Saturday, February 5, 2022

The Russian Connection - Putin the Propagandist

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

    Many might be asking, why don't they just kill Matt L'Hommedieu. 

    The answer to that is, they've already tried to kill me on June 4, 2015, July 12, 2016, on or about July 16, 2016, August 17, 2016, and again on April 19, 2020.  To attempt to kill me now would raise too many red flags.  And, the American people just might wake up to the fact that our entire government is corrupt and these psychopaths would be strung up.  

    Instead of killing me, they've tried to frame me, like they did in 2016 when they threw me in jail, and when they murdered my neighbor, Rick Pauly.  These people are so obvious now, it can't be anything else.  In addition, when Trump flew out to "The Alamo" that was their last stand.  As I've mused before, I am sure they had a car exactly like mine that they were going to roll through the toll booths on the way from my house to The Alamo, fingering me for attempting to assassinate Trump.  He would be shot, and miraculously survive, and I would be killed while in jail just like Lee Harvey Oswald, and they would connect this all back to a Russian conspiracy, all the way back to the assassination of JFK, where my dad was involved, and they would clean up the entire mess and write a new script.  Trump's approval rating would soar through the roof, and they'd even turn over the election due to "Russian interference." 

    I would have been hard-pressed for an alibi because I don't leave the home in my gated community.  That's by design.  In order to kill me, they'd have to weave some bullshit story that some madman came into our community and I was just a victim of a random act of violence.  How stupid would that story be once someone started digging into this?  Instead of staying at home and waiting for this inevitable frame-up, I went and sat under the camera at the local card room and played poker for 24 hours straight until Trump was done with his speech.

    When I check the stats on this Blogger site, I see that there are a bunch of hits from other countries, and Russia is one of the locations where a lot of hits come from.  Putin knows everything that is on this site, and he completely owns the United States.  There's nothing that Biden or any of the other feckless pieces of trash that they are going to put forth can do about it without blowing the lid off of this whole thing.  This leads me to the conclusion that my theory about the hidden hand, i.e., the Rothschild's, Rockefeller's, Gates's, Buffett's, and Blackrock folks are the ones pulling the puppet strings on this.  After all, I've sent an email to Jeff Bezos of the WaPo letting him know that my sites are on him too.  He and the WaPo are the gatekeepers of everything that goes to print, and the chokepoint is the Associated Press, i.e., the print propaganda wing of this cabal.  Like I said, nothing goes to print without being vetted.  We're under communist rule.  

    On the television side of things, the FCC has everything locked down, and I'm sure that you've seen the Mockingbird news media panning the same stories over television.  And just like the fake discord between  Democrats and Republicans, there's no discord between the MSM stations, they add to the controversy to boost ratings.  The more controversy, the better the ratings.

    The Russian war drum is being pounded hard right now.  They are right on the border with Ukraine, and they are creating chaos and confusion.  What better way to screw with the Americans than start moving your troops to the border of Ukraine, knowing that you have the "nuclear" option of exposing all the corruption within the United States Government all the way back to the JFK assassination.

    Let's say that everything that I have put in this blog is bullshit.  It's still a great propaganda piece for the Russians, so why aren't they using it?  The same reason that Bill Gates is "Bocking out the Sun (son)" so he can use this information as leverage.  When you send a letter, such as I have to every member of congress that states, basically, "Hey, you guys sent a CIA agent (cut-out) to kill me" that's leverage.  There's no disputing the fact in any court of law, or any semblance of "law and order" depicting a scenario where Torres should be carrying a firearm based on the ruling by Judge Settle, let alone walking the street.  The fact remains that he's still free and not being charged with the murder of Jason Wilkinson, or the numerous attempts on my life, and the attempts by him and his co-conspirators to frame me for a murder-for-hire plot, and then the murder of my neighbor, Rick Pauly.  

    Putin has his team of FSB Agents all over this, and they are using this as a tool to get what they want, and that is to sow discord, chaos, and confusion at the behest of the Rothschilds and their Central Banking cabal.  It couldn't be any simpler than that.  Putin, and all the other countries, such as Indonesia, where a bunch of hits is coming from on this blog, have their finger on the pulse of this, and they are using this information as extortive material against every member of the United States Congress. 

    Perhaps they are still pissed that the CIA tried to overthrow Sukarno in 1958.  The entire Clown show should be shut down completely.  They're nothing but a bunch of rogue criminals trafficking guns, drugs, women, and children.  They are truly psychopaths, the entire lot of them, and have been sowing discord around the world since their inception (even before).  Look at the overthrow of Mossadegh in Iran about five years earlier and put the Shah of Iran in place over a democratically elected president.  That's how long this cabal has been working to instill their communist utopia around the globe to enslave every person on the planet.  This isn't just a guess, look around.  They have every person in the world wearing a muzzle.  Do you think they are suddenly going to stop?  No, they are going to keep pressing.  They've somewhat backed off, and even organized the trucker strike in Canada to give the masses a feeling of victory.  A battle won by the masses, but the masses don't see the bigger picture that we're still in a war.  

    The trucker "strike" in Canada will go by the wayside, just as Occupy Wall Street did, as the Clowns will infiltrate the unions (they already have) and control the trucker strike from soup to nuts, using it to their advantage to create a food shortage.  Buffet's already choked the people that work for him at Burlington Northern, and a federal judge says they can't go on a strike because of the "supply chain" problem that they created.  Meanwhile, the BN employees haven't had a raise in a couple of years, and their only recourse is to strike, which a judge ruled they can't do.  This is insane.  Additionally, in their contract, they negotiated for 7 days off per month, and our friend, Herr Buffett, has decreased the guaranteed days off to 2 a month.  Thanks, Warren.

    Suffice it to say, every member of the United States Congress is controlled by a foreign asset.  If they weren't, they'd have Chris Wray answering questions about all the letters that I've sent him about Rick Torres being a murderer.  Not to mention the other mountain of evidence I've brought to them regarding my dad's involvement in the assassination of JFK and the DB Cooper hijacking.  

    They can paint me as a nut-job all they want, but there are some serious concerns here.  This is a national security issue, and what is our government doing about it?

    I'll tell you what they are doing about it, they are getting ready to shut down the power and internet, just like Q says, and they are going to round up a bunch of us dissidents and throw us in GITMO...or worse.  Meanwhile, everyone will be thinking "it's really happening."  Instead of it being the traitors of this country, it will be the true Patriots, just like the January Sixers.  These people truly believed in "trust the plan" and when it came time for action, Trump left them out on a limb.  Once everyone turns up missing, as they are getting rounded up by the military and police department, they'll obviously implement Project BLUEBEAM, and release a shit-load of chaos, and people will believe we are being invaded by aliens and this is the Rapture.  They've already primed the pump with all the sci-fi shit they've been pumping out on Netflix and Amazon, controlling everything that you see, so you will have people believe the earth is flat, we are being attacked by aliens, and the "military is the only way."  Hence, Operation Warp Speed.  They know this is coming, so they're putting everything they have into Project BLUEBEAM in order to enslave us by hooking us up to Musk's neural link.   

    If you are really naive enough to think that Trump didn't know about every text message, email, video chat, phone call, or voicemail that took place in order to rig the election, I am sorry for your naivety.  

    The devil wants mass chaos and confusion.  Look around you and determine for yourself what is going on.  They want division, blacks against whites, the masses against the cops, the teachers against the kids, the MSM against the general populous, and Congress acting to the detriment of the citizens.  Tell me I am wrong!   

    Anyway, I've submitted my book to Amazon, but I am sure they'll find a way to censor that, and not let it get published.   I'm looking forward to that. 

    Meanwhile, pick your favorite thing that pisses you off and get behind it.  The shit-show will continue.  Or, you could pitch in and help me get elected to the Skamania County Sheriff's Office and I will hang every one of these accordance with the law, of course. 




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