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The BLACKLIST: Jeff Bezos

The Coordinator of ALL Censorship

 Jeff Bezos (fired by Amazon)

Is the timing of his July 7, 2021, ouster from Amazon (two weeks after Warren Buffett stepped down as a board member of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) just a coincidence? It seems like a lot of moving parts.  I'll get into the resignation of Warren Buffett from the Gates Foundation on his profile.  Suffice it to say, it appears that these CEO "resignations" are happening at an alarming rate.  What about Zuckerberg?  I think that will be a shocker once he steps down, but that would be tipping their hand a little too much, I think, or a mea culpa that these fuckers have been caught.  

When you look at things from an operational perspective, or I do anyway, I look at who made a decision, who profited from it, or what is the intent.  If you were an attorney for Amazon and saw the trail of evidence that I've left behind, what would be your recommendation to the Board of Directors of Amazon, or the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation?  If you recall, Melinda Gates filed for divorce from Bill on May 3, 2021, Buffett resigns from the Board in June of 2021.  Can this all be a coincidence, or is it a prequel of things to come?

If you've done any research at all, you'll know that the CIA was in complete control of the MSM during their formative years during Operation Mockingbird.  When this was exposed during the Church Committee hearings, the CIA knew they'd gotten caught with their hand in the cookie jar.  Obviously, nothing has changed, other than it's been outsourced.  The people that control the printing presses control history.  

From a hierarchical standpoint, look at this from an operational standpoint.  There has to be a funnel of information.  I'm sure you've seen the video collage of the Mockingbird MSM where reporters are parroting the same exact statements, almost verbatim.  This is a planned and orchestrated propaganda campaign to indoctrinate the masses.  The people that read the garbage being plugged by the MSM aren't informed, they are misinformed.  It's nearly impossible to filter through all the bullshit and get a read on what is really going on unless you are able to delve deeply into a subject.  Most people don't have the time to dig into the weeds to discern who is putting out this garbage, who is the intended audience, and why they are putting it out.  

I've pointed out that after I was run off of a cliff on June 4th, 2016, I tried to bring attention to my plight by pointing out the DB Cooper case.  It appears that this was the first attempt for these scumbags to controversialize me, as I was interviewed in the Intensive Care Unit between surgeries while I was heavily medicated on narcotics.  The Public Information Officer at the hospital couldn't get the press in quick enough because they needed to make me look like a proverbial lunatic while I was medicated and tie me in as a "conspiracy theorist" that was just another nutjob that was trying to solve the case.  

Since that day, I've reached out to the MSM in an attempt to get my story public, but I've never even been allowed to speak to a reporter about the subject.  I've sent hundreds of emails on different topics to newspapers like the Columbian and the Skamania County Pioneer to get some traction on the story.  The only response I got was from the SC Pioneer when "Phil" (I believe he is the owner) sent me an email letting me know that the Skamania County Commissioner, Tom Lannen was a good guy and he would do nothing like what I was accusing him of, i.e., being a member of a RICO organization that is trafficking women and children and commits murders.

In response, I changed the subject entirely and told them that they could find the DB Cooper parachute at the Glenwood school, where we used to use it as a trampoline.  I didn't get a response from him!  Imagine that.  

The head of most, if not all of the three-letter agencies is a bureaucrat, meaning they are not an elected official, they are appointed by the POTUS and "vetted" by Congress.  You can trace almost every one of the heads of these three-letter agencies back to the Council on Foreign Relations.  You don't get put into that position unless you've been vetted by this corrupt cabal.  The director of the Federal Communications Commission is one such creature.  The current director is Harvard grad, Ajat Pai.  And if you know anything about Harvard, it is the pit of hell and produces these indoctrinated communists.  

In order to get a minute of air time, whether it be on the radio or on television, you are vetted and funneled into the system.  If you are controversial, like me, you won't get a second of air time or coverage.  That is how the game is played.  I am not sure who is the actual chokepoint for vetting, but rest assured, it is near the head of the FCC and is a behind-the-scenes cut-out.   

The same goes for print, whether it's via a magazine or newspaper, and the chokepoint for print is the Associated Press out of New York City.  I surmise that "Publisher's Clearinghouse" has their fingers in the mix somewhere along the way, from what I have been able to gather.  I surmise that Publisher's Clearinghouse is more geared toward books that are published, rather than newspapers or magazines.  And the hierarchal structure for book publishing is mirrored through scripts at Hollywood, you have to have an agent, an editor, and a publisher, so there are multiple layers of security so that books or screenplays don't get any traction, i.e., publicity unless they are vetted by Publisher's Clearinghouse.

The CIA had this model in place and E. Howard Hunt, who wrote at least 66 novels (supposedly) under his name and a Nom de Guerre.   WUBONBON was a CIA publishing company, and he is associated with other operations called WUHUSTLER and WUPUNDIT.  The CIA hasn't disclosed what WUHUSTLER or WUPUNDIT are, but one can assume, given that Hunt was a prized propagandist, these two operations were propaganda operations also.  After the JFK assassination, Hunt was assigned by the Clowns to write books and put out many novels during this timeframe.  I can only assume, given that G. Gordon Liddy wrote that Hunt killed 22 people during his tenure with the Clowns that he was the clean-up crew after the JFK assassination and was the one going around scrubbing out the witnesses that suddenly died after the assassination, and then put out articles in the press to clean up and remove any trace back to the Clowns. 

Since the days of Deep Throat, during the Watergate break-ins, involving Hunt and his crew, the only inference one can reach via that connection is that the WaPo is the cut-out for Operation Mockingbird, which used to be housed within the CIA, and outsourced to a private individual.  It's generally recognized that Ben Bradlee, the editor of the WaPo during Watergate was a CIA operative.  This lends credibility to the fact that both Bernstein and Woodward were also CIA operators and they were given their orders and direction on how to craft the narrative around Watergate.  It was all a charade, and the folks that bought ink by the barrel wrote the history books.  

After Katherine Graham passed away, the WaPo went to the Graham family until it was bought out by Jeff Bezos for $250 million in 2013.  

If you have been tracking my blog, you'll see the connections all these super moguls have back to the Clowns, starting with Howard Hughes, Toolco, and eventually the Howard Hughes Medical Foundation.  This same pattern of behavior has taken place subsequently, and these cut-outs, like the Clinton Foundation, are nothing more than a money-laundering machine in order to shift money around from place to place under the guise of philanthropy.  

It's not a stretch to believe that Bezos is now the funnel for the Associated Press, as the WaPo is the main purveyor of print propaganda.  Given that I had a reasonable suspicion that this was the case, I sent a letter and an email to Jeff, and others, firing a shot across their bow, and requested they take action.  Of course, they like their cozy public-private partnership, so I decided to take advantage of that.  In order to confirm and verify my stance on the issue, I sent the letter to his email account,  Of course, he will claim that he never saw the email. however, it's documented...just in case.  And to confirm and verify that it was sent, I asked for a response from our Noblemen (Congress) and they have not responded to my Freedom of Information Act request, as they are required to by law acknowledging they've received and are working on the request.  

I am sure they are hopeful that I've put out so much information that they can rely on the fact that I have so much information in the system, I will not be able to track it all, which they are correct, however, little nuggets like the one I sent to Jeff and members of Congress are pretty important, given the information that I disclosed in the letter I sent to Congress, while at the same time cc'ing Bezos at his email address.  

The main crux of the email was to point out the corruption in the system and intertwine facts in the case of Al Nashiri, the accused USS Cole bomber, who the CIA tortured to death (from what I was told by a guard at Camp 7 at GITMO).

I cc'd the email to Dan Crenshaw and Michael Cloud, both representatives of Texas.  In addition,

I sent letters with a self-addressed stamped envelope to the members of Congress.  

September 24, 2021



Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell, and Chuck Schumer


I previously sent you letters and evidence regarding former Sergeant Rick Torres (and his team’s) attempts to murder me.  My letter to all the members of the 116th Congress last year on January 17, 2020 was to fire a shot across your bow to bring up the fact that he and others attempted to murder me.  Nobody in Congress would meet with me when I flew to DC February 4th-15th, and we all know why.


I’ve laid out what has transpired on my website, along with some of the letters that I’ve sent to you and other government officials.  


I’ve also signed releases with Senator Murray and Representative Herrera-Beutler to investigate this and I haven’t heard a word from either of them.  There is a self-addressed stamped envelope for you to enclose the results of the investigation to the detainees in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.  They are on trial for their lives, and I’d ask that you send them the information so they can properly defend themselves against the false charges against them by our government.


The recent indictment of Michael Sussman is nothing more than a continuation of this ruse.  Isn’t it about time that you stop this QAnon charade?  There is no possible way that he can be convicted of the crimes he is alleged to have committed, as our entire FBI and DOJ is corrupt.  As I am sure you know, I’ve previously sent emails to Sean Berkowitz while he was representing defendants in the Varsity Blues case and our government has no shot at a conviction in the Sussman case.  You’ll notice the emails I sent Mr. Berkowitz May 11th, 2020, resulted in a plea deal of Mr. Giannuli and Mrs. Loughlin.  I doubt any of the information I gave him was presented to them or Defendants in the Varsity Blues case.  


This tells me that Mr. Sussman knows about what transpired during the Flynn and Varsity Blues cases, and he purposefully hired Mr. Berkowitz to represent him as a roadblock to prevent from being prosecuted (or this is a continuation of the QAnon ruse).  Remarkably, none of the information that I have presented to Judge Sullivan or Judge Gorton has been reported in the MSM, so I can only assume that Mr. Sussman knows about the emails, letters, and Amicus brief that I sent to Judge Sullivan in the Michael Flynn case and information sent to Judge Gorton in the Varsity Blues case.  


The emails and my website are exculpatory evidence in the case against the detainees at GITMO, so it is incumbent upon you to share the information from your Congressional investigation into the attempts to murder me with the detainees.  Congratulations, you are all witnesses in the GITMO trials!  I surmise there has been no Congressional investigation into the attempts by our government to murder me, so I’m sure the detainees will want to know why…I do.


It couldn’t be more obvious that you folks were running a racket and trying to frame me for the murder of my neighbor, Rick Pauly, on July 8th, 2020, just months after I went to DC.  This does not even include the attempt on my life on April 19, 2020 when I was surrounded by at least five officers when I went to Clark County to report the trafficking of my wife and daughters.  As I have reported in detail in emails and letters, one of the officers was phoned by Prosecutor Tony Golik while responding to my 911 call.  The only conclusion I can reach, given what transpired that day, was that he was acting at your direction and directing the responding officers to murder me that day.  After all, why would the Clark County Prosecuting Attorney be on the phone with officers responding to a 911 call when I was reporting Rick Torres trafficking my wife and daughters? 


Since every keystroke, phone call, text, internet search, and transaction I do is monitored, I surmise that you folks have a record of the 911 phone call I made that day, and the phone call that Tony Golik made that day to the responding officer, since this has to do with “National Security”.  I’m quite sure the detainees at GITMO would want a copy of the phone calls also.  I’d ask that you forward the recording of the 911 call and Tony Golik’s call to the responding officer to the detainees for their defense.  Also, provide a copy to me under the FOIA, i.e., treat this as a FOIA request and waive any fees and expedite the request.  


It’s quite clear that you all have conspired to murder me and conspired to murder my neighbor, Rick Pauly, in the attempt to frame me for his murder using my brother’s DNA, as he was working at the funeral home that Mr. Pauly’s body was processed, so this information will be important for the detainees also.  It will be odd watching all 535 of the members of the 116th Congress testify at their trial; it will be quite a site to see.  Didn’t Hank Johnson propose gun legislation, the Gun Violence Prevention and Community Safety Act on January 30th ,2020, right after I sent the letters to Congress in January 2020?  That seems like an attempt to CYA by Congress.  Perhaps you can all plead the 5th right now and release the detainees.  


As for my wife and children, this has gone on long enough, don’t you think?  They are the victims of this sex-trafficking ring that you have been running for years/decades now, and it’s about time this ends.  It’s been at least seven years now that my wife and children have been trafficked.  God knows how long it’s been going on, but my wife was trafficked by this same Cabal around 1980, so it’s been generations now.   


I’d ask that you get the naked photos of my wife off of my former divorce attorney, Mike Roe’s cellphone, as evidence of the sex-trafficking that you’ve required my wife and children to participate in.  I am sure that your investigation, if you’ve conducted one, will reveal that he moved his law office into the same building as the Vancouver FBI Office so they could share information and conspire to murder and then attempt to frame me.  The address if 400 Mill Plain Blvd., Vancouver, Wa.   


Additionally, I surmise that James Comey, John Brennan, and James Clapper have the Executive Action Memorandum to murder me from President Obama (and Biden), so I’d ask that you provide a copy of that to the detainees at GITMO.  It was issued after I sent an email to the FBI on May 28th, 2015 regarding the DB Cooper hijacking.  I’ve also asked for a copy of it, but have not received it through the FOIA requests that I’ve filed.  I’m sure they have it locked away in a safe somewhere as their insurance policy, so subpoena it if you have to.


It could not be clearer that you all have made a deal with the devil, Bill Gates, and he is now running point on the Covid-19 biological weapons system that has been released.  Blackmail is a dirty business, and it looks like you’ve pushed all your chips in the middle hoping that he’s going to be your savior.  You definitely need one at this point.  Emily Inslee appears to be the connection point between the government and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  She’s a program manager for the Foundation.  


It’s become quite evident to me that you folks, along with Bill Gates and his cronies, have censored all of my communications to the outside world.  This has been going on for years now and has gotten progressively worse.  I surmise that Jeff Bezos is running point on the media operation to censor me via his connection with the AP through the Washington Post, as I was interviewed shortly after I was run off of the cliff in Skamania County on June 4, 2015.   While in the ICU, I was interviewed by the press and brought up the DB Cooper hijacking and I haven’t been able to get anything into the press since that date, regardless of what I try.  If you haven’t looked into that, please do so, as this is important for the detainees and the American citizens to know how oppressive the censorship has gotten during your watch, and under your direction.  


James Klansnic’s work with Richard Dittenberger on the flight management system on the Boeing 757 and 767. This program was rolled into the DARPA project in the mid 80’s and it appears this eventually became the UAV drone program.  If I am wrong about this information, please let me know so that I can correct this on, as I don’t want to be putting out any misinformation, i.e., that our government was behind the 9.11 attacks.  If it is not wrong, I’d ask that you reopen the 9.11 Congressional investigation and get to the bottom of it. 


As you know, the cigarette butts that were “destroyed” after the DB Cooper hijacking would confirm/verify who DB Cooper was.  I surmise that these cigarette butts were not destroyed, rather, they are somewhere in safekeeping as a kill switch for someone involved.  I’d ask that you provide the whereabouts of those cigarette butts, as this would identify whether DB Cooper was E. Howard Hunt or James Klansnic.  


You also might want to have Chris Wray look into the real estate purchase of my dad right after the hijacking along with the purchase of a new automobile.  I think you will find that he spent quite a bit of money right after the hijacking.  And, of course, the FBI said they would look into the DB Cooper case if they got more information, so this is additional information that I’ve provided to them, along with the fact that as kids, we played with the parachute (using it as a sort of trampoline)  while we were in grade school in Glenwood, Washington until one of the kids broke his arm after getting thrown off of it.  They might even be able to find the flights of G. Gordon Liddy to Portland, Oregon.  I met him when I was a kid in Glenwood…he told me he was an astronaut.  I guess that’s better than being a plumber, right?


It’s odd that I’ve been providing this information in a public forum and none of you have questioned Chris Wray about any of this during the recent hearings where he has testified.  It’s almost as if you folks are purposefully avoiding this, which the detainees at GITMO might construe as your guilt by association regarding the Dawson Field hijackings and the DB Cooper hijacking, as these are the same type of thing that the detainees are accused of orchestrating.  


If I were them, I’d argue that this is pattern behavior by our government and it’s been conducted to further restrain the rights of the American citizenry, first by requiring ID and being searched with a metal detector wand; then after the 9.11 hijackings, citizens were required to essentially strip down before traveling and present ID while going through a scanner or being strip-searched.  Now, it appears that you folks are going to require us to have a vaccine passport.  This is a progressive degradation of rights of the American citizenry, and we are all being conditioned/indoctrinated to capitulate to these restrictions by the federal government at each instance due to an “emergency situation” that has been planned and orchestrated by the Central Intelligence Agency.  


I’ve enclosed a copy of this letter with a self-addressed stamped envelope so that you can put any additional material from the Congressional investigation into the attempts by Torres and company to murder me (and any other pertinent information) and forward it to the detainees at GITMO.  Given the fact that every attorney that has represented me has been working for the federal government and working with this Cabal to murder or frame me, I surmise that the attorneys working for the detainees are in on the plot to frame them, like they did in my case.  So, please forward this letter and any information you have from your investigation to them in the self-addressed stamped envelope.


I’ve sent an email to the Capitol Police Department in Washington D.C. requesting an investigation into the attempts by the 116th Congress to murder and frame me, along with your collective conspiracy to murder my neighbor, Rick Pauly, on July 8th, 2020 in the hopes of pinning his murder on me.  Since members of the 117thCongress have oversight of the Capitol Police in D.C., I’d ask that you voluntarily have the oversight committees (and any member of the 117th Congress) recuse themselves of any oversight into this investigation by the Capitol Police in DC since there is a conflict of interest and this is not only a conflict of interest, it constitutes the “appearance of impropriety”.


Additionally, as you all know, my latest article on (and additional information on the blog) spells out the assassination of JFK and those involved, i.e., LBJ, E. Howard Hunt, David Phillips, David Morales, Frank Sturgis, Antonio Veciana, Cord Meyer, William Harvey, and the French Gunman on the Grassy Knoll, Dave L’Hommedieu (born as Charley Brown).  


As I am quite sure your investigation will reveal, Charlie Brown is a code name under the CIA, along with the YOGIBEAR Project, and DB Cooper, all comic book characters.  You might want to look under the MKULTRA Project files, but I surmise these have all been destroyed, a ’la “The Shredder”, Gina Haspel’s shredding of the torture files.       


I’d also ask you provide me a copy of whatever you send the detainees and response to my FOIA request in the enclosed SASE.  



Matt L’Hommedieu


Cc:       Senate Intelligence Committee (Senators John Cornyn, Jack Reed, Roy Blunt, Charles Schumer, & Mitch McConnell), President Joe Biden, Office of Military Commissions (Colonel Matthew McCall, judge) US Department of Justice (AG Merrick Garland & SC John Durham), House Committee on Appropriations, Subcommittee on Legislative Branch (Tim Ryan & Jamie Herrera Beutler), Senate Committee on Appropriations, Subcommittee on Legislative Branch (Mike Braun), Committee on House Administration (Zoe Lofgren & Rodney Davis), Senate Committee on Rules and Administration (Amy Klobuchar), Senator Cruz, Representative Dan Crenshaw, Representative  Mike Cloud, Jeff Bezos, and The Supreme Court of the United States  


P.S.  Again, if I have gotten any information about what I have reported wrong, either in my letters, emails, or on, please let me know immediately so that I can correct it.  


I hope that it’s clear that I am sending this to all the entities and people above, to include Jeff Bezos and the US Supreme Court in order to ensure that all of you are witnesses at the trial at GITMO against the people accused of plotting terrorist attacks against the United States.  The real terrorists are you people, the black robed witches, and the Central Intelligence Agency.  


Since you’ve all attempted to inject this hybrid style of prosecution against the detainees, abrogating any Constitutional rights they may have been afforded under the US Constitution under the guise of a “Military Tribunal”, while at the same time using the US Department of Justice and lawyers throughout the United States that are in on this ruse, it stands to reason that all of you are witnesses in this morass.  


I recently read a statement in one of the suits regarding the USS Cole bomber, Al Nashiri, where someone stated that he was one of the dumbest terrorists they’ve ever encountered.  From what I’ve been told, he developed brain damage while undergoing EIT’s and has the mentality of a teen.  If that is the case, why is he still being prosecuted?  Did he die during EIT?  If so, what impact does that have on the Double Jeopardy Clause?  Aren’t these all factual issues?  


I sent this information to Judge Sullivan and the US Attorneys in the Michael Flynn case.  While I cannot ensure the accuracy of this information, (only the courts and government have this information) what I do know is that Judge Sullivan hired an attorney and appointed former Judge Gleeson as Amicus in the case against Flynn and the DOJ dropped the case two days after I sent this information to Judge Sullivan.


If I were a detainee in GITMO on trial for my life, I’d make the argument that this entire charade was run by the CIA.  I’d point to the fact that they offered my biological father, William Hearn, Sr. a $2 billion bribe to keep the information about my step-dad’s involvement in the assassination of JFK and the DB Cooper hijacking a secret.  When my father would not sell out and accept the bribe, they had him murdered on April 8, 2014. 


Then, I would argue that the CIA killed Tim Holden, my former Commanding Officer at SEAL Team One three weeks after Michael Flynn was “fired” by Obama.  I’d also argue that he wasn’t fired, he was forced out due to the fact they killed my father (April 8, 2014), Tim Holden (August 28th, 2014), and then planned to murder me and Flynn wasn’t going to go along with it.  Of course, I can point to instances where there is a plethora of circumstantial evidence that point to this fact.  Sidney Powell would be a great source of information for all of this, as I have been in constant contact with her regarding this issue and have provided her a lot of information.   


As far as the CIA’s involvement in all of this, do you think it’s just a coincidence that the CIA had their hooks into King Hussein of Jordan when they set him up with the Jewish actress, Susan Cabot and they had a child together?  Do you think it’s just a coincidence that King Hussein eventually married the daughter of Najeeb Halaby, one of the planners of the DB Cooper hijacking?  Do you think it’s just a coincidence that he sold 25 Boeing jets to Jordan shortly after the DB Cooper hijackings? 


Perhaps you should look into whether the CIA was training terrorists in Jordan right before the Dawson Field hijackings, along with looking into whether the death of the Egyptian President, Gamal Nasser, was murdered by Ashraf Marwan right after the Dawson Field hijackings.  After all, wasn’t he a joint spy for the Mossad and CIA?


Perhaps you all thought that I would just sit back and let you traffic my daughters.  You chose this fight, not me.  This is the hill I am prepared to die on, are you?  


P.P.S.  What are you going to do about Operation QAnon being run out of the Joint Base, Lewis-McChord, 201st Expeditionary Military Intelligence Battalion by Blue Huber?  It seems disingenuous that the House has passed a bill labeling “Anons” as terrorists and Wray the Gay pointing these extremists out as being a threat to national security, while at the same time they were being indoctrinated by this program.  


Perhaps all of you should disclose this to the general public to let them know what you are doing. 

It's no wonder that I haven't heard back from the members of Congress for the FOIA request.  They have to maintain plausible deniability that they never received the letters and it got lost in the shuffle somewhere.  It's telling that I never got a response back from either Congress or Bezos, given the nature of what is disclosed herein.  

Furthermore, if you were the owner of a major newspaper and received this information, wouldn't ANY of what is stated herein be worth investigating?  Evidently, there are no more investigative reporters at the WaPo.  Or, Jeff has kept this information censored because he is involved with keeping my name out of the press to preserve the fact they've attempted to murder me.  Hence, Bezos is part of the conspiracy to commit murder, and the conspiracy to cover up these murders, and he's been involved as early on as the date they sent the reporter to interview me while I was in the ICU in 2015.  

Now, if you were an attorney for Amazon, would you be concerned and bring this up to the Board of Directors?  I surely would, particularly since it's been published on this blog.  Now, all that's left for Bezos is "plausible deniability" that he's never seen this.  

It should be an interesting defense once I am elected as the Skamania County Sheriff.  I'll ask him and let you know what his response is.  

Until then....hopefully, you'll keep it in the back of your mind to vote for me in November if you live in Skamania County.  


Oh, and I surmise that is why I was kicked off of Twitter last December, as I was posting this information on Twitter.  I also assume that I've been shadow-banned on Facebook.  At least that is what I would do if I weren't following any of the rules given to a citizen of the US.  And apparently, they aren't following any rules, as they've had me under surveillance for over 7 years now, flying planes over my head, and intercepting every piece of electronic communication I emit using their "public-private" partnership.

UPDATE ON 3/16/22

This is almost getting hilarious.  I recently submitted my book to be published on Amazon.  

Here is the response.

It sure looks like they don't want any of this made public.  

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