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The BLACKLIST: Bill Clinton

 It's the shoes, Bill

President Bill Clinton

If you've read my blog, you know how the Clowns keep control of the people that they have sexually trafficked, like my wife.  When she was trafficked to an area near Seattle, she was with a group of about 40 other girls and was taken to a compound when she was 14 years old.  

These girls, ages 10-14, were raped, tortured and murdered.  In order to ensure that they never spoke about it, their captors had to send a very clear message, so after they'd been held captive for a couple of days, they were taken on a forced march through the woods and they came across one of the girls they'd been trafficked with that was non-compliant.  She was the one that was challenging the system.  She was strung up between two trees and had her stomach sliced open and she was left there to bleed to death as the young girls watched.  

They were told that if they ever spoke about this again, this is the fate they would suffer, and their family would be murdered in the same fashion, and they would be the last one to go after her entire family was executed and suffered a gruesome death.  Jon Benet Ramsey comes to mind, at least for me.  

In Washington State, there has been shoes washing ashore, and it started getting noticed in 2007.  I surmise that it's been going on for much longer than that, but that is what is officially recognized by law enforcement.

Location of shoes washing up on shore, Washington State

You'll see more on my post about the trafficking of Chinese women on the Blacklist series of Judge Baker.  Suffice it to say, women are being trafficked all over the globe in shipping containers.  They are nothing more than a commodity, like cattle, to these pieces of human excrement that traffic them.  And the thing about sex trafficking, these girls are used time and time again until they've outlived their usefulness.  It's not like a brick of heroin or cocaine that is only sold once, they pay off the same amount every day.  That is why Trump started the "War on Sex Trafficking" just like Nixon started the "War on Drugs".  

And if you've read my last post, or my other blogs, the DEA seizes about 5,000-7,000 pounds per year of heroin for testing purposes to ensure that the Clowns monopoly isn't being invaded upon by other drug dealers.  They have a budget of about $3 billion per year, and they capture less than 1 percent of the heroin that is being imported into the United States.  

Given the fact that there's been NOTHING happening with sex trafficking, and it has done nothing but proliferate, one can surmise that the SEA (Sex Trafficking Enforcement Agency...or whatever three letter moniker they will come up with) is equally adept at catching sex traffickers as the DEA is to catching heroin importers.  And, if you've lived outside of a cave for a little while and paid attention, you know that Gary Webb of the San Jose Mercury News got two bullets put in his head when he tried to expose the CIA's role in the crack cocaine pandemic that swept through the nation in the '80's and '90's.  So, we know that the CIA is the largest drug importing agency in the United States, and they do it for profit.  Therefore, it stands to reason that the CIA is equally entrenched in the sex trafficking industry.  

In fact, I spoke to a gal that was captured and trafficked to Seattle, like my wife was, and she said that there were CIA Agents on the compound when she was there.  She also said that later in life, she was captured by a CIA Agent (after she turned 18) and was held as a sex slave for a couple of years until she was able to escape to a different country and change her name and identity.  So, there is a very reasonable inference that the Clowns are steeped in sex trafficking just as much as they are in the drug running business.  Of course, this gal that reported this to me could be providing me disinformation, but the pattern of behavior seems the same.  My wife was also married to a psychopath that tortured her, playing Russian roulette with her, telling her if she ever left him, he'd kill her.   

When my wife had our first child, she smelled the blood after her water broke and developed PTSD to such a degree that she would go into psychomotor seizures where she would be catatonic.  Her eyes would be open, but nobody would was home.  Eventually, after calming her down, she would start to shake and then come out of the trance.  She later shared with me that her husband tied her up to a post, gutted out her favorite calf and let it bleed out in front of her and she was left there to smell the blood.  When she had our first daughter, it reminded her of that, and that is what she attributed the psychosis to. 

The similarity between these two stories are too glaring to count as a one-off.  Either the gal that reached out and told me the story about being trafficked was truly trafficked as she stated, or she was sharing my wife's story with me.  And if she was sharing what happened to my wife, how did she know, and who was she working for?  Obviously the Clowns.  And if they were using her to try and make me look mad, congratulations, there's much more information on this spelled out in my book Q Sent me.  

Regardless, there is reasonable suspicion that the clowns are trafficking children, and Gina Haspel should be questioned as to what she knows about these matters, so should FBI Director Christoper Wray.  I've reported this to them, and they know where my book is! 

The feet fit right in with this same ideology.  If you have a bunch of men and women that you are trafficking in shipping containers, you can't have one of them leaking feces and urine when you pull into port.  Additionally, if they are a commodity, you are going to have to care for the commodity to a certain extent.  I'd also assume that the women were brought to the ship by someone, and that someone was also seeking passage to the US, under the guise of being their pimp, or handler.  You' d think that this type of person would be abusive, controlling, and a monster also. 

So, what better way to ingratiate yourself with the girls that you are trafficking than to tie them up to a rope, throw them overboard, and let the girls that you are trafficking watch their captor suffer the fate they all wish to impose upon him.  The freighter hauling these people are essentially trolling the entire ocean with their captor.  At the end of the ride, when they are pulling into port, they pull in the line and all that is left is a foot in a shoe.  This sends two messages to these girls, (1) it reminds them of what their new captors are capable of and (2) if you go along, we'll get along...or else see rule (1).  


When Bill Clinton was running for president, one of the guys in the ParaRescue circle that was an Arkansas State Trooper was on Clinton's guard detail.  What I learned was that this guy would bring in women to both Hillary and Bill.  Although a little shocking back then, what has transpire since then, nothing would surprise me.  And Clinton wasn't elected president yet, so I assume that the information was more likely than not true.  

I came across a researcher on Gab that was looking into the death of Dail Dinwiddie, a 23 year old girl that disappeared in Columbia, South Carolin from an area called five points after a U2 concert.  Robert Price is a guy with some serious balls, and he was the one that was posting this information on Gab.

He went into the police station with his video camera and computer and started questioning the law enforcement officer that was in charge of the "cold case".  The crux of the video, and much of his other postings were that he had information that law enforcement was completely ignoring.  He formed a theory that she was killed during a satanic ritualistic sacrifice on behalf of the Clinton's while they were in South Carolina.  

When Robert began questioning the detective, he basically shut down the "interview" and kicked Robert out of the police station.  You aren't going to get these fuckers to investigate themselves.  The point of Roberts video was that the police department in Columbia is just as corrupt as the police department in Skamania County where I am going to run for sheriff...if I live that long.  

Robert makes the very strong argument that this was a satanic ritualistic sacrifice in order to celebrate the Clinton cabal.  Now, of course, all of this could be disinformation, but if you watch his video, Robert is as nervous as a long-tail cat in a room full of rocking chairs when he's interviewing this detective.   He should either win an academy award for acting, or he is telling the truth and he is nervous about what he has uncovered.  You can research him more in detail on Gab.  My point is, he has a lot of information, it sounds very plausible, and he backs it up with the facts he has gathered over years, just as I have.  He is also trying to put it in their face, just as I am doing, at great risk of harm to ourselves.  I imagine that Robert and I will be found in a ditch one day, and the LEO's will attribute it to an "accident" or "suicide".  After all, we have to be nuts to think that Hillary is a lesbian, Bill is a sex freak, and that they are into satanic ritual abuse.  

If my wife was trafficked to Seattle, and the other gal that reached out to me was trafficked to Seattle, and my kids are being trafficked in the same area, one might intuitively think that they are running a sex trafficking ring out of Seattle, or someplace nearby...like zip code 98 666, or Vancouver, Washington.   And if you were a devout satan worshiper, wouldn't you want to go to the "Mecca" of satan worshiping?  Do you think that they would post where that "Mecca" is on the internet, or do you think they would want to keep that a secret due to the nefarious shit they are pulling.  And, I you were a devout satan worshipper, wouldn't symbols be important to you, like the place you live, being he Mecca of a satanic cult symbolized by their favorite number, i.e., 666.   Is it any wonder that the Clark County Prosecutor's Office is in zip code 98 666?  Along with the courthouse?  (I think they might have recently changed the zip of the courthouse to 98665 after I started posting this online).  It sure reeks of a satanic cult, particularly given the corruption in Clark County with the judges and prosecutors.  Darvin Zimmerman is an example, and he is another BLACKLISTER I'll cover later, along with Prosecuting Attorney, Tony Golik.

The point being, you can only use the Hegelian dialectic so long.  The Hegelian dialectic is referred to as the dualism in dichotomies.  In plain terms, if they are putting it in your face, and calling you crazy for believing in a philosophy or theory that something is actually transpiring and you are using logic, reason, and circumstantial evidence to prove your theory, at what point does your theory become truth based on your theory of the evidence based on your philosophical beliefs.  

Some perfect examples of this are the cases of Laura Silsby and Comet Pizza.  What the fuck was Silsby doing working for the Clinton Foundation, when at face value it appears she was trafficking children under the guise of a charitable organization, the Clinton Foundation?  Additionally, Comet Pizza, and the ritualistic abuse of children at the hands of the most powerful people in DC is touted as nothing more than a bunch of "right wing conspiracies" according to the MSM, and it was immediately "debunked" by the fact checkers.  If you recall, the Pizzagate scandal was a byproduct of the release of the Podesta emails by Wikileaks.  The press jumped on this and immediately propagandized the issue and labeled anyone that thought it was out of order for Obama to spend $60,000 on hot dogs.  

When does this conspiracy theory become conspiracy fact?  It's not as if there aren't fingerprints leading back to the fact that there is a massive amount of sex trafficking that is taking place across the United States.  And, given the fact that women and children are being flown into the United States by the planeload, surely gives one the impression that these women and children are being flown into America for a purpose.  So, what is that purpose?  

And, if you know anything about the FBI, they've been a crooked organization since Hoover started it in 1909.  He was controlled completely by the Clowns since their formation because they had the dossier on him and used his homosexuality to completely control him.  And, if it's rotten at the top, what does that say about the G-men that work under him. When have any of these corrupt organizations, i.e., the CIA and the FBI, been cleansed up?  You've never heard of anyone being prosecuted for corruption within these organizations...because they protect their own, and devour anyone that dares buck the system and tries to expose their corruption.  Does Julian Assange ring a bell?

Look at Bill's statements about his meeting on the tarmac with Loretta Lynch.  Does anything he stated about the meeting ring true?  How about his rides on the Lolita Express with Jeffrey Epstein?  How does he account for the flight logs where he's been listed on there 26 times, but says he's only been on Epstein's planes four times.  ONLY four times with a known pedophile, are you kidding me?  If you're hanging out with a pedophile ONCE, you'd better have a God damned good explanation as to why you were ONLY with him four times, let alone flown to his orgy island on multiple occasions and photographed on his island with other "Usual Suspects."

For any person attempting to get a security clearance, this would be a red flag.  If you were ONLY hanging out with a known drug dealer four times, you'd be in a world of shit trying to explain to the NSA why your good buddy is a drug runner, and you don't have anything to do with his business.  When they do security clearance checks, the first thing they do is ask you who are your closest 10 friends so they can vouch for you.  And if your ten friends have a criminal record, guess what, they deem you a criminal.  If you hang around with dogs, you get fleas!  And Bill is hanging around with a bunch of dogs.

There is so much dirt on the Clinton's that the only logical conclusion anyone can reach is that they are controlled by their handlers.  Take what I've written above, and extrapolate that into a scenario where a person had proof of a single thing that Clinton did wrong.  Now, if you were someone like Nelson Rockefeller, and you got Clinton elected because you knew he was a sexual deviate, and you knew that he was compromised, to a certain extent, you'd create a fire around him to make him feel the heat.  

Rockefeller was the king of extortion and manipulation using COMPROMAT (compromising extortion material).  He had the dirty on everyone and he used his power and wealth to get it.  I imagine he had the dirty on Clinton, as he was one of the ones that got him elected as Governor of Arkansas, just as he did years before when he got Dan Evans elected to be Governor of Washington State.  And Evans was another good buddy of....Bill Gates, Sr.   Wow, interesting, we're back full circle, talking about sex trafficking and Seattle, where Ted Bundy murdered a bunch of women in the early 70's, and possibly before.  And who was the running mate with Nelson Rockefeller in '68?  Dan Evans.   And if you know anything about the Rockefeller Commission and the Church Committee hearings, you'll know that both of those were orchestrated to hide any association the CIA had with the JFK assassination.   They even burnt down the St. Louis military records center in July of '73 to cover their tracks.  

When you know how the game is played, you'll understand the depravity of these individuals.  They play in a league where there are no rules, they make the rules.  And the rules are for thee and not me, according to them.  I'm not one of the people in the camp that Bill and Hillary are going around whacking people...at least at first.  You see the list of people on the Clinton body count.  You can google it. 

The way these people that play the game is to have compromising information on someone like Clinton, and the up the ante by murdering someone that is associated with the Clintons, like Vince Foster.  We saw the same thing happen when Obama was running for president the first time.  Larry Bland and Donald Young were both murdered execution style around the time that Larry Sinclair held a press conference providing evidence and giving "testimony" about his cocaine filled trysts with Obama.  

I don't think that Obama had the muscle or wherewithal to murder them in the middle of a presidential election.  Obama was (s)elected by the CFR to be president and they pulled out all the stops to get him elected.  His handlers were the ones that murdered Bland and Young, and Obama stood there with his mouth agape watching it, knowing his handlers had other COMPROMAT on him, and they completely controlled the Office of the President after they murdered Young and Bland.  This is how the game is played, they use the dirty that they have on you, then they increase it ten-fold by linking you to a murder.  This was exactly what they were trying to do to me when they murdered my neighbor.  It's pattern behavior, and they've been at if for a long time.

The same thing happened wit the Clinton machine, they were compromised, and their handlers started murdering anyone that could possibly be a threat to the entire empire that is the hidden hand, the people that we will never know or see.  

And, as Donald Trump says, he could murder someone in the middle of Times Square, get away with it, and still get elected president.   When you own the propaganda machine, that is what you can do, and they've done it time and again to further their agenda.   And these people are never investigated because they appoint people to the positions in power, like the CIA and FBI Director, that are tasked with investigating them.  This needs to change!  That is specifically why I am running for Skamania County Sheriff, so I can change this!  It's not about money, power, or wealth for me, it's about justice, not JustUs.  And I will get to the bottom of who these hidden hand fuckers are, starting with questioning Bill McRaven, who sits on the CFR.  He can answer some tough questions for a change, along with former Admiral Joseph Maguire, Trumps DNI, who quit a week after I flew out to DC and tried to meet with him. While I'm at it, I'll ask them about the death of Tim Holden and what they know.  If I were them, I'd definitely be using my platform to demand an investigation.  But, I assume they won't.  

I'm wondering, at what point did the Clinton machine run so far off the rails.  I assume, given what's been uncovered, the Clinton machine has always been corrupt.  I'm just not sure when it went from corruption to murder, extortion, and sex trafficking.  

There are more questions than answers with the Clinton machine.  We all want answers, and when I asked for the Epstein blackmail tapes, I've wondered if Bill Clinton is on them.  I also wonder if they sent the officers to murder me on April 19th, 2020 to keep this from being exposed.  I guess I'll have to ask Bill some tough questions about this when I interview him.  I think there's reasonable suspicion to question him, given the multitude of dead bodies that have stacked up around them.  I also think there is a causal link between sex trafficking, and since there is circumstantial evidence that links from Skamania County, Washington, through Judge Baker, all the way to the garment district of New York City, where his former partner had a modeling studio and an app that links John's with Chinese women, I believe there's reasonable suspicion that this is a nationwide trafficking ring being run, and the Clinton's want to keep this from being exposed.

Now, I am not naive enough to believe that the website of Judge Baker, linking him to a website of his former partner that openly displays a gal bending over and showing her vagina was done by happenstance.  I found the website of his partner on the Washington State Bar Association website.  Of course, I included the picture of the gal bending over showing her vagina when I filed the recall petition against the judges and elected officials in Skamania County.  

midcolumbiaattorneys.com (defunct)

It is more likely than not that this was posted purposefully by someone that is part of this organization in order to make me look like a lunatic, furthering their position that I am a nut job, attempting to controversialize me when I bring this up.  The question is, who posted this?  

In order to get to the bottom (no pun intended) I'll definitely have to question Bill Clinton, don't you think?   

In the meantime, keep tying people to a rope and throwing them overboard, using them as trolling bait when you are trafficking women to Seattle.  It leaves fingerprints (footprints) all the way back to your sex trafficking ring.  

You have to wonder about the Clinton machine going after Bill Gates when the DOJ was filing the antitrust action against Microsoft.  Was this just part of the WWF professional wrestling in politics, or were the Clintons really going after him.  It makes you wonder where they stand now, over 20 years later.  

We'll see.  I surmise they are all on the same sheet of music now, with a singular enemy, me.  We'll see.  


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