the trail of the serial killer, Ted Bundy, around the time he was fingered for the multiple serial killings around the ’72 election, but before that, they’ve pretty much left a hole in the history of Ted Bundy from ’68-72.  Why?


You now know, or will know by reading previous posts on my blog that the DB Cooper hijacking was an inside job orchestrated and carried out by the Nixon “Plumbers”, i.e., President Nixon, Ed Nixon, E. Howard Hunt, G. Gordon Liddy, Najeeb Halaby, James Klansnic, and my dad.   I surmise that my dad coordinated the ground party after Hunt hijacked NW Orient Flight 305.  Since this was conducted with the knowledge of the CIA as part of their “Dirty Tricks”, Nelson Rockefeller would have had his fingerprints all over this.  In fact, Najeeb Halaby worked for the Rockefeller Foundation after his tenure with the OSS.  As noted in my book, these folks were policy wonks, and the metal detector had just been invented, the Dawson Field hijackings were coordinated by the CIA through the training of PLO terrorists in Jordan, and the fingerprints of totalitarian rule started with the Nixon Administration.  He wanted to be able to spy on everyone, he was a true tyrant.  Think about how hard he went after reporter Jack Anderson and Daniel Ellsberg of the Pentagon Papers.  


You’ll also note that Bundy was the Washington State version of the Watergate crew, following around Dan Evans’s democratic opponent during the ’72 campaign.  Bundy had a tape recorder, and was later caught with a ski mask, crowbar, gloves, duct-tape, and a rope.  All of these items would be used in a Watergate-style burglary.  Years later, he would be pulled over for running a stop-sign in Utah with these items, which would eventually lead to his conviction for beating up a woman with a crowbar and trying to sexually assault her.  She couldn’t positively identify him during the trial, which the judge sat as the jury.  This case would surely be overturned on appeal today, and so would his conviction for the murder of the girl in Florida, since he was convicted using bite-mark evidence, which has been deemed junk-science.


Suffice to say, William Gates, Sr. was connected closely with Washington politics as an attorney in the State of Washington, practicing in Seattle and surrounding areas, he was a regular visitor of Governor Dan Evans.  Fast-forward 50 years, and we have an even closer relationship between William H. Gates III, aka Bill Gates of Microsoft, and Governor Jay Inslee.  In fact, Emily Inslee is a project manager at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. 


If Ted Bundy knew about the DB Cooper hijacking, i.e., the characters involved (and it is extremely unlikely that he didn’t), he would have been marked for death.  After all, if you believe me, and what I have disclosed on the record, the CIA has tried to murder me on multiple occasions, tried to frame me for a murder-for-hire plot, and then murdered my neighbor in an attempt to pin it on me at a later date, then wouldn’t the CIA go after Ted Bundy with the equal amount of vim and vigor?  


It’s quite clear to me that he went through the same type of psychological evaluations that I was subjected to, i.e., an opinion from a doctor that was pre-ordained.  In my case, Dr. Rice found me to be paranoid and delusional because I thought that someone, i.e., Rick Torres, was attempting to murder me.  In addition, along the way, I believed, much like I surmise that Ted Bundy believed, I had someone assisting me along the way.  After all, when I would Tweet something, or write an email, such as the one to Deb Haaland, I would get a response, and that response would be an article written in the MSM.  A couple of examples were when I Tweeted about the “spotted owl” and how Weyerhaeuser was most likely behind the “ELF” or Earth Liberation Front, and they were attempting to shut down all logging on Forest Service land.  They did this over decades due to Moloch, or the “spotted owl”.  In response, President Trump rescinded some of the acreage that was protected from old growth logging.  In addition, I wrote a Tweet thread about the Johnson and Johnson Tylenol poisoning, and how this was another way that they not only assassinate people, but they use it to gain a functional advantage over a corporation, such as Ely Lilly, who had a patent for the time-release capsules that were the rave in the ‘80’s, in addition to J and J rolling out a new taper-proof packaging system that had been patented.  After I put out the Tweet thread, an article recalling Excedrin bottles that had a hole in them was put out, along with information regarding the packaging legislation that was passed.  Again, this was a cause-and-effect, and what I was doing was getting the attention of those in the federal government, and I, like Bundy, was led along thinking that someone like Trump was actually helping me and sending me covert messages through the MSM, cut I hadn’t deciphered what these messages meant. 


Looking back, it was clearly and attempt by the Clowns in America to paint me as a lunatic if I ever brought any of this up.  Which leads me back to Ted Bundy, who escaped TWICE from a jail in Colorado, the first time, only to make it to a cabin where he nearly froze to death, and the second time, he was able to bust out, get a car, and make it to Michigan where he watched his alma mater play in the Rose Bowl, and then made it down to Florida where he was eventually convicted of the murder of a college student where many other women were murdered.  


It was clear to me, given that this was a very similar playbook, and I was thinking, like Bundy, that I had a helping had leading me along the way, yet their only intention was to paint me as a serial killer, like Bundy.  After all, my neighbor ended up dead by “suicide” and he supposedly shot himself 250 feet from my open bedroom window at 0500.  The shot didn’t wake up his wife, who was at home at the time, nor did it wake up any of us (3 others) in the house I was staying.  In addition,  they had moved my wife and daughters to Kimberly, Idaho, where I would be passing through on my move out of Washington State.  Clearly, they were going to murder my wife and children, then they were going to reopen the case of my neighbor and find my DNA, which in reality would have been my brother’s DNA, who picked up a job a couple of months prior at the funeral home where my neighbor’s body was processed, and I would have been arrested for murdering my wife and children in addition to being convicted of murdering my neighbor when they reopened the case.  


So, what does this have to do with Bill Gates?  


As you know, Gates has The Giving Pledge, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and Microsoft, where he was the CEO when this began.  These are great mechanisms to hide the corruption of the federal government.  And if you delve into the way the CIA operated and operates, you will be able to discern that Howard Hughes company, Toolco, which became the Howard Hughes Medical Foundation was an exact replica of the Gates’s collective companies.  This is the same pattern of behavior.  


There is a lot of disinformation surrounding Hughes’ death, but Robert Meyer, Hughes’ right hand man was nearly convicted of the same type of setup that I was facing, and what Bundy went through.  Meyer was charged with the death of his business partner and extradited from Canada back to the US to face charges for the murder of his partner, and after being put on ice for several years in the LA County jail system, he was eventually let out of prison and escaped the charges.  However, by the time he was let out, I surmise the CIA had tied up all the loose ends, and all that was left for Meyer to do was to put out a book alleging that Hughes had died years prior to his official death, and that the CIA looted his company and charity, in part by implementing the GLOMAR Project, a ship designed to pull up a Russian submarine from the bottom of the ocean.   In essence, it appears that they’d run the same scam that Najeeb Halaby did when he petitioned LBJ to give $1 billion to Boeing in 1964, a couple of months after JFK was assassinated.  Boeing had to put up 5 percent in order to get $1 billion for a project that they knew was defunct from the beginning, i.e., the Boeing 2707 Supersonic Jet.  McNamara already tried to make the SSJ for the military and found that it was not a viable product, and this money was funneled to Boeing.  Are you starting to connect the dots back to Boeing, who was partners with Lockheed Martin where “Skunk Works” was housed?    


The Glomar Project was a $350 million-dollar project run out of Hughes Toolco on behalf of the “Top Secret” program to find a sunken Russian submarine.  That equates to over $2.3 billion in today’s dollars, or about the cost of one of the Tesla plants.  Was this just another way to cloak the funneling of money to wealthy individuals and corporations through a boondoggle to steal Hughes’ fortune?   Meyer would later claim that he was taken to an island off of Florida where Hughes’s body was encased in a cryogenic tube and he was frozen.  And, as the story goes, Hughes wanted to be cryogenically frozen so he could later be reincarnated.  What a great story…particularly if you were trying to hide the time of death…from a coroner.  Meyer states in his “novel” that he was taken to an island where he saw the dead body of Howard Hughes in the cryogenic tube, yet it is now his story against the power of the MSM, and he is labeled a “Conspiracy Theorist”.  When will it end?


As far as the fingerprints of the CIA left after the raid of Howard Hughes’s Toolco., and then his Howard Hughes Medical Foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Microsoft, and The Giving Pledge have the same underpinnings of Toolco and HHMF, with the only difference being that Bill Gates is still alive.  This begs the question, is Bill Gates, in effect, the CIA?  I would surely make that argument, given he was tasked with violating my Fourth Amendment Rights regarding the illegal surveillance of me by the Clowns.  As noted, I have been under surveillance for years, starting at least as early as 2015 when Cessna planes were flying over my parents’ home in Stevens.  Eventually, when I went to Flight Tracker, I was able to find that one of the planes flying over the house for years out of an airstrip that was about 500 yards from the house was owned by Cloudcaptech.com, a division of Collins Aerospace.  They have the tools to intercept every bit of electronic data that I send into the ether. 


On March 3, 2020, when I filed a Motion to Stay the proceedings in my divorce case, miraculously, the date that I filed the motion, the Washington State Supreme Court issued the Coronavirus orders to effectively shut down the court system in Washington State, and my scheduled hearing was stricken due to the orders.  


It became clear to me that these orders were issued to keep this information from coming to light. For years, I’d been trying to get my story published in the MSM, and have never gotten a single bit of traction to get anything published, even when I sent in a human interest story that my dad was Bigfoot and made the Bigfoot film with Bob Gimlin and Roger Patterson in 1967.  One would think that this would be of interest to the general population, given that the Bigfoot film was a hoax and Gimlin and Patterson were trying to sell this hoax to Hollywood starting in 1964.  The obvious reason that there is no publicity regarding this claim is the underlying reason as to why my dad made the Bigfoot film with them.


It should be noted that the evidence that I had, i.e., the surveillance photo of my dad in 1979 when he was at Ft. Lancaster in Canada, and the accompanying envelope was stolen from my car sometime before I moved to Texas.  Luckily, I’d taken photos of the photo and envelope and posted them all over the internet in addition to sending them to the CIA and FBI.


The reason that I point this out is to show how controlled our MSM is by the CIA.  I sent the information about the Bigfoot film to 18 different MSM news outlets and didn’t get a single response from any of them regarding my claim that my dad was Bigfoot.  Either one of two things happened, the emails I sent were captured en-route to the recipient to shut them down, or the editor of every newspaper in America is owned, lock-stock-and-barrel by the Clowns in America.  I surmise, since Operation Mockingbird, that every news outlet in America is owned by the Clowns, and the Associated Press is the gatekeeper for everything that goes to print and the FCC is the gatekeeper for everything that airs on Tell-a-vision or radio.  The Council on Foreign Relations are the ones that get all of the prominent people appointed to these positions, like the head of the FCC, and these appointees are stoolpigeons for the CFR.  In addition, people like Jeff Bezos are the ones that control the Associated Press, given that he owns the Washington Post.  


It’s well known, or should be, that Ben Bradlee, the editor of the Post is a Clown.  And it stands to reason, given the reporting by Woodward and Bernstein during Watergate, that they were also stoolpigeons for the Clowns and the FBI.  It’s amazing to think that they actually sold the story that the Watergate burglars went back on three different occasions to break into the Watergate Hotel, and were eventually caught the third time they went back, and there were three pieces of evidence the burglars had on them linking back to E. Howard Hunt.  Clearly, Hunt wanted to be caught, and as I have stated, it’s better to be caught breaking and entering than for assassinating the President of the United States.  Hunt’s prison sentence is also telling, he served 33months in prison.  This number links back to these satan worshiping Clowns.  


In my book, I also point to the fact that I was Tweeting Bill Gates and also crafted a lawsuit that I feigned that I was going to file, and the Anon’s on Twitter exploded when I crafted the lawsuit and did a countdown on Twitter, letting them know that I was going to file the lawsuit.  During the exchange, there was a text message that was garbled between me and my mother, Gretchen that stated, “I’ll p lol q” with a sign off of “201 BN”, which signifies the 201st Expeditionary Military Intel Battalion ran by Blue Huber.  


In addition, there was a video of a person from Twitter called 40Head around this time, and the crux of this video, about 10 minutes long, was that bringing down a cabal of this magnitude that has been in place for hundreds, if not thousands of years, takes time, and that my hasty actions would put this in jeopardy, and that the opposition force, i.e., the “Black Hats” are so wealthy that they have connections to governments with nuclear weapons, and Trump is doing everything he can to stop them from blowing up the entire world.  


This defies logic, particularly given that the wealth of these individuals, like the Rockefeller’s and Rothschilds, own every country around the globe except North Korea, Iran, Cuba, and Syria (which now is owned by the Rothschilds).   If they own every country, then how would Trump go about combatting this?  He’s nothing more than their puppet, and it’s quite clear, if you read my book, that he is part of the Deep State and is controlled by Bill Gates due to the fact he is on the Epstein blackmail tapes from 1993 when he was caught raping Katie Johnson.  


In essence, QAnon is a psyop and it was designed to find the Epstein kill switch, i.e., his blackmail tapes, and to send messages between the Deep State and MSM, while at the same time labeling anyone that believes there is this global cabal trafficking drugs, women, and children as a “Conspiracy Theorist” and labeling them as terrorists, such as Congress has already done to believers of Q.  


When Twitter erupted after I wrote out the lengthy lawsuit against Bill Gates (the Anon’s that were in the know that it was a psyop), I knew that I was onto something, and this linked Gates to the whole charade.  Especially, given the court system was shut down by the Coronavirus right after I filed the Motion to Stay, and Gates’s connection to Governor Inslee, who ran for POTUS in 2020.  It was evident to me that Inslee went back to Washington, not to run for POTUS, but to coordinate the charade that is currently taking place, after all Washington State is suffering some of the most draconian lockdowns of any other state, and Inslee is at the fore of this tyranny, and he is not giving it up, as he and Gates are the blackmailers, using the information that I have disclosed herein.  


A few months after I typed up the lawsuit against Gates, I decided to send it to the Dallas Police Department Cold Case Unit on the anniversary of the signing of my divorce decree, “Tax Day”, April 15th.   Judge Baker signed my divorce decree on the 15th, so I thought it would be apropos to send the lawsuit implicating my dad in the assassination of JFK, while linking this whole charade to Bill Gates.  For these psychopaths, dates are important to them, i.e, Judge Baker was taxing my ass by signing it on “Tax Day”.


Again, it’s not a coincidence that Nixon placed sky marshals on US commercial flights on 9.11.70 through his executive powers and that Pan Am Flight 93 was one of the planes hijacked in the Middle East during the Dawson Field hijackings.  This was replicated 31 years later when Flight 93 was hijacked on 9.11.01.  These dates are important to the Clowns and signify significant historical events, such as the birth of “Jesus Christ”.  However, this is their joke, as they are the only insiders that know this “joke” being perpetrated on the general populous.  Remember, Jason Wilkinson was killed on “Mother’s Day”, i.e., May 8, 2005 by Rick Torres.  This sent a clear message to the Wilkinson family and it wasn’t just happenstance that he was killed on this date. As noted in my investigation, Torres was absent from his employment at the Vancouver Police Department just weeks before the killing.  Where did he go, and what was he up to during his absence?  I surmise that he was getting his orders to send this clear message to the Wilkinson family, but as stated, I was not allowed to represent myself, otherwise I would have asked him these questions under oath. 


Amazingly, less than three weeks after I sent the “lawsuit” to the Dallas Cold Case Unit, Melinda Gates filed for divorce after 27 years of marriage with Bill Gates on May 3, 2021.  In addition, Warren Buffet severed ties with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation about a month later, on June 3, 2021.  Do you think that the timing of the divorce and Buffett bowing out of the BMG Foundation are just a coincidence, or are they attempting to absolve themselves of all liability…just in case.


As you can discern, Bill Gates is the cut-out for the CIA, and he’s been using this information to get anything he wants passed into legislation, and the circus that has now become our federal government is under the direct control of Bill Gates.  He is using what I have disclosed on this blog as blackmail to get the US Congress to do his bidding.  The time for Bill Gates honoring himself will soon be at an end…once you wake up.   


But, I could be wrong, YBTJ.   

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