Monday, December 13, 2021

The BLACKLIST: Rebecca Glasgow

Reasonably suspicious

 Judge Rebecca Glasgow is the head of the Washington State Court of Appeals, Division II.  Essentially, she is the head of the snake when it comes to an appeal in the jurisdiction where I am processing the appeal, trying to expose the criminal corruption within our judiciary.  

This is going to be a long one, so hold on to your hats.

If you recall the scene in Rounders when Matt Damon goes to pay off the debt of his pal to the mobster, the mobster beats his dog while he pisses on the floor and makes the statement "you have to catch them in the act".  Well, we've just caught Rebecca Glasgow and her henchmen in the act.  

As I've said before, there are 86 different Civil Rules that judges can use to effectively bar you from making an argument in a court of law.  Essentially, if they don't like you, you're 86'd from the court, and the decision of the court was made before you stepped into the courtroom.  The winners are picked before any case is tried.  This is how corrupt our judiciary has become.  

Compounding that effect, if you successfully navigate through those 86 rules, then you have the Rules of Appellate Procedure, which is another set of rules that is layered on top of the 86 Civil Rules.  

My divorce trial took place on May 24th and May 28th, 2019 and the record was set exactly as Judge Baker wanted it, and due to the fact that my attorney was working under the direction of Judge Baker, she fixed the case against me.  Additionally, Judge Baker worked with the Court of Appeals to craft the opinion in order to overturn case law that had been in place for 40 years that ruled that disability income is a non-divisible asset.  

When I sent in a public records request asking the Court of Appeals for all documents showing they had contact with Judge Baker, they failed to respond to the Public Records request.  Like the dog pissing on the carpet, they'd been caught and didn't know how to respond, so they exercise their right to remain silent by failing to respond and provide me the documents I requested in the Public Records Act Request.  They call this stonewalling.

As I've stated, Judge Altman previously shredded my Motion for Emergency Custody that I filed and gave me the legal advice to file a CR 60 Motion, which he later denied, reading into the record a profanity laced email that I sent my wife's attorney, then calling me "sick and scary".  I guess that was his professional opinion of me medical condition.  He never reached the merits of the motion, i.e., my wife was taking my children over to her parents' house where they were being molested by her father and brother and that she committed welfare fraud, while at the same time receiving payments from me funneled through my attorney, Mike Roe.  In essence, the Temporary Orders and Temporary Parenting Plan, alleging that I'd abandoned her and the children and that I abused the girls was fraudulent.  When you lie about one thing, i.e., the welfare fraud, then you aren't credible and the accusations that I was abusive to our children was also a lie designed to get her full custody in order to keep my children away from me so they could hide what was truly going on.   

Judge Krog also got in on the act and also shredded the subpoenas that I'd filed with the court to have him sign, which would have exposed this criminal conspiracy back in 2017.  This was the third time that the official record was destroyed in my cases.  The third being Judge Zimmerman's destruction of the official record in the criminal case where I was framed by my wife and Sergeant Rick Torres for domestic violence.  If you recall (or haven't read my blog) when I handed the Wilkinson v. Torres case to the Court Clerk to be entered into the record and asked to read it into the record, JZ ordered me to undergo a psychological evaluation instead, as I was claiming that someone from the federal government was trying to murder me.  At the time, I hadn't figured out that that "someone" was Rick Torres, the same person that murdered Jason Wilkinson on Mother's Day, May 8, 2005.  As I've also stated, I didn't think the federal government would be stupid enough to send a jackass like Rick Torres to murder me.  At least send a good assassin to frame and murder me next time!

The record was set during the divorce trial, and no motion, or nothing I did or have done is going to change the facts of the case that were written by Judge Baker on July 9, 2019.   I did everything I could to reopen the record and call another witness (any witness) to the stand, which I would have done had I been able to represent myself at the divorce trial.  However, I hadn't figured out that Judge Baker was one of the central pieces in this sex trafficking ring.  (I'll get more into the evidence about Judge Baker when I describe him on the BLACKLIST; it's all in the Recall Petition I filed against him and the other judges and Skamania County elected officials).  When Judge Baker suddenly recused himself a year after the trial, Judge Evans took over and denied me the ability to reopen the record and add any new evidence into the record, as planned by Judge Baker and the judges at the COA.  I was effectively locked out of the entire judicial system from presenting any new evidence.  When Judge Evans asked me why I was two days late filing a Motion to Supplement the record, I told him that I was still reeling from the attempts by Clark County Law Enforcement Officers after they attempted to murder me on April 19th, 2020, and I was mentally exhausted and suffering from PTSD, therefore it was two days late, not to mention the fact that there was still a Motion to Stay the judgement that Judge Baker hadn't ruled on before he recused himself.  Evidently, LEO's attempting to murder me, and my waiting on the Motion to Stay the Judgement to be ruled on wasn't a good enough excuse for Judge Evans, and he denied me to supplement the record with additional facts that I found after the May 24th, and 28th, 2019 trial.  He denied the Motion to Supplement the record on June 17th, 2020, a year after the trial.  In addition, he denied the Motion to Stay that was filed on March 16th, 2020.  The denial was like closing the barn door after the horses had escaped.  


The Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court often cite that if you are representing yourself pro se, you are held to the same standard as attorneys.  It is a blanket statement they make in order to allege that "you fucked up, it's not our fault you don't know what you're doing, therefore, your appeal is denied...because you failed to follow the rules and it's not our problem you didn't hire an attorney".  In my case, everything has been denied on procedural grounds.  The Trial Court is evaluated on a standard of "abuse of discretion."  Effectively, the appellate courts determine if the trial court fucked up.  Again, this is a nebulous standard with very little guardrails, and it gives the appellate court free reign to rule in the person's favor they want to win the case.  Like I said, the winners are picked before you step in the courtroom.  

In my case, I've alleged and provided testimony and evidence that my children were being molested and trafficked.  I've tried to call witnesses to the stand to back these statements up, and I would have if I'd been able to represent myself, but during the first hearing in front of Judge Baker, he said, "You need to get an attorney."  Need, to me at the time was an order.  So, I wasn't able to craft the case as I wanted, my attorney took over full control of how the case progressed, witnesses that were called (which was only me and my mother), and the evidence that was presented to the court.  Of course, the deck was stacked in my wife's favor by Judge Baker, my attorney, Tessa Cohen, and my wife, who was doing their bidding for fear that she and our daughters would be murdered by this cabal if she did not do their bidding.  Therefore, I was effectively procedurally barred from calling a single witness to testify on my behalf.  And my mother surely didn't do me any favors, she was busy keeping her allegiance to the CIA a secret.    

The clear legislative intent, and number one concern in a divorce action, is protecting the children from harm or abuse.  The other actions of the court are ancillary, i.e., dividing the assets and setting the amount for spousal maintenance.  Child support is governed by a math problem, so it is the ONLY non-discretionary matter in a divorce action.  And everything else is reviewed on an "abuse of discretion"standard, that nebulous standard that only the judges can decide.  

I was never afforded the opportunity to argue that my children were being molested by their grandfather and uncle.  As I've stated, my wife told me the day I found the pornographic journal written by my 12-year-old daughter that I learned from my wife that my daughters had become "addicted to porn" and there was no possibility that they'd become addicted to porn at our house on the Washougal River because our internet would not support it, i.e., there was no streaming video through our internet. 

If they became addicted to porn, this would be a factual issue to be weighed by the court, and evidence of internet activity at Shelane's parents' home would be evidence to back this claim up, however, the Guardian ad Litem did not issue any subpoenas nor interview any witnesses to find the factual basis of this claim.  Furthermore, the pornographic journal written by my 12-year-old daughter disappeared, i.e., the evidence was destroyed.  Furthermore, there was nothing in the police reports written by the LEO's that arrested me on February 11, 2015 about what I'd reported to them.  I told them that I believed that they were being molested by their grandfather and uncle, and that there was a pornographic journal, and I'd found out that morning that they'd become "addicted to porn".  LEO's are mandatory reporters of suspected child abuse, and there is nothing in the report about my claims.  These officers not only failed to write this in the report, they broke the law.  In addition to reporting this to the LEO's, I reported this to the Washington State DSHS, and the prosecuting attorney in the case they were pressing against me to frame me for domestic violence.  The ONLY argument they can make now is that I am not a credible witness and that I am lying about the suspected child abuse, which I am not.  

Again, you don't send over 5,000 emails, file hundreds of FOIA and public records requests, and fly out to Washington DC in an attempt to prove the corruption on a broad scale by lying about it.  I've risked my life trying to expose this corruption, and over the course of the last 7 plus years, these fuckers have tried to murder me on four separate addition to trying to frame me for a murder for hire plot and the murder of my neighbor, Rick Pauly, who they murdered.   

So, they've controversialized me, attempting to make me look like the proverbial nut job.  I can't wait to see the Court of Appeals response to my Motion to Reconsider.  That is exactly what they will do, and they will add a bunch of language stating that I've "conflated" the argument and used "surplusage" (terms they use) that are not germane to the issue at hand, i.e., that I didn't follow the "rules" when I submitted my briefs. 

The main argument that my children were groomed by this psychopath (wife) in the Child of God occult (who believe it's ok to molest their own children) and when law enforcement officers found out that my daughters were already groomed for sexual abuse, at the hands of their grandfather and uncle, they were "enrolled" in the sex trafficking ring being run out of zip code 98 666 by Rick Torres and Co.  I hope to God this is NOT the case, but the evidence that I've gathered strongly suggests this...down to the point where their grandfather would call them a little "Child of God."  

In addition, they will point to the fact that I've alleged that my dad shot JFK and took part in the DB Cooper hijacking and that I am not mentally all there.  My retort to that will obviously be; Judge Evans would not allow me to call the Washington State psychologist (who did the psychological evaluation ordered by Judge Zimmerman in the criminal trial) to the stand either.  Of course, this has been presented to the trial court and they wouldn't allow me to call her, and when I point this out in my next brief to the court, it will again be water under the bridge, the effect of closing the barn door after the horses have escaped.  Now that my daughters are over 18, the court will deem this is a moot point, even though they are still victims of the sex trafficking ring, living in fear for their lives that if they ever speak about being trafficked by this cabal their family will be murdered, and then they will suffer the most gruesome murder. 

It's almost as if I am a soothsayer, like Jesus Christ.  And I made this argument in front of Judge Evans too, and asked to call the head of the Mormon Church (Judge Evans is a Mormon) to the stand and that was also denied.  Of course, the Court of Appeals will grab a hold of that and institute their language of conflation and surpusage, while knowing that as a matter of law, in the State of Washington, that I am legally Jesus Christ.  Perhaps I'll put that in my brief, having them declare me, legally, Jesus Christ.   They haven't allowed me the opportunity to call a single witnesses on earth to declare that I am not.  I testified to this fact (in part to make this exact call more witnesses, i.e., Dr. Patricia Rice) and pointed to evidence, i.e., that Judah was my wife's last name, I was wrongfully prosecuted out of zip code 98 666, her birthday is 082 666, that I grew up in the House of David, I am trying to restore my family name, that God has spoken to me, my last name is L'Hommedieu (meaning The Man of God) and other "factual" things that I've testified to, i.e., provided evidence to the court.  Therefore, as a matter of law, in the State of Washington, I am Jesus Christ.  

Of course, this is a Red Herring argument (or is it), and my religious beliefs have no value or purpose in a court of law in Washington State because there is a separation of church and state.  The ONLY thing they can do is remark that I am insane to have these religious beliefs.  To which, my response is...let me call Dr. Rice, the psychologist from the State of Washington that did two mental evaluations of me then.  The Court of Appeals is keenly aware of what I am trying to do, and they've perpetuated the fraud of both Judge Baker and Judge Evans in crafting their latest remand, directing Judge Evans to increase the spousal maintenance to Shelane.   These nefarious black robed witches are all being directed by the Clowns in America.  They wouldn't have their position unless they were willing to manipulate all the rules in order to craft he opinion that the Clowns want.  

So, the silly rules give these black robed witches an out at each instance.  They are effectively "black magic".  RAP 13.4 is a perfect example of this confusion.  It states:

(a) How to Seek Review. A party seeking discretionary review by the Supreme Court of a Court of Appeals decision terminating review must serve on all other parties and file a petition for review or an answer to the petition that raises new issues. A petition for review should be filed in the Court of Appeals. If no motion to publish or motion to reconsider all or part of the Court of Appeals decision is timely made, a petition for review must be filed within 30 days after the decision is filed. If such a motion is made, the petition for review must be filed within 30 days after an order is filed denying a timely motion for reconsideration or determining a timely motion to publish. If the petition for review is filed prior to the Court of Appeals determination on the motion to reconsider or on a motion to publish, the petition will not be forwarded to the Supreme Court until the Court of Appeals files an order on all such motions. The first party to file a petition for review must, at the time the petition is filed, pay the statutory filing fee to the clerk of the Court of Appeals in which the petition is filed. Failure to serve a party with the petition for review or file proof of service does not prejudice the rights of the party seeking review, but may subject the party to a motion by the Clerk of the Supreme Court to dismiss the petition for review if not cured in a timely manner. A party prejudiced by the failure to serve the petition for review or to file proof of service may move in the Supreme Court for appropriate relief. 

The rule is confusing at the outset and is ambiguous.  The title DISCRETIONARY REVIEW OF DECISIONS TERMINATING REVIEW

The first issue is that the remand to the Superior Court does not terminate the review.  That's confusing enough, even for an attorney. 

The second issue states "A petition for review".  This is an ambiguous term designed to confuse the masses as to which RAP to file under.  Is it discretionary, as the title of RAP 13.4 states, "DISCRETIONARY REVIEW OF DECISIONS TERMINATING REVIEW, or is a Petition for Review a mandatory issue?  Why do they have both different terms?  These are juxtaposed positions, as a Petition for Review is designed to alert the Supreme Court that the lower courts made a ruling that is in contrast to existing case law, which is the case with the ruling in my case.  They just overturned 40 years of case law regarding disability law, treating it as separate property.  Yet, RAP 13.4 states it is a discretionary review.    

Next, it states, "If no motion to publish or motion to reconsider all or part of the Court of Appeals decision is timely made, a petition for review must be filed within 30 days after the decision is filed.  

A motion to reconsider or a motion to publish has to be filed within 10 days, so I filed a motion to reconsider on the 17th, eight days after the remand was issued by the COA.  

It then goes on to state, "If no motion to publish or motion to reconsider all or part of the COA decision is timely made, a petition for review must be filed within 30 days after an order is filed denying a timely motion for reconsideration or determining a timely motion to publish."

The next portion of the rule inserts ambiguity into the rule and it foresees a case where a petitioner files an appeal prior to a motion for reconsideration is ruled upon.  

It states, "If the petition for review is filed prior to the Court of Appeals determination on the motion to reconsider or motion to publish, the petition will not be forwarded to the Supreme Court until the Court of Appeals files an order on all such motions."

Then it goes on to state that a party must pay the requisite fee at the time of filing.  But, you can't pay the requisite fee until the Supreme Court receives the petition for review.  They essentially put three different trap doors into the rule, thinking that you are going to fuck up one of them, and they will catch you on one of them.  They wouldn't accept the fee, so I left my credit card number with the Clerk of the Supreme Court with an email giving her permission to charge the fee.   

Now, playing this scenario backwards, note that it states that if a party files a petition for review prior to the COA ruling on the motion to reconsider.  It is contemplated that this could be a scenario.  

It is also another one of the trap-doors that is set in an event they want to deny you the ability to file an appeal.  Take, for instance, the scenario where I do not file a petition for review within 30 days and I am waiting for the Court of Appeals to rule on my motion for reconsideration before I file the petition for review.  The Supreme Court could deny taking the issue up stating that I did not file the petition for review within 30 days, as the rule states...because they contemplated a scenario where the court of appeals did not rule on it in time and gave you the opportunity to file the petition for review within 30 days.  

In essence, they write these rules, like the 86 different Civil Rules and Rules of Appellate Procedure, just to fuck with you to make a predetermined outcome in a case, picking any rule they can in order to bar a legitimate claim.  These black robed witches are effectively the goalie of the judicial system, they won't let a thing get past them unless they want it to go forward.   

Stated differently, they could, and would deny my ability to file the petition for review because it was not filed within 30 days as "allowed" by RAP 13.4.  They contemplated in the language of RAP 13.4 a scenario where one could file an appeal with the COA and is still mulling over the decision, but I didn't choose to file it within 30 days, therefore, I am time barred from filing the appeal...because they contemplated this scenario and allotted me the ability to file it...following their rule. Their denial would be based on the language of the rule, hence foreclosing me from filing the petition for review because it should have been filed within 30 days of the date the COA issued their remand.  Then, the Court of Appeals confirms the remand that they missed before I filed the petition for review.  This is a checks and balances with them to ascertain if they can trip you up in their appeal process.  Furthermore, since I did file it within 30 days, they know how to craft the opinion based on the argument that you've already set up with your petition for review.  This is the set-up before the spike by the Supreme Court.  This is how these black robed witches play their game, and a litigant is left with having to press there appeal with a higher court, and the higher court is nothing more than a rubber stamp for the lower court, often times not even taking up the issue at all.  Effectively, these witches wear you out either through attrition, or with counter arguments to each argument you make at the higher level.  The greatest one didn't make that argument with the lower court, so we aren't going to entertain that argument, so fuck you!  Regardless of whether the judges at the court of appeals are covering up for a sex trafficking ring where your daughters are being used as pawns in their sordid satanic game.  

This is precisely why the Bible refers to this as The Beast of the Sea, or admiralty law, governed by these black robed witches.  We have all been duped by the mark of the beast...or the decisions made by these witches.  

It's gone from a position of what is right and what is wrong, to a war of attrition as to who has more staying power, and this beast is the system that's been put in place over hundreds of years in order for these witches to enslave humanity.  Another piece of evidence that I will argue that I am JC.   LOL.

Over 2000 years ago, the soothsayers told there would be someone that came to destroy the system.  I've been in litigation since June of 2002, and I've seen this black magic being played upon me time and again.  In one case I was involved with, decided by this same COA, the attorney that was suing me bribed my attorney in the middle of the suit, about 5 years after it started.  I filed a countersuit against him for the bribery and my ability to countersue was dismissed and held up by the COA II.  In the next ruling in the case, Judge Altman, the same judge that shredded the Motion for Emergency custody dismissed my new suit against the attorney that bribed my attorney due to the Statute of Limitations expiring.  I filed the countersuit within the same suit, as the Civil Rules allow, but the black robed witches denied this "discretionary" ruling made by Judge Altman, stating he didn't "abuse his direction by disallowing me the ability to file the countersuit and amend my complaint with facts that transpired later in the suit.  

By the time the COA got around to ruling on the issue, the SOL had run out because the case needed to be filed within 3 years.  Even though the SOL on an issue revolving around the title to property is 10 years, Judge Altman stated that the SOL is "Black Letter Law" in this case.  I've never heard that term before, but now, I can only surmise that he was meaning that this is Black Magic and you just got fucked by the letter of the law.  Tellingly, in the case of Lane v. Skamanaia County and Lawrence L'Hommedieu, a case of first impression, the COA II does not mention the word bribery a single time in their opinion, and that was the crux of the appeal under CR 13(e) the After-arising Counterclaim rule, which states that a person should be allowed to supplement his pleadings if there are things that transpire after the initial suit and answer has been filed by the litigants.  The original suit started in June of 2002, and the bribery took place in 2007.  When I filed a Tortious Interference claim after the COA denied me the ability to amend my complaint, the SOL had run out...according to Judge Altman.  Again, I was not allowed to call him to the stand to ascertain if he shredded the documents in my divorce case to hide the fact that he was assisting this cabal with trafficking my daughters.  I would also ask him if he meant "Back Letter Law" to mean witchcraft...which I surmise it does.    

And, if you've read my blog, the person that represented me in the criminal action owned a business with Lane, the guy that bribed my attorney.  In addition, they had a law practice together so he was conflicted out from representing me in the criminal action.  Therefore, he called the police and shared an email I sent to him (his associate assigned to the case) and said that I threatened him and his employees, which resulted in another criminal charge against me.  By this time, these fuckers had already tried to murder me 3 times, and sending a nasty email was an attempt to create a conflict of interest, not a threat.  Furthermore, as noted he threatened me by stating "isn't it ironic your freedom is now in my hands".  Then he shares confidential attorney-client information with the police, knowing he threatened me in order to elicit a response.  Of course, none of my attorneys argued the the email was the byproduct of attorney-client privilege, and should never have been disclosed in the first instance.  

That is how tight these witches have the system rigged.


As a police officer, you have to have reasonable suspicion to question someone about a crime.  So, as Skamania County Sheriff, I can't just go and arrest Judge Glasgow or Jay Inslee for being corrupt, I have to have a reasonable suspicion to investigate/question them and then file a probable cause affidavit to get a search warrant and search for whatever I am looking for.  

You can see that I've been pressing this case hard to members of the highest level of government, including the Presidents of the United States, Obama, Trump, and Biden, making the argument that "you fuckers sent Rick Torres to murder me in order to cover up your dirty shit".  However, feckless cunts like Skamania County Sheriff Dave Brown, won't investigate it, neither will the Fucking Bunch of Idiots (FBI).  They aren't going to investigate themselves, of course.  It's part of the two-tiered JustUs system they have.    

People have just accepted the fact that we have a Constitution that governs the rule of law in the United States.  This is not the case, and we've all been duped into thinking there is a rule of law guided by the Constitution of the United States.  This is a pleasant fiction.  

Corporations and government agencies typically have what is called "Standard Operating Guidelines".  At least that is what they were called where I worked.  These are essentially the rules of the road on how a business or government entity governs the people within their employ and how their business or entity operates.  

What people don't know is that they've been duped into thinking that the Constitution is the rule of law, when in fact, it is nothing more than the Standard Operating Guidelines for what is the Corporation of the United States of America.  Yes, you read that right, the United States of America is a Corporation, and the person that is elected to the Presidency is the CEO of the Corporation and the US Congress is the Board of Directors of the Corporation.  Their ONLY goal is to generate a profit for the shareholders of the Corporation and to protect those shareholders.  Therefore, the Civil Rules and Criminal Rules that have been adopted over time, are specifically designed to shield these shareholders from liability and preserve profit. 

A secondary function of what they coin as the US Constitution is their version of "justice".  As you can see, the judges that are assigned to mete out justice are also beholden to the shareholders.  The Clowns in America ensure that the people appointed to these positions are doing the bidding of the shareholders.  And, Washington State is nothing more than a subdivision, or a subcorp of the Corporation of the Untied States of America.  

The corruption stems across the entire system, federally and at the state level in order to further the goal of enslaving the citizenry.  That's why we are going through this Covid plandemic as we speak, and nobody is being held account under the "rule of law" because they aren't following the "rule of law." 

In the intelligence community, there are several ways to make someone capitulate to your demands, or do their bidding.  With the CIA, it's no different than the mob, it's either bribery (coercion) or a threat.  As E. Howard Hunt said, he'd rather deal with someone that was a mercenary because a mercenary always has their price.  Dealing with an ideologue is impossible, because their allegiance is to their principals and ideas.  The judges are in effect, mercenaries, and they are controlled by the Clowns, either through financial benefits or threats.  Often times, both.  And, as you have seen with my case, they will not only threaten you, they'll threaten to murder your entire family.  In fact, I don't even know if my oldest daughter is alive.  My guess is she is not, but I could be wrong.  I haven't seen my daughters in years.  

So, they use extortion to control these judges, who in turn use their black magic to get the correct decision in the court.  Some, I assume do it willingly because they are true to the "cause", i.e., they are satan worshiping fucks.  They are, in effect, the ideological opposite of me.  They are true to satan, while I am true to God.  They have no fear, just like I have no fear.  Their only fear is getting caught.   

The Wilkinson v. Torres is a perfect example of how this works.  .  The "trial judge" ruled factually that he executed Jason Wilkinson.  The 9th Division Court of Appeals did not change the facts of the case, they ruled that the family could not recover damages from Torres because he had "qualified immunity."  Again, these are two completely different issues, and juxtaposed positions.  He either murdered someone and is liable for damages, or he didn't.  The 9th Circuit used their witchcraft, i.e., the "rules", and ruled under the guise of qualified immunity that Torres didn't have to pay.  It's a neat little trick, just as I described in my cases.  The issue of whether he murdered someone never went before a jury, and the outcome of the case was determined well in advance of the 9th Circuit issuing their ruling.  The Wilkinson v. Torres case is a roadmap for how to fix cases, and Judge Settle, at the lower court coordinated with the 9th Circuit to craft his scathing rebuke of Torres so the family would get their feeling of "JustUs" which lasted for a little over a year, and in a "divided" opinion, two judges ruled it was okay for Torres to murder Wilkinson, and another judge wrote a rebuke of their opinion, again appeasing the family with his opinion.  It was nothing more than judicial theater.  

Clark County hired Torres with this on his record, thinking that nobody would notice that the facts of the case never change, i.e., that there was an eyewitness that watched Torres murder Jason Wilkinson.  The prosecutor was required to disclose this to every defendant that Torres arrested, yet they didn't.  In the process, the violated the constitutional rights of every person that Torres ever arrested after May 8, 2005, the day he murdered Jason Wilkinson.  So, when I called him out on it by sending him a LinkedIn message just prior to trial asking him, WTF, they went all out and knew they had to (1) silence me, and (2) murder me.    

Suffice it to say, Judge Glasgow, like the judges at the 9th Circuit, is what I would call controlled opposition.  She's controlled by the Clowns, and she directs the people under her to make the appropriate ruling in my case in order to protect the Corporation of the United States of America under the fictional guise that she is following the Constitution. 

Now, if I were a beat cop, or a Skamania County Sheriff's Deputy, I'd have to have reasonable suspicion to investigate her and probable cause to arrest her for being corrupt.  I couldn't just write down she's corrupt and go arrest her.  I'd have to have evidence of corruption.  And I would have to acquire that evidence legally, by having reasonable suspicion to investigate her.  I think by now, if you've read through this and other posts on my blog, there is reasonable suspicion to at least question her.  However, we have that two-tiered JustUs system, and I'm not the Skamania County Sheriff...yet.  So, a regular deputy would not have the breadth of knowledge of the facts that would give them reasonable suspicion to even look into her (other than what is written herein).  They have no reasonable suspicion, therefore no PC.  

 The QAnon Operation is another piece of this puzzle.  If you ask a regular detective about it, they will give their opinion of it based on their best guess of what it is, and they might actually be correct.  But, how would they articulate reasonable suspicion or probable cause, and how does this intertwine with Judge Glasgow?  If you arrested Judge Glasgow and said that she's part of the QAnon Operation, you'd be laughed out of court, there would be no reasonable suspicion, and definitely probable cause based on your "best guess".   Furthermore, what evidence would they have to support their contention that it is a military run psychological operation that has a nefarious purpose.

If you've read my book or looked at this blog, you will know that at a very critical point I received a text that read, "I'll p lol q" followed by "201BN."

And, if you have followed the "Q movement" you can automatically reach the conclusion that I'll P means that I'll pray, followed by LOL, or laughing out loud, then signed off as Q.  So, if I were to sign off, it would look like "I'll p lol m."  And, the text that came across my phone was attributed to Q and said, "I'll pray, laughing out loud, Q."  

The next portion of the text is 201BN.  This could reasonably be interpreted as a 201st Battalion, if one was in the military.  For instance, if I put down ST-1, one could reasonably infer that S=SEAL T=Team, and1=one for SEAL Team One.  Here, we have the 201st Battalion.  A battalion is a smaller segment of a brigade, and when you look up 201st Battalion, you find that Blue Huber (RECOGNIZE THE NAME HUBER) is head of the 201st Expeditionary Military Intelligence Brigade of Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington State.  So, there is reasonable suspicion, if not probable cause to articulate that Blue Huber is Q, and that the QAnon Operation is run out of the 201st Exp. Mil. Intel Battalion, or the subunit of the Brigade.  

Additionally, during my research I came across a video of a gal named Renee Showalter, aka Renee Pinkbrick regarding a video she posted about a server that was connected to Bill Gates and was six miles from his home, and was most likely a connection to the QAnon Operation.  Unfortunately, I have not been able to track down Mrs. Showalter, and the video she posted has been scrubbed from the internet.  Regardless there is reasonable suspicion that there is a connection back to Bill Gates and the QAnon Operation.  After all, he has the technical savvy to pull off such an operation, not to mention the motive, means, and opportunity.

And, if you've read my blog, you will also note the connection between the Clowns and very wealthy individuals that use these corporations as cut-outs to conduct their nefarious shit, like Hughes Toolco and the Howard Hughes Medical Foundation, not to mention the Bill and Hillary Clinton Foundation, or the Nixon Foundation, who was most likely funneling money to my dad after the DB Cooper hijacking. 

There is circumstantial evidence that Gates is involved with QAnon, at least rising to the level of reasonable suspicion, given my professional opinion.  And, as a Sheriff, that is all I would need in order to start questioning these fuckers.  In my professional a police officer, I could reasonably articulate reasonable suspicion.  And like I said, I'm not the Skamania County Sheriff, yet.  I'm shooting for 10,000 votes.

Now, taken a step further, it's clear to me that this is a military style operation from the outset.  In fact, that is what Q states in the Q drops.  So, if Blue Huber (unknown relation to John Huber, the "garbage dump for everything Trump-Russia) is related to John Huber, that would be an interesting coincidence, wouldn't it?  Although, this is not the lynchpin that I would need to have reasonable suspicion, I've already established that. 

The QAnon Op was also designed, in my professional opinion, to be an overt means of communication between the mainstream media and the operators on the ground that are carrying out the operation.  They know the code and are part of the insiders of the operation.  It's telling that almost everything Q predicted came to pass, i.e., the election was "stolen", mail in ballots were implemented in order to "steal the election," and many of the other prognostications of Q came to pass shortly after they were posted on the drops.  The color coding of the Q posts signified which team was to carry out a specific task, and they were posting their operational plan in plain sight for the trolls on the dark web to see.  These trolls also helped Q in ferreting out information and investigate matters for them....FOR FREE!  If this was done on an open source channel within the government on a broad scale, there would be fingerprints leading back to the operators and it would be subjected to FOIA requests.  But, since it was being conducted in the military, it's all "classified" under the guise of "national security".  And anything they learned from the "Anons" was a bonus and a timesaver.  And when an Anon found a nugget, Q would post that an Anon found it, giving him or her props in the community, and that person that was rewarded dug even deeper, thinking he's helping out the good guys, when in fact, he's helping out the shitbags that are running our Judge Glasgow.    

Q was giving orders to his team through the Q drops and each color coded team was an operational unit within the project.  It was an orchestrated chain of command, and looking at it from an operational standpoint, if I was a nefarious fucker, this is exactly how I would go about doing it; under the guise of a Q or question.  "What if they try and steal the election with mail in ballots?"  Which, in reality, means to the team members, we're stealing the election using mail in ballots, so gear up and get it done.   

The psychological portion of the operational plan took root in the back channels of the internet, on 4Chan and then it was moved to 8Chan.  Of course, a good question for Blue Huber would be, why was it moved?  I surmise it was being infiltrated and they needed to ascertain if there were white hats that were infiltrating this black hat operation, therefore, identifying the white hats and then quelling them, either though murder or extortion, as mentioned above.

The entire QAnon Operation was designed to do three things (1) Find an locate the back-up blackmail tapes that Jeffrey Epstein had (2) set up the operational plan in plain sight, giving directions to team members and (3) indoctrinate and radicalize a large segment of the population that can later be vilified and labeled as "conspiracy theorists", or better yet, terrorists.  

The first Q post set Jeffrey Epstein into motion, while they had him under surveillance.  It mentioned the sex trafficking, a large scale military op, and alerting the public writ large about a huge classified dump on the internet.  Epstein would have been told immediately about this through his connections, given the revelation in the first Q posts.  A few weeks later, as a shot was fired directly at Epstein and his island was mentioned on the board.  With Epstein's background in intelligence, he surely would have tried to cover his tracks and destroy any evidence, just like Judge Glasgow is doing right now, destroying any connection the COA II has with Judge Baker.   Once Epstein made a move, he exposed both his network and the location of his finances.  He would have had to pay to get his tracks covered.

Unless you've been living in a cave, there's no doubt that Epstein made his money through blackmailing people that were having sex with underaged girls.  I was nearly murdered, in part because I sent an email to Tony Golik, the prosecuting attorney in Clark County asking for all the Epstein tapes, as it involved the corruption by the same individuals that were attempting to murder me.  The day I requested the Epstein blackmail tapes, the headlines in the MSM were touting Gates's statements that everything was going to be back to normal in 5 months due to the "vaccines" and they were great.  Once I sent the email to Golik requesting all the Epstein blackmail tapes, the headlines changed to Gates requesting $35 billion due to "climate change".  There is obviously a reasonable suspicion that someone passed along that I was looking to garner the Epstein tapes in the case where I was framed, and this would have been passed immediately on to Gates, if he was involved, which it appears he is given his actions after the email was sent.

And, as you know, I also sent a lawsuit I'd typed out to the Dallas Cold Case United stating that Gates was involved in some pretty nefarious shit, and his wife filed for divorce less than 3 weeks later.  Again, this would be a question for Melinda Gates, but you are starting to see how this reasonable suspicion, given the timing of all these moves, quickly changes to probable cause to arrest Gates and his cronies, or at least interview him about the timing of these moves.   And, as Skamania County Sheriff, I would definitely be banging on the door of Bill Gates....immediately, if not sooner, questioning him.  


Now, let's look at what happened on June 8, 2020.  I sent in a Recall Petition to the Secretary of State on June 8th.  That same day the Court of Appeals, Division II, sent me the fuck-you, pay me letter, stating that I couldn't file a response to my wife's interlocutory appeal, and they were sanctioning me over $2,000, and oh, BTW, we let your attorney withdraw last month, so fuck you again!  Judge Glasgow is one hard-line bitch, I'll tell you that!  Of course, I filed an Emergency Motion for Custody, alleging that my children were being trafficked and abused in response, to insert the factual matter into the mix, which they immediately denied for some unknown reason....I surmise it wasn't following the rules, which has been their go-go for everything Matt L'Hommedieu.  Again, how did this protect my child from abuse and sex trafficking?   

Since my recall petition alleges Inslee and Ferguson that he is a sex trafficking murderer, among other things, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that Inslee sent the directive to his minion at the COA and told her to issue the ruling on the same day I sent in the recall petition against him and Ferguson.  Again, is this reasonable suspicion, or probable cause.  Either way, there's circumstantial evidence that Inslee is neck deep in the shit, and he's meddling in my case.  

Now, call me cynical, but Emilee Inslee sits on a project committee for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  I put my thinking cap on, and I was able to discern that the name of the project committee she is on is the Fuck Matt L'Hommedieu committee.  There is a direct connection between Bill Gates and Inslee, just like there was a direct connection between Bill Gates, Sr. and the former Washington Governor, Dan Evans.  This is again, either a coincidence, or pattern behavior.  

We've all seen the photos of Bill Gates with Epstein, and the timing of the release of those photos was soon after Epstein served his first prison sentence.  It's apparent to me that he reached out to Bill Gates and sold the blackmail tapes to him, i.e., the ones with wealthy and powerful individuals on them molesting children.  Gates formed "The Giving Pledge" around the time that Epstein was released from jail.  Gates would have used the photo of him with Epstein in order to confirm and verify the connection he had with Epstein with the people that he's blackmailing into pledging him their fortune

Epstein would have had a backup blackmail tapes.  And like any good operator, one is none and two is one.  

Donald Trump was one of the ones that was on the tapes when he raped Katie Johnson in 1993.  She has disappeared.  Obviously Trump is controlled by Gates, and it was his money that got Trump elected, along with his ability to rig the election in his favor.  Once he had Trump in office, Gates controlled everything, including Governor Inslee.  Gates sent Inslee out to "run for POTUS" in 2020.  This was a fete destined for failure, as Inslee is a complete idiot.  His goal was to go out to DC and coordinate the shit-show that we've seen unfold prior to and after the election.  As you know, Washington State is experiencing the most draconian lockdowns of every state, and one of the first cases, if not the first, of the novel coronavirus was in Washington State. 

This bioweapons was released just prior to my final divorce decree orders, where they must have known, or made an educated guess as to the hell that I was going to raise.  After all, I'd already flown to DC, told them about my dad shooting JFK, and they knew that I was going to scream from the mountaintops.  But, Gates gave his orders, published in the headlines that we need to "block out the sun"(sp) - son.  In effect, Gates through his headlines is admitting that I am the "son".  Again, further evidence that I am Jesus Christ.  I should be allowed to call Bill Gates to the stand in my divorce!  LOL!.  Or, I am the son of the guy that shot JFK, or both!  In my professional opinion, and given the symbology that I've pointed out in other articles, this is clear symbolism and information that is being disseminated in the MSM in plain sight, just like the QAnon posts.  

It is clear to me that there is reasonable suspicion to believe that the QAnon Op was designed to flesh out Epstein and make him move so they could identify where the back-up tapes were.  

I also believe that, given the timing of the Mueller investigation, that the main focus of that investigation was to watch and monitor Epstein, while at the same time, uncovering every single aspect of Epstein's life from the time he was born, to include every electronic communication, or piece of paper he ever touched.  The Mueller investigation was perfect cover to conduct such an operation, while shielding it from the public view.  When they convened a grand jury, every piece of paper fell within the ambit of the investigation, therefore, it would never be released to the public under FOIA.  

When I sent a letter to Judge Sullivan on May 5, 2020, letting him know that I would testify in the Flynn case, and provide evidence of widespread corruption in the federal and state judiciary, and that I'd testify agains the DOJ and FBI, the case against Flynn was dropped two days later and became a conflated fiasco, and a media rat's nest of chaos and confusion.  This again, was another perfect diversion, or cover being run to hide what was really going on.  

At the time, I hadn't made the connection that the QAnon Op was designed to find the Epstein tapes.  In addition, I didn't make the connection that Isaac Kappy was somehow one of the holders of Epstein's blackmail tapes, but this makes sense, as he was killed the month after the Mueller investigation was completed.  Then, six months later, Epstein was murdered after being taken into custody. 

I also surmise that John McAfee was also a holder of the second backup of the blackmail tapes, and when Lynn wood put out his call regarding the password for the tapes and directed the 10 largest world Intelligence agencies to be on alert for the Lizard Squad, who had the location of the server with the blackmail tapes, and just needed Woods password to access it.  Once Wood released the password, John McAfee was exposed and targeted for assassination, as he had the other Epstein "kill switch".  The server in Tennessee was blown up to remove the backup of the blackmail tapes shortly after Lynn Wood released the password.  These people are so fucking transparent, it's pathetic! 

In October and November, as soon as I sent the Cease and Desist letters to Inslee and his puppet, Lawrence Merrifield, the COA II issues it's mandate, telling Judge Evans to stick it to me and increase the spousal maintenance for Shelane, as they know my plan it to run for Sheriff, and this cabal needs to financially drain me of all assets.  I can't imagine what else they have planned for me to drain my assets, but I surmise it's going to be a good one.  Then, they are going to attempt to controversialize me another time, rinsing and repeating their cycle against a TI, or targeted individual.  

All this, being orchestrated using Gates's various cut-outs, and directing Inslee to use his puppets at the COA to jump when he says jump.   Again, the timing is painfully obvious, and there's probable cause to arrest Judge Glasgow for her role as a puppet in this charade.  

In addition to finding the Epstein blackmail tapes and sending the operational plans to teams, the last part of it was what Nancy Pelosi refers to as the "wrap-up smear".  They've already labeled anyone that says Q as a terrorist or a "conspiracy theorist", thereby discrediting them.  

Of course, I sent Merrick Garland a letter telling him I would testify about what is enclosed herein, but he has not forwarded this to the Defendant's he is charging for the January 6th "insurrection."  Again, the prosecution of these folks by the dirtiest government of them all is nothing more than a charade.  It's a version of professional wrestling where they have the microphone and they are labeling anyone that fits within their parameters as either a terrorist or a nut job, just like they've done to me.  

The people that are arrested are most likely the ones that are the most dangerous to the establishment, and like me, have figured most of this out on their own and are trying to disseminate this information to the masses.

So, the last portion of the QAnon Op was to both indoctrinate people and radicalize them, so they could use these individuals to "wrap-up smear", as Pelosi stated.  They effectively controversialized these folks and it was codified by the Board of Directors of the Corporation of the United States, aka the 116th and 117th Congress when the House passed a bill, effectively labeling anyone that says Q as a terrorist.   And none of them are being called to the witness stand and the evidence I've gathered herein is being withheld from them.  You'd think that Merrick Garland would tell the 500 or so people that there is exculpatory evidence in their case, required to be disclosed under Brady.  

The people that are willing to do the dirty work for these corrupt fuckers are rewarded.  The day after I sent in the letter recalling Inslee and Ferguson, Kim Wyman dismissed the recall petition on procedural grounds, i.e., it was within six months of the election.

It is telling that neither Inslee or Ferguson offered a response to the allegations they are running a RICO organization that includes murder, attempted murder, extortion, racketeering, and sex trafficking.  Instead of it being decided on the merits, which is the intent of the Washington Constitution, it was dismissed on procedural grounds, like everything else enclosed herein.  These fuckers never have to answer for their actions because people like Sheriff Brown don't have the stones to stand up to this corruption.  Or, it's not because he doesn't have the stones to stand up to it, it's because he is a part of it.  He was "chosen" by this cabal, and I knew this as soon as I met him in 2002, right before Dennis Lane started the lawsuit against me.  We attended a gathering together where Lane was holding a community meeting to get him elected.

And, if you are hanging around criminals like Dennis Lane and Jeffrey Barrar, then you are a criminal.   That is what Sheriff Dave Brown is, a sex trafficking murderer, and he murdered my neighbor, Rick Pauly. 

I just received an email today from Hyla at the COA II, and she stated that the judges weren't going to look at the facts as alleged in the Petition for Review.  I find this fitting, as they aren't even going to respond to my public records request asking about the contact they've had with Judge Baker.  They hold all the cards.

But, rest assured, there's probable cause to arrest Judge Rebecca Glasgow and all her minions for following the directions of Jay Inslee, who is the puppet of Bill Gates.  Their time is nearing and end.  And, if there's probable cause to arrest Judge Glasgow and her minions, as stated herein, then there is definitely the appearance of impropriety for these judicial officers to rule on my case.  

As I've told these judges through my filings, they'd better pray to their God (satan) that I don't get elected as the Skamania County Sheriff.  Or, they'd better work with these crooked fuckers to murder me before that happens.  Either way, I'll be coming after them...for eternity.  

You'd think that one of the judges would allow me to call Dr. Patricia Rice to the stand and question her about my mental prowess.  I mean, after all, I am a disabled veteran with PTSD, I claim that my dad shot JFK, he made the Bigfoot film with Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin, he took part in the DB Cooper hijacking, I am Jesus Christ, and I have a fiduciary managing my finance.  But no, these fucking judges won't even allow me to call Dr. Rice as a witness.

And, you may be asking why I don't sue them?  As noted, these black robed withes have 86 different ways to dismiss your claim, and filing a lawsuit isn't worth the paper it's printed on.  



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