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The BLACKLIST: John Terry

 The Yard Gnome

Contract Public Defender and Court Appointed Attorney John Terry

As you probably recall, when you mom was cooking you dinner when you were a kid, she probably made the reference, you get what you get, and you don't throw a fit.  Well, that's the position I was left in after my first COA (court appointed attorney) was assigned to represent me in the fraudulently filed criminal charge against me by the State of Washington.  If you've read my blog, you'll already know that Rick Torres and my estranged wife set me up for a domestic violence charge on February 11, 2015, with the intent of eventually murdering me and reaping the financial benefits from it. 

When I went to the preliminary hearing on August 8, 2016, I tried to go pro se and represent myself.  However, I was met by the dishonorable and now discredited judge, Darvin Zimmerman.  

At the preliminary hearing, JZ (Zimmerman) assigned me attorney Katie Kauffman to represent me.  I could afford an attorney, but the Clark County Prosecutor, Tony Golik, needed to retain control of my case so they could try and either frame or murder me, or both.  In order to do that, they appointed Kauffman to represent me, who worked for another Blacklister, Jeffrey Barrar.  And Barrar was no savior either, you will come to know him later, but suffice it to say, JZ appointed the business partner of my sworn enemy, Dennis Lane, who was my neighbor who sued me for over 10 years.  During the ten year litigation with Lane, Barrar was his law partner at the time, and they also were partners in a corporation called BLEMS, LLC, which is a money-laundering machine for the law firm under the partners of Barrar, Lane, English, Marshal, Stahnke, and Vanderwood.  I guess it wasn't a cool acronym with the V in there, so he was left out of the BLEMS corporation.  And from my memory, we used to call fucked up baseballs blems.  But that's neither here nor there.  Regardless, the law firm consisting of BLEMS folks is corrupt and fucked up.  And JZ assigned Jeffrey Barrar to represent me because I was too "mentally ill" to represent myself.

Barrar and his firm, i.e., Kauffman withdrew as my counsel because I sent a carefully crafted email to him after the August 8, 2016 hearing, attempting to create a conflict of interest after Jeff had threatened me.  After I went on a lengthy dissertation with him about the corruption that I'd been exposed to going through the lawsuit with his business partner, Lane, I'd dug up enough information on them to come to the conclusion that they were nothing but a RICO organization and I was going to expose them as such.  In response, at the end of our phone conversation, Barrar states, "Isn't it ironic your freedom is now in my hands".  In response, I sent the carefully worded email, creating a conflict.  More on that later, under Barrar's Blacklist profile.  

What transpired after the threat he made, and the email I sent to him, was his attempt to set me up and add another charge against me for threatening a public official, so he called the Vancouver Police Department and shared attorney-client information with the cops, i.e., the carefully crafted email.  Of course, he didn't tell them that he'd just threatened me.  Months later, the prosecutor would charge me with threatening Barrar (who was not a public official, only a contract Attorney that represented indigent and mentally ill defendants).  The case became a case about the process, rather than the facts, and these scumbag attorneys control all the facts that get entered and presented in the cases.  And in my case, like the Ghislane Maxwell case, the attorneys representing the clients are all working for the side of the prosecution, and the public and jury only get to see the side that these scumbags want the jury to see.

Four days after the preliminary hearing, Kauffman goes in front of Judge Zimmerman and says that I threatened her, and JZ refers to me in the hearing as "the lockdown guy", meaning that Barrar called the VPD and they locked down his office based on the email that I sent him.  It was a dog and pony show, of course, to start the process of controversializing me.  

The next step for JZ was to ensure they maintained control fo the case, so they appointed John Terry.  And, of course John didn't have a conflict of interest, he was just Jeffrey Barrar's former employee.  Clark County doesn't have any public defenders, it is all done through contract attorneys who work for a fee fixing cases against their clients. 

I received a call from a number I didn't recognize, and answered it, and it was John Terry telling me that he'd been appointed to represent me.  I asked him how he got my information and he made some remark that it was part of the file.  He wanted to tell me that I needed to come in and do the mental health evaluation ordered by Judge Zimmerman, which I told him that I wanted to plead the 5th Amendment and remain silent, even though I hadn't committed a crime (regarding what I was arrested for).  Each one of us has committed a crime, so we all have the right to remain silent.  After all, I surely don't want to be arrested for all the times I've driven recklessly....or any other crime I committed in the past.  After all, I was a notorious kingpin drug dealer for a time in my life (or sold drugs twice in my life a long time ago, which I will never do again), and surely they would arrest me and throw me in jail for that too, so I thought it best to exercise my 5th Amendment right.  

The point being, they were successful in controversializing me and changing the facts of the case into a focus on me as an individual.  Their eventual goal was to Epstein me, or have me under their control so they could murder me and make it look like a suicide.  If you've read any Tom Clancy books, you'll get an idea of the multi-tiered disinformation campaign lodged against one of the targets they are attempting to controversialize.  They also refer to it as a targeted individual, but you get the gist, they essentially have modernized the moniker "conspiracy theorist" and included the mental illness component into the charade and anyone labeled with a mental illness is automatically categorized as the "Ted Bundy" of today.  It is essentially the combination two that make this smear campaign so successful, and it's backed up by one of their doctors.  In my case, it happened to be Dr. Rice, who eventually showed up to the jail wearing the name tag of Gribble and introduced herself as Dr. Rice.  She went on to find me paranoid and delusional.  

Dr. Patricia Gribble, Western States Hospital, Washington DSHS

I'm not sure that Dr. Rice wasn't CIA Director Gina Haspel in disguise:).  

The telling thing about Terry's attempts to controversialize me was the fact that he was not going to interview the dirty cop, Rick Torres, nor my wife until I capitulated to the mental health examination.  I knew right away when he was assigned to represent me that he was in on the con to set me up.  They don't even attempt to hide it.  It was easy for me to spot the set-up when Kauffman was assigned because she was working for Barrar, who was law and business partners with my sworn enemy.  When I looked up John Terry, his former employer was Barrar.  That is how brazen and confident these scumbags are, that they can control the outcome of the case from front to back.  Trump was right when he said that he could shoot someone in the middle of Manhattan, still get away with it, and still get elected as the President.  At least he was telling the truth about that.  The courts are rigged from top to bottom and that is how Rick Torres, who they were protecting at all costs, got away with murdering Jason Wilkinson on Mother's Day in 2005. 

As a fuck you to Terry, I told him not to call me, and that all of our communications were going to be via email, so that I had a record of everything that transpired between us.  In addition, I was sending all of the emails I sent him directly to the prosecuting attorney as another fuck you to the prosecutor.  If they were going to paint me as insane, I was going to put the questions I had directly to them, such as, what did you do with the LinkedIn message that I sent Rick Torres on July of 2016 asking him about the Wilkinson v. Torres case, and why did he resign on August 5, 2016, 4 days before the preliminary hearing.  

There are two huge regrets, which if I had to do over again, I would do, (1) I wouldn't have kept smoking marijuana and (2) I wouldn't have done the shotgun approach.  I was putting out so much information that it was and would be easy for them to focus on one single statement and make me look crazy.  I was essentially doing their job for them by putting out so much information, that taken from a focused point of view, looks crazy.  But as I've said, taking all the facts and presenting them in a clear, cogent, and convincing manner to a jury, they would obviously see that I was railroaded.  Additionally, had I been able to read the Wilkinson v. Torres case to a jury and point to the fact that my wife was a long-term opiate user, they would easily see that this was at the very least, a murder-for-hire conspiracy, and Torres is a dirty cop that is willing to murder someone for financial gain.  However, as you know, or hopefully will learn by going through this blog, this conspiracy is so much larger than a simply a dirty cop working with a disgruntled wife trying to reap the financial benefit from my murder.  That is why conspiracies are so hard to prove.  

However, that is why I have been meticulously documenting things as best as I could as they transpired, in the hopes that someday, this will all come to light and this corruption on a national scale will be exposed.  They have time on their side, and "the system".  And the goal of the system is never to allow me to get in front of a court and call a single witness in this matter.  That's specifically why I have stayed out of the court system because they have 86 different civil rules to essentially dismiss your case, and you are left fighting the system once again, and you are fighting  crooked judges that are appointed because they are willing to be crooked and use the civil rules, rather than a jury, decide the matter.  So, they put Terry in place, knowing that he would soldier up and protect the system.  John Terry is a company man.  

The company man is rewarded for following the rules.  The better the company man, the less it matters what the rules are, how ethical they are, how just, how humane.

In my emails to Terry and to the prosecuting attorney, Lacey Blair, I was directing Terry, do this, do that, etc.  His response was always, "I am going to withdraw from the case if you keep emailing the prosecutor".  I had to be careful, as he was my "advocate" and I knew that he was working directly for JZ and the "company".  I couldn't afford to go too far off the reservation, or he'd go in front of the judge and take one of my emails and have me committed for eternity to a mental institution.  It was a fine line, so I'd back off for a time, and then when he didn't do what I said, I'd again cc the prosecuting attorney, and at times send letters to Judge Zimmerman, which he used to pick out little snippets of what I put in the letters to him to paint me as insane, like my dad getting offered $2 billion for his garbage company, and JZ saying that it was only worth something like $2 million.   How did he know that?

At one of the preliminary hearing JZ said that he heard that I was threatening him on Facebook.  I immediately latched onto that statement and asked him "Who told you that".   He wouldn't respond to that.  In addition, I kept asking why he ordered the mental health evaluation, and I needed his factual reasoning as to why and again, he would not disclose that.  

They brought my wife in to run cover for him and she testified that I was never a Navy SEAL, to which Judge Zimmerman latched onto and said that one time that he had a guy come in and claim to be an astronaut and after the evaluation, it turned out that the guy was actually an astronaut.  It doesn't take a mental evaluation to determine someone's statements regarding their military service, all they have to look at is the DD 214.  I am not sure if JZ could see that on his computer system, but I surmise that he can.  

In addition, I had one of my former team mates I was stationed with at SEAL Team One come to a hearing bringing our platoon plaque, and John Terry wouldn't even call him as a witness to discredit what my wife said on the record, which was "he was never a Navy SEAL and I can prove it".  This, in and of itself, should have been a golden opportunity for him to question her right then and there.  Instead, she was brought in by the prosecutor to give JZ cover for ordering the mental health evaluation, as any answer he gave, i.e., if he said he ordered it because I was thinking that Torres was trying to kill me, that opened the door once again into my request for reading the Torres case into the record and they needed to avoid the mentioning of Torres at all costs.  It was a diversion and they it was carefully orchestrated and well played on their part.

In addition, my wife stated that she thought I was mentally ill and needed to go to Western States hospital.  Two and a half years later, during the divorce trial, she to a juxtaposed position and said that I was faking all my injuries in order to get disability benefits.  We argued at trial for almost two days, that single point, and my attorney in the divorce hearing didn't call a single witness on my behalf, other than my mother, who is a former CIA asset who lies for a living.  It would have been nice to have one of my doctors called, or any other witness for that matter, but I was ordered to get an attorney to represent me in the divorce trial they could control the record like they did in the criminal trial.

It was a dance because Terry knew that I knew that he was fucking me, but he was going full bore to keep pressing the narrative that I was nuts.  

Another tell-tale sign was the fact that on November 14, 2016, JZ ordered me to go to jail, go directly to jail, do not pass go, and don't collect $200.  This was my daughters birthday.  They like to use these dates in order to just fuck with you psychologically.   Just one more drop of water to hit you in the head.  Their goal is to make these little statements as they are fucking with you.  So, I was thrown in jail, and by this time, the Clark County prosecutor sent me a summons to appear before the court for the felony of threatening Jeffrey Barrar and Katie Kauffman via the email that I sent to him.  The arraignment date was set for November 29, 2016, and they'd set it up so that I would be in jail and I wouldn't have the resources or ability to hire an attorney to represent myself in the felony charge also. Their plan was to have Terry represent me in both the misdemeanor charge and the felony charge so that he could fix both cases against me. 

Luckily, whether it be through an act of God, or something else, a childhood friend reached out to me and got me an attorney to represent me in the felony charge.  The day before I was thrown in jail, I'd met her and her boyfriend, and I turned over all my bank account information, my passwords to all my accounts so they could access the emails I had sent, and they eventually became what is called a disability advocate for me, and my friend kept rifling emails to John Terry after each hearing, virtually doing the same thing I was doing, calling him out at each instance for his corruption.  

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