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The BLACKLIST: Preet Bharara

 Preet the Cheat: Another member of the black-eye club

In April of 2020, there was an SEC investigation of the USO Exchange Traded Fund.  The price of oil had just went negative, and the USO Fund changed their rules in the middle of the game.  They were holding about 100,000 contracts of oil, and their banker/broker saw the writing on the wall, and they knew that fund manger, Nicholas Gerber was reeling from the sudden collapse in oil prices, and the bank of Brown Brothers, Harriman wasn't about to take the loss, so they effectively withdrew as the bank backing the contracts of the USO Fund.  

Many people don't know that the USO Fund is nothing but a money-laundering machine, and it is what is referred to as an SRO or Self Regulated Organization according to the Securities and Exchange Commission.  Due to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, CEO's and the CFO's are required to sign their financial statements, certifying that they are following all the rules.  And, if they don't, they are going to get thrown in jail for fraudulently filing rigged financial statements, a pleasant fiction.  the SOA was signed into law in 2002.  

In order to get out from under this onerous Act, the Exchange Traded Fund industry exploded due to the fact there was effectively no regulations that govern these SRO's.  People like Gerber sign their financials, saying that they are following the rules, "I promise".  

Balancing the price of a "stock" in these ETF's appears to be a form of art.  Intuitively, one would think that the price of the "stock" would increase when there are more investors that purchase the "stock".  I use the term "stock" loosely because they are not technically stocks, they are called "units" in the prospectus.  Therein lies the rub.  The USO Fund is traded on the New York Stock Exchange and is held out as "stock" to invest in the price of oil.  As more "investors" invest in oil rather than stock to balance out their portfolio, the USO Fund is a vehicle they use to do this.  

You can look at the list of the "institutional investors" that "invest" in the USO Fund and you will find the brand name banks and "hedge fund" managers.  The ETF industry has all but wiped out the "hedge fund" manager due directly to the rules (or lack thereof) of the ETF industry, being an SRO.  The ETF industry has exploded, having a market cap of about $4 billion in 2006 when the USO Fund started to over $5 trillion today.  That's a 1250% increase.  While at the same time, the number of companies on the NYSE and Nasdaq are declining.  And when I say companies, I mean companies that actually produce a product. The USO Fund doesn't produce a product, it is an "investment vehicle".  

I started delving into the USO Fund at the end of 2013 and 2014 because I was interested in the raison d'être for the spike in oil prices in the early 2000's.  It didn't make sense that the price of oil spiked to $250 per barrel, it had to be manipulation.  I was working at the fire department at the time making a decent salary, and I knew that the average family couldn't afford the price of gas...because I couldn't even afford it.  So, there had to be a collapse in the price of oil.  

I ended up shorting about $5,000 in a quadruple short fund in oil.  I don't recall how many shares I had, perhaps around 8,000 or so, but I was levered very highly on the short side when the price was around $145 per barrel.  The price went up another $5 and then collapsed to $32 per barrel.  Being levered four times to the downside at 8,000 shares at $100 per point equated to about $3 million.  However, I guess I didn't read the fine print, and the ETF closed it's doors right as the price reached $150 and my "investment" was totally lost.  I surmise that someone made a killing, but it wasn't me.  

When I was looking into Gerber, I saw that one of his business partners was a guy named Steven A. Cohen of SAC Capital Management.  Yes, the billionaire.  I had to wonder if Gerber was part of the Gerber baby food fortune, but that's neither here nor there.  What I did know, looking into Gerber that he appeared to be holding himself out as a "hedge fund" manager at first through a corporation called Ameristock.  He also was in some pretty shady deals in small real estate ventures in California, and was transferring properties around inside of a trust to avoid paying taxes.  It looked shady to me, and the people around him were equally shady.  I don't recall all the particulars, but he appeared to be a snake oil salesman.  When I found the connection with Cohen, it piqued my interest because Cohen was just indicted by my buddy, Preet the Cheat for insider trading and securities fraud. 

If you've read my blog, you will see that I had a connection with Preet's brother back in the late '90s, or early 2000's.  I was collecting rookie sports cards of athletes, and my favorite player was Kobe Bryant.  I had almost every Kobe rookie card there was on the market, other than the rarest, highest price cards that were in the nose bleed price range.  Prices were surging, and when I went to a couple of trade shows in California, I ran into Preet's brother, Vinit Bharara.  His business partner was Marc Lore, and they were buying rookie cards to open a stock market for rookie cards.  

I had some of the more common ones like Vince Carter rookie cards, and Vinnie and Marc were paying top dollar to get their hands on as many cards as they could to form thepit.com, their stock market for cards.  They figured that if a player did well, people would pile in and buy the cards based on the performance of the player each game.  I thought it wasn't that good of an idea, and took away from the true nature of card collecting.  I did sell them a bunch of cards, though, as they were paying top dollar for them.  When I found someone selling a rookie card that they wanted, I would call them and ask them if they were still buying, and when they confirmed they were, I'd pick up the card from a seller and sell it to them.  It was my foray into arbitrage, essentially.  

I figured that the price of cards were going through the roof because it was a way to launder money also.  But after the dot.com boom and bust, the market for rookie cards collapsed almost completely and the cards were worth maybe .10 cents on the dollar, if that.  

However, Vince and Marc were amazing investors and thepit.com was sold to Topps trading cards at the bottom of the market for $6 million.  Topps had been a privately held family company since they were founded over 50 years prior.  When Vinnie and Marc sold their company to Topps, it was being bought out by a hedge fund manager from New York that was investing money for the New York State teacher's retirement fund.  Essentially, the public employees from the state of New York paid Vinnie and Marc $6 million for their worthless company. 

Their entrepreneurial prowess didn't end there.  After this, they parlayed that $6 million into $545 million by selling diapers.com to Jeff Bezos of Amazon.  This was years after the dot.com bubble had burst, and people that were taking their companies like catfood.com or dogshit.com public and making millions off of it ended.  However, at the bottom of the market Vinnie and Marc were able to sell diapers.com to Bezos for a nice little profit over 9,000% on their original $6 million take from selling thepit.com.  This has to be the equivalent of the best investment of all time, parlaying $6 million into half a billion in a couple of years.  They ought to write a book about it.   

Preet settled the lawsuit with Cohen in record time, getting the largest corporate settlement in history of $1.8 billion.  At the same time, the term "Sheriff of Wall Street was coined, and Preet the Cheat became the "Sheriff of Wall Street for his aggressive action of putting Bernie Madoff in jail and putting the screws to Cohen.  It should be noted that Cohen was never indicted and never faced any jail time, only his employees that were doing the "insider trading".  If I recall correctly, they had their convictions overturned.

One thing that was odd to me was the fact that almost all of the corporations that Cohen owned were indicted, but SAC Anguilla was left of the list of companies that were indicted.  I found this extremely odd.  Another thing that I found odd was the fact that Cohen threw a party at his mansion the day after he and his companies were indicted.  it was almost as if he was celebrating the indictment.  Odd, right?  Perhaps he was celebrating the fact that he wasn't indicted for money laundering through SAC Anguilla.

When I was investigating the USO Fund, I noticed that many of the corporations associated with the fund were shills.  I'd go to the website of these multi-million companies (or so they were held out to be) and I would highlight the corporation and put it into google.  What I found was astonishing, many of the websites were dummy sites, and when I clicked on the line, such as "about us" it would be a dead link.  When I searched the address, the location of these multi-million dollar corporations would be in a strip mall next to a freeway between a Chinese take-out and a dry-cleaning business.  My good Chinese friend Sum Ting Wong said it didn't look right.  (note: That was a joke.  I'm not prejudice, I only hate who the government tells me to hate).  Damn Sunni's....or is it Shia's, I can't recall right now.  I guess I'll have to watch the MSM and figure it out again. 

Another thing that spelled CIA cut-out was the fact that there were "authorized dealers" that were able to buy "units" of the USO Fund and then sell them in blocks of 100,000 on the NYSE.   But, in order to get the list of "authorized" dealers, you had to request that one of the associated companies with the USO Fund that was listed in the prospectus to send you the list.  I knew when I came across that, I was in deep shit because the sites that I was clicking on were also being tracked, at least by someone.  You don't set up those sites just for shits and giggles, so there had to be a purpose, and with the trap door of having to request as to finding out who the "authorized dealers" were, it looked more like an intelligence operation than a trading vehicle.  Of course, I sent a request asking for the company to reveal the "authorized dealers" to at least leave a paper trail in the case of my untimely demise.  I figured, the FBI will surely look into this in case of my death.  I couldn't have been more wrong!  The FBI was in on the scam with the Clowns in America and my buddy Preet the Cheat.

I had to comb through thousands of pages of the prospectus to figure all this shit out.  Trying to decipher what was written in the prospectus was also telling.  It might as well have been written in Chinese.  The verbiage of the prospectus was purposefully written in legal jargon so that you couldn't understand what was going on.  I eventually came to the conclusion that this was done on purpose to confuse the masses, and to obscure what was really going on inside the fund.  When I made the connection from Gerber to Cohen, I knew that Preet was in the background, and Obama's classmate from Harvard wasn't given the job as the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York because of his great lawyering skills, he was given the position because of the dirt he was willing to do.  

When I made the connection with the USO Fund to Preet, knowing that I was being tracked by "someone", I knew I had to waive a flag, so I posted a picture of Preet on my wall with a statement like, "if anything happens to me look into this guy".  Of course all my friends thought I was completely insane for posting it, and when I was run of a cliff about a year later, nobody made the connection.  I assume they thought...the FBI is gonna look into it and they'll take care of it; or Matt's just a crazy loon and he's lost it.

What I also hadn't pieced together was the fact that these fuckers had murdered my dad after he told me he was offered $2 billion for his garbage company.  Then, months later, Tim Holden, the guy that was the CEO of SEAL Team One was run over while riding his bike in DC.  The timing of these events, within a few months of each other, coupled with the fact that my step-dad had an embolism 30 days after my biological father was murdered, surely looked like some nefarious shit was going on.  

I had a great relationship with Tim Holden.  He was either my angel, or the angel of death, because a couple of times when I nearly died when I was in the teams, he was there.  I was nearly killed in a live fire training exercise, and when that happened, I lost my shit and almost choked the AOIC of my platoon to death.  Tim came right out to Niland, Ca. where we were training to watch over my squad, in particular.

When I got back to Coronado, I knew that I was going to get an ass chewing when I got back because I got in the grill of my lieutenant and gave him a piece of my mind.  I thought I was going to get called on the carpet by Tim, but he happened to be out of town, and I got the next best thing, an ass chewing by Bill McRaven.   He did reinstate the leave for our platoon, and I as allowed to go back home for Christmas, and when we returned, the AOIC was replaced.  The point being, I believe that if he knew that someone was trying to kill me, he would have been one of the first ones to protest it.  I also can't help but think that somehow, the timing of Michael Flynn being fired by Obama at this time had something to do with it. Flynn was ousted by Obama on August 7, 2014 and Tim was run over on August 28th, 2014.  

Is anyone starting to see a pattern here?  My dad is offered $2 billion in what he called "blood money" for a garbage company that is doing $1 million in sales annually, and I reveal this in early 2014 to Mike Roe, the divorce attorney for me and my dad.  My dad dies April 8, 2014.  My step dad, who I claim shot JFK, has an embolism and was given a 1 percent chance to live 30 days after my biological father dies.  Then, my former commanding officer dies a few months later, a few weeks after Micheal Flynn is fired by Obama.  At the same time, I am looking into Obama's buddy, Preet the Cheat and posting on Facebook to look into this fucker in case something happens to me, which it did almost 9 months later.  And these fuckers are trying to controversialize me?  WTF?  

SAC Anguilla was left off of the indictment by Preet.  Why?  If they were investigating Cohen for five years, like they said they were, they would have made the connection between Cohen and Gerber.  The trust-fund, which is an intertwined rats nest of corporations, bankers, and attorneys that meet with "authorized dealers" on the island of Anguilla to trade "units" of the USO Fund in blocks of 100,000 on the NYSE, is governed by the rules for trust-funds on the island.  On their website, Anguilla, which is not up to international banking standards and is known as a money-laundering haven, tout that the rules governing trust funds are "up to the imagination of the trustee".  

When you have a bunch of bankers, attorneys, ETF managers, and brokers meeting in Anguilla, and they are using their imagination to come up with rules inside of a trust, I have a pretty good idea WTF is going on, and I have a great imagination.  Essentially, there are no rules, and when these authorized dealers sell their wares (USO "units") on the NYSE, they return and whack up the money with their "partners".  Gerber does disclose that he has a conflict of interest with the banking, brokerage, and management of the USO Fund...at least he discloses this in the prospectus.

When the price of oil tanked, the bank of Brown Brothers, Harriman stopped their relationship with the USO Fund and wouldn't back them anymore.  They weren't going to take the loss, so before the end of the quarter, this private bank laid off their losses to a publicly traded corporation, the Bank of NY Mellon.  I'd assume they all met in Anguilla and made sure that the largest independently owned bank in the US didn't take a loss and laid the loss off on the unwitting investors in the publicly traded bank.  That's what I would do if I was a morally bankrupt crooked fucker and there were no rules.  Then, I'd sign the financial statements stating that I followed all the rules that I made and tell the SEC to fuck off, I make the rules, fucker.  

The investigation into he USO Fund lasted about 10 days and then was dropped.  Trump then tried to get the head of the SEC, Jay Clayton, put in the US Attorney spot for the SDNY, the old spot of Preet the Cheat, but this was shut down in a NY minute by the puppeteers at the CFR, I assume; where Bill McRaven hangs his hat.  

The indictment of SAC and company was settled in record time for $1.8 billion, the largest fine ever!  It started in July and was settled by November of 2013.  And the good thing about the seizure of these funds, the DOJ can distribute these funds however they want.....like giving it to the CFR in the form of grants.  One would think, if the government was corrupt, this would be a great way to launder money!  Steal from a money-launderer and give it to your buddies under the guise of a grant for "charity".  Makes you wonder if the Bill and Hillary Foundation got any of this money, doesn't it? 

Preet the Cheat's next target was Ross Ulbricht.  He was the "owner" of "The Silk Road".  And, if you know anything about Preet, he grew up on The Silk Road on the border between India and Pakistan.  His family was uprooted from the region due to civil unrest, and they immigrated to the US where the children were put through Ivy League schools.  What an ironic coincidence!  

Ulbricht was indicted for drug trafficking and money-laundering on The Silk Road.  He was accepting Bitcoin as the medium of exchange for his services and his site was essentially the Amazon of drugs back in the day before it was seized by the DOJ.  He was indicted by Preet the Cheat in February of 2014, just after Cohen reached the plea deal a few months earlier.

If you've followed me, you will get an idea that I like to start at the end of the process and work my way back.  The US Treasury agent and DEA Agent that were "investigating" the case were both indicted for money-laundering and stealing Bitcoin during their investigation of Ross.   The jury in Ross's case never got to hear that the law enforcement officials that testified in Ross's case were indicted and ended up serving a six year sentence for their crimes.  This is a clear Brady violation, i.e., the prosecutor was required to turn over all exculpatory evidence to the defense, and the defense was supposed to present it to the jury.  However, the jury never got to hear this and Ross is rotting in jail today.  

Now, I've talked about reasonable suspicion and probable cause in my post about Judge Glasgow, and I am going to take the liberty to do it again here.  Bitcoin was founded around the same time that Bill Gates started "The Giving Pledge", which I call The Taking Pledge because he is using blackmail to extort the fortunes of people that were caught raping children on the Epstein blackmail tapes he purchased from Epstein.  And Bill couldn't just write a check for $1 billion and hand it over to Epstein, he needed a vehicle to do that.  I surmise that Bitcoin was the vehicle of choice to send money to Epstein.  

There has been very little regulation of Bitcoin, and one would think that the SEC and Treasury would be all over regulating Bitcoin, but it has gone unregulated since it was founded.  Who has the power to make sure that it wasn't touched...from a regulatory standpoint?  Bill Gates!  Of course, the IRS is now weighing in, but again, that's like closing the barn door after the horses escaped. 

The original block of Bitcoin has essentially remained out of circulation, about $60 billion worth (depending on the price of Bitcoin).  That's a "national security" issue, and one would think that the FBI and NSA would be all over this issue, finding out who Satoshi Nakamoto is, but he still remains a mystery.   So, given the entire set of facts, there's reasonable suspicion, given my opinion, that this was set up by Gates as a money-laundering tool.  Or, at the very least this should be explored.

The Clowns in America use many different modus operandi to employ their "dirty tricks".  Howard Hunt wrote the book on propaganda and diversion.  He overthrew Jacob Arbenz in Guatemala with a BB gun and a ham radio during PBSUCCESS.  

If you've followed my thread on the DB Cooper hijacking, he employed the same tactics that he used as a diversions to ensure that nobody ever traced the operation back to him.  The day prior to the hijacking, there were flares that were launched near Eugene, Oregon the night before.  In addition, there was a break-in at the store in Arial, Washington to create more confusion.  Both of these were "Red Herrings" to take the public's eye off of what really happened when Hunt jumped into the Columbia River.  The Portland Air Traffic Control Tower lost flight 305 ten miles north of the Columbia River and didn't pick it up again until forty miles south of the river.  How did that happened?  Obviously, Najeeb Halaby, the former director of the FAA had his fingers in the mix and assisted with the ATCT losing a hijacked airliner.  

Diversion is the key to the Clowns, and by using Gates's different charitable foundations, his technological prowess, and the cooperation of the CIA, he formed Bitcoin and the mysterious character, Satoshi Nakamoto.  And, I presume, given the Q drops, it appears that Q was instructing his teams to keep track of their expenses, after all, it is a business, and their main motive is profit...down to the penny.  I'm quite sure that if they did give Epstein Bitcoin as payment, the Mueller team was doing everything they could to track that down also.  In my mind, there is reasonable suspicion to explore this, as the Clowns have a long history of using diversion, obfuscation, and propaganda to throw someone off of their trail.  

Perhaps even Gates had no idea how much Bitcoin was going to flourish, and when the price of Bitcoin started to go through the roof, he knew that Epstein had a fortune that would be hard for anyone to contend with, so they hatched the plan to eliminate him.  Around the time of his arrest, Epstein would have had about $11 billion worth of Bitcoin, a pretty formidable fortune to contend with for the prosecution.  Not to mention that he had the goods on everyone until they found his kill switch.  So, it was imperative that the Mueller team locate the Bitcoin and cut off Epstein's funds, and the first order of business was to gain control of him by putting him in jail.  When they had a pretty good idea who had the kill switches, and they could murder Isaac Kappy, and control John McAfee, they "Epsteined" Epstein.  

It will be interesting to see if the first block of 1 million Bitcoin that Nakamoto has, or if they'll just write this off as a loss.  I assume that if the price of Bitcoin continues to rise, greed will get the better of someone.  But the risk just isn't worth the reward yet. 

This is most-likely why Preet did everything he could to keep the federal agents that testified in the Ulbricht trial from disclosing anything about Bitcoin, because it was a byproduct of the Clowns, and they couldn't afford to have this exposed as a financial tool they used to launder money when they were moving drugs around the globe. 

When they were chasing Pablo Escobar around, they figured that he was losing well over $1 million per year just to money rotting because he had to bury it.  They had to find a way to move this money around, as the pallets of cash the Clowns were having to move around were too large, and putting $100 million on a thumb-drive in the form of Bitcoin is a lot easier to move around than a pallet of $100 bills.  

$1 billion in $100 bills

By keeping everything surrounding Bitcoin out of the Ulbricht trial, and having the federal agents plead guilty, the Clowns and Gates were able to keep the connection of Bitcoin back to the Clowns a secret.  

If you followed the Ulbricht trial, they used the same tactic of controversializing him.  They said that he was a drug kingpin and that he was recruiting an assassin for a murder-for-hire plot.  Sound familiar?  That's the same thing they did to me.  It's almost as if it's the "wrap-up smear" that Pelosi was touting in the MSM on how to controversialize someone. 

Once Preet the Cheat found the money-laundering operation being run by Cohen through the USO Fund, he didn't have a need for The Silk Road and shut it down, incarcerated Ross for life plus eternity, and moved on, doing his dirty shit.

When I was researching Preet, I'd noticed that he'd gone to the White House to visit his buddy, Obama, but I can't find it now.  One thing that is touted in the press is that Obama released his visitor logs, while Trump wrote an executive memo making his visitor logs secret.  What the MSM doesn't tell you is that Obama didn't post his visitor logs for 2015 and 2016.  Odd, right?  You'd think that would be made available also, given the fact that much of this shit happened during the last years of his watch.

Ulbricht was put away in a deep hole, never to see the light of day to keep from exposing the fact that Preet was his partner on "The Silk Road".  In addition, they needed to keep it secret that Bitcoin was a byproduct of the CIA drug-running and money-laundering machine.  

When the US invaded Afghanistan, the poppy fields had been virtually eradicated by the Taliban.  Imagine that, the largest producer of heroin was virtually shut down, then the Clowns have us invade Afghanistan to find a terrorist that they trained under the guise that a bunch of Saudi nationals flew a bunch of planes into buildings in the US.  Then, of course, we invaded Iraq too and these wars lasted 20 years.  You can't make this shit up, it really happened, and the American citizenry bought it.  

Over 95 percent of the heroin that is brought into the US is from Mexico.  It should seem odd to people that there is none from Afghanistan.  There is about 1 million pounds per annum brought into the US, and the DEA seizes about 5,000-7,000 pounds per annum and tests it to see where it comes from.  It doesn't take a genius to figure out they are testing it to make sure their monopoly on drug running stays intact.  I surmise that the heroin is processed in Afghanistan, and they switch the label saying that it's processed in Mexico.  That's what I would do, rather than importing 10 million pounds of opium from Afghanistan.  It costs money to ship things, so I surmise they switched the label when they are testing it because they don't want the American citizenry to figure out that all the heroin in the US is actually coming from a country that we invaded in order to increase the poppy farms.

When the US invaded, like I said, there were virtually no poppy farms, but when we left, there were about 1 million acres of poppy farms.   It doesn't make any sense that none of the heroin being imported into the US is from South America or the Golden Triangle, which are secondary suppliers of opium.  

While the average citizen is thinking that the government is working in their best interest, they don't realize that the entire system is run like an organized crime ring with the Clowns doing the "dirty tricks" all over the globe, while the FBI hunts down anyone that tries to expose this corruption.  

That's the Corporation of the United States of America for you.   Thanks Preet, for playing your hand with your buddy Obama and trying to murder me.  Much appreciated.  

If I were you, I'd sue the shit out of me for publishing these horrible things about you.  You know that I've published a bunch of things on the internet about your nefarious activities, but you've never sued me.  That's odd!  





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