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The BLACKLIST: George Bush

A Century of Corruption is Enough

President George Bush (black-eye club)

Remember as a kid when you were doing something brave, like jumping off of a rock into the water, and to show your bravery, you'd scream Geronimoooooo?  Or was that just us kids that grew up on the Rez? 

This is an older story with some new tread about Geronimo.   

The Geronimo rumor first came to wide public attention in 1986. At the time, Ned Anderson, then chair of the San Carlos Apache Tribe in Arizona, was campaigning to have Geronimo’s remains moved from Fort Sill, Oklahoma — where he died a prisoner of war in 1909 — to Apache land in Arizona. Anderson received an anonymous letter from someone who claimed to be a member of Skull and Bones, alleging that the society had Geronimo’s skull. The writer included a photograph of a skull in a display case and a copy of what is apparently a centennial history of Skull and Bones, written by the literary critic F. O. Matthiessen ’23, a Skull and Bones member. In Matthiessen’s account, which quotes a Skull and Bones log book from 1919, the skull had been unearthed by six Bonesmen — identified by their Bones nicknames, including “Hellbender,” who apparently was Haffner. Matthiessen mentions the real names of three of the robbers, all of whom were at Fort Sill in early 1918: Ellery James ’17, Henry Neil Mallon ’17, and Prescott Bush ’17, the father and grandfather of the U.S. presidents. 

“My assumption is that they did dig up somebody at Fort Sill. It could have been an Indian, but it probably wasn’t Geronimo.” 

Anderson arranged a meeting with Bones alumni Jonathan Bush ’53, a son of Prescott Bush; and Endicott Peabody Davison ’45, a son of Trubee Davison. At the meeting, Anderson has told several journalists, the Bones representatives produced a display case like the one in the photo. But they told Anderson that the skull inside it was that of a ten-year-old boy. They offered the skull to Anderson, but he declined, as he believed it was not the same one in the photo.

This is where the story takes a bit of a twist.  After I sent a letter to each member of the 116th Congress on January 17, 2020, stating that the CIA sent their wet-worker, Rick Torres to murder me, I got a response from one single person from Congress, Deb Haaland.  I didn't talk to Deb, but one of her staff, who dropped me like a hot rock because I had to be crazy with what I was reporting to him. i.e., that my dad was involved with the DB Cooper hijacking and he shot JFK.

Fast forward a year and a half and a lot more terse letters to Senators, Representatives from Congress, the POTUS, and all the Alphabet Agencies, and I'd had my fill with Congress.  

I don't know what set me off the day in June of 2021, I surmise it was an article about the Bush clan, but It triggered my PTSD and I had to let out some demons. So, I wrote a letter to Deb Haaland, the new head of the Department of the Interior in the Biden administration.  I assume she's the only good one in the bunch out of the Biden Administration, or she extorted Biden with the information I gave her about my dad's involvement with the CIA.   

In my email to Haaland, I pointed out the fact that Jonathan Bush brought the skull of a 10-year-old kid instead of Geronimo's skull to the meeting with Ned Andersen.  I think I'd also pointed out that there was a lawsuit against Skull and Bones, the first of its kind where someone actually sued the secret society, Skull and Bones.  But before they got to discovery, it appears that Ned Andersen dropped the lawsuit against Skull and Bones and made an arrangement to meet with Bush. The lawsuit is dropped, then you have a meeting where Jonathan Bush brings the skull to the meeting?  This makes little sense, or someone got paid off.  

In my tirade to Deb Haaland, I was certain to point out the fact that Bush brought the skull of a 10-year-old boy and that was the end of it, period!  Not a single question was asked about the skull of a 10-year-old boy.  Not, WTF, where did you get that?  Who is it?  How did he die?  Where did he die?  Who'd you report this to, i.e., the FBI?  And the long line of questions that would flow from there. 

I wasn't going to give this up without a fight, so I combed through the law that Bush (41) passed in 1990 that was touted as a savior to the Indians called the NAGPRA, or Native American Graves Protection Act.  This Act, signed by Bush 41, was an appeasement to the Indians for what his dad, Prescott Bush, had done years earlier.  And, I am sure there was some pompous ceremony that accompanied this great accomplishment and appeasement of the Indians.  

As I am reading through the act, it has some good things in there, like taking an inventory at the museums within certain timeframes, reporting requirements, getting the bones back to the rightful tribes, and even jail time for entities that didn't follow the parameters of the Act to get the bones back to the rightful Indian Tribes.  I guess grave robbing is still a crime...somewhere in America.  And with NAGPRA, it even included Native Americans' graves that were robbed.  Such progress since the Civil Rights Movement!  (I hope you are getting this double entendre).

As I am reading through the good portions of NAGPRA, I'm ready to lock the Bush family up...all of them, due to the penalty provision of the Act.  Then, I see the hole in my plan...the fucker, Bush 41 left a hole so big in the Act that you could drive a truck through.  This was just like the Monsanto Protection Act all over again (legislation that protects Monsanto, to the exclusion of all others).  NAGPRA only held government and private entities that were getting profit from robbing the gravest of Native Americans accountable for the Act.  It let the fuckers at Skull and Bones off the hook because they weren't robbing graves for a profit, they were doing it to steal collect mementos to steal someone's soul.  So much for religious rights.  

They might as well have called it the Skull and Bones Protection Act, as the fuckers still have the skull of Geronimo in their lair.  So, I asked Deb Haaland to get Congress to change the legislation to include the fuckers at Skull and Bones.  And, I'll give her credit, she jumped on it, and there was an article in the newspaper about a week after I sent her the email in June of 2021.  Unfortunately, I still believe that there's a hole letting Skull and Bones off the hook.

It's quite obvious that the Act will never allow a suit to go forward against the secret society, Skull and Bones.  Like Nixon said about E. Howard Hunt, you don't want to peel that scab off, there's a lot that will come out of it.  

Fast forward 10 years and the Bush clan was at their old tricks again, collecting mementos.  This time, it was too close to home, my dad's home to be exact.  He was having a house remodeled at the time I was in Albuquerque, NM going through ParaRescue training in 1995.  Dad just happened to get cancer and he was given less than six months to live.  And yes, I'm one of the people that believe, like Oliver Stone, that the CIA has weaponized viruses to cause cancer, like in the case of Jack Ruby.  (Note: that scene was cut out of Stone's movie, JFK but you can see interviews of Stone on the subject).  I surmise that they were pissed at my dad for my continued path in covert actions in the military where I had access to Top Secret information like when I was a SEAL and they infected him with some sort of aggressive cancer like they did Ruby. 

When dad was having his home remodeled, it was broken into by a burglar.  Supposedly, the burglar was the guy that was assisting the sheetrock contractor during the building process.  There were 13 guns taken from the house and the Skamania County Sheriff's Office was able to get all of them back, sans a Springfield Armory O3A3 .30-06.  

This gun was my dad's sniper rifle that had a custom-made maple stock and was one of a kind.  It was also, most likely the gun he used when he shot JFK from the grassy knoll.  I surmise it is in the lair of Skull and Bones, right next to Geronimo's skull.  I'd also assume that the kid that broke in was directed to break in, and he was caught, charged, fined, and did a little jail time, then released.

So, these secret society fucks, like George W. Bush have been getting away with this type of shit for 100 years, since his great grandfather, Prescott Bush, robbed Geronimo's grave.  

The ax I have to grind with the Bush family doesn't end there.  Unless you've been living in a cave, or haven't been paying attention, the "attacks" on the World Trade Center on 9.11 was an orchestrated plot.  And like I've said all along when shit doesn't add up and doesn't make a bit of sense, the Clowns in America are always involved.

We have a bunch of Suadi nationals fly a bunch of planes into the WTC and the next thing you know, we are invading Afghanistan, Iraq, and then Syria and are drug into a "war on terror" that has lasted over 20 years.  Meanwhile, the rights of the US citizenry have been completely abrogated due to the Bush-era legislation regarding Section 702 and FISA warrants.  Effectively, all they have to do is see that you went to a website that mentions Q, or QAnon, and you are labeled a terrorist, and the government can get a warrant and search your entire background for "COMPORMAT" or compromising material, and they have the evidence to blackmail you or launch what is called a parallel investigation.  In essence, they find something against you, leak it to a local law enforcement agency, and suddenly you are the target of an investigation based on the material they gleaned from the FISA warrant.  This is how they play the game.  

This started with Nixon (probably before).  Nixon was a proponent of abrogating the rights of everyone.  He wanted the dirty on everyone, like investigative journalist Jack Anderson.  In fact, the CIA was investigating Anderson by wiretapping his phones, and there was a plot to kill him.  What was the CIA doing violating their charter, investigating a US citizen on US soil?  

In addition to Anderson, the "plumbers" broke into the office of the doctor of Daniel Ellsberg, who leaked the Pentagon Papers regarding the Vietnam war.  Wow, we have parallels to what is going on today with Julian Assange!  History repeats itself, and us American's haven't learned a thing, other than to incrementally give up our rights each time the United States Government declares another "Emergency" under the guise of "National Security". 

If you've been following my blog, you can't deny the coincidences between the Dawson Field hijackings and 9.11.  The Dawson Field hijackings were done by the Palestinian Liberation Organization, who were trained in Jordan.  And as I've mentioned before, King Hussein of Jordan was a puppet for the CIA after Robert Maheu hooked him up with Jewish actress Susan Cabot.  This is apostasy in the Muslim religion, and surely King Hussein would either be tried and executed, had the citizenry known of this, or dragged down the street by an angry mob.  

The Clown-controlled (CIA) PLO conducted the Dawson Field hijacking at the behest of the Nixon Administration in order to put the first dent into the US Constitution and allow our government to track and trace every American.  This was a further continuation of the HTLINGUAL program that started with the collection of mail that came into the United States from overseas.  Every piece of mail was read at the "post office" where the mail was sorted when coming into the US.  Howard Hughes originally owned the contract for the "mail runs" and his aircraft from TWA transported the mail to the "post office" to be sorted.

Nixon and this cabal that has been working to abrogate the Constitution since the day it was penned, orchestrated the Dawson Field hijackings with the eventual goal of bringing this "terrorism" to the United States.  They have a long-term vision.  While the American citizenry believes that we have elections that change the course of history every four years, this global cabal that consists of bankers from the federal reserve has generational plans, not plans for every four years.  They give you the illusion of choice when they put up a puppet in your local jurisdiction to vote for.  These puppets are (s)elected not elected, and you get to vote for one of their puppets that they put forth through their media machine that is completely owned and operated by their co-conspirators.  A good guy doesn't have a chance of getting a single article written about him in the paper, nor a single bit of air time over radio or television.

When I sent the email to the FBI letting them know that I had information on the DB Cooper hijacking, they didn't know what I had and they needed to eliminate me ASAP, so four days later they had me run off of a cliff, most likely by their psychopath wet-worker, Rick Torres.  

They knew that my dad drove the get-away car after Howard Hunt hijacked NW Orient Flight 305 on November 24, 1971.  They couldn't allow anyone to expose this thread because pulling on this thread would have led back to the "dirty tricks" these  fuckers have been orchestrating since they formed the Clowns in America in 1947.

And, if you haven't read the entirety of my blog, the perpetrators of the DB Cooper hijacking were President Nixon, Ed Nixon, Najeeb Halaby, James Klansnic, G. Gordon Liddy, AG John Mitchell, and my dad, to mention a few.

The date Nixon placed sky marshals on US aircraft in response to the Dawson Field hijacking was 9.11.70 and one of the planes was Pan Am Flight 93.  Pan Am was bought out by United Airlines and during the 9.11 hijackings, United Airlines Flight 93 was hijacked.

In addition, James Klansnic, the Boeing Engineer that invented the hydraulic system on the Boeing 727, also worked on the flight management system on the Boeing 757 and 767, the same type of aircraft that was hijacked on 9.11.01.  What are the odds that Klansic was at the center of all this, a hijacking on November 24, 1971, and 30 years later he was the inventor/engineer of the autopilot system that eventually became the UAV (drone) program that was rolled up into DARPA in the mid-'80's?  The amount of "coincidences" have to be mathematically astounding, like someone winning the lottery twice.  

In order to make you look like a madman or "conspiracy theorist", they will just claim that you are using the Epstein painting as your "evidence".  Well, instead of being a "conspiracy theorist" be a conspiracy prover, and point out the mathematical impossibility that the same flight number was hijacked 31 years earlier, Nixon placed sky marshals on US aircraft on 9.11.70, and the same guy that invented the hydraulic system on the Boeing 727 worked on the autopilot system for the 757 and 767 and ask them what the odds of that are.  

Additionally, just like George Bush, Nixon curtailed the rights of individuals to travel freely after the DB Cooper false flag.  In July of 1971, Nixon already set up trial airports in the US for passenger screening, at great expense.  The newly patented metal detector was used to screen passengers for weapons, and ID checks were implemented.  

Not to mention, G. Gordon Liddy worked for his dad that was a patent attorney.  In addition, after Najeeb Halaby left Pan Am, he went on to set up airport security upgrades, selling equipment all over the globe, in addition to brokering the sale of 25 jets to King Hussein.  His daughter eventually married King Hussein in 1978.  What are the odds?  

Needless to say, after 9.11.01, companies made billions, retreading this same ruse, i.e., selling airport security upgrades all over the globe and stricter screenings of passengers.  This was a boondoggle for the company Rapiscan, or OSI systems, depending on which hat they wear.  Is it just a coincidence that this company is a privately held company and sells airport screening tools all over the globe?  I think not, the owners are most likely hidden (for the most part) and this company is nothing more than a money printing machine for those on the inside that knew that 9.11 was going to take place.  Of course, they wouldn't want to have a publicly-traded company, as these scumbags would have to share the profits with the public.  

I wonder if George W. Bush is a silent partner in Rapiscan.  

Regardless, let's dispel the notion that a bunch of Saudi hijackers perpetrated 9.11 and call it what it is, a false flag used to implement draconian measures upon the population.

Twenty years later, we have a new false flag to deal's called Covid - 19.  But that makes me a "conspiracy theorist".  

Am I the only one that sees a pattern of behavior here?  





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