Saturday, December 11, 2021

The BLACKLIST: James Comey

 The email was simple enough, it was designed to get the attention of the FBI Director, James Comey.

  Former FBI Director James Comey

The email was sent to the FBI before they figured out that they needed to limit the information that they get, as it would affect every case prosecuted by the FBI.  It is the epitome of exculpatory evidence pointing to the broad corruption within our federal government.  

As many don't know, our federal government is nothing but a corporation.  They are no different than Microsoft, Google, Facebook, or any other corporation registered in the United States.  They've lulled the American citizenry into the false sense that the United States is still a republic governed by the Constitution.  It is not, the United States Congress is nothing more than a Board of Directors that sets policy for the corporation, and they run it through deception. 

Think back to the mid 90s when Alan Greenspan was on the news every day, leading the charge for the stock market chicanery that was taking place.  He was the cheerleader for Corporate American and he was posing as an official from the "Federal Reserve" which most people, including me, were duped into thinking that the "Federal Reserve" was a government entity.  While us citizens were not that intuitive into the legalese of what this meant, over the course of the past 25 years, unless you have been asleep at the wheel, you've learned the the "Federal Reserve" is nothing more than a bunch of fat cat bankers that get about .05 cents on the dollar for printing money.  What's the incentive to stop?  None!

Just like the "Federal Reserve", the FBI is also a sub-corporation or a corporate entity of the Corporation of the United States of America.  The director of the FBI is nothing more than the CEO of the subsidiary of the Corporation of the United States of America cloaked under the guise of being a law enforcement agency, which it is not.  It's a RICO organization designed to keep the profits boosted for the parent company. 

And, as you hopefully know, the CIA is one of the profit centers that funnels money into the parent corporation.  Their stock-and-trade is sewing discord around the globe so that other corporations can profit, i.e., the "Military Industrial Complex."  

Gary Webb, of the San Jose Mercury News attempted to expose the CIA's main profit center and was rewarded with two bullets to the head.  Of course, the "investigators", which should have been the FBI, as he was reporting that the CIA was responsible for the crack cocaine "pandemic" that swept across America  in the '80's and 90's should have investigated his death.  .  Webb tried to expose this, and the FBI did everything they could to cover this up for the CIA and the Department of JustUs, another subsidiary of the Corporation of the United States.

If you don't know what "exculpatory evidence" is, you're behind the curve.  It is evidence that is of benefit to the accused in a criminal action.  The "prosecutors" and law enforcement officials are required to turn over all exculpatory evidence in a case to a defendant in a criminal matter.  

Imagine holding yourself out as the "G-men" - super agents that are at the top of their game in investigatory prowess.  The FBI knew that they had to change the profile of police around the nation, so they started a public service campaign with Hollywood, painting their investigators as super-sleuths that were beyond reproach.  Their public campaign has worked wonders and they have people around the nation crying "Back the Blue", i.e., law enforcement.  Trust and respect has to be earned.  What has the FBI done to earn your respect?  If you've been paying attention over the past five years, you've learned that there are rules for thee, and not for me when it comes to the FBI and Department of JustUs.

Our MSM has done a great job of leaving the (S) out of "elected" officials.  Our (s)elected officials are just that, it doesn't matter which side of the aisle you are on, whether it's Democrat or Republican.  They are going to give you what you want.  A person that is moral and has a sense of decency doesn't have a shot at getting elected because anyone that opposes the main profit narrative for the corporation gets no air-time, whether it be in print or over the airwaves, i.e., Radio or TV.  This is all controlled by the six major MSM organizations.  

When people started to expose the truth during their blogs, and they got a following on social media, these entities and people were bought out.  Take Joe Rogan for instance.  He was just awarded $100 million for his company.  Who do you think owns him?  Yes, he is like Alex Jones, and he calls out the MSM, but he doesn't really have an impact like you think he would.  He skirts the issues (the true issues) and sells what the citizenry wants.  His current crusade is about the jab and the coronavirus.  He has no shot at changing that narrative, that train has already left the station.  

I've emailed Rogan and told him that I'd go on his Podcast and either debate him or provide evidence of this deep seeded corruption within our federal government, to include what is in my email below.  However, Rogan hasn't even responded to me.  I guess that the DB Cooper hijacking is old news.  Or, who shot JFK.  

Which brings me back to the email that I sent to Comey the cuck (or to the FBI).  I am sure that Comey received it, because I was under surveillance by these clowns back then (and I still am).

The email states:

Matt L'Hommedieu   sent May 28, 2015 at 1:50 PM

to: (note: as I stated you can no longer send the FBI an email, they have an electronic portal that supposedly send your electronic communication to them)

I have a theory on the DB Cooper case.

I am a former:

US Navy SEAL (1987-1991)

US Air Force ParaRescueman (1993-2000)

US Forest Service Smokejumper (1991-1994)

Captain/FFPM Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue (1996-2014)

I would need access to some classified databases in order to solve this problem.  I don't think that this should take too long, it is a math problem.

Please let me know if Ic an be of some service to you.  I believe ou have the profile of DB Cooper very wrong.  He was neither a Flight Engineer (cargo pusher) or a crazed thrill seeker.  

DB Cooper was ME.  Look at my qualifications.

He was very meticulous in his planning.  He cut the parachute cords with a hook knife when he disassembled the reserve parachute.  The reserve parachute was used to hold the cash.  The extra parachute was used to hold the cash.  The extra parachute cord was threaded through the nylon holders to hold the cash and inside the reserve parachute.  What did the handle that the placard was attached to look like?  Was the handle still attached to the plane?  He used some sort of metal object from the plane as a tool.  It had to be flat about 2 inches wide.  He used this to much (sp, push) the ears of the parachute back in after he packed the chute.

DB was a VERY experienced jumper.  He was either an experienced combat veteran, or he missed the end of the Korean conflict and was trained by those that were in the Korean Conflict.  He was around some sort of SF training.

His DZ was not where you would expect it to be.  I will tell you in more detail on that later.

Do you have a picture of the case the cash was transported in?  I would like to see that.

What are the descriptions of the brief case he was carrying.

Anyway, if you would like my help, I am available.


Matt L'Hommedieu

So, you may ask why I am writing this today (or perhaps you don't even care).  But, for the record, I was under surveillance prior to writing this email back in 2015.  I'd been digging into some pretty nefarious corruption at the highest level of our government.  In fact, it was Preet Bharara, the Attorney General of the Southern District of New York.  He was appointed by Obama, and when I started digging into the USO Fund managed by Nicholas Gerber, it lead right back to Preet.  More on that later.  So, the reason I am writing this today is to point out how nefarious this is...or how paranoid I've become. 

A car went by my house today and turned onto my street.  I didn't recognize it, but suffice it to say, the timing is odd, given that I've been sending my "love letters" to some government officials.  Typically, in my love letters I use the word fuck a lot, so you can get my drift.  It's typically in the form of a noun, however, like You "fuckers".  In addition, I have been making my BLACKLIST of all the folks that I am going to go after when I get elected as Sheriff of Skamania County.  Unfortunately, the deck of cards only has 54 cards, and not over 535, i.e., the number of people in the US Congress...that will be a different post.

The car that turned down my street is so obscure, that if you only saw it once, you'd scratch your head, like I did on May 28, 2015.  What color was it, again?  What description do I give, and did I see the color right?  These fuckers are smart, and they've gotten this surveillance down to a T.  It's like they teach you in intelligence, be the "Grey man", or someone that never sticks out in a crowd, someone that blends in.

The cars they use are also equally as obscure.  I'm even trained to look for things, and I still miss things, as I was focused on getting the license plate and I didn't have my iPhone on me to get a recording of the car with tinted windows.  And, of course, the tint isn't completely blacked out, but it's darker than usual, and designed to specifically obscure the driver without being illegal (I'd bet it is illegal, but it's right on the line, so he wouldn't get pulled over unless he was doing something wrong).  Anyway, the license plate was  a Texas plate, PCL 1890 or 1880 (my eyesight isn't as good as it used to be).  Regardless. the color of the car is as you'd expect, 

It reminds me of the car that was following me years ago.  So, if I was ever questioned about the vehicle, and what color it was, WTF would I say?  Is this car grey, tan, silver, or champaign.  I don't know, but now you get an idea of how this game is played.  They try and insert as many variables into their plot to mess with your head as possible, and this is just a small example of how they do it.  What color is this car?  And, if you were called to the witness stand and tried to describe what you saw that day, you would automatically be discredited because you'd stick to the color that you saw for fear of not sounding like an idiot.  

Imagine the scenario where you swore the car was tan, and they showed you this car.  Or you swore that you saw it was brown, or some other color.  You'd have to stick to your story, or say, I don't know what color the car was, thereby discrediting yourself along the way, because the follow-up question would be, "well, you can't even remember the color of the car, so how can you be so sure that you saw XXXXX?"

What I do know, there was a fat dude that reminded me of Wilford Brimley in the movie with Tom Cruise, The Firm.

Seems fitting, I guess.  He could have been just someone from the county doing drive-by's for taxes, or some other reason, but the fact that I've never seen the car before and he went down the end of the cul de sac and turned around, and when he saw me coming out to the end of my driveway to check him out, he turned onto another street that is a cul de sac and he was essentially trapped.  In order to exit my neighborhood, he had to drive by me, which he did.  Essentially, his behavior was odd.  And when the behavior is odd and it's not adding up, I usually deem it is something nefarious orchestrated by the Clowns in America.

And, if you've followed my blog, you can discern that my shot across Comey the cuck's bow, you know the perps of the DB Cooper hijacking.  And you also know why they closed the DB Cooper case on July 12, 2016.  As I've stated, that same day I got a call from the VA letting me know that they were turning over my finances to my estranged wife, and the call wasn't logged into the VA system.   If this is your first time reading this blog, then I'd hope that you familiarize yourself with the facts of the case.

In the mean time, I'll keep documenting the shit as it happens, just like I did when someone broke into my house during the great storm last February and breached the sheetrock between my garage and the main house in an attempt to retrieve something ( I assume).  I surmise they put an electronic device in the house when they were painting it right before I moved in.  But, that's just crazy to think they would do something like that.  

Rest assured, if you vote for Matt L'Hommedieu this November for Skamania County Sheriff, we will get the answer to all these questions.  

Another point of fact, the Clowns in America will attempt to controversialize me, painting me as a lunatic and a convicted felon.  I'll have to congratulate them on their success on convicting me of Commercial Fishing without a license and DV/harassment.  I guess it was either take the plea deal, or get thrown in a mental institution for 17 years.  What would you have done, knowing you were facing crooked cops, a crooked prosecutor, crooked judges, all backed by the Clowns in America?  

You can vote Dave Brown back in (I surmise they will get some golden boy to run for office, as they can't afford to have me elected, they know who I will go after) or you can elect someone that is actually going to break down this two-tiered JustUs system.  If you do vote me in, rest assured, the Comey's, Brennans, and Clappers of the world will be called to answer some very difficult questions.  

Like I said, I've made a BLACKLIST.   And I'm going to make some playing cards with their names and faces on them.  You'll get to see first hand who will be asked the difficult questions all on video for the world to see.    

Signing off for now. (soon to be website)


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