Thursday, December 16, 2021

The BLACKLIST: Angus Lee

 He who has no sin, cast the first stone.

 Former Prosecutor Angus Lee 

Angus was my first choice for my defense for the fraudulent charges filed against me by Clark County Prosecutor, Tony Golik (more on him on his BLACKLIST profile).  However, when I approached him to be my attorney, he originally declined due to his hectic schedule and a family health issue.

I was thrown in jail on my daughter's birthday, November 14th, for failing to capitulate to the now discredited Judge Darvin Zimmerman's order that I be evaluated by a Washington State psychologist.  I was attempting to plead the 5th and remain silent.  I did not want to plead the 5th because I was guilty of what I was being charged with, I wanted to because we have all sinned at some time in our life, and what if I disclosed something that I was guilty of previous to being charged.  Therein lies the rub, we've all done something wrong in our past, if you think about it, and this can go back to the time I stole bubble gum from the local store in Glenwood when I was a kid.  I definitely don't want to be charged for that.  Nor anything that transpired after that.  However, I was not guilty of the charges I was being accused of by the State of Washington at the time.  

Take, for instance, the disclosure of classified material, for instance.  Surely I did not want to be questioned about disclosing information about a SECRET NOFORN vaccine program that was being conducted in South America, which caused an abundance of still births and spontaneous abortions, which the Red Cross (a CIA cut-out) was conducting so they could research stem cells, cord blood, and sell the aborted fetuses for a profit.  Luckily, our government was monitoring the program.  As an aside, isn't there a vaccine program being implemented in the United States and around the globe that is causing an inordinate amount of spontaneous abortions right now?  I digress....

The point, we've all done something wrong in our past, and I brought up this very issue with Angus, who is a former Marine Recon unit operator, so he knows what I am talking about and the position I was in.  But, for me to state "they want me for my genes", which I believed that Bill Gates acquired access to through the MVP, or Million Veteran Program, in 2013 under the DARPA program regarding the gene drives, that just sounds insane, right?  Or does it?

Gene Drives sponsored by Bill Gates

Now, I don't know a lot about viruses, but what I do know is that I approached the University of Washington and Harvard to let them study me because my genes were able to cure themselves of Hepatitis C, viral meningitis, and herpes.  So, I had a factual theory as to why someone was trying to kill me.  Several of them, in fact. at the time Judge Zimmerman ordered me to undergo a psychological evaluation. He knew exactly what I was doing and I knew exactly what he was doing when he ordered the psychological evaluation.  He was trying to protect Rick Torres and keep anything out of the record about him murdering Jason Wilkinson, see  Wilkinson v. Torres.  And I was trying everything possible to get this into the court record the day he ordered the psychological evaluation, including asking him to read it into the record, asking him to allow me to read it into the record, submitting it to the court Clerk to be entered into the record, and asking him to take judicial notice of it the day of the hearing.  Instead, JZ hands it back to me as he's assigning my sworn enemy to represent me, Jeffrey Barrar.  

When I hired Angus, he said that he knew Torres, but that didn't create a conflict of interest.  He said something about knowing him from church.  What I didn't know was that these people's church is the church of satan (zip code 98666).  That would have been nice to know at the time.  

I was almost ecstatic to hire Angus when he took my case.  I had a former Special Ops guy that was in my corner, and I figured he would fight as hard as I was in order to preserve my right to a fair trial and expose the corruption.  I couldn't have been more mistaken.  

When he took over the case, I went from being a pro se attorney to conducting research into the corruption because Angus was a former prosecutor and he knew all the tricks of the trade.  What I didn't know at the time was that these former prosecutors are the "fixers" of cases.  They didn't get their position as elected prosecutor without being vetted by the CFR, or the Washington State Bar, which is one of the dirtiest organization in the State of Washington.  Again, see my previous posts about the interworking of these organizations with the MSM.

Angus was an insider, all right, but one for the prosecutor.  When Angus took over in the spring of 2017 after I was released from jail, and had capitulated to the demands and was evaluated twice by Dr. Patricia Rice from the Washington DSHS, I delved back into Jeffrey Barrar, as I knew there was something I'd missed about his 40 years of corruption in Washington State.  As I've said, he was business partners with Dennis Lane, who sued me for over 10 years, and bribed my attorney in the middle of litigation in 2007.  He even used the Vancouver City Attorney, Ted Gaithe, as his scapegoat to get the case dismissed.  Now, Ted Gaithe, the former City Attorney is a ghost, I challenge you to find him, or any record of him or anything about him.  

When I happened upon BLEMS, LLC, the company owned by the former law partners during the time I was being sued by Lane, I sent it to Angus.  We had a hearing scheduled in front of Daniel Stahnke, the judge that was assigned to my felony case.  And BLEMS stands for Barrar (my former court appointed attorney), Lane (the guy that sued me for over a decade), English, Marshall, Stahnke (the judge presiding over my criminal felony case), and Vanderwood.  I guess the V didn't fit well in the acronym, so they left him out.  I told Angus about the years of corruption that I dealt with, and what happened to me when Barrar was assigned to my case, i.e., he threatened me by stating, "Isn't it ironic your freedom is now in my hands," which spurned the email I sent him immediately after I spoke to him attempting to create a conflict.  Note, I was having a panic attack at the moment because I knew they were going to attempt to frame me and take another shot at murdering me, and I shared all this with Angus.  

When we arrived at the hearing, Stahnke was nowhere to be found.  Instead, the hearing was in front of Judge Vanderwood.  Angus brought up a "possible" conflict of interest and that he might want to pass it on to Judge Stahnke.  There was no motion filed, no affidavit of prejudice filed, nothing.

Furthermore, I was arrested on February 11, 2015, and this was over two years after my original arrest, and none of my court appointed attorneys or hired attorneys had interviewed Torres.  Nor had they interviewed my wife.   Looking back, this was the plan all along, to protect Torres at all cost, and to keep anything related to Torres out of the court record.   Essentially, Angus was sent in as the clean-up hitter.

Over the course of the next 9 months, Angus slow-walked the case.  We filed a waiver of speedy trial, time and again.  In the mean time, I am attempting him to coordinate with my newly hired divorce attorney, Linda Staples.  She's an elderly grandmother type of attorney, and seemed pretty honest and interested in getting my case moving forward.  After a few months, I noted the same type of behavior from her as my other divorce attorneys, she was stalling also.  In addition, Shelane was representing herself, so any motion that we filed to get custody or for me to see my children had to be served upon her, and she simply wouldn't answer the door.  This went on for the entirety of 2017.  

I was effectively locked out of the lives of my children.  Now, we all know why, they were being trafficked by this cabal.  I tried to get Angus to assist me with changing the no contact order with Shelane so that I could see the girls, and amending the NCO, but he was stonewalling everything....for the obvious reason, he was working for the opposition.  

Now, if you look at it from a legal standpoint, the first thing your attorney does is sits you down and asks you to tell you everything about yourself, including your past.  You are giving him your "confession" because he has to be able to defend you, and he or she wants to know everything about you so he isn't surprised or blind-sided when it comes to trial...which it never comes to trial.   

You've just confessed everything to your "priest" just like going to mass.  This reiterates in your mind that you've sinned in your past, and you don't want any of that bad shit to come out at trial, you could be in real deep shit.  So, your priest tells you what your penance is; plead guilty to XYZ, and you will avoid going to jail.   You'll get XYZ sentence and none of the ugly shit in your past will come up to haunt you...UNTIL NEXT TIME.

And, as you can see from "the BLACKLIST: John Terry," he ran to the prosecutor and other attorneys and shared information about his client, discussed the case with them, and decided that this kid needed to accept responsibility for being the father of the child in question and pay up.  Terry was even going to destroy evidence if the illegally garnered evidence by his attorney buddy, Krisztian Carrasco, was getting paid to collect, posing as a straw man to defraud Terry's client (his own client).  The back-room deals are being worked by these black robed witches all the time.  As I've said, these witches mete out JustUs before a person walks into the courtroom.  And Angus, like Terry before him, was right there along with them to fix the case against me.

I'd essentially been tortured for years, not getting to see my children, except at "supervised visits" where they wouldn't speak a word to me because they were in fear for their life.  If they said anything that would have exposed the fact that they were being trafficked by this cabal, they would have been tortured and murdered, just like the gal my wife witnessed being murdered in 1980 when she was trafficked.  My wife had warned the girls and told them about what she saw, if my children hadn't seen it already.  They knew that the penalty for disclosing something that could lead to exposure of Torres' and Co. sex trafficking ring
would lead to not only their death, but the death of their mother and their sister...a very gruesome one at that, like being stung up between two trees and gutted out and left to bleed to death.   

Angus told me to reach a plea, or pay my penance, with these fuckers, rather than going to trial.  He said that if we interviewed Torres, that would take my case to a whole new level, and he was right.  It would have exposed everything, and these satan worshiping fucks needed to keep the record as it was, and controversialize me on tape.  

Angus told me he scheduled the plea deal in front of another Marine Recon guy that was also a judge in Clark County, Judge Fairgrieve.  But, when we showed up to the hearing, it was changed and Judge Gregory Gonzales (another BLACKLISTER).  Katie Kauffman was there at the sentencing and repeated the "wrap-up smear" that Pelosi talks about, and said a second time that I tried to recruit Francisco Ortiz, a "non-client" to blow up her office.  Again, this was a lie, and she knew that Ortiz was a client of her firm, but this was done just to fuck with me, mentally, like everything that transpired previous to that.

Angus did not go after the missing LinkedIn message that I sent Torres in July of 2016 referencing Wilkinson v. Torres.  The LinkedIn message was destroyed.  He did not ask the court to accept judicial notice, and he didn't interview Torres, my wife, nor any other witness on my behalf.  I wonder what it would have looked like, had he put Bill McRaven on the witness list to testify that my wife lied about saying that "He was never a Navy SEAL, and I can prove it."  

I told them I wanted to call him as a witness, and I had my former platoon mate, Dave Soule, show up to a hearing with our platoon plaque to testify and present evidence to the court.  However, he was never called by any of my attorneys.  Now, you know why.  This is a system set up, and these people have been carefully chosen to be your "priest" and mete out your just punishment. 

This is not only at the State level, it is also at the federal level, and we will get into that when we cover another BLACKLISTER: Judge Emmet Sullivan.

Angus is a wolf in sheep's clothing.  He has a near perfect rating on his google review.  He is nothing more than another Angel of Darkness, there for you to confess all your sins to, and mete out your punishment.  He's controlled opposition.  




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