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Attempts to Block Netflix Documentary - Sins of Our Mother - Failed; Clerk of the Court Decided the Fate of the Daybell's - Death


    What many people don't know is that the Clerk of the Court is one of the most important positions in the courthouse.  They determine when, and especially if a motion is put on the calendar.  In my divorce case in Skamania County, I filed numerous emergency motions to get in front of the judge.  These motions had implications regarding the trafficking of my daughters.  However, because I didn't fill out the paperwork in the right way, the hearings were never scheduled.  Meanwhile, my daughters were trafficked.  It is form over substance, and there is nothing you can do about it.  The County Court Clerk acts as the goalie to protect their "king", in this case, the black-robed witch that is presiding over the case.

    As you can see from my previous post, I attempted to intervene in the case and get a TRO to block the release of Sins of Our Mother, the documentary about Lori Daybell.  They are working diligently to try both Lori and Chad in the press.  Regardless of their guilt or innocence, the Prosecuting Attorney is withholding exculpatory evidence from them.  I've sent it to them.  

    Below is the latest example of how the goalie works:

    You can see that Chad and Lori have just been put to death (they are framed anyway) because the motion I filed failed to conform with Idaho Criminal Rule 2.3(a)(4).

    Of course, I have been trying to alert everyone in government that they are framing Lori and Chad, but they already know that.  Here's an email I sent to them long ago.  As you can see, it was sent to Lori's attorney at the time, Means, and Chad's attorney, Prior.  In addition, it was sent to the Prosecutor and the newly assigned prosecutor.  

    They have no compunction about violating anyone's Constitutional right in order to frame someone.  I just sent the motion I filed and this information, plus the original email I sent to the original Prosecutor in the case. 

Enjoy, you crooked cock-suckers
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matt l'hommedieu <>Wed, Jun 23, 2021 at 6:43 AM
You people are scum of the earth.  But keep on doing what you are doing, trying to frame Chad and Lori and cover up the murder of all those people by the Clowns in America.  

Be advised that I will testify on behalf of Lori and Chad about the corruption that is taking place on a broad scale across the nation.   

You can see the latest article I posted on my blog on  It’s a rough draft right now, but the information is there.

You might want to call Gina Haspel to the stand and ask her about the corruption within CIA and why they are trafficking my daughters (with Rick Torres).  Have her bring all the letters and emails that I have sent to her and ask her why the only female director of the Clowns in America only lasted a year and a half.  Also, when you call Wray to the stand, ask him why he won’t respond to my emails, letters, and FOIA requests.  Also ask him about the DB Cooper thing.  He’ll know how this links together.  

The Clark County Prosecuting Attorney, Tony Golik will be an excellent witness for the defense too.  He’s been covering up the murder of Jason Wilkinson for years, and they tried to frame me for numerous crimes, and you’ll notice from my blog that they murdered my neighbor, classified it as a suicide, and they were going to later murder my wife and children and pin the whole thing on me.  These are proximity crimes, meaning people are in the same location and they (the Clowns in America) write the entire script, down to controlling everything that gets put out in the media.  I’ve contacted the media in Idaho about this case and they won’t contact me back.  This is a continuing pattern and this happened in Clark and Skamania County with the newspapers in my case.  

You’d think that it would be in the newspaper that the Sheriff was recalled for trafficking my children, but it wasn’t (I let the Skamania County Pioneer know about the recall).  Instead, the crooked judge, Evans dismissed the recall petition against the Sheriff and other officials in Skamania County for covering up the attempts by Torres to murder me while he/they were trafficking my daughters.  I also filed a recall petition for Inslee and notified the papers, yet nothing got published.  Instead, the SOS dismissed the case because it was within 6 months of the election.  None of these government officials offered a rebuttal, they simply worked with other corrupt government officials to keep it out of the media and dismiss them outright.  Judge Evans will be an excellent witness, as he is corrupt, most likely likely the presiding judge in the case against Lori and Chad.  

Tony Golik will also be a great witness, he’s the prosecutor in Clark County, and he’s an expert at framing people.  He framed John Garrett Smith for attempted murder, and the voicemail used to convict him of attempted murder was garnered off of an iPhone that was logged into evidence 38 minutes prior to the crime being committed and the voicemail was spliced 17 times, which was found out after he was convicted.  The attorney in his case, like in this case and in my case, was in on the frame-up.  You guys are doing a yeoman’s job at it, I’ll give that to you.

I’ll be able to testify about the rigged mental health evaluations by the state evaluators too.  Mine was rigged, and the evaluator found me paranoid and delusional because I believed a dirty cop, Rick Torres was trying to kill me.  The judge in a case filed against him in 2008 found him to be an “executioner”.  Yet this isn’t mentioned in the mental health evaluation.  Wilkinson v. Torres was not mentioned at all in her eval of me. 

And, similar to my case, my attorney wanted to know what meds they were putting me on, and didn’t even ask for funds to get an independent evaluation.  That is exactly what is transpiring here, and Mark only wants to know what meds she’s on and see her medical records.  Why don’t you ask for an independent evaluation, Mark?  Why haven’t you contacted me back after I reached out to yo previously?  It sure looks like you are in on the frame-up.

Enclose is an article where Torres did the same thing that appears to be happening to Lori.  She was drugged, like I was, and made to look crazy.  The article below is Jessica Farias, and like the rest of these ladies, she was most likely trafficked by this same Cabal.  

Judge Baker will be an excellent witness also.  When I called him out for trafficking my daughters, he recused himself after the trial when I tried to supplement my pleadings (after I fired my crooked attorney).  I was asking him to sanction himself for violating the corona virus orders by issuing the final parenting plan while the cases were on hold.  When I issued an OTSC, he eventually recused himself and worked with the court clerk to avoid allowing me to get a hearing.  The case was transferred to another crooked judge, Evans, and he covered for Judge Baker.  Both will be excellent witnesses showing systemwide corruption within our state and federal judiciary. 

The information on the recording below was sent to Judge Sullivan who presided over the Michael Flynn case.  Two days after I sent him the information that I would testify on behalf of Flynn about the system-wide corruption and the sex trafficking by the CIA (and a lot of other corrupt practices by the Clowns), the DOJ dropped the charges.  You saw the fiasco that happened with that case, and Sullivan eventually hired his own attorney.  These records should be open to either a FOIA request, or via a subpoena and not protected by attorney-client privilege….after all, they are covering up the fact they tortured someone to death and revived him).  However, this all goes to system wide corruption, all sponsored by the CIA, who are trafficking women and children, like Lori and her kids.

Another issue that will go to the heart of this are the Epstein blackmail tapes.  As I state in my blog, my wife was doing porn.  I surmise that the other girls like Lori and Jessica Farrias, the gal in the article below, were in similar situations.  So, I’d request all the Epstein blackmail tapes.  I’ve asked for them under FOIA requests, but they have been denied.  These tapes go back to 1993, perhaps earlier.  When I requested them, Barr would not reveal anything about them, and apparently there are 1200-1400 hours of tapes of underage girls being raped.  This, again, goes to the system wide corruption being orchestrated and covered up by the FBI and CIA.  

When you question Judge Baker, you will be able to discern that he and his former business partner are running girls from SW Washington all the way to the garment district in NY.  This information is all in the recall petition I filed against the Skamania County officials and judges.  

I surmise that when you file these subpoena’s, Mark and John, you will be filing for a bail reduction also, right? 

Also, I’m not an attorney, but it sure would be wise to get an expert that specializes in sexual related trauma and mind control.  I’d also subpoena the records from the CIA, as they used this shit in order to start their sex trafficking ring during the MKULTRA days when they were unwittingly drugging johns and watching them interact with the hookers in the apartments they had set up for this research.

And if you locate my children (if they are alive) please give me their address and contact information, I’d like to get in touch with them.  I’m not sure if they would be good witnesses, they have been taught from a very early age to lie by their mother.  Of course, it has saved their lives, as they have been living in fear their entire lives from this bullshit.  

Let me know what you come up with when you question Torres about trafficking my daughters and attempting to murder me.  I have an expert witness report done on the murder of Jason Wilkinson if you want it prior to questioning him.  

You’re really making the argument that these bible toting folks are a bunch of murderous thugs, Rob?   This is asinine.  The people that work at CIA, and the people that I worked with in the teams are psychopaths, not these people.  And they have the motive, unlimited means, opportunity, and unlimited resources to conduct this “operation”.  Not to mention complete control of fucks like you all!

Look forward to testifying, and seeing Chad get out on bail soon.  Let me know if you need some funds to get him out of jail.  I assume that Judge Boyce will reduce his bail, given the new evidence you will find after issuing your subpoenas, right?

You can send me the proper form so that I can waive my attorney-client relationships, and you can have all the emails I sent between my attorneys.  This will give the jury an idea of how the attorneys assist the prosecutors in framing innocent defendants.  I communicated almost exclusively via email with my court appointed attorney because I knew he was framing me.   This way you can show the jury how you guys do it…from an inside perspective.  

Go fuck yourselves you crooked fucks!


Oh, and make sure you don’t read this to the judge in open court.  And especially not to the jury!




Begin forwarded message:

From: matt l'hommedieu <>
Subject: Lori and Chad Daybell
Date: June 22, 2021 at 9:52:44 PM CDT

Please pass on to the prosecutor and defense that I will testify at the trial of Lori and Chad that the FBI and CIA are, and have been trafficking my wife and children.

Thank you.


Here's the original email.  No wonder they murdered my neighbor and tried to frame me for his murder.

Chad Daybell arrest
1 message

matt l'hommedieu <>Wed, Jun 10, 2020 at 2:34 PM
Prosecutor Murdoch,

I have been following the Daybell case and would like to offer some information that I believe is pertinent to the case.

Enclosed is a video that I made in regard to the media manipulation in their case.

If the link does not open, you can view it on my Facebook page under Matt L’Hommedieu.  You can friend request me if you need to see it, however, I believe it is open for the public to see. 

I’ve also enclosed some additional evidence of the sex trafficking ring that is being run nationwide.  While I don’t know all of the facts of the Daybell case, this case has the same underpinnings of other cases, such as the Steven Avery case, Wilkinson v. Torres, and Dougherty v. Haag.  In addition, there are other cases, which I have provided to the US Attorneys in both the Michael Flynn case and the Varsity Blues case.   While these may seem remote, it depicts the systemwide corruption within our judicial system nationwide.

The first document is a recall petition for Governor Inslee and Attorney General Bob Ferguson.  This spells out the corruption within Washington State.  Their attempts to frame me are eerily similar to the case with Lori and Chad Daybell.  The way this prosecution has developed over time is eerily similar to my circumstances.  I was arrested for a misdemeanor assault charge.   Over the course of the next year and a half, my own attorney worked with prosectors and local LE officers to attempt to murder me.  I had to flee all over the United States in an attempt to escape this cabal, as they attempted to murder me on June 4, 2015, July 12, 2016, August 17, 2016, and just recently April 19, 2020.

From an outside perspective, this is what Laurie and Chad were attempting to do, amass as much money as they could to try and thwart the attempts on their life that was sure to come.    

As you can see from my Facebook video, they have already been tried and convicted in the press.  This happened with the cases of Steven Avery and Brandon Dassey.  The press is manipulated immediately, and as you can see from the video, I was being monitored by an outside entity (most likely the Central Intelligence Agency that is running this sex trafficking ring, along with controlling the entire drug supply in the US).  Once I started videotaping, these people immediately dropped off, as their user names would be exposed in the video.  When they realized that I was making a video, after I had pressed my arguments on the comments section, they dropped off of the chat, only to come back on so it wouldn’t be so obvious.  Now, they can just say that they dropped off because of a bad internet connection (the plausible deniability the CIA regularly uses).  However, they have been caught.  So, it would be incumbent upon you to see if these people were shills waiting to pounce on anyone that had an alternative narrative to what the prosecution/police narrative is - that the Daybells murdered their children.  Their ultimate goal is to thwart any counternarrative to the argument that these people are crazy murderers.  

And like the case against Avery and Dassey, once they are behind bars, these crooked judges, all the way through the appellate system, confirm the convictions regardless of the evidence is brought forward.  These judges are crooked pedophiles, PERIOD.

As you can see, I have posted about the judges in my case being pedophiles on my Facebook page.  In fact, I built a website dedicated to exposing this,  The day after I reported that the Clark County Sheriff’s Office are trafficking my daughters, my website was hacked and the information on is no longer visible to the public.  I made the website in order to expose this and protect my life, but the Clark County Sheriff’s Office hacked the site so the information would not be open to the public. Again, they have to control the media spin (see the expert witness report).

The briefs filed in the Steven Avery case depict how easily it is for Law Enforcement Officials to plant evidence to convict someone.  Particularly, using DNA.  In Kathleen Zellner’s brief in the appeal case, she shows how one of the officers got an extra swap of DNA and feigned as if he disposed of it, then he used that sample to turn into the state crime lab, which had Steven Avery’s DNA on it, of course.  Ironically, the DNA swab submitted to the crime lab was submitted by the dirty cop that illegally obtained the swab to the crime lab; and he logged in as a different person so he couldn’t be fingered as the guy that illegally got the DNA swap and submitted it to the crime lab.  

No doubt, you are collecting DNA samples right now from Chad and Lori and you will find hair and fiber evidence that is planted by crooked cops, like in the Avery case.   The police control the entire scene and the evidence that is submitted into the record as evidence.  In addition, the attorneys that are representing Chad and Lori are either in on this ruse, or they are put at such a disadvantage that they will never be able to overcome the mountain of evidence that is planted to convict them.  The novel has already been written and we know the outcome.  They are convicted in the press and will be sentenced to life, while the appellate attorneys make hundreds of thousands of dollars while the Daybells sit on death row.  Do you already have the appellate attorneys worked out?  They are already licking their chops because they will get millions over the next 20 years.  

Fortunately, we have an opportunity to catch you folks in the act of framing them.

And, of course, this is to protect the sex trafficking ring that you folks are running.  Children like the Daybells children are throw-away children, meaning they aren’t worth trafficking.  But they have far greater use. The victims of sex trafficking have hypodermic needles inserted into them while they are being tortured and they are literally bled out in order to garner the acetylcholine or adrenochrome, the most expensive drug in the world.  In addition, these sadistic people eat their fat deposits that are laden with this “drug”. (recall Jeffrey Dahmer?). 

I’ve spoken to victims of this trafficking.  Once compound in Washington State housed 40 girls between the approximate ages of 10 and 14.  While one girl was trafficked there, she was subjected to this torture, and she witnessed 5 murders where these girls were filleted open and left to die.  All the girls watched this in order for them to understand that is what would happen to them if they were not compliant with their captor's desires.  They were tortured while they had needles inserted in them too.  

It is time to stop this sex trafficking ring, and the pedophile judge that is overseeing the case.  I think it would be incumbent upon the attorneys for the Daybells to interview Governor Inslee and AG Ferguson about their involvement in the sex trafficking ring.  In addition, they can interview all the judge in my case, which I have posted about on my Facebook Page.  I have asked each of these judges, via email if anything I am posting on the internet is incorrect about them and they have not responded.  Again, it was published on the internet on as well.  I have not heard back from them, and I have sent them the link on how to obtain an injunction or a TRO in order to get it removed if I have posted anything inaccurate.  They have not gotten a TRO or filed suit against me, because they know they have been caught trafficking my daughters for the past 8 years.   

Please let me know how I can be of help in exposing this corruption.   Also, I would like you to confirm that you have sent this to the Daybells attorney, as I believe this is exculpatory evidence under Brady v. Maryland.  I will be willing to testify as an expert witness for Lori and Chad to outline the corruption.

As you will be able to discern from letters I have sent to the judges in the Michael Flynn case and the and Lori Loughlin case, there was significant action taken by the Department of Justice after I sent the letters to them.  For instance, on May 5, 2020, I sent the letter to Judge Sullivan and May 7th, the DOJ moved to dismiss the case.  On May 9th, I sent a letter to Judge Gorton and Loughlin and Giannulli entered a plea agreement on May 20th.   

Another thing I sent to all the assistant US Attorneys in both cases is a chapter of a book I am writing that exposes the corruption at the highest level of our government, including the former US Attorney in the Southern District of New York, Preet Bharara.  As you can see from the chapter in my book, it implicates him in framing Ross Ulbricht and murdering my former Commanding Officer, Tim Holden, and Supreme Court Justin Scalia (as well as money laundering through the USO Fund).  I sent the chapter of my book to the AUSA’s on May 20th, and a couple of days later, there was an investigation launched into the USO Fund.  It's quite obvious neither these AUSA's want to open a case into Preet Bharara.  In fact, on December 22nd, 2019, I went to the FBI to report this to them and they would not allow me to bring them any evidence, nor would they allow me to record the interview.  Why?  These FBI Agents would be good witnesses for the defense.  

Thank you for your attention in this matter, as I would hate to have more people suffer the fate that Steven Avery and Brandon Dassey are facing, being innocent and a victim of this cabal in order to prevent the sex trafficking ring from being exposed.  The attorneys in these cases surely are in control of everything that is put into the record.  That is precisely why the judge ordered Chad not to contact any of the police, because he doesn’t want Chad to bring forward evidence and ask the police questions about their malfeasance.  

Let me know how I can help.

Matt L’Hommedieu


Enclosures:   06.07.20 Recall of Inslee and AG Ferguson
06.09.20 Denial of Recall
05.08.05 Expert Witness regarding the murder and cover-up of the murder by VPD Officer Rick Torres
05.05.20 Letter to Judge Sullivan
05.09.20 Letter to Judge Gorton
05.11.20 Letter to Tony Golik

PS.  Please note that Tony Golik will be a great witness for the defense, as he has been orchestrating the plot to assassinate me, and when he could not do that, he attempted to frame me for a murder-for-hire plot.  He can outline the specifics as to how it is done and give examples of how people are convicted in this process and never see the light of day due to the control over the entire Judicial System by this cabal (CIA).  

In addition, all the judges in my cases will be excellent witnesses for the defense too, as they are the ones that keep favorable evidence out of the record due to the eventual appeal.  Like my friend, John Garrett Smith, he was framed and there is evidence the audio used to convict him was spliced 17 times and was logged into evidence 38 minutes prior to the crime.  His company worth over $150 million (including his proprietary technology) was stolen from him by Judge Robert Lewis.  He'd be another good witness for the defense.  

Judge Baker will be an excellent witness to, as he has done the same thing in my divorce trial (keeping favorable evidence out of the record).  I caught him in the act and filed a motion for an order to show cause as to why he signed the final parenting plan in my divorce while there was a stay pending and direct order from the Skamania County Judge not to enter any final parenting plans.  He violated the court order, hence I filed the motion and asked for CR 11 sanctions of $50 million.  He is now keeping me out fo the court system and is trying to recuse himself from the case, which I have opposed.  They are using the court clerk to keep me out of the court system as he would have to decide his own fate for trafficking my daughters.  In addition, the court clerks in these cases manufacture the record.  

Also, as you can see from the attachments, the government will not spare any expense to perpetuate this RICO organization.  For five years they have had an aircraft flying over my house monitoring my communications and surveilling me.  If they are going to this length to keep me from exposing this sex trafficking ring, framing Lori and Chad is a drop in the bucket to them.  

Please let me know if you need a list of witnesses to interview, as it is very long.  Or, if the defense team would like it, I can give it to them, along with much more information.

I would ask that you confirm that you have received this and given it to opposing counsel in their case.  

Also, as stated, if you would like me to write an expert witness report regarding the frame-up, I am willing to do that as well.  

TO:  Skamania County Clerk, Grace Cross, please enter this document into the record for my motion on order to show cause, the motion for emergency custody, and for the upcoming recall petition for yourself, Sheriff Brown, Commissioners Lannen, Hamlin, Mahar, and Judge Reynier.  


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