Sunday, January 30, 2022

Hogan's Heroes - Sergeant Schultz

 Sometimes I get a little off kilter and send some of my lover letters.  This one is to Sergeant (actually Skamania County Sheriff's Detective) Schultz.  I don't know if he's the one that threw the investigation into the murder of Rick Pauly, but he's certainly in the loop. 

Here's my love letter and accompanying email to Sheriff Dave Brown and the folks:

September 4, 2020

Sergeant Schultz,

I know you are a detective, but Sergeant Schultz reminds me of the idiot that was in Hogan’s Heroes.  That’s exactly what you remind me of when you offered your testimony to the court yesterday.  It is my hope that you can read this letter to the jury, as it will hopefully become part of your police report.  

I watched you “testify” in front of Judge Krog yesterday regarding the case against Mr. Rodriguez.  You were, well…utterly horrible.  I am glad they got the dress rehearsal for the trial done yesterday, you have a lot of work to do!  You literally didn’t know any of your lines and had to ferret through the report you made up to make sure you never went off script.  I am wondering who wrote it for you.  Perhaps you can explain that to the jury.   

The first question I have for you is, how fucking stupid do you think people are?   You are obviously treading on, “I am a cop, and everyone believes police officers” mantra.  Well, Sergeant Schultz, answer this first question and we will move on.  Who the fuck takes a toy gun to the upper reaches of the Washougal River area to commit a robbery?  Either Mr. Rodriguez is a complete and utter dumb-fuck criminal, or you planted the evidence to convict him.  As you know, every motherfucker in Skamania County that has the address in Washougal are rednecks, and everyone I know in the area has about 15 guns….and probably some left over hand grenades from the war.  So, Sergeant Schultz, (who can’t remember his lines for this play) please address for the jury what your experience is with the folks in the upper reaches of the Washougal River and their propensity to carry firearms.  Then tell the jury what a dumb fuck Mr. Rodriguez is for bringing a toy gun to a gunfight.  You have to be a dumb fucking idiot to do that, right?  Obviously, according to you, Mr. Rodriguez fits that bill.  

So, let’s start out with that assumption…that Mr. Rodriguez is stupid enough to take a toy gun to Washougal and start a war with an unknown assailant.  How many guns did the homeowner have?  Did Mr. Rodriguez know that the homeowner would be unarmed and did not have any weapons?  Did you ask him that?   That’s another question that must be answered for the jury. 

The next issue is, Mr. Rodriguez supposedly said “yeah, fuck those guys”.  Now, either he said this, or you, Sergeant Schultz, falsified your police report.  There can be only one right answer to this question.  Either Mr. Rodriguez is lying about not saying that, or you are lying….and why would upstanding Sergeant Schultz lie about an innocuous statement like that in his report?  Either; a) you are a fucking liar (which you are) or b) Mr. Rodriguez was lying about not saying that.  After watching the play rehearsal (you shitfucks call it a preliminary hearing) you can see that Mr. Rodriguez stuck by his guns and said that he never made that statement, “yeah, fuck those guys”.  Obviously, you put that in your report to create a controversy for the jury to focus in on.  That is what you shitfucks always do, create an us and them issue.  Obviously, you count on the jury siding with you because you have a uniform, badge and a gun…and; why would you lie? 

The only solution to that question raises another question, why would you frame Mr. Rodriguez?    You might want to let him know why you are framing him, it’s exculpatory evidence under Brady, right?

Obviously, Mr. Rodriguez’s attorney put him out there to see how he was going to hold up to scrutiny under cross examination.  And you were put up there so you shitfucks could have your dress rehearsal.  You obviously need some practice, Sergeant Shultz.  Mr. Rodriguez didn’t have to refer to his script while telling the truth, but you did.  You took minutes on end looking at your script to ensure you got your lines right…on multiple occasions.  You and Yarden had better work on that shit before the trial.  You looked like a fucking idiot and your voice trailed off during most of the answers to the questions and I could barely hear you, as you knew you were lying and your voice trailed of time and again.  You’d better tighten that shit up before trial!  

Now, let’s move on to the search warrant.  You had the piece of shit, Ron Reynier, sign the search warrant.  He’s a fucking pedophile.  In fact, Reynier worked with your boss, Sheriff Brown and Clark County Sheriff Chuckee Cheese Atkins to attempt to murder me.  He was also working with my attorney, David McDonald, to set me up to be murdered by Rick Torres, a Clark County Sheriff’s Sergeant.  He is/was the muscle for Clark County and they sent him to murder me.  That’s how stupid you fuckers are…sending a former Marine to kill a Navy SEAL.  JFC, how stupid can you be!  At least send someone that is qualified to kill me so that I die with honor.  Instead, you send a flunky fucking pedophile Marine.  That should show the jury how stupid you fuckers are.  That should raise the intelligence of Mr. Rodriguez quite a bit, right?  I mean, it’s not only idiotic to claim that he took a toy to a gunfight and expected to win,  you dolts sent a Marine to kill a SEAL.  Now that’s fucking stupid!  I am not sure which is the dumber thing to do, claim Mr. Rodriguez took a toy to a gunfight or send a flunky Marine like Torres to kill a SEAL.  I guess that will be for the jury to decide.

As stated, Reynier is a fucking pedophile.  Not only that, he is assisting you and your cohorts with trafficking my daughters, which you folks have been doing for the past 8 years.  When I attempted to file a restraining order against Torres, Reynier, who was my former divorce attorney, denied me the ability to get the RO against Torres to get his weapons removed from him.  Obviously, that would have brought new factual evidence into my criminal and divorce case, which the crooked judges don’t want in the record.  Reynier denied the RO without a hearing and without getting it on the record.   It’s quite obvious that he’s a crooked, pedophile judge.   But you can ferret that out in the recall petition I filed against all the county officials who are assisting in the trafficking of my daughters.  Obviously, the judge that denied the recall petition is protecting his colleagues and protecting the sex trafficking ring you shitfucks are running here in SW Washington.  

Suffice it to say, the search warrant Reynier signed to get Mr. Rodriguez DNA was used to get the DNA that you planted on the toy gun.  At least, that is the argument I would make if I were Mr. Rodriguez.  Clearly, you are some nefarious motherfuckers.  Hopefully, the jury will not only see how nefarious you fuckers are, but they will see how fucking stupid you are, Sergeant Schultz.     

Next, let’s move on to the Nazi fuck, Judge Krog.  He doesn’t even attempt to hide the fact that he is a Nazi fuck skinhead.  In my divorce case, this motherfucker shredded documents which would have led me to uncovering the sex trafficking ring years ago.  I filed a motion to get subpoena’s which would have given me the evidence that my wife attempted to murder me using the dirty cop, Torres, as the blunt instrument to murder me for financial gain.  She would have gotten over $400,000 and about $9,000 per month if he successfully murdered me.  That equates to an annuity worth about $2.5 million plus the $400k.  That’s almost $3 million.  Not a bad haul for you crooked fucks that are running this RICO organization.

After the Nazi Krog shredded the documents in my case, I filed a motion for him to recuse himself, which he immediately denied (fraudulently).  When I filed a motion to correct the record and submitted the same documents he shredded, the chickenshit then recused himself (again fraudulently).  Now, we have the Nazi judge that is overseeing the case against Mr. Rodriguez.  Last time I checked, the Aryan race Nazi fucks like Krog don’t like Hispanics like Mr. Rodriguez.  It’s clear he is committing fraud in order to deny me relief, and conducting the felonious task of shredding the documents in my case, which is a felony under RCW 40.16.020, which carries a prison sentence of up to 10 years.  But you know that already, right?  So, if he is doing things like that in my divorce case, surely, he is going to do it to Mr. Rodriguez in his felony case.  The corruption never ends with you fuckers.  

That wasn’t the first time a judge shredded documents in my divorce case, it started out with the previous judge, Brian Altman.  He shredded a motion for custody that I filed.  It’s obviously commonplace that these crooked Nazi fucks will ensure nothing gets entered into the record that doesn’t fit your frame-up or narrative.  

After the Nazi Krog tapped out, they sent in Judge Baker (a profligate pedophile) to oversee my case.  When I called him out for trafficking my daughters, after he had already made the ruling in my divorce case, he signed the final divorce order and then withdrew from the case.  He had been working with my attorney, Tessa Cohen, to keep any information favorable to me out of the record.  When I found out after the divorce trial that you fuckers were trafficking my daughters, with the help of my own divorce attorney which I paid over $60k, I started sending Judge Baker emails calling him out for trafficking my daughters.  He made several rulings on motions my wife sent in while I had a motion to stay the proceedings filed.  He didn’t rule on my stay, but ruled on several subsequent motions filed by my wife.  Again, the dirty fuck controlled everything that went into the record, just like you are doing to Mr. Rodriguez.  

After the dirty fucking pedophile, Baker, withdrew from my divorce case, they sent in another relief pedophile, Judge Evans from Cowlitz County.  He heard my motions in the divorce case and the recall petition I filed against the crooked county officials.  The case is filed in Skamania County for your reference.  Hopefully, you can go over it for the jury and point out any errors in the recall petition.  It should be noted that none of the county officials or judges wrote a rebuttal to me calling them child sex-traffickers, pedophiles, and murderers.  I’d sue the shit out of someone if they called me a child molester, sex trafficking kingpin and a murderer.  Instead, your bosses and these judges hired Yarden Weidenfeld to make this all go away.  

Of course, I sent a scathing letter to Judge Evans prior to the recall hearing, calling him a pedophile and a crooked judge.  So, what does he do with this information?   He shares it with all of his pedophile buddy judges.  I put a Bommerang tracer on the email I sent him and the email I sent him was opened over 45 times in a 24-hour period.  Yet, the dumb fuck stated on the record that he only opened it several times.  Of course, he denied the recall petition stating it was not legally sufficient to sustain the charges against the elected officials.  Basically, he said I didn’t fill out the paperwork properly.   He’s obviously a liar, and the dismissal was pre-orchestrated.  

Yarden and the feckless cunt, Baker, were already in contact with Judge Evans prior to the recall hearing and had arranged for the dismissal.  In addition, they were going to sanction me under CR 11 for filing a frivolous motion.  However, I put a poison pill in there at the last minute and read a 30 minute statement, which is not refuted, into the record spelling out the corruption within the judicial system.   Judge Evans didn’t have time to check with his handlers, or if he did, they told him not to sanction me, so he didn’t issue CR 11 sanctions against me. 

Of course, every motion I filed in front of him regarding the divorce action and the recall petition was denied by him, as he couldn’t allow the record in my divorce case to be opened to new facts.  And once you shitfucks have the record set, and your rehearsal all orchestrated, you can’t ever have it opened to enter new facts.  Therefore, you guys win, and the victims of your criminal activity have to serve their time.

Yarden is such a dumb fuck that he filed the motion and sent it to me via his gmail account and he is a Skamania County Official.  He then goes on to explain during the recall hearing that he looked into the Wilkinson v. Torres case several months ago (that was the purpose of his hiring by Skamania County officials…to make this all go away).  I hadn’t filed the recall petition, yet Skamania County Officials hired him under the guise that his was the “public records officer” with Skamania County.  

Note:  I’d get all the emails between myself and Yarden to give to Mr. Rodriguez as exculpatory evidence, along with the recall petition I filed, which will verify everything written herein.

Yarden was in such a rush to shove this down my throat and get the CR 11 sanctions against me that the stupid fuck sent me his response via his gmail account.  Of course, I asked Judge Evans to have him produce every gmail email and his google drive, but Judge Evans would not make him produce the emails or what was in his google drive account.  

Obviously, if he is using a private email system to do public work, which he is, he is obligated to turn it all over under the public records act.  Again, please get all emails in Yardens email system and turn it over to Mr. Rodriguez, along with a copy of his google drive, as it is exculpatory evidence of continued criminal activity.   You might want to subpoena google, or get a search warrant (have Reynier sign it) to get the docs from his google account, as he has most likely deleted them all by now.  Of course, he won’t respond to my public records request to get these documents, he now keeps delaying it, and he will be backed up by the crooked judges.  

Yarden is quite obviously continuing to cover up this RICO organization you folks are running, so he will be a great witness for Mr. Rodriguez.  That will be one hell of a conundrum, him prosecuting the case and him being a witness for Mr. Rodriguez.  I wonder how that fits.

I’ve been working as hard as I can to point out how crooked you fuckers are.  In fact, right before your hearing, I sent in an Amicus Curiae brief to Judge Krog, Adam Kick, and John Terry.  They went right after you testified.  Enclosed is the brief and emails between myself and John Terry, which depict his efforts to frame me for a murder-for-hire plot.   

The Amicus brief I attempted to file with the court was intercepted by Grace Cross, the court clerk.  She would not let me file it, and instead called Adam Kick on the phone.  There was a flurry of activity, and the original prosecutor assigned in the State v. Rood intercepted the brief and would not let me file it in the court.  Again, this is a felony under RCW 40.16.020, by destroying the public record.   In spite of me submitting the brief weeks ago (intercepted by the prosecutor) and then resubmitting it a couple of hours before the hearing, my brief was never discussed.  Moreover, none of this was discussed during the hearing immediately after you testified.  And I sent this Amicus brief and the emails between myself and John Terry to Sheriff Brown and Undersheriff Bond.  Yet, none of this was discussed in the case immediately after yours, State v. Rood.

It’s amazing that the Nazi, Krog, doesn’t want to get it on the record that the attorney representing Mrs. Rood attempted to frame me for a murder-for-hire plot.  I surely didn’t want a crooked attorney representing me (Terry), nor a Nazi fuck like Krog, Stahnke, and Zimmerman presiding over my cases.  Yet, John Terry was assigned to represent me in a criminal charge that was falsely filed against me in Clark County.  It was a DV charge that I was framed for by Torres and my wife.  Of course, the judge (Herr Zimmerman) found that I wasn’t capable of representing myself in my criminal case because I was mentally ill to think that Rick Torres was attempting to murder me.  Then, these fucking judges sent Torres to murder me again, after they ordered the mental evaluation!  And those pedophile judges are Zimmerman, Stahnke, and Gonzalez, just to name a few.  They will obviously be great witnesses for Mr. Rodriguez, as he can show there is a history of attempts to frame people throughout SW Washington and the entire judiciary is corrupt here, including Skamania, Clark, and Cowlitz County. 


You have a lot of polishing to do, Sergeant Schultz, to shore up your testimony in the upcoming trial.  I think you have to disclose all exculpatory evidence to a defendant that you are framing, so make sure that you let the defendant know that Krog is a pedophile and commits felonious acts of shredding evidence in cases.   Also, you might want to let Mr. Rodriguez know that Judge Reynier is a profligate pedophile that keeps information out of the record too, along with Judge Baker, who was working with my attorney, Tessa Cohen, in order to control everything that went into the record.  

This will give the jury an idea of how crooked you shitfucks are, and level the playing field.  Do you really expect the jury to believe that Mr. Rodriguez took a toy gun to a gun-fight?  That’s like a soldier being given a knife to go to war in Afghanistan.  It’s ludicrous…but hey, it’s your bullshit story.  Make sure and polish up your testimony so you don’t look like the dumbfuck that you were when you gave your testimony yesterday.  

Also, get all the documents from Yardens google account and give it to Mr. Rodriguez and enter it into the record.  Not only will it help him out in his case, I can enter it as new evidence that the dumbfuck is working with this cabal to keep trafficking my daughters.  That would be a great help to all of us.  

Also, you might want to take my expert witness report by Rick Torres, which is enclosed in the recall petition, and see if I made any errors in my expert witness report.  Who knows, maybe Mr. Rodriguez may want to call Rick Torres to the stand and ask him how you fuckers play your little games.  After all, if he is going to “execute” someone, and then CCSO covers it up, it’s nothing for you sick fucks to frame Mr. Rodriguez. 

Thanks for your attention in this matter, Sergeant Schultz.  

Look forward to seeing your new and improved testimony at Mr. Rodriguez’s trial.  I am sure that your acting will be markedly improved by the time of trial, you definitely need it.  Also, you might want to get the video of your testimony to Mr. Rodriguez so that he can formulate questions to ask you during trial, such as what is outlined above, in part.


Matt L’Hommedieu

My email:

1 message

matt l'hommedieu <>Thu, Sep 17, 2020 at 9:39 PM
To: "Belisle, Hyla" <>
Cc: "" <>, "" <>, Sheriff Dave Brown <>, Pat Bond <>

Tell that fucking pedophile, Byrne, that I asked for this shit (consolidation) before my daughter turned 18 and in my emergency appeals/motions for custody.  You motherfuckers have completely terminated my parental rights through the courts system without even giving me an opportunity to respond.

And why are you CC’ing the feckless little cunt, Adam Kick?  Is that because that motherfucker helped Shelane commit welfare fraud?  

Are you going to cop to that you little feckless cunt, Adam (Prosecuting Attorney Adam Kick)?   You had that little wormy fucking Nazi doing that and pretended like there was nothing you could do.

How about getting a subpoena and getting Shelane’s bank records to show that she was getting thousands of dollars while she was on welfare.   Where are you at with that investigation?  Did you investigate Lisa Martin?

Have you fuckers gotten my DNA planted on my neighbor Rick yet?  Is that why you had my brother working at the morgue so you could use his DNA and then come in a couple of years later as the heroes and solve this cold case?  

You know that my mom sent about $30k over to some terrorist in Yemen to give you guys an out when you murder me, and say that it was a terrorist that killed me, right?  She even sent this motherfucker pictures of me.  Obviously, when I get killed by some brown skinned dude, you can point it to that right and say that it was an Internet dating scam gone awry.    

You fuckers are so predictable.  WTF are you going to do next?  I guess I’ll figure it out. 

Dave (Sheriff Dave Brown), you piece of shit, send me all the investigations you have done on this matter, starting with my report in 2012 that my wife took off with all the gold and silver and opiates, and move forward from there.  Or, have you even done a single investigation?

Fuck you fucking pedophile sex traffickers.  All of you pieces of shit!  No wonder you dress up like Nazi Storm Troopers…because you are.  


Are you still claiming you didn’t have your hand on your gun and you weren’t going to murder me that day up at the house in July of 2016, you feckless little cunt, Dave (Sheriff Dave Brown)?  Why didn’t you respond to the Recall Petition?  If someone said that about me, I’d surely defend myself.  CALL ME A LIAR YOU PIECE OF SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!  MOTHERFUCKiNG PEDOPHILE!!!!!  No wonder you were hanging out with Denny and Liz.  You know they adopted a kid from Mexico so they could have him as their little sex toy, right? I originally thought that they framed your son for raping that gal because you didn’t successfully murder me, but now I am of the belief that you a a sexual deviate fucking pedophile like the rest of these cock-suckers!  

Is that why you guys had him nearly killed in San Francisco?   Let me know.  I’d like to get this on the record whether anything I am saying is false, OK.  The fucking pedophile judges at the COA II would surely want to know this.

Oh, wait, let me guess, they won’t accept my briefs, like the last time because I didn’t follow the right format!  Hyla, why don’t you ask that cock-sucker Byrne (literally) if he is going to deny it again on procedural grounds.  

Also, tell that cock-sucker that I am opposed to having guys that suck little boys cocks ruling on my case and he should recuse himself.   Actually, I demand he do it, along with the other pedophile judges at COA II.

It’s so obvious that you put Shelane in Idaho so that you you could murder her and the girls and blame it on me, as I was moving down to Austin and would have driven right by where she lives when moving to Austin.   I can’t wait to see what dead body pops up with my DNA on it now.   When will that be coming?  And who?  I’ll plead right now, I WAS FRAMED BY YOU PEDOPHILE FUCKS!   

Shelane, WAKE THE FUCK UP!  They are going to murder you and the girls to blame it on me.  


What did you do with the Amicus Curiae briefs I filed?  Did you file them in the court, like I wanted to, or did you destroy the record yet again?   You should really let all the people you are prosecuting know that you control everything that gets into the record.  Why did that piece of shit Krog (Judge Randall Krog) get it on the record that I filed the Amicus brief?  I sent it to him and he never mentioned a word about John Terry framing me for a murder for hire.  Did Terry let his clients know that he did this?  Are you going to call me as a witness to the trial of Rood?   What about Rodriguez?  You are surely framing him.  I mean, the air-soft gun?  Really.   

Sergeant Schultz is dumber than the fucker that played on Hogan’s Heroes.   Glad you were able to get a rehearsal done before he testifies against Rodriguez, because he looked like a fucking idiot on the stand during the dress rehearsal.  Make sure that fucking idiot Schultz gets a copy of this and reads it into the record in the trial of Rodriguez.  I’ll definitely testify on his behalf.  I tried to call Rodriguez’s attorney, but he is obviously a cut-out and is harder to find that Bin Laden.  

I probably won't be getting invited to Sergeant Schultz's Christmas party any time soon.  He might even be the one that murders me once I get elected Sheriff of Skamania County.  

I might have been a little triggered after watching what was unfolding, but I've taken a deep breath.  This was about 10 days before I had to leave town because they were getting ready to murder Shelane and the girls and I was under a little pressure.  

At what point does it become so obvious a second grader could figure this out.  My brother gets hired by the funeral home about the time I file the recall petitioner agains the Skamania County Officials, May 17, 2020, I sent a recall petition to recall Governor Inslee and AG Bob Ferguson on June 8, 2020, and my neighbor has a bullet in his head on July 8, 2020.  Then, a month after his death, my brother gets let go.  They might as well just have hired him the day before and let him go the day after.  His DNA is all over the body, and all they were going to do was swap it out on the way to the lab.  I've read the briefs of Kathleen Zellner in the Steven Avery case.  I've seen that trick before guys!  

Not to mention, my brother was arrested for doing dumb shit and Judge Baker was the judge in charge of his case.  I'm sure he threatened my brother, or else you'll go to jail for the rest of your life!  That's what these people do.  I'm actually surprised he hasn't been murdered yet.  IDK, they must need him for something.  I guess we'll have to wait and see what that is.  Or, they'll just kill him like they did Epstein and call it a suicide.  

Anyway, thought I'd break up the monotony of the BLACKLIST.  Since they intercepted my Amicus brief, I am quite sure they didn't show this to Mr. Rodriguez.  Just recently, Pam Bell cc'd him with a complaint I filed against the GAL in my case.  Evidently, she was offended by the picture from the website of Judge Baker's partner that had a young gal bent over showing her private parts.  Or, I am now Jeremy Brown's new pet project and he's gonna prosecute me for something.  I'd assume that's the case.  



Wednesday, January 12, 2022

The BLACKLIST: Emmet Sullivan

Emmet Sullivan

Below is a letter I sent Judge Sullivan.  This was an attack (metaphorically speaking) on the entire judicial system in the United States 

May 5, 2020 

Judge Sullivan,


I first off want to say what a piece of shit you are. You are, of course working directly for the CIA. Stop it, you feckless cant. Secondly please enter this as evidence in the Michael Flynn case. In fact, the CIA set this whole case up, including his first defense counsel, and appointed you as the judge in the case so they could maintain control of it. 

While I don’t know if General Flynn is aware, surely his firing by President Obama was due to what I was doing. In fact, this was going to blow up the whole Obama administration.


As you are aware, Obama’s buddy Preet Bharara was laundering money through the USO Fund. When I happened upon this money laundering scheme in August of 2014, General Flynn was fired. After his firing, the Obama administration issued an Executive Action memorandum to assassinate me. I am quite sure that General Flynn would have opposed President Obama assassinating an American Citizen in order to hide a money-laundering scheme being run by officials in the Federal Government. 

I have asked President Trump, along with the form DNI Maguire, the former IG of the CIA, CIA Director Haspel, FBI Director Wray, and AG Barr to provide me with a copy of the EA memorandum to assassinate me. None of them will provide me a copy of the EA memorandum, nor will they even respond to my urgent emergency request for this document and other documents that would prove that this in fact happened. 

Perhaps you could use your judicial powers and issue a subpoena and make them respond in full to the FOIA requests I filed and put them in General Flynn’s file so that he can properly defend himself. A fucking second grader could defend himself against this corrupt government if they were given all the information. However, you, along with the Fat Tub of Shit Bill Barr, Wray the Worm, and Haspel the Hun are preventing General Flynn from getting the evidence he needs to exonerate himself. In essence, General Flynn needs you to DO YOUR JOB. 

Also, please let General Flynn know that the CIA is running both a drug and sex trafficking ring across the nation. I will testify at his trial or in his sentencing hearing about this sex trafficking ring and the corruption at the highest levels of the intelligence community and the Department of Justice. In fact, immediately after Jeffrey Epstein killed himself, I filed a FOIA request asking for the videotapes of the MCC. When the Fat Tub of Shit found out I filed the FOIA request, he destroyed the evidence. That’s obstruction of justice, right? 

I will also testify as to how the CIA controls the entire court system and how this is transpiring not only at a state level but at the federal level. In fact, the federal judges often let these rogue CIA agents who murder people and sexually traffic women completely off the hook. The 

Rick Torres’s case and Michael Sunseri’s case are perfect examples. After these guys murder someone or traffic women, they are protected by the federal courts and law enforcement agencies across the nation. I have information on other CIA operatives that operate as executioners. Let me know what evidence you need. 

Also, you might want to let General Flynn know that he has never actually, with full scienter entered a plea deal. He had no idea his own attorney he originally hired was working with the CIA. Therefore, the plea deal he entered is actually moot, right? 

Doesn’t that allow him to file a compulsory counterclaim under FRCP 13? Since the same cast of characters would be involved, wouldn’t it preserve judicial resources to call all these fuckers to the stand and make them testify against General Flynn? I’d love to testify against these fuckers at General Flynn’s trial. 

Also, I let President Trump know that someone placed TSSCI information on my computer. The information that was put on my computer was about the abuse and torture program run in Guantanamo. In fact, the information sheds light on the deaths in the camp along with the permanent medical condition of one of the detainees to the point where he developed brain damage. He’s 50 and has the capacity of an 11-year-old. That’s pretty bad, right? Is that why General Flynn got fired? Did he know about this and protest against it? 

Anyway, I hope this information can help General Flynn. I took an oath to never leave a fallen brother behind. General Flynn does not deserve what has transpired under this crooked government. 

Let me know how I can help General Flynn. 

To the Clerk of the Court, please enter this into the record in the Michael Flynn case.



Matt L’Hommedieu 

Former Navy SEAL 

US Air Force PJ 


Captain/Paramedic TVFR

Let's start at the end of the letter first.  I received information that the USS Cole bomber, Al Nashiri was tortured to death by the CIA.  This poses a problem for the DOJ, CIA, FBI, and the "esteemed" US Attorney, John Durham.  

You can trace Durham's history back to the Obama administration and Eric Holder, who had Durham look into the CIA's enhanced interrogation program conducted at black sites around the globe.  There were 2 people that were murdered by the CIA during EIT's being conducted by the Clowns.  

David Passaro, a CIA contractor was a scapegoat for the Clowns and was prosecuted for his role in the CIA's EIT program.  Of course, the Clown's aren't going to prosecute one of their own, they use cut-outs to do their bidding, and Pissaro was the sheep they threw to the wolves in order to pacify the general masses (our partners and enemies overseas) to quell the uprising about the abuse perpetrated on "terrorists" by the Clowns.

Sullivan was put in charge, for a brief period in 2017, of the Al Nashiri case, among others.  When you have inside knowledge of what is going on, you cover your ass, and Sullivan did just that when he issued a minute order in 2017, asking for the "Torture Report" from the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

The order:

MINUTE ORDER. It is hereby ORDERED that Petitioner’s Emergency Request for a Timely Decision on his Motion to Compel the Respondent to Produce for the Court a Complete and Unredacted Copy of the SSCI Report on the CIA Detention and Interrogation Program, ECF 463, is GRANTED for the reasons stated therein. Respondent immediately shall preserve a complete and unredacted electronic or paper copy of the entire Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Committee Study of the Central Intelligence Agency’s Detention and Interrogation Program (2014) (SSCI Report).

And it is FURTHER ORDERED that a complete and unredacted copy of the SSCI Report shall be deposited with the Court Security Officer by no later than February 10, 2017, for secure storage under the terms of the Amended Protective Order for Habeas Cases Involving Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information and Procedures for Counsel Access to Detainees at the United States Naval Station in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, in Habeas Cases Involving Top Secret/Sensitive Comparted Information, Case Nos. 08-mc-442 (TFH) (Docket No. 78) & 08-cv-1360 (also Docket No. 78) (D.D.C. January 9, 2009). Signed by Judge Emmet G. Sullivan on 1/19/2017.


There are some things in this order that should trouble any citizen, let alone someone that is being held in GITMO. 

Al Nashiri filed a habeas corpus petition, essentially asking the Court to let him go because there was evidence of wrongdoing on the part of the DOJ, FBI, CIA, Obama, and many others.  Essentially, they didn't have the evidence to convict him, and if they did, it was illegally garnered through torture.  

In order to cover his own ass, Sullivan ordered the Clowns (and DOJ) to produce the torture report.  When he got the evidence, it appears that he kept it under seal due to the TSSCI (Top Secret Sensitive Compartment Information).  The order effectively let Sullivan see the information, but the defense didn't because of the classified nature of the intelligence.  It's obvious that Al Nashiri didn't get released due to the malfeasance of the alphabet agencies because he is still in GITMO awaiting a trial that could result in his death.

Therein lies the problem.  Al Nashiri was tortured to death by the clowns (the info I've been given...and through logical deduction).  He developed brain damage and has the mentality of a teen.  One can only come to the logical conclusion that if was tortured to the point where he has brain damage, his heart stopped working for a period of time and he had to be revived.  One simply doesn't develop brain damage and reduced cognitive functioning by being tortured, and even Sullivan is smart enough to figure this out.

This creates a significant problem for the DOJ because the Double Jeopardy Clause in the Fifth Amendment prohibits a person from being prosecuted for the same crime.  Of course, the only position that the DOJ can take is that he wasn't "prosecuted" for his crimes, hence, they can prosecute him again.  This presents a problem for the "rule of law" in the United States because he was placed under the custody of the United States of America, sent to a black-site, and then tortured to death by the CIA.  He was arrested, interrogated, and suffered the consequences of his actions (alleged actions) and was put to death.  He suffered a death sentence.  

My missile struck the target when I sent this email to his aid and wanted it put in the record in the Michael Flynn Case.  The DOJ immediately dropped the charges against Michael Flynn on May 7th, 2020.  Weird timing, right?

Then, on May 9th, there was a Q post that referenced the Flynn "acquittal".  

The headline of the article" "Exclusive: Obama says in private call that "rule of law is at risk" in Michael Flynn Case."

No shit!  That was my intention.

Here is the transcript of the call:

The degree to which the news over the last 24 hours I think, has been somewhat downplayed about the Justice Department dropping the charges against Michael Flynn, and the fact that there is no precedent that anybody can find for someone who’s been charged with perjury just getting off Scot-free — that’s the kind of stuff where you begin to get worried that they think that basic, not just institutional norms, but our basic understanding of rule of law is at risk.  And when you start moving in those directions, it can accelerate pretty quickly, as we’ve seen in other places.  So I am hoping that all of you feel the same sense of urgency that I do.  Whenever I’ve campaigned, I’ve always said this is the most important especially, obviously, when I was on the ballot.  That always feels like it’s the most important election.  This one, I’m not on the ballot, but I am pretty darn invested.  We gotta make this happen. 

That’s why the election that’s coming up on every level is so important because of what we’re — what we’re going to be battling is not just a particular individual or political party.  But what we’re fighting against is these long-term trends in which being selfish, being tribal, being divided and seeing others as an enemy that that has become a stronger impulse in American life.  And by the way, we’re seeing that internationally, as well.  And it’s part of the reason why the response to this global crisis has been so anemic and spotty.  And it would have been bad even with the best of governments.  It has been an absolute chaotic disaster when that mindset of, what’s in it for me and to heck with everybody else when that mindset is operationalized in our government.  So that’s why I, by the way, I’m going to be spending as much time as necessary and campaigning as hard as I can for Joe Biden.  We all know Joe.

I didn't see the Q post, as I wasn't following Q that closely at the time this post was made.  However, after I started retracing some of the things that I'd been doing, this Q post lit up like a glowing beacon, given the timing of the post and what was said during the call.

There was a later post on May 12th:

The significant portion of the post states "Cue all the law fare hacks working on their briefs as we speak.”  As you know, if you've followed my blog, I've been under surveillance this entire time, both physically (at times) and electronically.  It just so happens that I was working on an Amicus Curiae brief on the Flynn case when this was posted.

Of course, this was not a scholarly brief, was not "formatted" correctly, and didn't follow the exact protocol for submitting to the US District Court, and it was not my intention to write a scholarly brief.  It was meant as a procedural tool to put into the record saying, effectively, "Hey, you guys at the DOJ, FBI, CIA, etc. are a bunch of crooked fuckers, and so is Judge Sullivan, so Michael Flynn can't get a fair trial in any court, let alone in Judge Sullivan's court. 

The procedure is to get the approval from the attorneys in the case to submit an Amicus brief, so I sent it to all the attorneys at the DOJ and to Flynn's defense counsel.  They had to approve or reject me to file it.  This would have triggered an appeal, had they rejected my ability to file it, so they remained silent.  When I called Judge Sullivan's office and left a message to have him call me to ascertain if I could file the brief, he didn't call me back.  I sent it to the attorneys anyway, as it could be used by Powell as exculpatory evidence that was withheld by the DOJ.     






Case No. 17-cr-232 (EGS)




See below


On May 5, 2020, I sent a letter to this Court outlining the corruption within the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of investigation in the District Court’s Portal. It was not recorded in the record. Two days later, May 7, 2016, in response to my letter, the DOJ filed a motion to drop the charges against Michael Flynn.

The language in the letter was meant to be insightful and grab the attention of this Court and the DOJ Officials. It obviously had the intended outcome, which was to illuminate the corruption within the DOJ, FBI, and CIA and elicit a reaction. That reaction was the Department of Justice immediately dropping the charges against General Flynn.

This Court’s subsequent reaction was to appoint former Federal Judge Gleeson as Amicus Curiae to represent other interested parties.

Contrary to oral arguments presented to this Court and the Federal Court by Assistant United States Attorney Wall, who asked for dismissal in order to hide the corruption within the Department of Justice, every citizen, including me, has an interest in the corruption within our government and judiciary.

AUSA Wall’s only vested interest is continuing to cover up the corruption within the Department of Justice and said as much during oral arguments before this Court and the Federal Court during oral arguments in response to the Writ of Mandamus filed by General Flynn’s counsel, Sydney Powell.

Had the Federal District Court ruled in favor of General Flynn, the Department of Justice would have enjoyed not only the absolute immunity it already possesses but the Attorney General of the United States would also have been given sovereign immunity, a result that every US citizen would have been subjected to.

This would have given any unscrupulous Attorney General such as the Fat Tub of Shit, William Barr, or in the case of the Richard Nixon administration, John Mitchell, free license to reign over all citizens in the United States without fear of retribution or fear of the rule of law. No person should be given sovereign immunity.

Had the Federal Court ruled in favor of General Flynn, people like FBI Director, Christopher Wray would have enjoyed that same protection. That is an outcome that every citizen has an interest in, as Wray the Worm is the type of person that every US Citizen should be protected from. The case in point is delineated in a document I have provided to the FBI via their Twitter feed on multiple occasions and is enclosed below:

Every citizen in America has an interest in this case, as our government has become so corrupt. Unscrupulous actors, such as former President Barrack Obama, former Federal Prosecutor Preet Bharara, former FBI Director James Comey, current Attorney General William Barr, and current FBI Director Christopher Wray (just to mention a few) have been flying too close to the sun. It’s time they get burned!

An example of this corruption is on full display in General Flynn’s case. When I submitted my letter to this Court, I specifically targeted it to garner attention to bring to light this corruption.

I do not believe It is a coincidence that this Court’s counsel mentioned the case of Al Nashiri in the briefs to the Federal Court multiple times. However, it is curious that the court assigned Amicus, John Gleeson does not mention Al Nashiri a single time when he has been provided information about the condition of Al Nashiri being tortured to death while in CIA custody, then revived. Al Nashiri developed brain damage to the point where he has the functional capacity of a teenager, yet the corrupt DOJ continues to prosecute him without acknowledging the CIA torturing him to death, nor his mental capacity.

This information was sent to this Court, to the DOJ, to General Flynn’s attorney, and to John Gleeson.

Amazingly, none of this is mentioned in any ruling by this Court, nor in any document within our federal government, nor in subsequent hearings in General Flynn’s case. In fact, Gina Haspel, the current CIA Director performed a shredding party in order to destroy and hide this evidence to keep it from going public. And the FBI did an investigation into the Enhanced Interrogation Techniques performed by the CIA and they surely found out about this, yet covered it up and are continuing to cover it up.

Every American Citizen has an interest as to whether our government is so corrupt, it will not only abrogate the rules delineated in our Constitution, it will hide this corruption, by destroying exculpatory evidence which is required to be turned over to a defendant under Brady v. Maryland (1963).

Like the Al Nashiri case, this has perpetually been done in the case against General Flynn. Evidence in the form of 302’s is manufactured, and favorable evidence to General Flynn and other defendants in federal and state courts, yet nobody is held accountable for this.

If our CIA is going to torture someone to death while they are in their custody, revive him, and then try him in violation of the Double Jeopardy Clause under the Fifth Amendment, then their hypocrisy knows no bounds. And none of this is on the record in the Al Nashiri case. Why?

The FBI hasn’t conducted a single interview regarding this issue (torturing Al Nashiri to death), nor has it conducted an investigation into their own attempts to murder me.

And my response to AUSA Wall; every citizen needs to know about the corruption, and that is precisely why CR 48(a) requires leave of this court to dismiss...because the FBI, DOJ, and the CIA are not above the law...they just think they are. They should be held accountable as to why they have hidden this corruption, and this Court is the perfect forum to delve into these issues under Rule 48(a) and require these actors to answer to their continued corruption.

Hopefully, this Court does just that on my behalf and behalf of every citizen in America, because we can’t have a repugnant secret society such as the CIA running the show. Unfortunately, that is precisely what they are doing. They are not only the biggest drug runners in the world, they are trafficking my daughters. That’s precisely why I have an interest in this case and am submitting this Amicus Curiae brief.

I followed the rules and asked the defense counsel and the AUSA for leave to file an amicus brief. They haven’t responded. That should say it all!


  1. The “EXECUTION” of Jason Wilkinson by VPD Officer Rick Torres

On January 23, 2009, Judge Benjamin Settle of the United States District Court for the Western District of Washington ruled:

Taking the facts in light most favorable to the plaintiffs, there is no question that Torres acted with the unconstitutional purpose to harm, terrorize and in fact, kill

Wilkinson. After Key walked to the front of the minivan and the minivan began to back away from the telephone pole, Key and Torres looked at each other, seemingly acknowledged each other; then Torres walked to the passenger side of the minivan and effectively executed Wilkinson by shooting him eleven times at close range. Torres shot Wilkinson when the minivan was traveling at a slow speed in the exact opposite direction from where Key stood. Even after Wilkinson dropped his hands from the steering wheel and slumped in the driver’s seat mortally wounded, Torres continued to fire into Wilkinson as the minivan coasted in reverse.

See case no. C08-5281BHS

Mother’s Day, May 8, 2005, Vancouver Police Officer Rick Torres walked up to a minivan that crashed into a telephone pole and fired 11 rounds into 17 year-old Jason Wilkinson from approximately 8 feet away, effectively “executing” him.

Rick Torres is a murderer with a badge. And he got away with it. How and why?

The “how” is quite simple. The CIA controls the entire judiciary by appointing judges to the bench that will do their bidding. The “why” is to silence anyone that gets in their way of profiting from the drug running and sex-trafficking ring the CIA is perpetrating all across the nation.

Rick Torres is the blunt instrument used to accomplish this tactic of extrajudicial killing. This is an act of terrorism and extrajudicial murder. It’s a tactic the CIA continually

uses to perpetuate their drug running and sex-trafficking they are running on American soil and the FBI is a willing participant in their RICO organization.

In war, the CIA uses drones, but on American soil, they use agents such as Rick Torres to accomplish their goals in order to maintain their stranglehold on their drug-running and sex- trafficking operations.

As stated in my letters to this Court and to Judge Gorton of the Massachusetts District Court, I informed both Courts that I would expose this corruption that is a cancerous plague in our society. The CIA and FBI, through their illegal surveillance program in violation of the 4th Amendment of the Constitution, use programs such as Prism to get the dirt on every American Citizen. They have the dirt on everyone and use it to wield their power in order to corrupt the judicial process. Each of the judges appointed to positions in both the state-level courts, i.e., the Superior Courts, and the Federal Courts, are appointed for a reason. That reasoning is due to the fact that the CIA has the dirt on every one of these judges, including this Court, and can control the outcome of the cases which this cabal is involved in. They do this in order to perpetuate their drug running and sex-trafficking without fear of any recourse.

It is antithetical to our justice system to have a system where a police officer, such as in the case of Rick Torres, walking up to Jason Wilkinson and firing 11 rounds into him from eight feet away, effectively “executing” him and getting away with it because of a term called “qualified immunity”. That is not justice. No jury would have stood for this extrajudicial killing.

Not only was Rick Torres protected he was rewarded by this system. He now has a corporation where the very government agency that should be prosecuting him, they give him contracts where he profits from it.

Torres moved for summary judgment and was insulated by these judges and never had to testify in a court of law. He was protected by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals due to the fact that the CIA and their enablers appointed judges to these Federal Courts because they can control the outcomes of cases such as Wilkinson v. Torres, 610 F. 3d 546. While Judge Settle ruled that Torres “executed” Jason Wilkinson, the 9th Circuit ruled he had qualified immunity. This is judge-made law. No rational jury would stand for this! Torres does not challenge a single fact, that two civilian witnesses witnessed him executing Jason Wilkinson.

The witnesses that saw him murder Wilkinson were intimidated by the investigators and have been terrorized for years. Ask them, Judge Sullivan.

The 9th Circuit never changed the findings of Judge Settle, they only determined that the family did not have a viable theory of recovery for the “execution”. Under the Law of the Case Doctrine, Torres is still an “executioner”. That portion of Judge Settle’s ruling was not overturned, and the facts of the case still stand to this day; Rick Torres is an “executioner” as found by a court of law.

As this Court can discern via the expert witness report submitted herein, Torres was allowed to resign from the Vancouver Police Department in 2006, then he went through the Wilkinson v. Torres case from 2008 through 2010. After the 9th Circuit overturned the theory of recovery, Torrres was subsequently hired by Clark County Sheriff’s Office in Washington State with this on his record. Clark County knew what they had when they hired Rick Torres, they hired an executioner. Clark County Sheriff’s Office was the one that did the investigation and covered up the murder.

As a sworn officer from 2013 through August of 2016, Torres continued his reign of terror and assisted this cabal with running their RICO organization, which commits crimes such

as murder, attempted murder, extortion, racketeering, drug running, sex trafficking, and domestic terrorism.

In the summer and fall of 2014, I began to realize the depths of the depravity of this cabal and uncovered the plot of Preet Bharara to assassinate my former Commanding Officer from Seal Team 1, Tim Holden. Justice Scalia reached out to him when he determined that he was under surveillance by this cabal. Tim was assassinated by the CIA at the direction of Preet Bharara on August 28, 2015. Scalia came to his untimely demise shortly thereafter, on February 13, 2016, when he was led to his slaughter in a ranch in Texas.

When I came to the realization that Bharara was involved in this organization, along with Barack Obama, I knew that I was in for the fight of my life. This was around the same time General Flynn was fired by Obama, August 7, 2014. At the time, I was posting on Facebook that if anything happened to me, look into Preet Bharara, as I uncovered the fact that he was running the money-laundering scheme with Steven A. Cohen through the island of Anguilla using the USO Fund.

Years later, in May of 2020, after I sent this Court the letter about Al Nashiri, I sent letters to the AUSA’s in this case and the AUSA’s in the case against Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli (the Varsity Blues case) regarding the USO money laundering scheme to show how corrupt the system is.

The AUSA’s referred the case to the SEC and they closed the case within a week. Then, Jay Clayton was rewarded by the Fat Tub of Shit, Bill Barr, with the US Attorney position in the SDNY, the very position that the murderer, Preet Bharara previously held.

  1. Does Every Citizen Have an Interest in this Case? I do!

On February 11, 2015, I was framed by Torres and my estranged wife for a domestic violence charge. This was in order to get me into the system, and Torres was taking advantage of the fact that my wife was a long term opiate addict. Their plot was to assassinate me in order to garner approximately $420,000 in life insurance and federal benefits and over $9.000 per month in continuing benefits.

As payment for services and to ensure that my estranged wife paid for the services of Torres and this cabal, they began trafficking my daughters in the nationwide sex-trafficking ring being run by this cabal. This is a system wide RICO organization run by the CIA, FBI, and DOJ.

Clearly, General Flynn is opposed to this nefarious activity and that is the reason he was fired by Obama as the Director of National Intelligence. General Flynn was obviously not a complicit cooperator in this RICO organization.

After my arrest, Torres and his accomplices used the mass surveillance program l to keep me under surveillance. They used Cloud Cap Technologies out of Hood River, Oregon to fly over my house and collect electronic surveillance and kept me under overt physical surveillance, where I was constantly followed by members of this cabal and the “drones” they use to “unwittingly” surveil. This is precisely why DNI Clapper lied to the US Congress when he stated that the intelligence community does not “wittingly” collect data on American

Citizens. Yet, he is not held to account for perjury. Why? It’s time for this Court to use Rule 48(a) and find out why. Did he use it in my case? Did he use it in General Flynn’s case illegally too?

It is no coincidence that Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon just proposed “the 4th Amendment is not For Sale Act”. I have been in contact with Senator Wyden, who is aware of Torres’s attempts to murder me, and the unauthorized sub-contract of intelligence by Cloud Cap

Technologies out of Hood River, Oregon, a third party cut-out the Intelligence Community is using to keep American citizens under surveillance.

  1. Attempted Murder of me by this Cabal

May 28, 2015, I sent a letter to the FBI letting them know about the DB Cooper hijacking and that it was an inside job orchestrated by E. Howard Hunt, G. Gordon Liddy, former director of the FAA Najeeb Halaby, former Attorney General John Mitchell, and President

Nixon. Obviously, the FBI didn’t want this to come to light.

In response, James Comey sent his henchman, Torres to track me down and try and assassinate me by running me off of a cliff on June 4, 2015, when I was riding my dirtbike on a rural dirt road in Washington State. I nearly lost my life. The first attempt is outlined in the enclosed article:

In order to bring attention to my plight, I mentioned the DB Cooper hijacking and luckily it made the national news and prevented them from murdering me while I was in the hospital.

A year later, on July 12, 2016, Comey rounded up his henchmen again and orchestrated another assassination plot against me. I was wise to their shenanigans and didn’t show up to an appointment, where I was to be funneled into a location where I was to be murdered. That same day I was called by someone at the Veterans Administration and told all my benefits were being funneled to my estranged wife.

Within an hour of this call, it was announced in the MSM that the FBI “closed the DB Cooper case”. In other words, this was a message to all that I was to be closed out and this cabal was going to proceed to operate as designed and continue to run drugs and traffic my daughters, along with thousands of other girls and boys.  About two weeks later, near the end of July 2016, I sent a LinkedIn message to Torres. This was a year after my arrest for a misdemeanor assault charge where the “victim” of the crime (my estranged wife) was a long term opiate addict, and the star witness, Rick Torres was found by a court of law to be an “executioner”. The LinkedIn message was a tongue and cheek mocking of Rick Torres letting him know that I was looking forward to the upcoming trial where I was going to bring up the Wilkinson v. Torres case. Like in the case against General Flynn, this evidence (the LinkedIn message) was destroyed.

Amazingly, the prosecuting attorney withheld this information from me for over a year and a half (February 11, 1015-August 8, 2016). This is what defendants like myself and General Flynn face against this cabal, the destruction, alteration, and withholding of exculpatory evidence. Why didn’t the prosecutor disclose under Brady v. Maryland (1963) that their star witness was seen by two civilians murdering another citizen?

The preliminary hearing for my trial was August 8, 2016. At the hearing, the trial judge failed to allow me to read into the record the Wilkinson v. Torres case on August 8, 2016. I’d found the case in November of 2015 and brought it to my defense attorney and expected him to do his job. Instead of letting me read it into the record, the judge in this misdemeanor case ordered a mental evaluation of me because I was crazy to think that Torres was an “executioner” as outlined by Judge Settle in his 2009 opinion. The trial was postponed in order to give Torres another shot at murdering me.

I had brought up the Wilkinson v. Torres case in November of 2015, and my attorney, who was in on the ruse to murder me, did not bring it to the trial court’s attention, nor request the

trial judge to take Judicial Notice of the case. Instead, he worked for the next 9 months with this cabal to set me up to be murdered so this cabal could profit from my death and continue to traffick my daughters.

This is precisely what happened to General Flynn when he hired his first counsel, who recommended that he plead guilty; because they have to have something on him in order to maintain control of him. Obviously, he eventually realized what was transpiring in this battle and hired his current legal counsel and has attempted to have this Court overturn these fraudulent charges against him.

Like in General Flynn’s case, the prosecutors in my case withheld the exculpatory evidence in my trial, which is outlined in detail in the enclosed expert witness opinion.

After surviving two attempts on my life, the first on June 4, 2015, and another one by the local county sheriff in July of 2016, where he almost assassinated me while responding to a call at my home, Torres again used the mass surveillance program to track me down in Pendleton, Oregon where I had fled in order to formulate a strategy against this cabal. Torres again attempted to assassinate me on August 17, 2016.

This is all meticulously documented and reported to the local authorities and to the FBI. Yet, not a single account has been investigated by the local officials, nor the corrupt FBI, with Wray the Worm now at the helm.

In fact, after watching what General Flynn went through when I went to the FBI field office in Portland, Oregon on December 22nd, 2019, I attempted to report Torres numerous attempts to murder me. It is quite obvious that Director Wray got in touch with the agents and directed their investigation of me, as it took them almost an hour to come and interview me.

During my reporting of Torres’s multiple attempts to murder me, I was told by the Portland FBI Agents that I could not bring my computer with thousands of pages of documents regarding these assassination plots, which consisted of over 5,000 emails and hundreds of responses to public records requests and FOIA requests. My computer had thousand of pages of documents to bolster my reporting of this attempted murder by this cabal.

Not only would they not allow me to bring in my computer, these agents told me that I could not record my reporting of these assassination plots against me. Instead, they said that they would take notes and they would rely on their notes in their 302’s. This is precisely how the crooked FBI maintains control of these cases and prevents favorable information to a defendant from getting into the record.

Within 48 hours, my computer was hacked and some of my files were stolen by the FBI Agents that interviewed me. Of course, I reported this to them and the FBI could not tell me if they were the ones that hacked my computer. They have no fear of violating anyone’s rights.

As this Court knows, this is precisely what has been happening to General Flynn. The only question left for this Court is whether this Court is going to allow this perpetual ruse to continue, or whether this Court is going to exercise its’ CR 48(a) powers and hold this cabal accountable and make these people testify as two what this cabal has been doing. This is precisely why CR 48(a) is in place; to hold the unscrupulous attorneys that perpetuate this corruption accountable for their actions and sanction them for it.

  1. General Flynn in the Fight for His Life

General Flynn is an expert in warfare. He recognized early on that the case against him was not about justice, it was/is a war. In my expert opinion, after dealing with this cabal for the past 18 years, General Flynn used tactics typically used in asymmetrical warfare. He stood no

chance against this cabal as an individual combatant. I face/faced the same onslaught while dealing with this cabal. We were outgunned, outmaneuvered, and out financed by this cabal that has unlimited resources.  The only resource that General Flynn and I share is the truth.

  1. The case of Al Nashiri as Covering Fire

The piece of shit this Court appointed to file an Amicus brief was made fully aware that Al Nashiri was tortured to death by the Central Intelligence Agency during Enhanced Interrogation, yet makes no mention of this in any of his briefs. Why? I’ve specifically targeted this Court to bring this truth to light. Yet, it has been buried at each instance. I’ve reached out to the media to attempt to bring this corruption to light, but the CIA, like in the days of Operation Mockingbird, won’t allow a single thing to go to print or get put on the airwaves that doesn’t meet their globalist agenda.

The tactics used by this cabal are to control every piece of information that gets put in the record and control the Mainstream News Media. As I have previously pointed out, this cabal has a system to target individuals and it starts with Thompon Reuters, who is a third party cut-out for the CIA that gathers information on individuals. The prosecuting attorneys, like the one that I have been dealing with in Clark County in Washington State, Tony Golik, use these resources to target folks in order to provide financial information on defendants. Their objective in my case and the case of General Flynn is to keep information that would expose this cabal out of the record and to continue to profit from it by exhausting the financial resources of a defendant. For instance, General Flynn funneled millions of dollars to the first set of crooked attorneys that represented him. And like my case, General Flynn’s first attorneys were working for the other side. This is extortion and racketeering which has been adopted by our adversaries; investigators, prosecutors, and judges in the American Judicial system. That is what transpired

in my case. This is systematic targeting of individual defendants and a pattern of practice they have refined.

  1. Asymmetrical Warfare

Like General Flynn, I was falsely charged with crimes I did not commit. The first asymmetrical warfare tactic we used was to perform triage to determine what an acceptable loss is. General Flynn determined the acceptable losses during his battle and concluded that his son was not a loss he was willing to accept. That tells you about his character. He protected his family and retreated while sacrificing financially.

In my case, I had to attempt to save my life from this cabal. Luckily, for General Flynn, he had media exposure and he did not face that same fate, he faced/faces incarceration. And any jackass that reads the transcripts between him and Sergey Kislyak can see that the overwhelming theme during the conversations was PEACE. Yet, the piece of shit this Court appointed to write an Amicus brief attempted to turn General Flynn’s patriotism into a nefarious plot that he was a Russian asset.

Once General Flynn determined the acceptable loss, he retreated and pled guilty. In my case, I ended up pleading guilty to the felony of “commercial fishing without a license”. I was never near a fish, a fishing pole, a net, or water. I pled guilty because the judge laid out exactly what they were going to do to me on the record. They wanted to frame me for a murder for hire plot and my newly appointed “court-appointed attorney” was an attorney that was partners with a guy that sued me for 10 years. In General Flynn’s case, he was steered right into the lair of this corrupt judicial system and hired attorneys that were working against his interests. This happens all too often, and I laid this out in the letter that I sent Judge Gorton in the Federal Court in Massachusetts in the Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli case. These former prosecutors are

not working in the best interest of their clients, they are working to preserve their own sense of “justice”, which is perpetuating the desires of this cabal to continue to run drugs and traffick children, like my daughters.

In my case, I hired a former prosecutor that was a former Marine Recon veteran who is working for the cabal.

Their object was/is to squeeze defendants in order to get us to capitulate to their will. I retreated and feigned as if I was going to go along with their ruse and crawl into a hole and go away. That’s not in my nature, and from what I can see, it is not in General Flynn’s nature either.

What the judge in my case laid out on the record was that they were going to get me for threatening him, as he stated I was posting threats to him on Facebook. He stated at a hearing “one guy just got 12 years for threatening a federal judge”. Then, when I was thrown in jail for failing to capitulate to his court-ordered mental evaluation, this cabal put a jailhouse snitch next to me to gather intel on me and he reported that I was recruiting him to blow up my “court- appointed attorneys” office. About a month later, former Sergeant Rick Torres (he resigned August 4, 2016 right before my preliminary hearing and trial) called his former colleagues and reported that I was outside his gated community posing as a Comcast driver (TV cable installer) attempting to gain access to his residence. This was patently false and more manufactured evidence.

Clearly, their goal was to frame me and put me in such a predicament that I would have to plead guilty. My attorney, the former Prosecuting Attorney, the former Marine, controlled entirely what was put into the record and never interviewed Rick Torres, which is allowed in the rules of discovery in Washington State. Instead, my attorney assisted them with torturing me, a

vet with PTSD, over the course of another year while the case lingered and I was unable to see my children because the court system portrayed me as a violent offender. I hadn’t had visitation with my daughters in years. All the while, unbeknownst to me at the time, these fuckers were trafficking my daughters.

I was doing everything I could to attempt to see my daughters, but the court system here in Washington State kept me isolated from them, and they shredded documents that I submitted to the court in order to get custody of my daughters, they shredded subpoenas that I requested the judge sign which would have led to the exposure of their trafficking my daughters much

earlier. Like in the Flynn case, these aren’t just mistakes, this is a system-wide pattern of corruption to get a conviction at any cost to keep folks like myself and General Flynn tied up in this morass indefinitely until we reach the breaking point, whether it be mentally or financially. All the while, they continue to run their drugs and traffick children.

Well, here we stand, Judge Sullivan! I have not been broken and neither has General Flynn. Yet, this cabal still attempts their assaults against us! What they didn’t bank on was the mantra of the enemy of my enemy is my friend. And, at this point, my only friend, unbeknownst to him, is a terrorist sitting in a jail cell in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. His name is Abd al-Rahim Al Nashiri, and he has served his sentence and paid his debt to society. He was put to death by the CIA, only to be revived, but rendered mentally incapacitated by the system designed to perpetuate these endless and needless wars where young men are sacrificed in order for the military-industrial complex to profit from. While at the same time, the CIA has turned the same tools they use to wage war on citizens across the globe onto the people of America. The acceptable loss to this cabal is anyone that is standing in the way of their profit.

What this Court did not count on were the guerilla warfare tactics I employed in this case. I provided what is called covering fire for General Flynn when I sent this Court a letter on May 5, 2020, ensuring this Court had information about Al Nashiri’s death and

resuscitation. And this Court ruled on his case in January of 2017. What say you now, Judge Sullivan? Is it Double Jeopardy for the CIA to torture Al Nashiri to death, revive him, and then try him again? Is he competent to stand trial? He has the mental capacity of a teenager. Does he understand the charges against him?

Ask that piece of shit AUSA Wall for the evidence! They were told by you to provide and preserve it in your January 2017 order. Why haven’t they done so? Are you going to enforce your 2017 order? Or are you going to crawl into a fucking hole and hide?

  1. Corruption at the Department of Justice

Bill Barr’s Department of Justice immediately retreated and withdrew the charges against General Flynn and tried to gain ground by getting the case dismissed and supported Sydney Powell’s Mandamus Petition. Luckily, the Federal Court did not approve it, as this would have given the Fat Tub of Shit sovereign immunity. I am still unclear as to why General Flynn’s attorney did not use the Al Nashiri case in her briefs and throw the DOJ under the bus. This will be something that is meted out later. I can only assume that they now have the upper hand and they are standing their ground.

I have submitted a recording to Sydney Powell and the AUSA’s in this case about the torture, killing, and successful resuscitation of Al Nashiri that was given to me by a guard in Guantanamo Bay. It is my hope and desire that this gets entered into the record by these corrupt fuckers at the Department of Justice.

This battle has now turned into a war. What this cabal, i.e., the DOJ, FBI, CIA, and Judges did not count on was me submitting this brief. My letter to this Court and to Sydney Powell was the cover fire they needed in order to stand their ground.

We have now changed tactics and this brief is the frontal assault on the entire American Judicial System and we are now on the offensive.



Will this Court provide covering fire for these corrupt officials, such as the Fat Tub of Shit, William Barr, Wray the Worm, Director of the FBI, and Haspel the Hun, Director of the Central Intelligence Agency?

One thing all parties agree on, except the Department of Justice, there is “Gross Prosecutorial Abuse”. Rule 48(a) is specifically designed to cure this malfeasance and that is why it requires leave of the Court to dismiss the action. In United States v. Fokker Servs. B.V., 818 F. 3d 733 (D.C. 2011) the court holds that under Rule 48(a) the court reviews the prosecutor’s filing “primarily to guard against the prospect that the dismissal is part of a scheme of “prosecutorial harassment” of the defendant through repeated efforts to bring - and then dismiss - charges.” Not only is this prosecutorial harassment, but this is also prosecutorial corruption. This Court owes a duty to the American Citizenry to get to expose this

corruption. This is contrary to the argument AUSA Wall made. He asks this Court and the Federal Court to sweep this under the rug and give them more power. He believes in the mantra, never let a crisis go to waste, so he wants to use this in order to further their corruption and continue their drug running and sex trafficking.

The only thing left for this Court to do under Rule 48(a) is to ascertain two distinct issues regarding the continued onslaught against General Flynn by the Prosecutor.

  1. Since General Flynn did not make his plea knowing the full facts of the case, i.e., the first attorneys he hired were in on this ruse to frame and imprison him, his plea deal should be, intuitively, null and void. Hence, any plea was entered based upon fraud, and this cannot stand.

  2. This Court should expose the level of corruption within the DOJ

In order to do this, this Court needs to interview witnesses to get to the bottom of this corruption. ALL witnesses that have perpetrated this ruse. A few are listed below.

This Court should discount, in its entirety, the argument of former Judge Gleeson. It is astounding the level of bias and animus this former Federal Judge has against General Flynn. The entirety of his argument is to use General Flynn to get to President Donald

Trump. Furthermore, having a judge with this level of animus and bias against a defendant should call into question every decision he made in a court of law. This piece of shit had no place being a judge on any level. In fact, this piece of shit shouldn’t even be allowed to practice law!

Former Judge Gleeson had all the information he needed to expose the corruption outlined herein, yet he failed to gather evidence of the corruption within the DOJ, the FBI, and the CIA when he learned that the CIA tortured Al Nashirir to death.

Former Judge Gleeson had all the tools and power necessary to get the evidence needed to expose this, yet continued to take advantage of the situation and use General Flynn to perform a frontal assault on the President of the United States. He could have petitioned this Court for subpoenas to interview witnesses and gather evidence of the systematic corruption within the

DOJ, FBI, and CIA. Instead, he chose to use his powers as Amicus to target the POTUS, knowing full well that these same actors are the ones that attempted to murder me AND ARE TRAFFICKING MY DAUGHTERS.

Judge Gleeson should be the first one interviewed, as he had all the information outlined above, yet he failed to act. This Court should ask him...why?

  1. This Court Should Interview Witnesses

Clearly, interviewing Judge Gleeson would be a waste of General Flynn’s time. That could be left for another forum, as the whole world already knows what a piece of shit he is already. He’s probably a pedophile anyway.

The witnesses this Court should interview under Rule 48(a) are President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden due to the fact that they used their Executive Action Memorandum to target and attempt to execute me on American soil. I’ve repeatedly filed FOIA requests asking for the document, but none of the federal entities mentioned have responded as required by law. This Court should elicit testimony from the aforementioned individuals, and if it needs specific questions to ask Obama and Biden, I will be happy to provide them. I have a lot of questions for these fuckers. So does the American Citizenry.

Furthermore, this Court should interview former FBI Director James Comey, DNI Clapper, and CIA Director Brennan for using their powers to hunt me down like an animal and attempt to execute me on four different occasions while trafficking my daughters.

Once this Court interviews them, they will be able to discern exactly why General Flynn was and has been targeted by the Department of Justice for the past four years. I’m quite sure Sydney Powell will have some questions for them too.


For the foregoing reasons, this Amicus Curiae respectfully submits that this Court interview the aforementioned people to determine the level of corruption within our Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Central Intelligence Agency, and our Federal Judiciary.

AUSA Wall is right when he stated that this will cause a circus and expose the underbelly of a corrupt system that has only gotten worse since my dad shot JFK on November 22, 1963.

Now, this Court has all the power in the world under Rule 48(a). Will it use it? Submitted this 21st Day of September, 2020.

/s/Matt L’Hommedieu 136 Abamillo Dr.

Bastrop, Tx 78602



John Gleeson

Robert K. Kelner

Kenneth Clair Kohl

Molly McCann

Lindsay R. McKasson

Sidney Powell

Brandon Lang Van Grack

 Deborah A. Curtis

Abigail Frye

Jeffrey T. Green

Deepak Gupta

John Edward Hall

W. William Hodes

Zainab Neeem Ahmad

Stephen Pierce Anthony

Jocelyn S. Ballantine

Jesse R. Binnal

I request this Court waive any procedural or format irregularities with this brief under the Americans with Disabilities Act. I also swear that the aforementioned is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

As an aside, I hear that Sydney Powell is being considered to replace Christopher Wray at the FBI. This should be fun!

The "leaked" phone call by Obama was just another way of them sending messages to each other through the MSM.  It doesn't even cite who he was talking to, and who "leaked" it.  Odd, right?  It wasn't leaked, it was planted.  Additionally, the Q post was red, as in "red alert" everyone pay attention.  While the rest of the Q posts are different colors, ferreting out tasks to each team.  Each team is signified by their color, and that is how the tasks are assigned.  The folks on each team have the encryption/decryption book, and they are laying out their plan in plain sight in the form of a "question" or statement, i.e., the "D's" are going to implement vote-by-mail.  Hence, the vote-by-mail system was implemented, as directed by Q. 


As I've said in my other posts, the Q Anon Operation was run out of the 201st Military Intel BN in joint base Lewis/McChord by Blue Huber.  It had three specific goals:

(1) Find Epstein's backup "kill switch", or his blackmail tapes (with Trump raping Katie Johnson in '93 on them)

(2) A means of communication between the cabal

(3) To get research done by Anons and then vilify them, labeling them as "conspiracy theorists" and prosecute/persecute them, as they have done with the January Sixers to quell any dissent

In Obama's call, he could have just said, "Hey Trump, you dumb fuck, you're branching out on your own, trying to save your own ass, and if Matt L'Hommedieu exposes us, we'll all go down", or WWG1WGA.  And, of course, I am the virus, as I have mentioned previously, and the "vaccine" is a code word for scrubbing me out.  And, they need to "block out the son" to keep this from being exposed. 

And, as JFK said, 

"For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence--on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system that has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations.

Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed."

So, when Obama mentioned that we are seeing this "internationally as well" this is exactly what he was talking about.  This is a global "pandemic" consisting of a monolithic satan worshiping cabal that JFK mentioned. 

My intention with sending the letter to Sullivan was to disrupt this order.  To check my work, I sent the same letter I sent Judge Sullivan to Judge Gorton at the District Court in Boston.  In addition, I sent it to the defense attorneys and US Attorneys in the Varsity Blues case, interjecting the same "evidence" in the case of Mossimo Giannulli and Lori Loughlin.  They reached a plea deal within 10 days.  Just prior to this, the headlines were saying that the DOJ was getting ready to ramp up the charges against them, and they were looking at 40 years.  When they reached a plea deal, this caused me to believe two things, (1) I was right over the target in Judge Sullivan's court, and (2) that it is much more likely than not that Sean Berkowitz (former US Attorney) did not share this information with Giannulli and Loughlin, and they reached a plea deal without them knowing the information I sent in, and that the defense attorneys are in on the ruse of framing their own clients, just like Angus Lee did in my case.   The entire system is controlled from top to bottom, and the winners and losers are picked, along with the outcome of the cases, before anyone steps foot in the courtroom.

Of course, I didn't stop there, and I've sent letters to the new judge at GITMO in charge of those cases, letting him know, and the DOJ attorneys prosecuting the case against the "terrorists", that I would testify about the aforementioned corruption in the trials at GITMO.  I haven't heard back from them.  Imagine that.

Around the time that I started sending things to Sullivan, the Twitter-verse, and the third-tier media sites started putting out information that Sullivan's kid was involved in raping an underaged girl, and that he was able to sell his soul to get him off.  I didn't look into it, but it's ironic that none of this came out.  

This leads one to believe that there is so much disinformation put out there purposefully, that it's designed to make anyone that makes these claims look like a nut job, so they can later be controversialized, labeled a "conspiracy theorist" and discredited.  It's interesting that they are working so hard behind the scenes to propagandize the MSM, third-tier media sites, and social media to create so many false (or true) narratives.   They are effectively controlling everything we see across all platforms.

Additionally, they had the purge on Twitter right before they blew up the server in Nashville.  I originally thought that much of the Q Anon operation information was on there, but after receiving a text that said, "I'll p lol Q", followed by "201BN" in April, I landed on the theory that the server housed the back-up files of Epstein's and that was why it was blown up on Christmas Day, as a present to DJT.

This leads me to Flynn.  I can't figure this guy out yet.  It appears that he's a shill.  I hate to say it, but during a critical juncture, where I was attacking Bill Gates on Twitter, openly threatening to file a lawsuit against him, I received a text that Flynn was going live in an interview in a few minutes.  It was in response to my threats, and in the interview, he said that he was down on the carpet and people that he didn't know reached out to help.  And during the interview, he said it was like he was drowning and someone helped him "buddy breathe".  That was obviously in reference to the Special Forces, where that is a tool we used in training to help each other survive.  He went on to say that this would eventually all come out in time.

I find it odd, since I've sent Sydney Powell so many emails, including chapters of my book, that they have not reached out to me.  Since nothing I have sent them has been filed, nor have they reached out to me, the conclusion that I've come to is that Flynn is dirty.  After all, he was vetted to get put in as the director of the DIA.  And, if you've ever heard of Kay Griggs, she makes a compelling argument that many of the higher ups in Military Intelligence are compromised.  

Flynn may be compromised, just not as compromised as the others.  After my biological father was murdered in April of 2014, Flynn was "fired" by Obama in early August of 2014.  A couple of weeks after he was fired, my former Commanding Officer, Tim Holden, was run over while riding his bike in DC.  The timeline works out that Flynn knew what was going on, and knew that Obama planned to scrub me out, but had to scrub out Tim Holden first, as I would state my life on it that Tim would have protested them trying to murder me, and Flynn wasn't going to go that far, and quit before Tim was executed.

At the time, I was digging into Preet the Cheat, so I surmise that they were trying to put out the fire before it got started, and execute me, and anyone that had information about me, or protested about the way they were going about silencing me. i.e., execution versus imprisonment was going to get scrubbed out.  

As I've said in other posts, it appears there are warring factions within this secret cabal.  Some are into graft and corruption, and in the case in Washington State, the case of John Garrett Smith is an example, they just stole his company from him worth about $150 million when they frame him.  There is another side of the cabal that is into child sacrifice, torture, and satanic ritual abuse.  These are the judges like Judge Baker and Evans in my divorce case.  In fact, Judge Evans does juvenile placement with the Cowlitz County Court.  When I sent him an email calling him a Mormon pedophile, he shared it with a bunch of people.  It was opened 45 times in a 24 hour period, yet he said in open court that he'd only opened it 3 times.  He's not only a liar, he's probably a pedophile too, and that's why he's put in charge of the juvenile courts and placement hearings.    

I've come to the conclusion that these are the folks that are on this "Yellow Brick Road" of pedophilia.  That's why if you go to Judge Baker's home, you have to turn off of the Yellow Brick Rd. to get to his driveway.  

This is also signified by the Yellow Brick Road in the FBI training.

Oprah also mentions this "yellow brick road" in her final television program.  Not to mention, it's featured in an Elton John song.  In addition, I came across an article (since lost) and it was talking about pedophilia, and there was a picture of a yellow brick road at the lead-in to the article. 

Suffice to say, there's something about the Yellow Brick Road and the Wizard of Oz.  And, in case you haven't figured it out yet, Hoover was placed as the director of the FBI for a reason in 1909 and remained head of the organization till he died in 1972.  He was a homosexual (not begrudging this) and they used this to control him.  Not to mention that the FBI headquarters in DC is named after him to deify him.  That makes a resounding statement by the folks at the FBI, doesn't it?  

Is anyone getting tired of these black-robed witches?  It's not only the state level, it's at the federal level, and the Supreme Court.  This is part of the monolithic conspiracy that JFK spoke about.  He knew!   

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