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The BLACKLIST: Dave Brown

Dipshit Dave

Sheriff Dave Brown

It was on or around July 16th, 2016 and I was reeling from the attempted murder of me just days before, July 12, 2016.  Things for me had been relatively quiet for the previous year, but people were started following me again in the spring after I'd recovered from these scumbags running me off a cliff the year earlier.  In addition, the planes were constantly flying over the house from the airstrip 500 yards from the house.  Years later, I found out one of the planes was owned by Cloutdcap Technologies, a division of Collins Aerospace, and they have the capability of monitoring EVERYTHING.  They are, in fact, a spy plane and have the capability of receiving your cell phone data, and most likely aerial imagery, like we had on the Blackhaw helicopters when I was in the military.

I started dating Joni Phillips, whose dad used to work as an engineer for Boeing in Seattle.  He'd passed away recently.    Somehow, and I never did find out how, but she knew my dad from years prior.  I surmise that she is related to David Phillips, one of the orchestrators of the JFK assassination.  If I had to guess, I'd say he probably worked for Skunk Works at Boeing (essentially a CIA cut-out). 

We were out on the deck and I was in a bit of a panic after learning that the game to murder me was still on for these psychopaths.  I had an appointment set up with my psychologist at the VA on July 12, 2016.  I'd been to group therapy with other vets suffering from PTSD, and the lead counselor, Dr. Clark, saw that I was agitated and not acting right and told me that I could meet with him the following day.  He informed me that my regular counselor was out that day, but he had a slot available to meet me and could fit me in at 11:00 a.m.

When we were in the hallway, I didn't recognize from the many weeks I'd been going to group that this guy was huge!  He reminded me of one of my teammates at SEAL Team One, one of the baddest dudes on the planet.  His hand engulfed my hand when we shook hands in the hallway, and while he wasn't huge, he was big.  I'd say he was maybe 230 pounds, a bit taller than me, proportionally built, and strong.  

The way he was acting was a little off to me and gave me a sense that there was something more to what he was letting on.  He was behaving as I would on the way to a critical call or on an operation, agitated and antsy.  I couldn't put my finger on it, but it was just weird.

After sleeping on it, I knew that I wasn't going to attend the appointment, it was just too wrong.  I had a bad feeling, so I let the clock tick past, and a little after 11:00 a.m., I received a call on my cell from a number that I didn't recognize.  Usually, I screen the calls, but this time I answered the call and it was the VA.  I did check the number later and it was from a VA facility, however, the guy I spoke with had a Hispanic accent and didn't appear to know what he was talking about.  He informed me that the VA was turning my finances over to my estranged wife, and she was going to be my "fiduciary", or managing my money.  He told me that the VA dropped the ball and this fell through the cracks and should have been done months ago, and I believe he said back in 2014.  However, he couldn't answer the questions I was asking about the VA policy of turning over my disability benefits to an estranged wife.  I threw in some other questions that I cannot recall, but the gist of the conversation is that this guy didn't know what he was talking about.  What is even scarier, playing Monday morning quarterback, this call was not logged into the VA system.  

Additionally, the VA took no action after this call until more than six months later.  They sent someone out to interview me and go over my finances and situation, and the VA field officer assigned me a fiduciary to manage my finances, in part due to the fraudulent mental health evaluation I showed him by Dr. Rice.  Of course, I wanted to keep my feet straddling the line between a sane person and an insane person, to keep my options open.  I'd much rather be deemed insane than be a dead person.  This always gave the Clowns the opportunity to paint me as a lunatic, and controversialize me, which they've successfully done up to this point.  But, if you've read my blog, hopefully, this dispels that notion. 

I knew that there was some sort of set-up downstream from me to murder me.  It couldn't have been anything else, whether it be a car accident, or if I was going to get in a fight with Dr. Clark, and he was going to choke me out or shoot me, portraying me as a mentally ill lunatic when I went to the appointment.  At least, that is what I would have done.  If I were planning it, I would have had Dr. Clark shoot me in the face as soon as I walked into his office and pull out the records from the previous day's appointment and said, "yea, this guy was a crazy vet and he attacked me and I had to put him down like a dog".  I don't know what plan they had for me, but surely I was scheduled to die that day.  

In addition, they would have pointed to the "voicemail" left on my phone and said that I learned that my benefits were being turned over to my wife, and now she is a grieving widow, and her husband who was this SEAL, PJ, Smokejumper, and Firefighter got screwed by the government, didn't get the care he needed, and Shelane was a victim of the system because the VA let us all down.  You can see the headlines now.

What I also didn't know at the time was that the Seattle Times was notified that morning of the closure of the DB Cooper case.  The FBI actually closed the case on July 8th, 2016, however, they didn't announce it to the Seattle Times, which appears to be the first paper of record to receive the information that the DB Cooper case was closed. 


Now, if you know anything about these satan worshiping Clowns, you look for their symbolism.  For instance, look at the date and time of the article.  These are coded signals that are known only to them.  This recently played out in an article in the Columbian after I sent my book to John Garrett Smith, a guy they framed and stole $150 million from.  A couple of days after I sent Garret my book and asked him to edit it, the Columbian put out an article that they were "closing" Larch Mountain Correction Center where he was housed.  

Now, you can see that there are three sixes in the timestamp in the Seattle Times article "closing" the DB Cooper case.   

Now, look at the article about "closing" the Larch Mountain Correctional facility.  

You can see the same numerology in the message that was sent, i.e., June= 6, followed by 2+2+2 = 6 and 6, and 1+5 = 6.  Again, this equates to 666.  You don't have to take my word for it, just look it up "it's on the internet".  These folks send secret messages through the MSM in articles all the time.  This is part of the way they covertly communicate.  In fact, when you elect me as the Skamania County Sheriff, we'll ask James Comey about it and we can get it on the record.  I have a few other questions for Comey as well.  

At around 1:00 p.m. that day, I got a call from my buddy, Warren, and he asked if I saw the news, which I hadn't.  He told me they just "closed" the DB Cooper case.  Notice how the article was sent out just before my appointment at the VA?   It was all preplanned, and I was scheduled to be executed that day, although, I don't know how they were going to do it.

Some weird things were happening around this time also.  Like I said, I was agitated, and I felt as if I was being drugged.  I was extremely paranoid and agitated.  Looking back on it, I was acting exactly like someone on meth acts.  And as it were, I'd just purchased a month's supply of marijuana, and I'd just opened the container of my favorite type, Heavenly Buds if I recall, and it was tarry and pliable.  However, the following day when I went to smoke it, it was dry lock popcorn, and it had crystals all over it.  I smoked it anyway, and it obviously really got me high.  

My iPhone had gotten wet, and it stopped working, so I knew it was dead.  I was trying to make the argument to my mother and my new girlfriend, Joni, that these fuckers were trying to kill me, but the more I talked about it, the more they said I needed treatment.  I was telling them about my time in the military and how they didn't understand that I did the job they were orchestrating upon me, and they just didn't understand.  For emphasis, I threw my iPhone on the deck and was ranting and raving making a show of it.  They thought I'd lost it and just broke a $600 iPhone, which I had to replace anyway.  

I don't know who, how, or why, but 911 got called.  I don't think it was Joni, so it must have been my mom who called, but Dave Brown was at the house within a couple of minutes of me throwing the iPhone down.  As I said, the airport they were monitoring me from was about 500 yards away, and often times I would leave the house, and when I was going down the hill, I would either see Dave pulling out of the neighborhood where this airport was, or he would pull out right behind me.  I'm sure he'd make the argument that I'm paranoid and delusional, and that it was just a coincidence, but how many coincidences need to align up until it is mathematically impossible to be anything but a plot to murder me?  

Within a couple of minutes, I saw Brown pulling up the drive in his patrol pick-up with the lights on and I immediately knew this was it, he was going to murder me.  I didn't want to give him the opportunity to play the game that I was a threat and had a weapon, as these dirty cops always do, so I stripped down to my shorts and went out the front door of the house.  You couldn't see the front door of the house, as it was blocked by the garage.

I was at the bottom of the steps on the concrete sidewalk when Dave rounded the garage, and he was drawing his weapon.  I'd gotten down on my hands and knees, spreading my arms out wide, just enough to keep my torso a few inches off of the ground, giving him my face as the only target to shoot.  If he was going to shoot me, he'd have to shoot me in the face, then use his throw-down weapon to say that I was a threat to him.  Obviously, Dave reholstered his weapon and walked up to me and asked what was going on, which I pled that I thought that I was having a hard time, mentally and just needed to get fixed, i.e., some mental health help.  This would scenario would play itself out a couple of days later, when I went absolutely crazy from smoking whatever it was they laced my weed with and wrecked my dad's Caddy into a rock in the driveway.  

There are a couple of things that I believe happened, and there is no doubt in my mind (1) someone switched out my marijuana with something laced with some sort of drug, and (2) Dave Brown was sent that day to murder me, and that is why he was drawing his weapon as he rounded the corner of the garage.  He had no probable cause to be drawing his weapon, as I was not a threat to him.  Furthermore, Dave is such a dipshit, if we actually got in a gunfight, who do you think wins that?  A cop, who shoots about 25 rounds a year versus a Navy SEAL and PJ that's shot more rounds than 99.999 percent of the population in his life.  Think about it next time, Dipshit Dave!  If I were truly armed....you'd be a dead man! 

I've given up my ways of whiskey and wickedness now, and there is no reason for me to carry a firearm.  I will use my pen as my sword. 

As an aside, you'll also note that there is a 9 and a 3 in the headline of the DB Cooper article.  Again, I'll reiterate the complete "coincidences" of Nixon signing the executive memorandum on 09.11.70 in response to the Dawson Field hijackings, Pan Am flight 93 included.  Then, you have 9.11.01, and United Airlines flight 93.  It just so happens that United Airlines bought out Pan Am Airlines.  Wow, what a bunch of coincidences.  

Here's my latest love letter (email) to him: 


I left a little note for you on Facebook.  It’s not very nice, I call you a murderer and a sex trafficker.  If I were you, I’d either arrest me for making a false statement, or sue me for libel.  Are you going to do that?  I hope that you keep posting so that I can respond in kind and alert the public about your graft and corruption.   

I still haven’t received the public records request from Yarden regarding all of his emails from his gmail account and information on his google drive.  As I stated to you earlier, he is using the gmail account for you guys to do your dirty shit, so please treat this as a police report for illegal activity by Yarden, i.e. wire fraud under the RICO statute. 

Also, I am requesting that you send me all documents of the investigation into the death of Rick Pauly.  I can’t wait to see the bullshit funny papers that you fuckers wrote about that murder.  Did you test his skin for powder burns?  I assume there will be black powder that is embedded in his skin, right?  When you use a silencer, like you did, the powder doesn’t completely burn due to the dispersement of the gasses and powder through the silencer, right?  Did you have that analyzed at the lab?  What about any other witnesses, did you have the neighbor on the other side of his residence interviewed?  I’m really shocked that you guys haven’t interviewed me, I have a lot of information about your graft and corruption, i.e., you fuckers trafficking my ex-wife and daughters.

Did you get the naked pictures of her on Mike Roe’s phone yet?  What about the $6,000 that is unaccounted for that he stole?   Or the welfare fraud that Lisa Martin assisted Shelane in getting while I was giving her cashier’s checks.  Have you interviewed Rick Torres yet about where he was the day I was run off of the cliff, or where he was on August 17, 2016?  (Hint: he was in Pendleton, Oregon where I was that day).  What about his sudden resignation from CCSO on August 4, 2016, after I sent him the LinkedIn message regarding Wilkinson v. Torres?  Or better yet, did you interview Lacey Blair, the prosecuting attorney that filed the motion to postpone the trial the day after Torres resigned?  Or, even a better one, did you interview the now-discredited District Court Judge, Darvin Zimmerman regarding him ordering a psychological evaluation of me on August 8, 2016, at the pretrial hearing so that I couldn’t represent myself.  You know that he wouldn’t let me read the Wilkinson v. Torres case into the record, nor would he take judicial notice of the case that day either.  Don’t you think that the judge would have dismissed it if I read the opinion into the court record, let the judge know that Torres resigned August 4, 2016, and the Motion to Postpone the trial by Lacey Blair was bullshit, and my wife wasn’t going on a “preplanned” vacation.  It’s almost as if they needed to set up a psychological evaluation of me in order to postpone the trial to protect Rick Torres from being exposed as a murderer, right?  

It’s almost as if there was a conspiracy to commit murder here...for financial gain.  Did you interview Shelane about this?  Why did she move to Vancouver, in 2014, of all places?   Did you ever check and see if she ever had any contact with Torres prior to my arrest on February 11, 2015?  You know she called her father that morning, prior to me returning from my doctor’s appointment.  Did you talk to him about what they talked about?  Perhaps they set me up for the false DV/Harassment charge.  Perhaps you should talk with him about it.  Also, why didn’t Torres or any of the other officers write anything down about the pornographic journal that I found that morning written by my 12 year old daughter?  Why wasn’t there anything written by the officers about Shelane telling me the girls were “addicted to porn”?  Why didn’t they write anything down about me telling them I suspected they were being molested when Shelane was taking them over to her fathers house 5 days a week, and her brother lived at that home.  Surely, we couldn’t get porn on the Washougal River through our internet service, so if you put on your detective hat, where do you think they were watching porn, to the point they became addicted to it?  (Hint: there’s high speed internet in Gresham where Shelane’s parents live).  

Also, have you interviewed Judge Krog?  He shredded documents I submitted in the divorce case.  I asked for subpoena’s which would have garnered all this evidence, and he shredded them.  Isn’t that illegal, and a violation of RCW 40.16.020?    

Anyway, thank you in advance for investigating Yarden and the public corruption.  Also, thank you in advance for looking into the items listed above and for providing me the response to my public records request regrind the investigation into the “suicide” of Rick Pauly.  I think that I told you that my mother told me he was being blackmailed by someone.  Did you ever figure out who that was?  He got his gun out of a safe or compartment due to this, from what Gretchen told me.  It would be pretty easy for a law enforcement officer to meet him the morning of his death and then put a silencer to his skull and pull a trigger, particularly if they were blackmailing him.  Just a thought…but you are the highly trained detective, so I’ll just follow the facts of the case as they are written in the report.  It’s odd that I wasn’t interviewed, neither was my mom (to my knowledge) nor Dorinda, who was staying with us at the time.  

Oh, and for shits and giggles, have you figured out who Bigfoot is?  Hint: he lived in White Swan, Wa. when the film was made (right near Gimlin and Patterson).  And, have you figured out why he made the film?  Hint: it’s spelled out on vector23.org.  

Thanks for supporting the biological weapons system released by Bill Gates.  Isn’t it ironic that I was attempting to reopen my divorce case on March 16, 2020 and include the facts that my dad shot JFK and was involved in the DB Cooper hijacking, and the Washington courts were shut down the following day?  I filed a motion to stay the judgement and it was scheduled to be heard on March 27th, 2020, and the novel coronavirus orders were issued by the Washington Courts the day after.  Do you think the timing is just a coincidence?  

If you want my opinion (I’ll give it anyway) I think that Bill Gates used the letter I sent each member of the US Congress on January 20th, 2020 and he is using that to blackmail each and every one of them in order to release this bioweapon where he gets 20:1 on the $ he invests in vaccines.  That’s pretty smart, right?   In addition, right after I sent the letter to each member of Congress, I sent a letter to the Senate leadership, FBI, and DOJ letting them know (which they already knew) that my dad shot JFK.  If you want any evidence, let me know.  

Have a great day, I look forward to running against you in the upcoming election.  Unless, of course, you and your buddies have me scrubbed out before then.  

Love, Matt

PS, you never did verify whether your son got charged with rape in Clark County.  Why won’t you tell me, confirm or deny?  Perhaps I was given misinformation, and I surely don’t want to be misled.  

cc: Undersheriff Pat Bond 
cc: Deputy Prosecutor Yarden Weidenfeld

P.S. Here's an updated thought for you, SuperDave.  Since I am going to be murdered soon, they will be looking at you as the blunt instrument (or Torres the twat).  I am sure that you know by now, your fearless leader (other than Gates/Inslee) Obama, wanted me dead after I sent an email to the FBI on May 28, 2015 regarding the DB Cooper hijacking, less than a week before I was run off of a cliff.  You might want to interview Obama about the Executive Action Order he issued to have me scrubbed out before I am murdered  Otherwise, they will try and obscure this in a bunch of propaganda pushed in the MSM and make this a "who done it" crime, creating nothing but confusion and chaos.  This shit could easily come back on you, so as an insurance policy, I'd make sure and interview either Obama, Gates, or Inslee.  

If one were a good detective, they would also interview Comey the cuck, Brennan the bitch, and Clapper the cunt to ascertain if they have a copy of the EAO issued by Obama to murder me (you might want to get a copy for yourself).  They wouldn't have the balls to make a move like that (sending Torres to murder me) unless they had an insurance policy, so you might want to get that EAO from them.  Talk about feckless yes-men!  Those three clowns are the epitome of it.  

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