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The Truth is Being Hidden about VPD Officer Sahota

VPD Officer Donald Sahota, RIP

    "I'm ready," said the 20-year-old, Julio Segura, said as he is placed into the back of the police car after VPD Officer Sahota was shot and killed by a fellow law enforcement officer.  

    The Clark County Sheriff's Office and Vancouver Police Department are about as corrupt as they come, perhaps even more corrupt than the FBI, and that's hard to do.  But hey, keep backing the blue!  It will be to your detriment.  It's America, and at least thinking is still free, so I encourage you to do so.  And, I'll give you a little inside baseball on this execution, and that is exactly what it was, an execution.

    Let's look at the training division in municipal governments.  About fifty percent of the people that go to the training division are there because they are taken off the line for some reason, i.e.,  they don't play well with others.  The other thirty to forty percent are there because they transferred from a smaller agency and haven't paid their dues in the new department, and the other twenty percent are there because they want to make their organization better.  That's not to say they aren't good places to work, I'm just pointing out that in the training division, there is a very odd mixture of people.  And in one of the most corrupt organizations in public safety in SW Washington, you have to figure that the training division in VPD, they are an extremely odd bunch. 

    As you can see from Officer Sahota's background, he transferred from Gresham PD to the Port of Portland and ended up at the Vancouver Police Department.  That's a lot of bouncing around for a public safety officer, so there are tell-tale signs of a person that doesn't play well with others.  And if you aren't playing well with others at the Vancouver Police Department, that means you aren't willing to go along with their corrupt bullshit.  

    People like Sandra Aldridge, who came from Macon, GA PD are the type that fit right in and get promoted.  She's the officer that framed John Garrett Smith and stole his business and proprietary technology worth about $150 million and put him in jail for 12 years for attempting to murder his wife.  The cell phone the police used to convict him of murder, which they got the voicemail off of to convict him of attempted murder was logged into evidence thirty minutes prior to the crime being committed and the voicemail was spliced 17 times.  These are the type of people you are dealing with at the VPD.  So, when I say corruption, I am talking about corruption on a grand scale in SW Washington, and the people that are running these organizations are literally psychopaths.  They have no regard for human emotion or other people.  When the average American wakes up and realizes this, our country will be a lot better off.

    Let's look at the bullshit story they've told us thus far.  A 20-year-old Hispanic kid steals a Mercedes Benz from a dealership in Yakima, Washington, takes off the license plate, and heads 186 miles southwest to rob a gas station in Vancouver, Washington on his way to Seattle.  After he robs the gas station, he gets onto I-205 headed northbound on his way to Seattle, loses a Clark County Sheriff's deputy, evidently leaving him in the dust, they are miraculously able to set up road spikes, which he runs over because they obviously know where he's going, then he takes off on foot into the woods, and miraculously end up at the front door of a Vancouver Police Officer who he stabs nearly to death, then the Clark County Sheriff's Office shows up en masse with drones overhead, and one of the deputies mistakes Officer Sahota for a 20-year-old Hispanic male and shoots him several times killing him after the Hispanic kid stabs him three times (run-on sentence for effect).  This is the horrible start to a novel, and they'd never buy this in Hollywood.  

    Let's look at this from a mission planning perspective on behalf of Julio Cesar Segura.  He either wrote this down or had a map in his head as to his plan of action.  In any operational plan, you have a Warning Order or a brief as to what you will be doing for your operation.  Clearly, Segura was smart enough to ditch the license plate of the Mercedes Benz because nobody would think a Benz with a 20-year-old Hispanic driving it that didn't have a license plate on it would be stolen.  That was step 1.  Step 2 was to drive to Vancouver, Washington, armed with an airgun and a knife.  An airgun?  Was it the type that shot pellets, or did it shoot the round plastic pellets?  At least he had a knife for a backup weapon.  Good planning on his part.  

       Step 3, rob the gas station on 117th Avenue in Vancouver and get the hell out of town, headed to Seattle. 

    It's unclear what route Segura took to get on I-205, this is Google maps best route.  The gist of it is, in the press release it stated that he was chased by one of the officers that lost him along I-205.  This is how much bullshit they feed to you.  They can say anything and you just wait to be spoonfed the facts, as if everything they tell you is true when none of it is.  It's all bullshit, they make up the facts along the way to fit what they want to come out in the end.  Sergura will get 25 years in the Washington State Prison system and he will be hailed as a dirty cop killer while on the inside where they believe any cop is a bad cop, but the best cop is a dead cop.  

        It's unclear where the road spikes were placed, and why the police didn't pounce on Segura after he ran over the spikes.  One would think that if it was on I-205, there would be videos of it all over the place from someone's iPhone at the very least, but there's no video of him losing the cops, and there's no video or pictures of the Mercedes anywhere.  You'd think that the car with the damaged tires would be plastered all over the news, but it's not.  Odd, right?

    So, if you can logically figure out how Segura got from I-205 where he lost a Clark County Deputy to Officer Sahota's home, you are much better at putting together puzzles together than I.  It must be the methamphetamines or the mental illness.  

As we investigate this, we try and eliminate all other possibilities, so let's look at what would naturally take place if someone were fleeing from a robbery at the Chevron and head to Seattle, and somehow end up at Officer Suharto's home. 

Let's break down the bullshit that's been fed to and reported in the media thus far.  I'd love to see the affidavit and press releases, but they are still in the throws of fixing the case.  Rest assured,  Seguro won't testify at trial, so we will never know the facts.  

    "Deputies with an aerial view from an unmanned drone sid the man, later identified as Segura, and the officer, later identified as Sahota, were fighting in front of the home, according to the affidavit.

    As numerous deputies arrived at the home, Segura stabbed Sahota and the officer dropped his gun, the affidavit said.  The suspect then ran into the home and Sahota picked up his gun and followed, the document said.  A deputy at the scene fired his rifle "within seconds" of arriving, mistaking Sahota for the robbery suspect and killing the officer, according to the affidavit and investigators."  (From Oregon Live article dated Feb 02, 2022, 11:22 a.m.)

    There will be no doubt this will be justifiable homicide and it was an accidental shooting.  There's a huge problem, though.  If a Vancouver Police Officer has a gun, then he would probably identify himself in the first instance, and secondly, he wouldn't be pointing it at another officer to threaten him.  So, the officer had to see the gun and automatically deem it to be a threat, even though another police officer would act to the benefit of another police officer to ensure that he never portrayed a threat to the other officer.  The only plausible explanation for the shooting to justify it then would be that the officer saw someone with a gun and shot him, period.  No other factors could be considered, as Officer Suharto would know not to ever put another officer in a situation where he had to use deadly force.  After all, he was a training officer.  

    Therefore, the shooting was not a "justifiable homicide" because there was no threat unless Officer Suharto was pointing the gun at the shooter.  Why would he do that?  Assuming arguendo the shooter saw the gun, his next command would be "show me your hands" or "drop the gun."  Since he saw the gun, the apparent raison d'etre for the shooting, there should have been a warning before he started pumping rounds into Sahota.  

    Next, how did they get the drone overhead so quickly?  The fact they had aerial surveillance overhead so quickly and still shot Sutora is extremely odd.  One would think that if they had the time to launch a drone, they'd have time to arrive on the scene quicker, rather than to take the time to launch it.  It's just another odd piece of the puzzle.  

        Breaking down the article more, the situation gets more confusing.  There was a 911 call that came in repotting Segura was walking down a rural path in Battle Ground, telling residents he needed help after a crash.   Take a look at the circuitous route that he must have traveled to get to Sutora's home, as there is only one way into his residence because his house is on Mill Creek and the road does not go through.  He's on a dead-end road.

    If Segura was walking down a path, letting everyone know that he was in an accident, then he wasn't scared or running from someone.  One would logically think he would be walking down a road.  So, if he wasn't afraid of getting caught and walking on a road, wanting to get to Seattle, then how did he run over the spikes and flatten his tires and end up heading southbound on a rural road?  Or, did he cross over Mill Creek going through the woods.  None of this makes ANY sense.  Remember the photos of the Mercedes?  Where are they?

    "A dispatch call came in saying that a man was seen walking on foot in a rural part of Battle Ground, telling residents he needed help after a crash.  The dispatcher then relayed information that the suspect was at the home of a law enforcement officer, who was holding him at gunpoint."

    This makes about as little sense as the rest of this morass.  This isn't reporting, this is adding confusion to the entire case.  

    According to the article, Segura stabbed Officer Sahota and he dropped his gun.  Segura believed he had killed Sahota and he ran into the home with the knife when he heard sirens.  He forced open the door that struck Sahota's wife in the forehead.  He then stuck his knife in a couch cushion.  

    This had to be the time that the Clark County Sheriff's Deputy fired the rounds (one deputy said he heard at least two rounds) into Officer Suhota, while Sugura was in the home with Officer Suhota's wife.  

    It's unclear in the article, but piecing it together, Segura knocked on the door and somehow Officer Suhota ended up in the driveway and was holding him at gunpoint.  Officer Suhota's wife called 911 and said her husband was holding Segura at gunpoint.  According to the article, she somehow made the connection that the robbery suspect and the man at their door were the same person.  

    The oddity of having a law enforcement officer holding someone at gunpoint that has a knife and is somehow overtaken and stabbed by a 20-year-old is beyond comprehension.  We are led to believe that this kid somehow overcame a trained police officer, stabbed him several times, ran into the house knocking her on the forehead.  Then, he stuck his knife in a couch cushion.  

    Does any of this make ANY sense?


Here's the head cop playing his acting role.  Pathetic. 

    When you law enforcement agency and prosecuting attorney's office has the belief that it is okay for police officers to manufacture evidence, then how can anyone believe what these people say.  

In the case of Spencer v. Krauss, the 9th Circuit Court Judge (as crooked as they are) was seemingly aghast at Clark County's policy and position on manufacturing evidence.  Here's the colloquy between the judge and the attorney for Clark County during the hearing:

The Judge asks:

Is it your position that as long as the defendant is guilty, the police do not violate the constitution by fabricating evidence?

Clark County Attorney:

Our position is that the en banc court in Devereaux…


I wanna know what your position is, is your position that there is no violation of the Constitution if the evidence is fabricated as long as the defendant is guilty or the police believe is guilty.  

Clark County Attorney:

That’s not only my position your honor, but that is also the position of the en banc court in Devereux. 

  These law enforcement officers, like VPD Officer Sandra Aldrige (and others), back up what they say.  She had the cell phone of John Garrett Smith logged into evidence 38 minutes prior to the crime taking place, and the voicemail used to convict him for attempted murder was spliced 17 times.  This isn't just he said, she said issue, this is a mathematical impossibility that Garret wasn't framed.  Yet, his conviction stands and he's still doing the 12-year stretch, and they even tried to murder him while he was incarcerated.   

     One can only surmise that the statement as long as the police believe someone is guilty.....of something, they can manufacture evidence.   And we're all guilty of something.  This is the mentality of this cabal, including LEO's, prosecutors, and the defense attorneys that represent folks.

    What are the odds that two police officers are murdered seven months apart, both by Hispanic males?  Out of a law enforcement community of 700,000, where there are about 50-60 law enforcement deaths per year, and there are two in the same area involving the same departments within seven months.  Not to mention the bulllshit story that is being sold to the public by these crooked cops.  
    I spent time in the Clark County Jail, and when I saw Jeremy Brown was the victim of a shooting, I recalled that he was one of the guards in the jail.  What I also recall was that he was one of the good guys, from an inmate's perspective.  I was surprised that he was dead because I recall him being a corrections officer in the jail and one of the good guys.  It stands to reason that if he was one of the good guys, then he needed to be exterminated.  The same stands true with Officer Sahota.  What are the odds of all this being a coincidence, out of all the homes in Vancouver, this 20-year-old kid heads south, when he is heading to Seattle, on a dead-end road, and the sequence of events unfolds as laid out in the press releases by the LE Agencies?  This is preposterous.  This, like the killing of Jeremy Brown, was a hit, until proven otherwise.  We'll never know due to the fact that these crooked fuckers will manufacture evidence to get the result they want.

    There are 700,000 law enforcement officers in the United States and last year there were 62 police officer deaths via gunfire.  Contrarily, there were nearly 1,000 people killed by law enforcement officers.  That's nearly a 20:1 difference, and the law enforcement community would have you believe that they get the drop on "perps" twenty times more than the average person.  This defies logic, as police officer weapons training isn't that good.  They go to the range once a year to qualify for weapons training.  And, like when Torres murdered Jason Wilkinson, there was no threat, they shoot first and ask questions later.  They also pump 11 rounds into someone, 4 after Torres knew, or had to know that Wilkinson was no longer a threat...because dead men tell no tales.  


    Like in the murder of Jeremy Brown, this appears to be a hit done to silence someone.  Brown was involved in the fatal shooting of Kevin Peterson, Jr. and Judge Darvin Zimmerman's son was one of the officers involved in that shooting.  Take a look at the video of his shooting and discern for yourself what happened.  Was he fleeing, or was he confronting officers?

    The MSM also released a report and a video that is cut off and blurred out.  Why?  If you've been following this blog, you know that the MSM was working under the direction of the Vancouver Police Department where they admit via emails that there are times when they tell the MSM that they can't publish stories.  In one of the emails, one of the VPD officers states "I didn't tell them they couldn't run the story."  When the story came out, the eyewitness to the murder of Jason Wilkinson had Anthony Davis cut in during segments when the police were giving their version of the facts before any of the officers testified, and Davis was cut in saying "yeah" as if he was agreeing with the police version when it was the exact opposite.  Davis got out of his vehicle and started yelling, "Did you see that, they just murdered that guy." 

    In the most recent article put out by the investigators in the shooting of Sahota, they say it will take weeks to determine what happened.  Meanwhile, they are flooding the MSM with pieces about the funeral and supporting these dirty cops, like the statement that McElvain gave.  They are getting plenty of coverage to rally people to "back the blue."  

     When you have corruption at the top of the LE agency, like in the FBI, Vancouver PD, Clark, and Skamania County Sheriff's Office, how can someone be "backing the blue?"  It sure looks like there is an extermination effort in place to get rid of anyone that doesn't fit into their cavalcade of corruption.

    Meanwhile, Officer Sahota's wife will get whatever life insurance policy that Officer Sahota had with the VPD, in addition to getting nearly $400,000 in Public Safety Officer Benefits from the DOJ for being a police officer.  She will also get his survivor pension from his retirement from the State of Washington.   In addition, his children will get a free education paid for by the PSOB program.  Yet, they are still passing the hat to raise funds for his family.  

    This was the same thing that my ex-wife was going to get upon my death when they rolled me up and threw me off of a cliff in Pendleton, Oregon on August 17, 2016, making it look like a suicide.  Obviously, this won't be in the report as motive, means, and opportunity to "execute" Officer Sahota.

    Do you really think it's just a coincidence that Jeremy Brown was assassinated 7 months prior to Donald Sahota?  They were both killed at the hands of young Hispanics.  The oddity of both their "murders" leaves more questions than answers.  When Guillermo Ray Leon murdered Jeremy Brown, he was taken into custody in Oregon.  There were reports that he was "paranoid" about being followed.  Why?  

    Someone is either paranoid because they are mentally ill, or they are paranoid because something is really happening.  Was Raya Leon being set up for something?  Was he working with law enforcement?  Was this a set-up where he was ordered to execute Jeremy Brown?  Or, was he doing his duty, just like Julio Segura who said "I'm ready."  Was Segura "ready" to do his duty, or face the consequences if he did not do as he was ordered to do?  

    We will never know the answers to these questions due to the fact that the Clark County Prosecuting Attorney, Tony Golik, is the most corrupt prosecutor in the nation (that I know of).  


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