Thursday, December 16, 2021

The BLACKLIST: Michael Evans

 Judge shitface - The Mormon 

Judge Michael Evans Cowlitz County

Judge Baker suddenly withdrew from my case right after I sent in a CR 15 Motion to Supplement the record stating, in effect, that my wife grew up in the Child of God occult.   This is an occult that believes that it's ok to molest their own children, and as I have alleged on numerous occasions, my daughters, who their grandfather often referred to as a little "Child of God", have been molesting them, along with their uncle.  Neither of them was called to the stand to testify by my attorney, Tessa Cohen. Tessa was keeping all information about their sexual abuse, and the fact that they had been groomed for sex trafficking.  

The dirty little secret in Clark County is, they are corrupt, meaning the law enforcement officers, judges, attorneys, and county officials.  The government is a RICO organization, and the worst of the worst has infiltrated the whole government.  Their game is simple, find a mother that wants sole custody, and bases her argument on a lie.  Once they know the person is lying, they support that person, in this case, my wife, and she's offered a solution to all her problems.   Rick Torres was the solution for her, as he was going to murder me.  My case is very different than others due to the family complexity of things, i.e., my dad being part of the CIA, however, you get the gist.  This is pattern behavior.  

When I was away from my wife, waiting for my attorney to file the parenting plan, all I got was delay after delay and confusion.  I didn't understand why it was taking Mike Roe,  my attorney, so long to get the paperwork in for the parenting plan.  He represented me for 36 months and never filed a parenting plan.  Meanwhile, I was bouncing back and forth, trying to work things out with my wife, who was sleeping with Mike Roe by this time.  That's how their little game is played.  She got reeled in thinking there was going to be a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow when I was murdered.  She'd be set for life.  

In fact, during one of our "reconciliation periods", she told me that she was befriended by her attorney, Lisa Martin, and they met out for drinks one night with an "associate" of hers.  That associate was Mike Roe, and he told her how the game was played, and the cost of admission, which was sleeping with him, for starters.  Years after I hired him, I was in his office, and he showed me a naked picture of someone that looked exactly like my wife.  Her hair was covering her face, but it was the same body I'd been with for 14 years.  It was her, and he was showing it to me just to mess with my head.  That's how these psychopaths operate. 

They already had the headlines written, that poor Shelane, lost her husband after he jumped off of a cliff in Pendleton, Oregon, and his mangled body was found at the bottom of the cliff.  What better way to hide an abduction where you have to physically restrain someone and beat the hell out of him in the process.  That was their plan when they surrounded me on August 17, 2016.  

And, it just so happens, just a couple of hours after Torres and 20 other people surrounded me on August 17, 2020. I just happen to get an email from my wife, who I hadn't heard from in years, and there was a restraining order in place to prevent me from contacting her.  

I haven't a clue what "package" she was referring to in the email.  Suffice it to say, it's an amazing coincidence that she sent me an email a couple of hours after Rick Torres and 20 wildland firefighters from Torres, Contracting, Inc. surrounded me at the campground at the Wildhorse Casino in Pendleton, Oregon.  

As I said, this must have been all part of the story they'd already written and set to publish in the newspapers across the US, as they were sure they had me dead-to-rites.  You can see the headlines now.  Navy SEAL, PJ, Smokejumper, and Captain/PM Jumps to his Death After Failure of Treatment by Workers Compensation for PTSD, Wife left with Unanswered Questions, etc., etc.  

The additional payment for Torres's services to murder me was trafficking my daughter.  That was the price of admission. Yes, it's really that fucked up.  That's why Judge Baker jumped ship so quickly and assigned the case to his buddy, Judge Shitface.  I'd sent Judge Baker Motion to Supplement the Record, exposing his role in the trafficking ring, which spans from SW Washington to his former law partner's modeling studio in the garment district of NYC.  When I sent the motion to him, I cc'd 13 other US attorneys that I'd been emailing about the broad government corruption, so he quickly resigned, I surmise under their advice.  I also sent it to Sidney Powell, Michael Flynn's attorney.     

Later, Judge Shitface would deny the Motion to Supplement the Record.  He asked me why I was so late in filing it (2 days late) and when I told him I was still reeling from Clark County LEO's that attempted to murder me on April 19th, 2020, that wasn't a good enough excuse for him to allow the motion to supplement the record, so he denied the motion.  Note: he did not deny it based on the merits of the claim, as he knew that I had evidence to back up the claim, i.e., the statements of Shelane's father, the fact that they'd become "addicted to porn" when they were being taken over to Shelane's parents' home 5 days a week where they became addicted to porn, and the fact that Shelane destroyed the pornographic diary the day I was arrested by Torres and Co.   (There is much more circumstantial evidence, but you get the's disgusting).  

On April 15, 2020, I'd finally put all the pieces together and found out my daughters were being trafficked by this cabal.  On the 19th, I went to Bingen, Washington to report this to the local authorities, where Judge Baker was the presiding judge.  They told me that I had to go and report it to Clark County as if that made any sense.  I did what they told me, and went near Torres's house in his gated community and dialed 911 on my cell phone.  The dispatcher immediately hung up on me, which I thought was odd, as I was reporting the trafficking of my daughters and wanted to get as much as I could on the record.  I found out later that the dispatcher immediately called Tony Golik, who got on the phone with Deputy Fox from CCSO and was giving him directions.  I quickly figured out those directions were for them to murder me.  

There were patrol vehicles coming from all directions, and they were holding back to approach me all at once so they could create chaos and confusion and start pumping rounds into me.  It was painfully obvious what they were doing.  It was a replay of the Lloyd Finicum shooting in Eastern Oregon years earlier by the FBI.  I'd seen that playbook a hundred times, it was an ambush!  

Not wanting to get murdered, I went out in the middle of the street and started waving my arms so that I would hopefully be caught on camera, and so that others would witness me standing in the middle of the street.  The time when Sheriff Dave Brown came around the corner of the garage almost 4 years earlier, drawing his weapon went through my head again.  I was pretty nervous, to say the least.  My thoughts were verified when they all arrived at once and five officers jumped out and were all screaming at me.  My cell was taken away, I was patted down, and they were all screaming, and at one point, the ranking officer on the scene, Sergeant Nelson yelled "You calling us crooked" as he was lunging at me, and had to be held back by one of the other officers from beating the hell out of me.   

They were all screaming, "where's your evidence" as if I was lying to them.  Of course, they wouldn't listen to anything I said, so when I got home, I started sending Deputy Fox my evidence and never heard back from him.  As they were yelling at me, Fox starts reading me my rights, as if I'd done something wrong, then asked if I wanted to say anything, so I asked him if I could use his pen and I'd write out a statement, which he refused, and said that he'd take notes.  Whenever you want to interject evidence into a case, they are vehemently against it because they are so corrupt, they have to filter everything that goes into the record.  That's how all of these cases get fixed against a defendant, and these boys in blue are as corrupt as the day is long.  One of the biggest clues, though, they didn't even ask where my children lived!  

Needless to say, I was dealing with this BS, couldn't sleep, was triggered, and the divorce took a back seat for the moment, and I didn't recognize the Motion to Supplement the record was two days late.  

By the time I sent the Motion to Supplement in, the case had already been fixed against me, and the record was fixed in a way that they couldn't allow any new evidence to come into the record....believe me, I tried everything, but everything I tried was denied on procedural grounds.  Judge Shitface was going to procedurally deny everything I put before him, even though the legislative intent is to protect the children, so adding the facts that my own attorney left out of the record, i.e.,  my children were molested by their grandfather and uncle, and that Torres was trafficking them, took a back seat to the rule that this evidence had to be in two days prior, period.  Therefore, Judge Shitface rejected it on the 2-day issue.  

Since I was aware of what was going on, I decided to send a shot across Judge Shitface's bow.  The email is below:

Hello Paul,

My name is Matt L'Hommedieu and Judge Evans will be hearing/denying my motion to recuse the Skamania County Officials during the upcoming hearing on the 17th.  

In addition, the Skamania County Court Administrator has scheduled a hearing in front of Judge Evans to hear several motions that I have filed.  Unfortunately, Judge Baker has been sharing the emails that I sent to him with Judge Evans and has already prejudiced the case against me.  It is clear that they have arranged to deny my motions for being procedurally flawed, so they will be dismissed by Judge Evans, and I will be left to appeal them to the higher court.  

Unfortunately, justice delayed is justice denied.  I am trying to prevent this from happening again.  I haven't seen my children in ages and haven't had any visitation with my daughters (other than supervised) since 2012 due to this cabal trafficking my wife and daughters. 

Judge Baker is the one that is trafficking my daughters, along with every other judge in Clark County.  Therefore, they had to reach out to Cowlitz County to get a judge to hear this.  Obviously, the judges in Clark County would be the logical choice to hear the motion, but the judge has to come from two counties over, due to the corruption in Clark County.  As you may or may not know, I have been posting online that these judges are pedophiles and they are running a sex trafficking ring in the State of Washington.  I haven't even been sued for posting that these judges are pedophiles and running a RICO organization (the purpose of the recall).  

My experience with the Mormon religion hasn't been that hot either.  I've run into a lot of pedophiles that are Mormons, and they have protected their own.  Couple that with the fact that the entire cabal that I have been fighting since 2002 has been from the same school of law as Judge Evans.  Suffice it to say, that I don't want to have Judge Evans hear any of my motions regarding my divorce, as it would greatly prejudice me.

I can give you an example.  While I was being sued by this cabal, Lane v. Skamania County and Lawrence L'Hommedieu, I was represented by Sam Rodabough.   His father went to school with Dennis Lane, the guy that was suing me.  In the middle of the case, Dennis Lane (Seattle Law School like Judge Evans) bribed Sam and offered him a job.  When I asked Sam to file a bar complaint about this attempted bribery, he would not do so and I ended up having to go pro se. 

I ended up winning a CR 13(e) argument against these jackasses (Mormons, i.e., Miller Nash).  However, our judicial system here in Washington State is so corrupt, this cabal owns the Washington State Supreme Court.  In fact, they just helped frame my friend, John Garrett Smith, and stole $150 million from him.  This is obviously funneled through their Hawala type network to the crooked judges.  And as if that wasn't enough, they tried to murder him to boot.  And these fuckers tried to murder me four times too.  

So, I am not exactly ready to have another Mormon and pedophile hear my divorce case, and I hope you can understand that.  

I am not, however, opposed to having him hear the case regarding the recall petition, because he is going to deny that on procedural grounds anyway.  I just want to get it on the record for the eventual lawsuit that I am going to file against this cabal.  And Judge Evans will be a great witness, as he has already been in contact with Judge Baker, and that's against the rules.   There's no end to the corruption here in SW Washington. 

So, I have asked the court clerk, Grace Cross, and administrator, Pam Bell to reach out to Judge Baker (the pedophile) and ask if he will restore himself voluntarily to the throne )bench).  THAT MOTION IS NOT EVEN ONE OF THE ONES THAT WAS PUT ON THE DOCKET FOR JUDGE EVANS TO HERE!  If Judge Baker does not voluntarily restore himself to the bench, the only motion that I will be arguing in front of the pedophile, Judge Evans, is a motion to restore Judge Baker to the bench.  

But in order to do that, I will need Judge Evans to sign a subpoena to take Judge Baker's deposition prior to any hearings in front of Judge Evans.

Or, Judge Evans could move sua sponte and issue an order to have Judge Baker deposed prior to any hearing in front of him.   At least that is what I would do if I were a judge Evans.  I'm sure he wants to know that Judge Baker fraudulently withdrew from my case because he was trafficking my daughters, right? 

Please let me know if Judge Evans will issue a sua sponte order to depose Judge Baker - that will tell you everything you need to know as to whether Judge Evans is a pedophile or not.  

I've attached the letter outlining the prejudice that I am being subjected to by this corrupt cabal. 

Thanks for your attention to this matter.  I look forward to your/Judge Evans's response.  


Matt L'Hommedieu

You get the gist of the email, it was a bit of propaganda to get someone to take action, which Judge Shitface did.  In a 24 hour period, the email was opened about 45 times, according to a boomerang trace I put on the email.  When I questioned Judge Shitface about this, he said he only opened it (3) three times, not the 45 times the email had been opened.  Of course, there are other possibilities as to why it was opened 45 times, but the underlying fact; evidence suggests it was opened 45 times.  And if it was opened 45 times, as the evidence suggests, by whom?   Judge Shitface stated it wasn't by him!  

Therein lies the rub.  A jury would want to know this critical piece of evidence.  And, if Judge Shitface is lying, then a jury surely would want to know. 

I've said all along that this cabal was running this operation, it's been a coordinated attack all the way to the Court of Appeals, Division II, and to the Supreme Court.  They've been acting as my wife's counsel to help her and limit the information that I have been able to put into the record, and they've completely foreclosed on my ability to call a single witness to the stand.  EVERYTHING was coordinated through my attorney, Tessa Cohen.  And if you've followed this at all, you'll know that my wife screamed an excited utterance in court, stating that she did not doctor the bank records that she gave to Tessa, which would have shown that she was working with this cabal and was not on a "pre-planned" vacation during the time that the Clark Count prosecutor claimed that she was, hence, filing a motion to extend the criminal trial based on my wife's "pre-planned" vacation, stating she wouldn't be available at a trial that was scheduled.  Of course, they had the backup plan of having Judge Zimmerman order a psychological evaluation.

Now, Pam Bell, the scheduler for the Skamania County Court has just sent me an invitation to a Zoom meeting for a hearing on January 31, 2022, in order to follow the mandate of the court of appeals, requiring Judge Evans to increase the amount of spousal support for my now ex-wife.  I've been paying her spousal support since 2013, we were married for 14 years, and I am scheduled to pay her until February of 2013, i.e., ten years...for a 14-year marriage.  Now, Judge Shitface is going to increase that amount, of course.

The important thing is, as I've noted in my previous postings, these fuckers won't budge when it comes to me.  I couldn't get a hearing scheduled for the life of me, believe me, I tried.  For instance, when I filed an Order to Show Cause in front of Judge Baker, for him to answer as to why he signed the final divorce decree while the coronavirus orders were in place, and while he was trafficking my daughters (which I allege in the motion) the court scheduler, Pam Bell, and Court Clerk found every excuse to keep it off the schedule.  They would state that I didn't fill out the forms right and it was not properly done.  This is the judge's job, not theirs.  Their only role is to get me a hearing, not obstruct it.  But now, since the mandate came down, Pam Bell sends a purposefully obscure email stating that there's a hearing scheduled for January 31st, 2020.

The email she sent did not have the hearing time on it, and I believe this was purposefully done because, as the appellate courts note, it's not their problem you are a pro se attorney, you have to follow the rules. In this case, Shelane is acting as her own attorney and needs to follow the rules and properly note it on the docket, which she hasn't.  Instead, Judge Shitface, now acting as her attorney, had the scheduler send out a meeting "request" to ascertain if I was available for the hearing and would accept the Zoom hearing date.  

In my mind, they were looking for me to ask what time the Zoom hearing was going to take place, then I would be unwittingly agreeing, in a roundabout way, to accepting not only the date but the time of the meeting.  It's a trick, and they are coordinating the entire case for my wife, acting as her attorney, as I've stated all along.

So, I sent Pam Bell and Judge Shitface an email asking them about it.

Has this been noted on the docket?  By whom?  There is a current motion for reconsideration at the COA.  Seems nefarious, and nothing more than a perpetuation of the fraud.  I haven’t received anything.  

It’s almost as if you are assisting Shelane with progressing this case, i.e., working with her, advising her what to do.  I didn’t think that you folks were supposed to, or even did move sua sponte, but this appears to be what is happening.  Odd, since I wasn’t able to get an Emergency Hearing for custody scheduled for over a month and a half when I filed it on May 6th, 2020.  If you recall, the EMERGENCY HEARING was not held until Judge Baker signed another order, withdrew from the case, then assigned it to the shitbag it’s currently in front of.  Seems like Judge Baker was working with you folks to keep it off the docket, but now that you folks want to reward Shelane with more money for spousal maintenance, you are using the case on her behalf.  Isn’t this the claim I have been making all along?


If judge shitface wants to schedule a hearing on Shelane’s behalf, have him fill out the proper paperwork, note it on the docket, and send it to me.  Of course, I will be calling him as a witness to the case now, since you folks are acting as Shelane’s attorney.      


Almost immediately, because I am still fuming about the bullshit they are playing, I followed it up with another email:


Judge shitface seems pretty sure of himself that the court of appeals is not going to take up the motion to reconsider and dismiss the divorce decree in its entirety based on the fraud that’s being conducted. Hence, nor is the Supreme Court.  Can’t they move sua sponte to dismiss the case in its entirety based on the fraud that’s taking place?  This would negate the need for a hearing, right?  It’s odd, seems like judge shitface is a soothsayer and already knows the outcome at the court of appeals and SC.  Wonder if he’s been coordinating this with them, like he has coordinated with judge Baker and the COA II to funnel money to Shelane.  It looks pretty nefarious, doesn’t it?

Plus, he said that he only opened an email I sent him 3 times, yet the tracker I placed on it showed it was opened about 45 times in a 24 hour period.  Seems like he was sharing it with a bunch of folks, and when I asked him for the evidence as to who he shared it with, he wouldn’t provide it.  Doesn’t that seem a little odd to you?  


Judge shitface (Evans, in case you weren’t sure),

Have you changed your unconstitutional rule about contacting you yet?  It seems odd that you haven’t. Don’t I have a first amendment right to send you anything I want without being sanctioned.  Yet, you, through your proxy threatened me with sanctions for contacting you.  Seems a little odd that someone can’t send you an email pointing out your corruption.  Is that the reason for the rule?  

As I stated in my earlier emails to you, via the public records act, send me all information about the email I sent you that was opened 45 times in a 24 hour period.  In addition, provide ALL phone records, emails, and any notes or evidence that you’ve been coordinating this case with others.  

You have not responded to my previous request within the timeframe outlined in the RCW.  Why haven’t you?  Treat this again as a PRA request.  To include the coordination of the upcoming “hearing” that has not been noted on the docket.  

Pam Bell responds with the following same pat answer, don't contact the judge.

Mr. L’Hommedieu,

The notice of hearing was sent to you yesterday to the same email address listed in this email as was the ZOOM information for the January hearing. The Court of Appeals Opinion indicated this case was remanded back for the Spousal Support portion to be set for a hearing.    We have set it for a hearing based on that Opinion.  Emailing the Judge is not appropriate.  If you have scheduling questions you can address those with me.  If you have filing questions you can address those with the Clerk.  Please remove the Judge from any further email communication.  Thank you.




Pamela Bell

Skamania County Superior Court Administrator

There still isn't a time for the hearing on the email, so I guess it must be midnight, WTF?

My response:


I understand that you were the one that shredded the subpoena’s that I sent in back in 2017 when Judge Krog was presiding over the case.  (case no. 14-3-00035-4).  I filed a Motion to Repair the Record due to the shredding.  If you weren’t I apologize, I am going off of memory.  The Motion to Repair the record has the information in it if I recall correctly, about the docs being shredded.   I have not been able to get a copy of the docs through clerk’s pass.  Please let me know how I can get a copy of it, along with the the subpoenas that I requested that were filed with the motion.  Note: Judge Baker would not sign them the day he took over the case and he instructed me to get an attorney so he could control what went in the record.  LCR 79 governs this, so I am trying to find information as to why they were shredded (we know why, now, I’ll need the documents to prove who and what is stated in them).  So, if you have any documentation from Judge Krog as to why they were shredded please forward it to me, such as what rule was followed?  Any information you can give me as to why they were shredded, when they were shredded, who shredded them, who directed them to be shredded (Krog) it would be greatly appreciated. I will need that for the upcoming hearing, so if you recall being directed to shred these by Judge Krog, please respond in the affirmative or negative.  If you know why, please include that too.    

Additionally, I sent in a letter to both the GAL and to Judge Baker regarding the GAL report (see enclosed).  I signed it and sent it to Judge Baker.  Did he send you a copy of the April 8th, 2020 letter that I sent him protesting the GAL report of Mike FitzSimmons?  If not, I would like to file a claim under LGALR 7 about Mike FitzSimmons. 

I believe that Judge Baker has the original copy of the signed letter.  He should, it is a public document.  Please find out if he does, and where it is.  

I apologize for my language, I need to work on that!  I surmise that you and Grace are just “following orders”.  We are all in a predicament with the corruption that abounds Skamania County and the State of Washington.  I don’t mean to take it out on you, I am sure you can understand my frustration.  

I have included Judge Evans to ensure he has all communications because he is not only a witness, he is an active participant in this corruption.  As you know, they had my neighbor, Rick Pauly, murdered.  They were going to attempt to pin it on me, using my brother’s DNA, who they got a job for at the funeral home where Rick’s body was processed around the time I filed the Recall Petition.  They were going to switch out my DNA with his when they arrested me for his murder, and send it to the state crime lab.  Judge Evans is fully aware of this, and he has been procedurally denying me the ability to get any new evidence in the case.  That is precisely why I am filing the GAL complaint.  You will note how void of any merit the GAL report is.  There is a plethora of evidence, so I would ask you to go through the entire file and pull it out.  If you need any more evidence of Judge Baker’s corruption, PLMK.  You will also see that Judge Altman shredded an Emergency Motion for Custody back in the spring of 2016 in order to cover this up.  I tried to highlight the main points and request them via subpoena to absolutely prove what is going on.  I surmise they will attempt to have you dismiss it since Jessi is now over 18, but I’d ask you to look how many delays there were in getting this to trial, and then to the final signature of Judge Baker while a stay was pending.  It appears to be a coordinated effort amongst the judges presiding over this case.  

If you need any help writing the report, or any more evidence about my wife working with Torres, sleeping with my attorney - Mike Roe, or trafficking my daughters, which I found out on or about April 15, 2020, then let me know.   It would also be good for you to pull the phone records between Judge Baker and others and ascertain the coordination.   I surmise that there is a phone call between Baker and Mike FitzSimmons around the time of the April 8, 2020 letter.  I also believe that the date of the signing of the final decree while the stay was pending was either the result of a conversation between Baker and FitzSimmons, or it was back dated.  Baker signed it on April 8, 2020, the same date as the letter.  If he still has the envelope, that would be a great piece of evidence too.  I am hopeful that he does, as this is all part of the public record, and to have him destroy it would be a 3rd time the record has been destroyed in this case.  When you consult with Judge Baker, as per LGALR  7  d(4)(A)(iv)(v)(vi) document everything. (note: I assume that FitzSimmons was talking with Baker, given the date of the signing of the final decree while the stay was pending.  This would give Judge Baker plausible deniability as to why he took no action on the April 8, 2020 letter).  (vii) (trafficking children and covering it up is a federal crime) (viii) (he took NO action, i.e., getting the nude photos of my wife off of Mike Roe’s camera, exposing the fraud and corruption, the addiction to porn, the pornographic journal, my wife’s opiate addiction, etc.).  All of these things are evidence based, and neither Judge Baker nor FitzSimmons took any action to garner this evidence.  Contrarily, there is evidence that Baker is hanging out with a sex trafficker, his former partner.   

Please let me know if this grievance is going to move forward as soon as you can or if you need something different from me to start the process.  The upcoming hearing should be postponed until your final report.  I’d ask you RECORD ALL YOUR HEARINGS WITH JUDGE BAKER, or take copious notes during this process , as Judge Baker will try and pin this on you. Also, if I were you, I’d ask Judge Baker about the website of his former law partner, the sex studio they have in the garment district in NYC, and about his coordination with others.  Some information you could and should seek is from Yarden Weidenfeld’s gmail account.  He sent me public docs from it (the recall petition I filed), and I surmise these folks are coordinating this on gmail.  If you recall, the clerk of the courts were sending me information regarding my divorce via gmail early on in this case.  I surmise that this was done to limit the record, as has been continually done.  

Any local rules forbidding contact with a judge are still unconstitutional and in violation of the First Amendment. 

Letter to both Judge Baker and Mike FitzSimmons:

April 8, 2020


Mike FitzSimons,

 You recently acted as the Guardian ad litem regarding the custody of my youngest daughter, Jessi, who was 16 years and 2 months at the time of the evaluation.  

 I am in a quandary as to what to do.  Remarkably, your report glosses over some points I made to you when you were interviewing me.  

 For instance, I told you that my wife was having an affair with my attorney, Mike Roe, and he arranged for me to be murdered by a dirty cop, Rick Torres.  Your report does not mention that.

 Nor does your report mention the fact that I found a pornographic journal on February 11, 2015, the day I was arrested after my wife assaulted me.  I also informed you that during our separations, starting March of 2012, she was taking the girls over to her parent’s home, where her brother lives, and our daughters became addicted to pornography.  I learned they became addicted to pornography the morning of February 11, 2015, the date I was falsely arrested for a domestic violence charge.  

 Additionally, your report is silent on the fact I brought up Shelane’s multi-decade use of opiates.  I don’t understand why your report is silent on this issue.  Is this an oversight?  Shouldn’t that be included, as it goes directly to Shelane’s ability to parent?  I really don’t think that a parent that is addicted to opiates and arranged for me to be murdered (and is getting Jessi to lie for her to prevent her from going to jail) is a good reason to restrict my parenting, do you?  

 You state in your report it is hard to tell who is telling the truth in the alleged abuse, but you are sure that Jessi is being cared for by Shelane, and it’s too late to do anything about it now (paraphrasing). 

 However, should Jessi be in a situation where she is with a mother that attempted to murder her husband, using a dirty police officer, Rick Torres? 

 Also, you did not mention the claim by Shelane that I left her destitute and she had to file for welfare.  This claim can be debunked by data.  I applied to Skamania County Superior Court Judge, Randall Krog for subpoenas to get this information so that I could prove several things.  The first thing I wanted to prove by garnering this data is that Shelane is not a credible witness and she is hiding information.  I issued interrogatories requesting this data on November 30, 2015.  These interrogatories have not been answered to this day.

 In response to my request for the subpoenas to get the data I needed, Judge Krog shredded the subpoenas and my motion.

 After 1 ½ years of trying to serve Shelane with an order to show cause (she obviously would not answer the door to be served with the orders to show cause), I had to continually return to the Court and get Judge Krog to sign another order to show cause.  After failing to get her served, I requested Judge Krog sign the subpoenas so I could get the data I needed.  As noted, he had the documents shredded.  Additionally, he denied my motion to have him recused.  He would not sign the order and in his order to dismiss, he stated he already made decisions in my case and referenced his signing of the orders to show cause.

 When I filed a motion to correct the record and wanted to call Judge Krog to the stand to determine why he shredded the documents, he furthered his criminal action (violation of RCW 40.16.020, a felony) by recusing himself without addressing his shredding of the documents.  

 This is the third time a judge has destroyed the record in my case.  The first time the record was destroyed was by Judge Altman when he shredded an emergency motion for custody I filed based on the fraud perpetrated on the court by Shelane and her then-attorney, Lisa Martin.  This motion was filed in early 2016.   

 The second time a judge destroyed the public record was in the criminal action, where I was falsely arrested by Rick Torres for domestic violence.  You, being a criminal defense attorney can appreciate how prejudicial this destruction of the public record was.  During a hearing on August 8, 2016, in preparation for the criminal trial for domestic violence, I handed the Wilkinson v. Torres (2010) case to him and asked him to read it into the record.  He would not do so, ordered a psychological evaluation, and then destroyed the record. I was prepared to go to trial and ask Rick Torres about the Wilkinson v. Torres case and his falsely arresting me on February 11, 2015, a year and a half earlier.

 The prosecutor had filed a motion to continue trial on August 5, 2016, based on Shelane being on a “preplanned” vacation.   During the recent divorce trial, Shelane stated she never spoke to the prosecutor about being on a preplanned vacation (testimony of Shelane May 24, 2019). 

 Additionally, Rick Torres resigned from the Clark County Sheriff’s Office on August 4, 2016.  However, the PA did not bring this fact up during the pretrial hearing on August 8, 2016. 

 In other hearings, Shelane showed up and offered testimony to the Clark County District Court in the criminal pre-trial hearings.  She made numerous false and contradictory statements.  She stated that I was never a Navy SEAL and she could prove it.  Additionally, she stated she believed I needed to be in a mental hospital.  In the divorce hearing, she stated that I was faking my disability, which stems from a mental condition of PTSD.  Her testimony in court and her position of my disability depended on the court she was testifying before.  

 I was eventually framed for a murder-for-hire plot by Clark County Officials and had to plead guilty or face 17 years in a mental institution based in part on the testimony of Shelane in front of the CC District Court.  I have filed a notice of tort claim against the State of Washington, Clark County, and Skamania County for $15 million for their attempts to murder me and frame me for the murder-for-hire plot.  It just passed the 60-day mark, and I am preparing a lawsuit against them for their actions.  This tort claim also includes Judge Baker and Judge Krog.  Judge Baker has not issued nor has he mentioned this, or my previous requests to him to get an anti-stalking/harassment restraining order against Rick Torres to keep him from coming within 1000 feet of me.  However, Judge Baker has remained silent on this issue.  Even during the latest “final” hearing last month, he did not mention a single thing about my application for a restraining order against Rick Torres (note: I filed a motion to stay the judgment until the record can be corrected, including this request for you to update your GAL evaluation).  I can only assume he received this motion, as I sent it to the court clerk.  He has not signed the order, nor did he mention it in the “final” hearing.  He stated he would wait for a response from Shelane and if he did not change anything after she submitted her written rebuttal, he would sign the divorce decree. 

 This brings me to the crux of my request for you to provide a complete evaluation.  I do not have the ability to issue subpoenas to prove my case.  As I stated, I have previously requested the Skamania County Court to do so.  During my first hearing in front of Judge Baker, he told me he was not going to allow me to turn my divorce trial into a “circus”.  He then gave me legal advice and told me to hire an attorney.  This is the second time a judge has given me legal advice in my case.  The first time was after Judge Altman shredded the emergency motion for custody.  He advised me to file a CR 60 motion, which I did.  He denied the motion due to the fact that I sent a profanity-laced email to Shelane’s counsel.  He even read the profanity-laced tirade into the record and said that I was “sick and scary”.  He never addressed the merits of the claim.

 That is precisely where we find ourselves 5 years later.  And, contrary to Judge Baker's admonishment, he has turned this into a circus.  It is quite obvious that Judge Baker wanted me to hire an attorney so he could protect Judge Altman and Judge Krog from testifying as to their criminal actions for destroying the public record.

 To this day, the constitutional issues regarding the way Shelane and her attorney garnered the “default” parenting plan on November 12, 2015, have not been addressed.  And we have already had the trial.  Apparently, the pretrial brief filed by my attorney, Tessa Cohen, did not carry on the pretrial brief I filed in early 2017.  I have not seen the documents my own attorney filed in preparation for the trial.  I did as Judge Baker advised and relied on my attorney, to my detriment.

 In the best interest of Jessi, I ask you to redo your evaluation and address these issues.  

 Can you please do the following?

 Issue a subpoena for the bank records of both myself and Shelane L’Hommedieu from May 1, 2014, through the trial date at Wells Fargo Bank. 

·      Issue a subpoena for all phone records of Shelane and any phone she had from July 1, 2016, through January of 2018.

·      Issue a subpoena for the response to my complaint with the WSBA regarding Mike Roe’s affair with Shelane L’Hommedieu

·      Issue a subpoena for all vacation plans Shelane made for the “preplanned” vacation in August of 2016.  (note: she testified at trial she did not recall where she went)

·      Issue a subpoena for the LinkedIn message I sent to Rick Torres on or about July of 2016 (Note: in preparation for trial, I sent him a LinkedIn message asking him about the Wilkinson v. Torres case.  He resigned after he got the message and then tried to murder me on August 17, 2016, in Pendleton, OR.  There is an FBI report filed.  This subpoena can be issued to both LinkedIn and to the Clark County Prosecutor.  Even though the LinkedIn message is mentioned in a police report filed by Torres on or about January 27, 2017, the PA claims there is no such document).

·      Issue a subpoena for all FBI files regarding my report about Rick Torres trying to murder me.

·      Issue a subpoena to Skamania County getting all phone records for Skamania County Judges Altman, Krog, and Baker.  (I previously filed a public records request, which was denied by Adam Kick at the direction of Judge Krog due to the phone records being exempt due to judicial documents).  Regardless of the public records policy, it is still in the best interest of Jessi to determine if the aforementioned judges are working to hide the fact they are assisting Clark County with covering up their attempts to murder and then frame me.

·      Issue a subpoena for all records of the sale of community property by Shelane.  The subpoenas should be issued to Lisa Martin, Deanna Rusch, and Shelane.  (Note: Shelane sold all community property on or about July 5, as Mike Roe did not issue an order preventing her from selling the community property)

·      Issue a subpoena to Mike Roe requesting all checks I gave him to give to Shelane.  I gave him two checks for $3,000 in July of 2015.  And one for $3,000 for the months of August, September, and October.  Only $9,000 of the $15,000 has been accounted for. 

·      Issue a subpoena to Lisa Martin for my iPhone, which Shelane stole on or about March 21, 2015. 

·      Issue a subpoena to request all my records from Judge Ron Reynier.  He was my divorce attorney (2016) and then he signed a motion denying my request for a restraining order against Rick Torres (October 2019).  Obviously, he cannot act as both my attorney and a judge in the same matter.  When he was representing me, I asked him to file a motion to get me listed as a vulnerable adult within the State of Washington per the RCW.  He would not do that.  Now, he will not respond to my requests for my records.

·      Issue a subpoena to find the pornographic journal written by Jessi, which I found on February 11, 2015.

·      Issue a subpoena for all records within DHSH and the State of Washington, and Clark County (notified the Clark County Prosecuting Attorney) regarding my allegations of abuse of Jessi and Paige and my report to them she attempted to murder me. 

 It should also be noted that I asked Tessa Cohen, my divorce attorney, to withdraw from the case during the last hearing.  She did not even advise me that the final hearing was taking place.  I found out that the hearing was taking place at 0900 the morning of the hearing.  

 There was a long discussion about the verbiage in the parenting plan during the hearing.  I was shocked to find that it was almost identical to the fraudulent motion filed by Shelane’s attorney, Lisa Martin on November 12, 2015.

 It was obvious to me that my own attorney was not working on my behalf.  In July, months after the divorce trial in the spring of 2019, I noticed that Rick Torres was on the planning commission with Tessa Cohen’s law partner, Steven Morash.  I requested a meeting with both of them and was not allowed to meet with them to discuss the swapping of information.  

It is obvious now, almost a year after the trial, that Tessa was doing her best effort to keep information detrimental to Rick Torres out of the court record.  That is, in my opinion, precisely why Judge Baker did not want me representing myself, as all documents I requested could definitively prove what I am saying, i.e., Shelane was having an affair with Mike Roe and they set me up to be a deadbeat dad, with a goal of eventually murdering me to garner financial benefits of nearly $500,000 and $9,000 per month.

 And if you want to know what a combative opiate addict looks like, review the latest hearing we had in front of Judge Baker.  

 During another hearing, where we were discussing discovery issues, Shelane stated that my own attorney doctored the bank records she gave to my attorney.  At the time, Judge Baker stated, “why would she do that?”.  It is quite clear that she (Tessa Cohen, my own attorney) altered the documents to keep information that could harm Rick Torres out of the court record.  This was, quite obviously, a rhetorical remark by Judge Baker, as he has been working with this cabal to control everything that goes into the record.  I would ask you to review these hearings and that evidence too, to determine if you think my own attorney was working against me.  As if it wasn’t obvious enough already. 

 In fact, just prior to taking the stand in the divorce trial, Tessa told me, “Don’t mention anything about Rick Torres”.  

 I think attempted murder is abuse, don’t you?  Shouldn’t Judge Baker weigh in on this issue in his final ruling?  Do you think that Jessi should be in the custody of someone that plots murders?

 Also, you are welcome to talk to a counselor that I have seen regularly, Dr. Tim Dietz.  I will sign a release for you to talk with him, as I have talked to him for years about my suspicion that my daughters were being taken over to Shelane’s parent’s home and being abused.  Evidence of this came forward the day I was arrested, February 11, 2015.  I found Jessi’s pornographic diary and Shelane told me she talked to the girls that morning and found out they were “addicted to porn”.    

 Please take the above actions to ensure that there is a complete evaluation encompassing all of the facts presented by both myself and Shelane.  It is remarkable that you remained silent on these issues and stated that there are multiple allegations of abuse.  This is not only an allegation of abuse, it is an allegation that she attempted to murder me and this Court is doing everything within its power to keep this information from getting into the record.

 Thank you for your attention in this matter.


 Matt L’Hommedieu

2121 Loop Rd.

Stevenson, WA 98648


  I’ll leave you with what Judge Benjamin Settle opined in his ruling regarding Rick Torres in the Wilkinson v. Torres case (2009):


 Taking the facts in the light most favorable to the plaintiffs, there is no question that Officer Torres acted with the unconstitutional purpose to harm, terrorize and in fact, kill Wilkinson.  After Officer Key walked to the front of the minivan and the minivan began to back away from the telephone pole, Key and Torres looked at each other, seemingly acknowledged each other; then Torres walked to the passenger side of the minivan and effectively executed Wilkinson by shooting him eleven times at close range.  Torres shot Wilkinson when the minivan was traveling at a slow speed in the exact opposite direction from where Key stood.  Even after Wilkinson dropped his hands from the steering wheel and slumped in the driver’s seat mortally wounded, Torres continued to fire into Wilkinson as the minivan coasted in reverse.  Wilkinson v. Torres (2009).


Again, please interview Judge Krog and Judge Altman and ask them why they committed the felonious act of shredding documents in my divorce case.

 In addition, I would ask that you interview Judge Baker and determine if he has been in contact with folks in the Court of Appeals.  It appears that he has been working with them in order to get the proper verbiage in his final ruling in the divorce to ensure his ruling stands up during the appeal process.  Additionally, he has been in contact with a cut-out from the Central Intelligence Agency to keep this case under wraps and keep any evidence of Rick Torres association with the CIA and his attempts to murder me out of the record.  Please question Judge Baker about his contacts with the CIA, Court of Appeals, Judge Altman, and Judge Krog to determine if he has been working with the aforementioned to protect Rick Torres and the “system”.  

 As an aside, my dad was involved with the assassination of JFK and the DB Cooper hijacking.  It would be in the best interest of Jessi to get this information from the CIA and FBI?  I would ask that you subpoena these records from the DOJ/FBI and the CIA.  They have not responded to my FOIA requests to prove what I have stated in this document. 

 Furthermore, on or about 1998, the CIA sent someone to torture Shelane by tying her up to a post, gutting out an animal in front of her, and smearing blood all over her.  This can be verified via her medical records, as she saw a psychiatrist immediately after having Paige.  She went into what is called psychomotor seizures after developing PTSD from the aftereffects of the torture.  She would become catatonic when she was placed under stress.  She said she smelled the blood after her water broke and it reminded her of the blood of the animal that was gutted out in front of her.  These medical records would tend to show the truthfulness of my claim.  If/when you attempt to garner this information, I would ask you to find out who the agent was that tortured Shelane.   

 cc:        Shelane L’Hommedieu

            The Feckless Judge Baker

 TO THE CLERK OF SKAMANIA COUNTY COURT; please attach this to my most recent motion as attachment 6.  Please advise me when the next available court date is.

Updated with the complaint filed with the CJC on October 13, 2021.

This case is currently under appeal, and the Washington State Court of Appeals judges are going to rule on a case where they are witnesses and participants in covering up the sex trafficking of my daughters.  I filed an Emergency Motion for Custody in the COA II when I found out that Judge Baker was trafficking my daughters.  The CJC forbids judges to rule on a case where they will be a witness.  In addition, not only are they witnesses, they are a part of covering up the sex trafficking.

I've filed a public records request, over a year ago, asking for all records of communications between the COA II judges and Judge Baker and this has gone unanswered.  Why?

In addition, when I filed subpoenas in the case seeking evidence that would have exposed the trafficking of my daughters back in September of 2017, Judge Krog shredded them (or instructed the Court Administrator).  This is the destruction of the public record, a violation of RCW 40.16.020, which is a felony.   This was the second time a judge ordered motions to be shredded in this case, the first was in the spring of 2016 when fraudulent temporary orders were entered, and I exposed this with the motion and it was shredded and Judge Altman advised me to file a CR 60 motion instead.    

I filed a motion to recuse Judge Krog after the subpoenas I requested him to sign were destroyed,  which he denied, and when I filed a motion to repair the record and call Judge Krog and the Court Clerk that had information about the shredding of the record as witnesses, Judge Krog recused himself from the case and Judge Baker was assigned as Judge Pro Tem.

He immediately ordered me to get an attorney, and I followed his order.  From that point forward, Judge Baker worked with my attorney, while trafficking my daughters to ensure that he controlled the entirety of what went into the record.  

When the Novel Coronavirus orders were issued, I'd filed a Stay of Proceedings after Judge Baker, who had ordered me to get an attorney previously, allowed my attorney that was working with him to withdraw from the case.  I scheduled a hearing for March 26th, 2020, which was canceled and the stay was never ruled on.  On April 8, 2020, I sent a letter to both Judge Baker and the GAL in the case requesting they get documents that I'd been seeking for years to uncover what was going on.  Around this time, I found out that Judge Baker is part of a ring of judges in Washing State that are running a sex trafficking ring and trafficking my daughters.  

He signed the final divorce decree while the Motion to Stay was pending (filed March 16, 2020).  Judge Baker said he was going to sign the final decree unless he heard from the parties prior to March 20th, and my stay was filed on March 16th, so he heard from me.  

The court orders regarding the coronavirus prevented a judge from entering any final parenting plan while the Novel Coronavirus orders were in place.  The same day that I mailed the letter to the GAL and Judge Baker, he signed the final divorce decree (April 8, 2020). I surmise that this was backdated, as it was not filed in Skamania Courty until April 15th, 2020.

When I filed an Order to Show Cause, asking Judge Baker to sanction himself $50 million for violating the Novel Coronavirus orders while he was trafficking my daughters, he signed sever orders while the motion to stay was in place, and then miraculously recused himself without hearing the OTSC.  

The case was transferred to Michael Evans in Cowlitz County and he denied my ability to reopen the record to add ANY additional evidence, such as the fact that Judge Baker was trafficking with my daughters while working with my own attorney to control what went into the record.

For instance, my wife worked with former Clark County Sheriff's Sergeant, Rick Torres to murder me.  He is a killer, and I was told right before the divorce trial by Tessa Cohen, my divorce attorney, "Don't bring up Rick Torres, it won't do you any good."  Torres is a killer, see Wilkinson v. Torres, case no C08-5281-BHS.  He executed Jason Wilkinson, and Judge Baker was working with the local judges to keep anything regarding Rick Torres out of the record.

As stated, I believe that Judge Baker was working with the COA II to establish the record and finalize the outcome of the appeal in the case before the appeal was even filed, and that is why the COA II court has not responded to my public records request seeking all metadata and information regarding their contact with Judge Baker regarding this case.   This, of course, is an issue of fact, along with the reason they denied my emergency motion for custody for my daughters after I found out that Judge Baker was trafficking my daughters.  

Judge Evans is equally as culpable, as he worked with Judge Baker to keep me from reopening the record and adding any additional information into the record.  Of course, he sits on the CJC.  

I've enclosed the April 8, 2020 letter that was sent to Judge Baker and the GAL requesting subpoena's so that I can get the information proving what is stated herein.  The COA II has the ability to move sua sponte in order to get this information in this critical case, but they have not done so, and it appears that they are going to rule on this case without this information, i.e., that the trial judges in my case feloniously destroyed the record and ordered me to get an attorney so they could control the information in the record. 

Obviously, I am calling out the entire COA II for being corrupt.  

The information about Judge Krog's felonious acts should have been pointed out by my attorney, and he should have been called as a witness, however, as I stated, my attorney, Tessa Cohen is working for the judges in this matter.  

Without the information that I requested in the April 8, 2020 letter to Judge Baker, any ruling, in this case, will be based on fraud.

Please advise the Washington State COA II that if they rule on the case it will be based on fraud, and fraud vitiates everything.  

Narrative of complaint against Reynier:

I just filed a complaint about my divorce case, 14-3-00035-4.

After the trial in my divorce case that took place on May 24th, and again on May 29th (I believe it was the 29th), I found out that Tessa Cohen was working with Steven Morash at Landerholm Law and she was funneling information directly to Rick Torres through Morash. 

I emailed them asking to meet, but they would not meet.

I'd seen a video in July of 2019 of the Clark County Planning Commission regarding a land-use issue that was being addressed at the commission with Steven Morash and Rick Torres as commissioners.  David McDonald was the witness testifying at the hearing and he was my former defense attorney from February 11, 2015, through August 8, 2016.  He worked with Torres and other Clark County Officials to attempt to murder and then frame me for a murder-for-hire plot in Clark County. 

When I found out that Morash was part of Landerholm Law, the same outfit that merged with my divorce attorney, Tessa Cohen a few months after I retained her for the divorce, I recognized that she was funneling information to Rick Torres through Steven Morash, and they were controlling the record in the divorce case while working with Judge Baker.  

For months, between the date that I found their collective scheme in July of 2019 through the date of her withdrawal, March 3, 2020, I attempted to get Tessa Cohen to file a restraining order against Torres to keep him from killing me and to keep him from destroying evidence in both the criminal and divorce case.  He'd already worked with Clark County Officials to destroy a LinkedIn message that I'd sent him in July of 2016 asking about the Wilkinson v. Torres case, and they were working feverishly to keep anything regarding the case out of the criminal and divorce record.  However, when Torres called 911 to report that I was outside of his gated community posing as a Comcast driver attempting to gain access to his home, he gave the LinkedIn messages to Deputy Luque who was his former subordinate when he was a sergeant at CCSO and it was listed in the police report.  The LinkedIn message was destroyed by Clark County officials, and I wanted to keep Torres from destroying any other evidence in the cases, in addition, to keep him from attempting to murder me.

Of course, Tessa Cohen would not file a RO on my behalf, or it would have opened the record and added new evidence into the case.  As I stated in the previous complaint, she did not want me to mention Torres at all during the divorce trial, and clearly having her file an appropriate RO would have reopened the evidence as to her culpability in working with Judge Baker, Steven Morash, Shelane L'Hommedieu, and Rick Torres who were attempting to murder me.

In fact, when I found out that Torres was trafficking my daughters, I was told via the Klickitat County Sheriff's Sergeant and a Bingen (or White Salmon) Police Officer to go report his trafficking of my daughters to Clark County Officials by going to that jurisdiction and calling 911.  They did not want any part of the case because Judge Baker worked in White Salmon so they did not investigate it.

When I went to Clark County, by where Torres lived to report this, I was surrounded by at least 5 officers that were intent on murdering me.  While they were responding to my 911 call, one of the deputies, Fox, was on the phone with the Clark County Prosecutor, Tony Golik.  He was obviously giving them orders on what to do, and based on the way they were set up to ambush me, I surmise they were intent on murdering me. 

Needless to say, the RO was factually sufficient to be issued to preserve the record and restrain Torres from working with Clark County to destroy evidence, while at the same time, taking weapons away from this murderer, as he'd already murdered Jason Wilkinson.  I did an analysis of the internal affairs investigation and wrote an expert witness report and included it in the application for the RO. 

Amazingly, Judge Reynier declined to issue the RO without holding a hearing.  

If he had, he knew that would open the record and be new evidence in the divorce and criminal cases, and he is working with the judges to traffic my daughters, and that is why he declined to issue the RO.

He is well aware that his firm represented me in the divorce action, and he was operating against the CJC when he declined to sign the RO.  Obviously, none of you black-robed witches should be allowed to do this, therefore, I ask that you make this public, and require Judge Reynier to disclose this to all people that come before him so they are not prejudiced by his rulings, as he is a criminal.  

Could it be any clearer that Judge Shitface is in on the whole scam?  

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  1. How can I reach out to you? I'm currently dealing with corruption and lies in that county. Over my 4 year old son. This has been going on since he was 1. And it just won't stop. It's appalling the things that can be said and taken into consideration from corrupted money hungry lawyers who have ties to that tiny community.


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